This is conservative beginning of my marriage
Thanks to my friend that edited my experience for me here is Part 6

My Life With Paul Part 6. Mom tells me her story.

I followed Mom to the basement door. She opened the door and turned the light on. I had never been in the basement. I closed the door after Mom had taken a couple of steps allowing me to follow. At the bottom of the stairs was a room leading to the left to the furnace room. Mom turned right to a door and opened it. She turned on a light just inside the room. I followed her. I was amazed to see a huge mattress. It had to be four times the size of any king size mattress I had ever seen. There were only two chairs in the room. Mom sat down in one and I sat down on the chair facing her chair.

“Okay Marie,” she said. “I don't know how to start. It was easier with your brothers. They were hot and horny when I brought them down here.”

“Just tell me, Mom. What's going on? Is it true what Tony and Terry told me?” I asked, looking directly into her eyes.

“Yes. I'm a slut dear. I am sorry you had to find out the way you did. I was hoping I would never have to tell you. I was hoping you wouldn't be like me and that you would be like your dad. But you are like me. I see the boys' cum dripping off you and you mentioned Tony and Terry. Both are hot, hung, muscular black boys. So I know you’re a slut, a fucking bitch in heat. Sorry I have to put it that way, but you know I am right.”

“Yes mom. You are right. But you have some questions that need answering. One question that has always been on my mind. Why am I white? The only white child of yours and all my brothers are various shades of black. Why did you really leave your parents when you were young and marry Dad? You must have known even before you married Dad you were a slut. Why put up the front and marry him?” I asked.

“You’re right, Marie. You do deserve answers. I’ll start with the question why you are white, unlike your brothers. That was an accident, but a wonderful accident. I had just had my period. A very rough one. The roughest one I had ever had. I had been ill the entire time. I guess because of that I was in a real bad mood for days. I didn't even have sex with any of the boys. Yes, they were pissed off with me of course. Thank goodness, they did understand and left me alone.”

“At long last the period was over and I felt chipper. Very good in fact and very horny of course. I would have invited all the black boys I could over to fuck me, but your dad got horny for a change. So your dad and I ended up making love. Soft and tender. I know he enjoyed it, but it didn't do a thing for me. For the next couple of days your dad fucked me again. He kept close to me and even canceled a few of his meetings. I don't know what got into him. But I had to turn down some horny black boys because of him,” Mom said.

“Thank goodness that didn't last long, and I called one of the regular black teen boys that had been coming around at that time and he contacted his friends. It wasn't very long before I was being rampaged with black, muscular boys and men again. Then I missed my next period and got morning sickness, and knew I was pregnant. I was hoping you would be your dad's baby. Of course your dad didn't care if you were a boy or girl. After all he already had two sons. Well he thought he had two sons. Then you came out at the hospital. You were an easy delivery and your dad fell in love with you. His first daughter and you were white,” Mom said.

“So tell the truth, Mom. Is there any black in your blood at all, or did you make that up?” I asked.

“I made it up. My dad was a priest and his relatives were from England. Mom was actually born in England and came over here when she was five. So no black in the family,” Mom answered.

“I'm sorry I made you talk about your mom and dad, Mom. I know it upsets you, and I get that they wanted a better life for you and Dad so got you to move here to marry Dad. You told me they loved you so much they wanted you to marry Dad as soon as possible,” I said, and felt my eye's tearing over.

I saw Mom also beginning to cry. “I lied to you, your dad and your brothers. The truth is, Mom and Dad kicked me out.”

“Mom, why would they do that?” I asked, feeling surprised.

“Dad caught me in the living room with a black boy’s hand up my dress, and his other hand pushing my sweater up and massaging my breasts and nipples,” Mom said, wiping her eyes. “He called Mom out and they both yelled at me, and the black boy to get dressed and get the hell out of the house.” I was fourteen at the time and the black boy was eighteen or nineteen.

