this is my first fiction story. but my baby is so kinky, we will probably try this sooner or later.
It’s just another Monday morning at work. Gonna be pretty boring if it’s like all the rest of the Mondays we spend here at the “Sweet Shop”. We usually only have about a dozen customers before lunch, followed by a few friends before our regular weekly delivery order comes in.

Today, only myself and Jimmy were working the counter, while the owner was locked in her office for most of the day. Don’t know what she does back there, probably catching up on all the past weeks “soaps” or something. Just know she’s not out here bothering us.

Right about 3 o’clock, the delivery truck pulled up in front of the door. We were both waiting for “Fat Jack” to waddle in and bore us with a few more of his dumb jokes. The truck sat there for a couple minutes before I saw a gorgeous lady get out and start loading up her handcart.

“Hey, Jimmy “ I said , “Hope you aren’t looking forward to some lame jokes today, cause I don’t think we’re gonna hear any..

I watched as she loaded up her cart and headed our way. I ran to the door to help her in and watched as she unloaded everything in front of our register. She was a damn fine lookin’ lady, decked out in her tight fitting uniform.

“Who are you?” I asked as she handed me the bill so I could take inventory.

“I’m Clarice” she said. “And I’ll be bringing all your deliveries to you from now on. Fat Jack got canned for stealing from the company, so you’re stuck with me”.

“Damn fine swap if you ask me” I answered, “you are a lot easier on the eyes than he was”.

The owner suddenly popped up and said “I’ll take that(the order form). I’ll be back in a few minutes with a check. In the mean time, give her something on me”.

The owner disappeared to her office. I asked Clarice what she would like and she said “Just fix me something you like”.

I scooped out a couple scoops of strawberry ice cream into a bowl followed by a lot of trimmings and handed it to her. She slowly started , one spoonful at a time, feeding herself. There was something about the way she was licking her spoon that caused me to immediately start having a few “impure thoughts”.

I loved watching her swirl her tongue around it and draw the contents into her mouth. She was having the same affect on Jimmy as he could only stand there with his mouth open, watching her every move.

“What else you got?” she asked as she finished and licked the bowl clean.

“How about one of our chocolate covered strawberries” I asked.

“I’d love one, they’re my favorite” she replied.

I took one of our largest strawberries from the box she just brought in, and dipped it in a bowl of dark chocolate syrup we keep behind the counter. She took it from me and bit it in half. She made one of those faces letting us know she was loving the way it tasted as it slid down her throat. Then she put the other half in her mouth and slowly chewed as it also disappeared. (More impure thoughts).

“Got another one?” she asked. “That was great”.

“Absolutely” I answered. “In fact, I have a whole box here if you want”.

I took another one from the box and this time, dipped it in the bowl of white chocolate syrup we have. I offered it to her, but this time, she took my hand into hers and slowly moved it to her mouth. As the tip neared her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and swirled it around the point and licked off a small portion of the thick white syrup. Then she moved my hand still more forward pressing the fruit between her lips. The white syrup formed around her mouth and began to trickle down her cheeks. It all formed on her chin and clung there while she bit off the portion that managed to get between her teeth. As soon as she had swallowed that, she pressed the rest between her lips and swallowed the remainder.

She stood in front of us with white syrup streaming down both cheeks now. I couldn’t believe how erotic this looked.(More impure thoughts). Jimmy couldn’t say anything. I never asked him before, but I don’t he has ever experienced a blowjob. But he sure knew what one looked like.

Clarice began slowly scooping up the extra syrup with her finger from her cheeks and sucking them clean. I could see that Jimmy was starting to get aroused by the lump in his jeans, and actually, so was I.

The owner, Sandra, came back and handed her a check. “what are you two doing with my new delivery girl?” she asked . “At least I think I know what you would like to be doing” she said as she removed a small spot of white syrup from Clarices’ neck. “Yum” she said, “this tastes almost as good”.

Sandra was eyeballing Clarice up and down and said “so, you like to play games, huh?”

She moved next to Clarice and put her arms around her, drawing her close. Moving her close to a table, she sat on the bench in front of Clarice and rested her head against Clarices’ breasts. Turning her head, she began feeling for her nipple through the uniform material until she found the prize she was looking for. She gently began nibbling on one, then the other, until both were outlined with a half-dollar sized wet spot.

“Hey, guys, she isn’t wearing a bra” Sandra remarked.

We couldn’t tell by the type of uniform she was wearing, but you could sure tell now.

Sandra moved back and continued sucking on each one as she let her hands drop to the hem of her skirt. Clarice was really enjoying this as we watched her legs begin to part slightly. Sandra ran her hands up her legs until she reached her perfect shaped ass cheeks and said, “Damn, she doesn’t have on any panties either, guys”.

