Hardin stepped off the bus and surveyed his
surroundings. As he looked about the once familiar terrain
in the rapidly waning light of dusk, he reached up and
pulled his shirt collar away from his neck. The heat and
humidity was stifling here on the East Coast. Accustomed
as he was to the cool dry air of the Rocky Mountains where
he had spent the last two years of his life at Colorado
State University, he knew it was going to take a while to
acclimate himself to the local environment.

When his parents had divorced right after his
graduation from high school, Hardin had elected to take the
offered scholarship at CSU. Although his mother, Sharon
had begged for him to stay and go to a local college, he
felt it would be better if he left so his parents wouldn't
be tempted to try to influence how he felt about either of
them. He still loved them both, although he was more fond
of his mother. The two of them had stayed in touch with
letters and phone calls on a regular basis. His father,
though, had seemed to lose all interest in Hardin and his

"So be it," he thought to himself as he pondered how
his mother was going to react to his surprise visit. For
a moment he considered calling her and perhaps getting her
to pick him up at the bus depot.

"Nah, it is only five miles and I think I'll walk it,"
He mumbled softly as he hefted his duffel bag over his

As he walked his thoughts turned back to his last
visit with her at Christmas, just six short months ago.
His cock twitched as he remembered the vision of his 41
year old mother in a tight fitting denim skirt. Sharon had
lost about twenty pounds, and exercised regularly. The
divorce seemed to agree with her and she smiled often with
warmth and sincerity. Being single bothered her not in the
least. The funny thing was she didn't seem to have any
boyfriends and didn't appear to want any.

Hardin pondered this aberration as he strode into the
deepening darkness.

"She must be getting her needs satisfied some other
way," He mused. "No woman that looks that good and is that
healthy would fail to have normal sexual urges."

With a snort he berated himself for even thinking of
his mother in any sort of sexual manner. This had always
been a battle for him ever since he turned fifteen and
accidently walked in on his mother as she was putting on
her bathing suit. The image of her small, pert breasts
still loomed in his mind. Back then he often fantasized
about her as he masturbated in the late evening hours
before he finally fell asleep every night. Even though he
continued to feel guilty about these feelings, he still
found himself dreaming about her on frequent occasions.

A little less than two hours later he stood at the
front door of her little beach cottage. The house was dark
except for a bluish glow that emanated from around the
curtains in the living room. He could hear the muted sound
of the television through the oak door.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed the doorbell.

Seconds later he saw the curtain move slightly as
someone peered out of the window to see who was there.
Then a saw a light come on inside and heard a brief scurry
of movement. At the same time as he saw a light come on in
what must have been a bathroom, he heard the sound of the
lock being turned in the door.

"Hmmm, someone else is here besides Mom," He thought
as the door eased open.

Slowly a face appeared in the doorway. "My God!
Hardin? Is that reaaly you?" Sharon asked with a catch in
her voice.

"Yep, in the flesh." Hardin affirmed with a grin.
"You gonna just peer at me through the crack in the door,
or are you gonna invite me in, Mom?" He asked.

Sharon flung the door open and opened her arms wide to
embrace her young son. As she did so, the robe she was
wearing slipped open and Hardin caught a brief glimpse of
a well rounded breast as he stepped forward. Immediately,
he cock sprang to attention as he wrapped his arms around
her and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

As he steeped back, he noticed a flush to her cheeks
and caught a faintly pungent aroma.

"Did I come at a bad time?" He asked as he watched
Sharon pull her robe back together. "Perhaps I should come
back later?"

"Nonsense!" Sharon exclaimed as she ushered him into
the room and closed the door behind him. "There is no one
else here but your Aunt Denise."

At that moment the bathroom door opened and Denise,
Sharon's younger sister stepped out into the living room.
Wearing only a long T-shirt, Denise walked slowly over to
Hardin and gave him a warm hug and light kiss on the cheek.
At 38, Denise looked like she had yet to see her 30th
birthday. Unlike Sharon, who spent a lot of time in the
sun and had a golden tan, Denise was fair with a peaches
and cream complexion. In many ways she bore a close
resemblance to her sister with the exception of having
short blonde hair as opposed to Sharon's long flowing brown
tresses. Each had high cheekbones that framed full lips
and dark blue eyes. Where Sharon was lithesome, Denise was
almost buxom. Her full round breasts jutted straight out
like a teenager's yet they were almost twice the size of
her sister's.

As Denise stepped back away from Hardin, he was once
again assailed by a faint aroma that made him think of sex.

As Denise backed away and surveyed her nephew, she
felt a slight flush come to her face as she remembered the
brief sensation of Hardin's still rigid member as she
pressed herself against him.

