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Time alone
I am the mother of three teenage daughters and wife of 21 years. My husband pays no attention to what I do or say, much less as to what I am wearing. I am 40 years of age, 150 pounds, long dark curly hair, big dark almond shaped eyes, athletic build, and my proud part of my body a pair of firm 38DD breasts.

It was Saturday after Thanksgiving, the kids were bored and wanted to see the latest teen movie. I was exhausted having done six loads of laundry, sweeping, mopping and other dirty jobs you can't bribe a teenager to do. My husband decided to take the girls out to the movie and pizza to give me a much needed break from the whines of teenage girls. I waved bye to them as they drove down the street.

Alone at last I locked the front door closed my eyes and a satisfied smile crossed my lips as I sighed and enjoyed the quiet of the house. I walked to the kitchen and poured a nice glass of Chianti wine in a large wine glass, took my first sip savoring the wonderful taste on my lips. I took my glass walking down the hallway to my bedroom and closed and locked the door.

Feeling a little warm from the wine, I set my glass on the nightstand. Stood up and looked in the mirror door of my closet just looking at myself. Thinking of my lover that I had not seen in close to three weeks do to our busy schedules and the Thanksgivng holiday. I missed him so much and had not realized it until I was alone in a big quiet house. Looking back at me was a forty year old woman dressed in a red tank top that stretched on her enormous firm yet soft breasts and a old pair of faded blue jeans. I looked okay for a mom of three very active teenagers.

As I looked in the mirror, my right hand lifted up to my breasts slowly and gently sliding over the top on my right breast, circling around the areole. I felt my nipple harden through my lacey bra, then bring my forefinger and thumb together I pinched my nipple making it harder. My nipple was so hard you could see it through my bra and thin red tank top. I could feel my breathing quickening and then did the same with my left breast. I picked up my glass and took a long slow sip as my left hand continued to caress, tug and pinch my nipples. I could feel my body heating up and I put my glass back down, opening the nightstand I removed my seven inch purple vibrator laying it on the bed.

I slipped off my sandals and looked back in the mirror again. My hands began to roam my body as if on their own free will across my partial firm stomach up to my breasts circling and squeezing them firmly. I heard myself softly moan as I felt a longing in my warm moist center. Crossing my arms at the edge of my top I slowly slide it up I watch in the mirror as my stomach slowly reveals itself, up the top goes and over my head leaving me in my jeans and red lace bra. My fingertips outline the edges of the red lace covering my breasts making my nipples so hard they poke out through the material like hard large pebbles. I turn around as I watch myself in the mirror. Loving the sight of my breasts, they are the one asset I love about my body and do not wish to change.

Taking another sip on my wine my right hand roams down my stomach to the top of my faded old blue jeans. I could the wetness in my core dampening my panties. My hand was touching my mound through my jeans slightly rubbing my clit through the denim material. Placing the glass down again I used both hands to unbutton the jeans and slowly ease down the zipper. I could almost feel the hands of my lover Jim's hands the hard callouses from years of hard labor touching my body. Setting it on fire every touch whether it be hard or gentle. Sliding my right hand into my opened jeans and panties finding them soaked from my slow exploration of my body. My middle fingertip gentle touches my sensitive clit and sends a shock wave of pleasure through out my body and almost buckles my knees. I grab a hold of the bedpost with my other hand while my right hand continues to caress and explore my warm moist pussy. My fingertips gently rubbing the lips of my pussy until it aches from need and two fingers slide into my warm pussy with a small gasp escaping my mouth. My fingers slowly pumping in and out bring me almost to the brink then I stop. I love teasing myself.

Sliding the jeans over my hips and stepping out of them now standing in front of the mirror in a red lace 38DD bra and matching red lace panties covered in wetness from touching myself. Stepping back the the nightstand I down the last of the the wine. I laid on my bed closing my eyes bring my lover Jim to mind. His big strong calloused hands, deep blue patient but demanding eyes, long crooked nose, gorgeous smile and wicked mind. Thoughts of him kissing my lips long slow and lazy while his hands skimmed up and down my body. His lips travel down my face to my neck where he uses his teeth to bite firmly making my body arch my against his hard strong one. Using his moist warm tongue down my neck to my shoulder placing small bites there making me moan with desire for more from him. Wet open mouthed kisses trail down to my breasts where he firmly holds them squeezing and pulling on them. The touch of his touch circling around my hard taut nipple making me quiver in delight as he sucks into his mouth.

As the thoughts of Jim race through my mind my hands are roaming over my breasts pinching and pulling on my nipples. I grab my right breast and pull it up to my mouth licking the nipple and flicking my tongue back and forth over it. Sucking the nipple into my mouth, sucking hard on my nipple as my other hand reaches and picks up my vibrator. I remove my hardened wet nipple from my mouth and turn on my vibrator placing it on my nipple. The vibrations going through my body is so intense. While my vibrator is circling my nipple my other hands slithers down my body to my lace covered pussy and beings to rub it through the panties. Red lace is soaking wet in just minutes, so I slide my hand into my panties. Fingertips rubbing my lips slowly and softly at first feeling the slick wet moisture on my lips and clit. I slip in a finger into my warm wet pussy oh my god does that feel good. I slowly pump my finger in and out, I hear the wetness of my pussy and it turns me on even more.

Taking the vibrator and turning it off I remove my soaked panties and lay them beside me on the bed. I pick up the vibrator and turn it on low and rub it up and down my pussy lips. Over my clit and it sends electrical shocks through my body loving the feeling of it and I ease it in my warm wet pussy a little at a time. I feel it stretch and vibrate inside me. Taking my time I start to move the vibrator in and out circling my hips in small circles. Driving it harder and harder deep inside me, feeling my inner muscles squeezing the vibrator. My hips start to thrust up harder against my hand that holds my vibrator I feel my orgasm building slowly but very intense. Taking it in both hands I start to really pound my pussy, my legs are starting to shake and twitch. I feel it coming hard and strong as my body arches up and the vibrator is buried deep in me. Juices gushing out covering the vibrator, my hands and soaking my sheets under me as bright colors explode inside my head. My body still twitching as I lay there spent and thinking I can't wait to see Jim again.
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