“So what happened then? You must have met Dad somehow,” I asked. “You told me it was really romantic how you met Dad. You were at his Sunday service. You saw him and he saw you and it was instant love. You never mentioned about black men. So how did you really meet Dad?”

“The day Mom and Dad kicked me out I went to Evan’s house. The first few days went okay, with Evan letting me sleep in his room with his four brothers. He also had six sisters in the other bedroom, and his parents slept in the third bedroom. Evan didn’t mind sharing me with his brothers. Oh wow, that first night I had my first gang bang and my very first black cock. My very first cock actually. I had been very sheltered up to that night I brought Evan home. I was fourteen and had never had sex,” Mom said. “Your age now, Marie. It's funny that we both started sex at fourteen. I can’t believe that was almost seventeen years ago and I'm thirty-two now. It feels almost like yesterday.

“So how did you meet this Evan in the first place? Gee Mom, I wondered how you met Dad, and how you’re telling me about this black guy. I don't know what story I want to hear first,” I said. “So since Evan was first, start with him.”

“Okay dear. Well I had gone to my girlfriend’s birthday party. Believe it or not, even back when I was a little girl I had birthdays even back in 1958.” Mom said and laughed. She was making a joke for some reason. “We lived in the white area of the city. There were a few black boys and girls at our school, but not many. I really had a good time dancing with the white boys at the party, and I forgot the time. I was supposed to come home before it got dark. The others were older than me, and the boys and girls paired off and went off with each other in the boys' cars. I was all alone. It was dark when I went outside. I started to walk home when this black guy came over and asked if I was okay walking home alone,” Mom said.

“Then what happened, Mom?” I asked.

Mom continued, “I told the black boy it was kind of scary walking home alone at night, and I lived a good mile from my friend’s house. We didn't have as many buses as there are now, so would have to walk plus Dad didn't give me any money for the bus if It here were buses that late at night. The black boy said his name was Evan, and I told him what my name was. He was really polite and took my hand. No one ever talked to me about black boys before, not even Mom or Dad. So I didn't see any harm in Evan walking me home. He walked me to my door, and he asked where my parents were. I told him they would be sleeping by now, that they usually go to bed early Saturdays because Dad and Mom would be going to early morning mass on Sunday.

“Oh, Mom, I think I know what Evan had in mind,” I said.

“I hadn't thought about that, Marie. I just thought he would like to make sure I got in the house okay,” Mom said. “Evan just asked since my parents had gone to bed, if I would like him to guide me to the light switch to turn it on.”

“I told him, after opening the side door, not to worry. I knew my way around the house even in the dark.”

He then said, “But I don't, and I wouldn't mind a drink of water. My throat is dry.”

“I said okay,” Mom said and took Evan to the living room and told him to sit down. “I'll just go get you a glass of water, Evan.”

“Don't bother,” Evan said. “Just sit down and we can talk instead.”

I was thinking, why not sit down and Evan and I could talk before he went home and I went upstairs for bed. He had been so polite walking me home and all. What was wrong with a little talk? Evan sat down on our old couch, and I was about to sit on the chair closest to the couch when Evan said, “Come on April.” That's what my mother's name is. “How about sitting beside me? It's late and we won’t have to talk as loud and maybe wake your parents.”

“Okay,” I answered. What Evan said did make sense. He and I could whisper about how I had enjoyed the party and dancing. He could tell me about his life. So I sat down beside him. I turned to Evan to say something, and suddenly Evan had his face up to mine and he had his hands on each side of my face as he pressed his large lips against my small lips. I didn't know what to do. I had never kissed a boy in my entire life. I had to admit it did feel good but knew it was wrong. I tried to pull away from Evan, but he kissed me even harder. Then I felt one of his hands pulling my sweater up and my small breasts were out. “No, no Evan this isn’t right,” I said, pushing him away. But his hands were still on my breast with one hand.

Then I heard Dad's voice from the entrance of the living room. “What's going on in here April?”

“Nothing, Dad. I just invited Evan in for a glass of water,” I answered, which was the truth.

“That's why this black boy has your breast out feeling it and his hand up your dress,” Dad said.