The three of them stood mute for a moment and Hardin
took the opportunity to survey the room. The first thing
he noticed was the hiss coming from the now blank
television screen. Following his gaze, Denise quickly
stepped over and turned off the TV.

"We were just watching some dumb old movie, but it can
always be seen later," She said as she turned back from
the console.

Hardin then noticed a pair of towels draped on the
furniture. One was at the far end of the couch and the
other was on the chair that was positioned next to it at a
90 degree angle.

Noticing his gaze, Sharon laughed. "We just got back
from a quick dip in the ocean and we weren't quite dry

Denise ran her fingers through her still damp hair.
"It's great to see you again, Hardin. But I really have to
be getting home. I've got a date tonight and I should have
left already."

"Ok, Denise. Let's get dressed and I'll take you
home," Sharon said as she turned back to Hardin. "I
really don't have much in the way of food here, wanna go
out to eat, Hardin?"

"Actually, I would rather not, Mom. I've got enough
dirt and grime on me to start a garden. Why don't you just
pick up a pizza or something while I take a shower?"

Sharon glanced quickly over at the television set and
seemed to hesitate for a moment. Then with a shrug she
replied. "Ok. I shouldn't be but about thirty minutes, so
make yourself at home."

Hardin smiled and kissed her on the cheek as she
turned and walked toward the only bedroom. Momentarily she
paused in the doorway as Denise slid by her. "You will
have to bed down on the couch, son. But you can put your
clothes in the hall closet. I have a small dresser in
there and I have put some new things in there for you."

"That'll be great, Mom," He said as he bent over and
opened his bag.

Moments later, as he stood in the shower he heard the
front door close as his mother and his aunt left. Knowing
he was alone, he stepped out of the bathroom nude and
headed for the kitchen. Returning with a glass of orange
juice, he stopped by the TV and flipped it on. As he
settled down into the chair, he felt something under his
leg and reached down to retrieve the offending article. As
he did he must have pushed one of the buttons on the device
for the VCR clicked on and the picture on the TV came to
life. As he looked at the device to see which button
turned it off he glanced over at the screen. What he saw
made him freeze in place. Mouth agape, he watched in
fascination at what transpired in the video.

There before him was a scene right out of his deepest
fantasies. For the picture was of a small living room
whose walls were lined with couches and chairs. Seated
throughout the room were nude men and women and they were
all masturbating! As the camera panned around the room he
thought he saw faces he recognized. Then two particular
faces came into view. One was his mother and the other was
his Aunt Denise. They were seated on a couch with a young
man between them. Both of them were focused on the man's
lap as he slowly stoked his cock. His head was back as his
eyes were closed. Hardin could tell he was close to
cumming and in mute fascination he watched as his mother
shoved three fingers into her wet snatch and brought her
other hand to bear on her clit. Denise, meanwhile, was
frantically fucking herself with her right hand as she
mauled her breasts with her left.

As he watched, Hardin's hand crept down to his own
turgid member and he began to stroke it.

The camera panned further and Hardin noticed another
face he recognized. It was his Senior year English
instructor, Mrs. Falcon. Bernice Falcon had been the
subject of many a mastubatory fantasy of his. She was only
ten years his senior and had the body some models dreamed
of having. Like Denise, she was not one to go out into the
sun very often so her skin was creamy white. With a start,
Hardin noticed she had a bald beaver. He remembered
looking up her dress at school when she would sit on the
desk in the back of the room as the students did their
classroom assignments. He was always dropping his pencil
or making some other excuse to look down and peer back at
her shapely legs. Several times he would get brief
glimpses of white panties as she would cross or uncross her
legs. He used to fantasize that she did that on purpose
just to tease him.

So engrossed in the video was he that he failed to
hear the sound of the car as his mother drove up in the
driveway. He wasn't aware she was home until the door
opened and she walked in.

Hardin froze in mid stroke, aghast that he had been
caught. At first, Sharon didn't see him as she set the
pizza down on the table next to the door. Then she glanced
over and saw what was playing on the TV. Her hand flew to
her mouth as she stood in horror. Quickly she spun about
to behold her son sitting in the chair, his hand still
wrapped around his now diminishing member.

The two of them just stared at each other. Then,
galvanized into action, Hardin reached over and snatched
the towel off the couch and covered himself with it.

"I'm sorry Mom! I accidently hit the play button and
the movie came on before I could turn it off, and......"
Hardin cried out.

Sharon felt her face grow red with embarrassment.
Slowly she walked over and sat on the end of the couch near
her son.

"It's ok, Hardin. I understand. But I want you to
understand something," She said as she fumbled for words.

