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All names changed to protect peoples identity
Sian gets summoned over:

All names changed to protect people’s identity.

I was late getting into bed after the party and watching Sian get used by chiggy and his mates but it didn’t stop getting up at eight for a shower. I had important stuff to attend to today and I set the ball rolling by sending Sian a few of messages as soon as I’d left the shower.

The first one was a picture of her sucking Chiggy’s dick.

The second one was of her again sucking Chiggy’s dick only this time dean was buried in her cunt with Rick and Lee looking on.

The third message went something like this. “Get you’re fucking arse round Fiona’s by midday or I’ll be sending this on to Stevie (her boyfriend/my mate) and to your work”

She was a nursery nurse you see so this sort of thing would have resulted in her losing her job for sure. A minute or two after the last message had sent I received a reply.

“Fucking arsehole” this was a typical Sian response but I still didn’t know if she’d show and received no other contact.

At around eleven o clock I went upstairs leaving Fiona and Alice sat naked on the sofa. They were so accustomed to being naked in the house now as it had been a rule of mine for a good couple of years. I’d told them that Sian was expected round at twelve and that she was to be sent straight up. Fiona did raise the point that she’d rather Sian not know about how she and Alice now lived and I was quick to reassure her that after this afternoon it wouldn’t be a problem. I was that confident that Sian would be my next whore I was happy for Fiona and Alice to remain naked.

Sian was a stubborn little bitch and didn’t turn up until two minutes to twelve. I heard the door go and a moment later I heard it open and then Sian’s high pitched screech; I guessed Fiona had just opened the door naked and caught Sian by surprise. From the bedroom I was in at the front I could hear Sian quiet clearly.

“What the fuck are you doing Fiona?”

“He said go straight up Sian” Fiona answered never acknowledging the fact Sian was referring to her being naked. The door slammed shut and again I heard Sian's shrill as she encountered Alice naked in the front room.

“For fucks sake what’s going on with freaks”

“He said go up Sian he’s expecting you” I heard Fiona say again after Alice had totally ignored her.

“You wait till the rest of the family find out about you fucking weirdo’s” and with that I heard her start climbing the stairs, her heels alerting me to her position on the laminate floor. we’d had the floor fitted throughout the house as it was easier for Fiona and Alice to clean up the spunk that often covered the floors.

I heard Sian get to the top and stop, obviously wondering which room to enter. “I’m in here “I shouted from the room on the front which used to be Fiona's bedroom when she was with her hubby. Now all the rooms were communal for me to sleep with either of them in. In the two double rooms there were king sized beds and the smaller room had a suspended chair hanging in it and a couple of leather stools and a bean bag. The bathroom had been re-fitted to be a massive wet room with loads of shower heads all around with a low sort of table in the middle that was fully built in and tiled.

Sian entered the room pushing the door open really hard sending it crashing into the chest of drawers behind it; the look on her face was one of pure anger and hatred and she was about to explode into a tirade of abuse when I stood up of the bed and she clapped eyes on my naked cock hanging between my legs. Her eyes lingered on it for a second longer than it should of and her train of thought had gone and she began to stutter.

Before she could speak I brushed past her letting my cock rub her thigh and shut the door behind her; she was now back tracking further into the room and towards the bed where she stopped as she bumped up against the edge. She put both hands out behind her to stop her falling back and then pushed herself up straight again; we were now about a foot apart. I reached up and took the leather strap of her handbag off her shoulder lifting it off and dropping it on the floor behind me.

I stood and looked Sian up and down for a second. She was wearing a blue v-neck top that was showing a tiny bit of cleavage but not enough to get excited about, then she was wearing a nice pair of levi jeans that hugged her legs and arse beautifully and a pair if white heeled shoes. She hadn’t bothered to put makeup on but that didn’t bother me at all her lips would still look fantastic round my cock anyway. The longer I remained silent the more Sian was getting her confidence back and I could tell that she was about to explode.

“I had no idea that you were such a filthy whore Sian?” this soon stopped her in her tracks and a bit of confidence ebbed away before my eyes. “Maybe you should start by telling me what went on last night?”