I guess I had concentrated on Evan's hand raising my sweater and feeling my breasts I hadn't noticed he had pushed my dress up and had his fingers pushing up toward my pussy. Then Dad said something I never expected for him to say, “You’re a tramp, April. I never thought I'd see you let a boy take advantage of you and especially a black boy. I want you out of the house as soon as possible. Your poor mother will.....” Dad said, but he was interrupted by Mom.

“What's going on dear?” Mom asked, suddenly walking past Dad into the room. By then I had pulled my sweater down, and Evan had pulled my dress down and his hand wasn't on me any more.

“Your daughter is a tramp, dear. I am sorry I can’t put it in better words, but that's what April is. I caught her with this hoodlum up her dress and her sweater up to her neck. I told her to pack up and get out,” Dad said.

Mom started to cry, “No dear, don't push April on the streets. There has to be an explanation. She's from good stock, you and me. She's our only daughter. What will her brothers say?”

“I don't care what her brothers say. They are fully grown now, and they know what goes on. It will be up to them what they think of their sister. Besides, they are hundreds of miles from here working the mines. They have enough to think about being away from their own family. The last thing they need to worry about is their tramp of a sister,” Dad said. “Get upstairs and pack right now. Get moving. You don't get upstairs this minute, then out you go with nothing.”

“Where will I go, Dad? Really Dad, I didn't do anything. I wouldn't have done anything with Evan. Really, Dad,” I said, feeling tears running down my cheek. “Where am I going to go?”

“You'll come home with me April,” Evan said. “We have a whole house full of my parents, sisters and brothers. But don’t worry, we'll find a place for you to sleep until we straighten things with your parents. I am sure you can sleep on the living room floor or in with my sisters.”

I went upstairs, packing my small suitcase with panties, bras, sweaters, skirts, tooth brush, hair brush and other things I knew I would need for a few days. I hoped and prayed Dad would realize Evan and I just got carried away, and we wouldn't have had sex. Of course, never having sex before I didn't exactly know what that was. I came downstairs and Evan was waiting at the front door.

“Get out April,” Dad said. “You haven't just embarrassed me and your mother, but you have damaged your own reputation. Now get out and don't say another word.”

I walked out the front door and, before I could turn around to say bye to Dad, he had slammed the door behind me. Evan took my hand, and we walked down the street. Life had changed so fast for me. One minute I had lived with my loving Mother and Father, and now I was walking down the street with an older black boy at least eighteen or nineteen heading to his house. I didn't even know Evan less than an hour and now heading to his house. He has six sisters, four brothers, mother and father. That's all I knew about him. He said I could sleep either on the living room floor or in his sisters’ bedroom.

Evan and I walked a good hour across town until we entered the black area of the city. Some of the houses were rundown. Evan led me behind a house, and we went in the back door. Everything was dark. “Hold my hand and follow me,” Evan told me.

I held his hand, and he led me upstairs and down a hallway. He was holding my old suitcase in his other hand. Then he opened a door and turned the light on. “Look what I brought home brothers,” Evan said as I followed him in the room.

“You told me I would be staying in your living room or your sisters' bedroom,” I said, looking around and seeing two large beds and a cot. Four men and boys sat up in the two beds. The two younger looked maybe sixteen and seventeen, and the other bed the other two black men and they were black looked to be in their early twenties.

“If you think you can get me all worked up, letting me kiss you and feeling you up and then walking you all the way over to my house I'm not doing anything. No way. I need a good fuck and I know my brothers wouldn't say no to fucking a hot white girl like you. Right, brothers?” Evan said, sounding aggressive. Gone was the kind gentle boy I had met outside the party, that had taken me home and caused all my troubles.

I stood staring around the room as Evan began taking his clothes off and his four brothers were pushing down their covers and removing their pj’s.

“Mom, that Evan guy lied to you. You poor thing. But what happened next? I have to say your story is getting interesting,” I said.

“Well Marie,” Mom started saying.

End of Part 6

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