"You see, I belong to a very unique club. What with
disease and other problems these days, I didn't want to get
involved in dating again. Denise told me about this club
where everyone just sits around, talks dirty and
masturbates. No intercourse or anything else, just watch
and be watched. Since I have always been real fond of
playing with myself I thought this might be a neat idea."

She paused in her narrative to gather her thoughts.
"Hardin, I found your little stash of porno magazines when
I moved out of the old house. At first I was going to
throw them away but I got curious to see what you liked.
When I saw all those pictures of women masturbating and
some of the stories I read of public sex, I got so turned
on I masturbated right there on your bed. I kept those
books for a long time and I used to read them every night.
Sometimes I would spread the pictures out on the floor and
bring myself off while I fantasized that they were all
there in the room with me and watching me jack-off."

As she related this story she couldn't help but notice
Hardin's cock was growing again.

Hardin meanwhile just sat mute, filled with mixed
emotions but the most powerful one was lust. The idea of
his mother standing in the middle of a bunch of porno
pictures and "Jilling-off" as she put it, was just about
more than he could bear. Without realizing what he was
doing, he slid his hand back under the towel and began to
stoke his aching cock.

Sharon saw his hand disappear under the towel. With
a twinge of guilt, she realized her pussy was beginning to
leak profusely.

"Hardin, what are you doing?" She asked as she looked
pointedly at his lap.

Glancing down, Hardin was once again overcome with
embarrassment. "I'm sorry Mom," He said as he once again
withdrew his hand. "I can't help it. Seeing you on the
video and now hearing you talk about jacking off while you
looked at some of my dirty pictures got me real excited."

Sharon felt her breasts swell as she regarded her son.
"You mean you are turned on by my being in that video? You
get excited watching your Mom play with herself?"

"I can't help it! Hell, I used to fantasize about
seeing you nude, Mom. But seeing you stick three fingers
up yourself really got me going. I'm sorry. Does that
make me a pervert?"

"I don't think so, Hardin. Truth is, I used to get
hot when I did your laundry. Sometimes I would find cum
stains in your shorts and on your sheets and I would
frequently wish that I could catch you one day. Shit, I
would get so hot that I would push myself against the
washing machine and allow the vibrations to get me off."

"Ohhh, Shit!" Hardin said as he reached down and
squeezed his cock. "Mom, I'll be right back. I gotta go
take care of this," Hardin said as he started to get up.

Sharon reached over and placed her hand on his leg.
"Sit down, Hardin."

As he sat back in the chair, she leaned back against
the couch.

"Do it right here. I want to watch you jack off that
nice big cock of yours."

"But Mom, I can't do it with you watching!"

"What if I do it with you? Hardin, Denise and I were
both sitting here, watching that movie and "jilling-off"
when you knocked on the door. I need to cum too, and I
would really like to watch you cum. My pussy is getting
wet just thinking about it!"

As Sharon leaned further back, her right hand stole to
the buttons on her blouse as her left reached down and
pulled her skirt up, revealing the fact that she didn't
have any panties on. Slowly, the fingers of her left hand
began to slide up and down her wet slit as she fumbled for
the buttons on her blouse.

"You like what you see, Hardin?" She asked as her
breasts came free. "You wanna watch your mother cum?"

"Oh, God, YES!" Hardin snorted as he flung the towel
to the side.

"You really like to watch women do this, don't you
Hardin?" Sharon gasped as she slid down further on the
couch and eased two fingers inside.

"Oh yeah! I would rather watch this than fuck,
any day!" He said as he stared at her lewdly splayed legs
and thrusting fingers. "Use your other hand too, Mom! I
want to watch you play with your clit and fuck yourself
with your fingers." He snorted.

"Oh yessss! I love it! Watch me do it, Hardin.
Watch your horny Mom get herself off. Your big cock is so
beautiful and my pussy is soaking knowing you are jacking
off over my pussy playing."

Hardin rose out of the chair walked over and stood
between his mother's outstretched legs. "This is so
freaking hot! You are gonna make me cum!" He said as his
gaze alternated between her busy hands and her lust filled

"Look in my eyes, Hardin. Look in my eyes and watch
me cum. I am almost there!"

"Ohhh, yeah! Me too. I'm gonna cum." He said as he
focused on his mother's lust filled features.

"Cum on me, Hardin. Cum on my stomach and breasts! Give
it to me!"

"Gonna do it Mom, gonna cum.....NOW!" He exclaimed as
his hips began thrusting and the pearly white semen
squirted out of his cock. As the drops of cum landed on
her breasts, Sharon let out a squeal.