She was silent for a good two minutes before speaking. “You know damn well what happened last night you fucking perv”

“Wrong answer Sian” I said picking up my phone off the shelf beside me.

“No no”

“Last chance” I said showing her my finger hovering over the send button and Stevie’s name in the recipient box.

“I sucked Chiggy’s cock and his friends fucked me is that what you want to hear you fucking perv”

My cock twitched as blood flowed into it and Sian followed my gaze down as my thick cock began to rise lifting my t-shirt as it grew. I looked up at Sian who was still glaring at my dick and the more she started the harder and bigger it became right before her eyes. Pretty soon I was at my full six inches and the foreskin had peeled right back exposing my bulbous purple helmet, which had already oozed a tiny drop of precome that was beginning to trickle from my japs eye.

“Now this is how things are going to go this afternoon Sian and what I say is non-negotiable. Firstly you are going to suck my cock.” I stood looking at her for maybe ten seconds before I had to prompt her to the fact that I meant right now. She hesitated for another few seconds before sitting on the bed and pulling me towards her and her open mouth. Sian had no trouble what so ever in getting five inches of dick in her mouth and that could only be down to her having such a big gob, maybe she was given this big mouth for the task of sucking fat cock.

As she continued sucking me off I went through the rest of the afternoons schedule.

“Once I’ve filled your mouth, throat and stomach with my sperm I’ll be stripping you naked and eating your pussy and arsehole until my cock is hard again; then I’ll be stretching your pussy open and fucking you hard until I fill your cunt with more of my sperm. Whilst using your pussy I will have already sufficiently loosened your arsehole ready for me to fuck it and fill with the last load of sperm in my balls. You’ll be then tasked to clean my cock and balls with your mouth.”

She hadn’t once stopped sucking my cock so I continued my little speech.

“After I filled all your holes with my come you will then be my property, my property to fuck whenever I decide. You will be my property to do with as I wish and I tell you now Sian when I tell you to fuck somebody then you will fuck that person or persons. From the moment my last load of come fills your arse you will be known as my whore”

She carried on sucking my cock.

“As a little insurance bonus for myself everything is being recorded”

I noticed her eyes flick open and look up at me at this comment and I think she knew I was being serious when I pointed up at the camera in the corner, Sian the stupid bitch wouldn’t have a clue I was lying about the camera as it was just there for show.

I then just leant back a little pushing my groin forward by placing my hands on my lower back and enjoyed the blowjob that Sian was giving me; and I had to admit that she was sucking my cock with such perfect efficiency that it wouldn’t be long before he was marking her mouth as my property with a mouth full come. As I felt my sperm rising and nuts tightening I moved my hands to grip her head so that I could hold her in position when I finally erupted and that moment was rapidly approaching.

“Your mouth is now mine you whore” I said through gritted teeth as my nuts exploded and cock twitched in her mouth. Once , twice, three times each time hot sperm flooded her mouth and throat and she gagged and swallowed until my cream was in her stomach; only then did I push her head from my cock.

My cock didn’t even lose its solid form in the few minutes it took for me to peel off her v-neck jumper and release her fantastic 36c breasts from the confines of her La Senza lace bra but I didn’t waste too much time messing with her tits as I was keen to get my cock in her cunt. Once naked on top I pushed her back so that she was laying across my bed and from here I was easily able to unbutton her jeans and pull them from her body. She had a fantastic flat stomach and great toned legs although she’d look a lot better with a bit of colour on her skin as she was fairly pale but that was something that I could address as at a later date.

The knickers she was wearing were a perfect match for her bra and looked expensive and they too were pulled down and joined the rest of her clothes in a heap on the floor. At this point I did take a brief moment to admire the perfect trimmed pussy I’d just unearthed from beneath her expensive knickers. But that neat trimmed pussy looked even better once I’d lifted her left leg and pushed it wide spreading her pink fleshy lips.

“Oh my Sian what a fantastic pussy you've got” I said as I lowered my head between her legs enjoying the aroma flooding my nasal as my face closed in on her sweet little honey pot.