Clarice grinned and said “never. I don’t even own a pair”.

“Why don’t one of you go lock the door an pull the curtains” Sandra said. “I’m on it” I said as I shot for the door

Sandra removed her hands and began to unbutton Clarices’ uniform blouse. When she finished, it fell to the floor at her feet. She had beautiful breasts, at least a “c” cup, with perky half inch long nipples that pointed straight out in front of her. While Sandra continued sucking on them she moved her hands to the hem of Clarices’ skirt and slowly tugged it down. As soon as it cleared her perfect hips, it also fell to her feet. I moved closer to her to move the uniform out of the way so it wouldn’t get steeped on.

We looked in disbelief as a now totally naked Clarice stood in front of us. “Check this out guys, not the . first hair on this beautiful pussy” Sandra remarked . She moved her hands behind Sandra’s head to hold her closer, enjoying the attention her nipples were getting. Sandra moved one hand behind Clarices ass and the other one between her legs finding the lips of her hot pussy. She stroked between the pouting lips until she was able to partially slip one finger in, and then another.

After several in-and-out strokes, Sandra was able to get both fingers in her as far as they would go. Clarice closed her eyes an leaned her head back, still holding Sandras head tight against her body. Sandra quickly found Clarices “G” spot and began working on it. Clarice began moaning and gyrating her body against Sandra, screaming she was going to cum. A moment later, it was all over. Clarices body stiffened and she screamed, humping against Sandra, until she fell limp to her knees.

Soon she recovered and moved herself up to Sandra, giving her a very passionate kiss “That was fantastic” Clarice said as she gave Sandra another kiss. “But now it’s my turn. She unbuttoned Sandras blouse and then her skirt. Standing her up, she removed both of them and threw them aside. She lay her back on the bench and spread her legs until Clarice had total access to her whole body. She began kissing and sucking on Sandras nipples, then worked her way down until she found the special place she was looking for. Sandra had a really cute pussy that also was completely void of any hair.

Clarice began to lick between her lips until she found her clit and then started sucking on it. The harder and faster she sucked, the more Sandra pulled Clarices head into her. Sandra raised her legs around Clarices head and held her in position. The two struggled together until Sandra stuck her legs straight in front of her and howled that she was cumming. When she finally settled down, Clarice looked up and smiled, her face covered with Sandras juices. She reached up to give Sandra a kiss and shared the reward with her. They licked each other clean and turned to us. Sandra said “there’s something wrong with this picture”. “Yes there is,” Clarice remarked. “Why do they still have clothes on when we are totally naked.”

Clarice moved to me while Sandra moved to Jimmy. They each began unbuttoning our shirts and then our jeans. Sandra was moving a little faster, so when she had his zipper down and his jeans unbuttoned, I watched as his cock sprang free and hit Sandra right in the face. “Well hello there, she said “glad to meet you too.” She took it in both hands and gave it a kiss. She looked up at him and grinned, then stuck out her tongue and licked all around his head.

Not to be outdone, Clarice took mine in her hands and gently squeezed until a drop of precum formed at the tip of my hard cock. She took her finger and scooped it all up, being careful not to miss any, and smeared it around her lips. Someone should bottle this because there is no lip gloss anywhere that looks this good. She continued on until the head of my erect cock was gone. Stroking back and forth slowly, the last few inches of my cock vanished down her throat.

The girls looked at each other, stroking our cocks covered with their hot mouths. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer as this was feeling too good. And judging by the expression on Jimmys face, he wasn’t gonna last much longer either.

I could feel my balls start to tighten, telling me a great orgasm was on its way. I put both hands behind Clarices head and held her close. I fucked her mouth so hard and fast that I thought I would start smoking.

The first wave shot through my cock so hard that I don’t think she even had to swallow. When the second wave hit, I pulled myself from her mouth just far enough that my hot cum splattered all over her lips. The rest landed on her cheeks and ran down to her perfect breasts.

Jimmy was watching and the sight of all my cum clinging to her chin was too much for him. He rammed his cock into Sandras mouth and exploded into her like it was his first time. He must have had quite a load built up because as hard as she tried, she couldn’t hold it all. A small amount escaped her mouth and formed where her lips circled his cock. After swallowing as much as she could, she released his it and licked up and down the sides until he was all clean. She gave him a kiss on the tip and stood in front of him. She hugged him close until he relaxed enough to stand and give her a hug.

We all got dressed and walked Clarice to her truck. “I hope you aren’t too late. I wouldn’t want you to get into any trouble” I said. “Don’t worry” she replied, “my daddy owns the company. If he gives me any flack, I won’t let him fuck me for about a week. That should calm him down”.

She drove away with all three of us anxiously waiting to see her as soon as possible. And as for her fucking her daddy……… that’s another story.

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