"Yesssss! I'm cumming! Oh, God! Ohhhhhh my God! It
is sooooo good!" Sharon said as she thrust three fingers
into her hot hole and bucked wildly on the sofa cushion.
Then her legs tried to clamp together, forcing Hardin to
step back a little. With a low moan she rolled on her side
while still cupping her hot sex with both hands. Hardin
watched her as she lay there and shook. Once in a while he
would see her whole body shiver in orgasmic spasm.
Finally, after about five minutes, she opened her eyes and
looked up at her son.

"God, that was incredible!" She gasped. "It has been
a long time since I came that hard!"

"Yeah, me too." Hardin affirmed. "I have never seen
a woman cum like that before. You are really hot!"

Sharon smiled as she slowly stood up. "Let's have
some of that pizza, I could use the energy." She smiled.

After reheating the pizza, the two of them sat down at
the dining room table and began to talk.

"Have you always been this hot, Mom?" Hardin asked
with a mouthful of cheese and pepperoni.

"Yes, I guess so. I have always masturbated at least
once a day and sometimes more. I think it is what chased
your father off. Several times he would come home either
unexpectedly or early and catch me jilling off in front of
a soap opera or in the bedroom with a romance novel in my
hand. I guess that was bad enough but when he caught me
renting porno videos he got disgusted and left."

"I never met a woman that got real turned on by
watching." Hardin averred.

"Oh, there aren't a lot of women who will admit it, but
given the right material, most women will experience
arousal if it is something they particularly like. The
problem with women is they seldom will even admit to
themselves what would turn them on." Sharon paused to
reflect a moment.

"You know Bernice Falcon? She likes to show off. She
says she gets wet just having a guy look at her. Guess you
would say she is an exhibitionist."

"Yeah? I always suspected she was letting me look up
her dress in class." Hardin grunted. "I used to jack off
at night thinking about her panties."

"You and quite a few others, from what I understand."
Sharon laughed.

"How did Denise ever approach you about the club?"

Sharon blushed. "Well, to tell you the truth, I am a
bit of a peeping Thomasina, I guess."


"I was staying over at her house one night. We had
drunk a whole bottle of wine between us and our inhibitions
kinda slipped. So we started talking about sex and stuff
and I started getting horny so I went to bed. As I was
getting undressed I noticed the bedroom light come on next
door and I saw this nice looking guy start taking his
clothes off. I was already in my bathrobe, so I quickly
turned off the lights and watched in the dark as he
stripped completely down. He had a nice erection and I
decided I wanted a better look. So I snuck out the door
and walked over to his house."

"Really? You went over to look in his window?"

"Yeah, funny huh? Like I said, I think I was a little
drunk. Anyhow, when I got there I got right next to his
window. Guess what? He was lying on the bed and jacking
off while reading a Penthouse. I can't tell you how horny
that made me. Next thing you know, I was standing outside
his bedroom window, my robe fully open and just rubbing
away at my pussy when I felt someone touch me."

"Whoa! What a trip!" Hardin said.

"Yeah, imagine how I felt. Caught masturbating while
looking in some guy's window! I could have died!"

"So, what happened?"

"It was Denise! She had followed me over and was
watching me the whole time I was watching him. Funny thing
was, she was watching him doing it too!"

"Doing what?"

""She said she used to watch him almost every night
and jill off with him. She kinda freaked cause she was
gonna come over there and do it and was real surprised when
I beat her to the punch. Then she told me how she got
really hot watching both him and me at the same time."

"Anyhow, we talked and that is when she told me about
the "club." So now you know the story. I'll tell you more
as we pleasure and watch each other while you are here this

-=[ THE END ]=-


2006-07-19 23:31:29
this story was so awesome it could be true very good an well written


2006-05-20 14:57:56
Boy Oh Boy, that brought a rise in my manhood, and thinking of things I missed..


2005-09-25 11:13:22
Great story! "old fucker" you have a hit on the truth. When my boys and my husb. and me, cumslutmom, view the videos we have made of our orgies, we always jack- and jill-off with hands, dildos, and assorted pneumatic pussies, butt plugs and even a mechanical pussy fucker. And, we video this action too. Then later, we can watch ourselves, watching ourselves whiile jacking and jilling while watching ourselves sucking and fucking. A mirror in a mirror in a mirror, etc, etc, etc. If "Titman Al" could see
us his head would explode.


2004-12-28 01:58:43
I thought I was the only one fantasisizing about mother and cousins.


2004-12-22 16:46:16
great story i'd like to read about Denise and his mom catching him masturbating and they're amazed at the size of his cock and they start playin with their cunts while watching him jack-off and little do they know their 14 yr.old neice is in the closet rubbing her little tits and slamming a huge dildo up her little virgin cunt watching everybody

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