“Ooooooh” she couldn’t hide her arousal as my tongue found her clit and I began to feast on her pussy like id never tasted a cunt before. She was so wet already and two of my fingers easily slid in side but I was pleased that she still felt very tight.

I thought about making her come all over my face for a moment but decided that having her lose control of herself all over my shaft would have a lot more meaning so I stood up and pulled her towards me leaving bottom just on the edge of the bed. I lifted her legs and pushed them backwards sending her knees in towards her chest; from hear I was able to place a hand on the back of each thigh and push apart a little as if opening her pussy a bit and I was able to see her opening clearly now. I edged closer and stopped when my helmet met her opening letting her feel the hardness that was about to stretch her open.

As my helmet pushed forward her lips parted and gripped the side of my helmet and continued to grip me tightly all the way down my shaft as my thick girth filled her hole completely. Sian made no attempt to hide the fact she was moaning and groaning as she wailed loudly thrashing her head side to side and gripped the duvet cover; yanking at it as I ground my pubic bone into her exposed clitoris area. I held the position for almost a minute until Sian's breathing had slowed down and she’d stopped trashing about so much. I eased my dick out completely letting her pussy shrink back a little before driving my shaft back in harder than last time and withdrawing again leaving my helmet inside before driving myself back in three or four times; each time Sian screamed out louder and louder culminating in her thrashing about uncontrollably and covering my cock in her own sweet smelling sticky juices.

After her orgasm and juice release my cock began to hammer in and out with growing ease and was soon dishing out a good hard deep fucking on my new whores pussy. What I needed to do though was flip her over so that I could get to work her arsehole because that was the next place my cock was going. I pulled out and told her to turn over which she did and I then moved her into a comfortable position for me to fuck her whilst working on her tightest hole.

I spat on her brown hole and eased my forefinger in at the same time as my cock disappeared back inside her pussy; it was at this point that she told me something.

“I’ve never had it up the arse before”

This came as a bit of a surprise after what I’d seen the previous night but it gave me a tingle of joy that I’d be breaking her anal passage in within the next twenty minutes or so.

“I never had you down as an anal virgin Sian” she didn’t respond as I think the duvet she was biting on was stopping her talking, I think the fact I’d just put my second finger in her back passage had quietened her down again. “Don't worry though Sian having cock in your arse will seem very normal soon enough”

I worked her arsehole nice and loose in the twenty minutes I spent ploughing her from behind so all that was left for me to do was deposit a load in her womb and then take her anal virginity. I started to really hammer her hard and it seemed to have the desired effect and I grunted loudly as again my balls exploded filling her sticky tube with my seed. I immediately pulled out and jumped up on the bed turning her so she had her head in the pillows with her bum up in the air; I pushed her thighs together which forced spunk from her lips and I got in position to fill her anal passage for the first time.

I pushed my cock head into the centre of her puckered hole that was wet from my spit and a little looser due to my finger play but it was still going to take a good bit of force and plenty of stretching on Sian's part for my girth to get inside.

“Here goes Sian, say good bye to your anal cherry”

I applied pressure and she flinched away instantly.


“Don't you fucking move you stupid whore” I said slapping her arse cheek really hard.


I again got her in position and applied pressure at her tight entrance but with more urgency than last time as I knew she’d flinch again.


She didn’t have time to move away this time as I drove down hard from above and didn’t stop until my nuts were slapping her swollen sticky lips. She was still screaming in pain when I began riding her and taking the virginity of her bottom. She actually began crying after about three minutes and then just lay with her head buried in the pillows whimpering as I used her anus for five minutes until the last couple of dribbles from nuts leaked from cock and into her rectum. A feeling I’m sure Sian would soon become accustomed to in the future.

I held her in that position until my cock went limp and I removed it with a loud squelch. Her arsehole was wide open and looked great as it started to constrict over and over. I pushed Sian on the hips and she fell onto her back her head on the pillow and didn’t move; she was sore and spent unable to talk so I left her there spread-eagled on the bed.

“Come downstairs when you’re ready and make sure you’re naked; whores don’t wear clothes in my house”.

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