Having experience a wonderous encounter with Jane, she introduced me to the girl who showed her how to pleasure herself, and what a time we had. Denise was truly wonderful

My afternoon liaison with Jane (Part 5) was to be the beginning of a relationship that lasted some considerable time, and it wasn’t limited to just the two of us. Unbeknown to me at the time, she was an incredibly promiscuous girl who adored sex of all descriptions. This all happened in England in the mid-late seventies, so I have remained true to the words we use, such as “wank”, which means masturbation.

Our next illicit meeting was at my house. With it being the school holidays, my parents were at work. I had no brothers or sisters, and had lunch with my grandparents, who allowed me to do my own thing, coming and going as I pleased, which meant that Jane and I had the place to ourselves, and we made the most of it.

Whilst talking, Jane told me of her friend Denise, who’s shown her how to pleasure herself, and how she desperately wanted to experience a boy, but had always been too shy, crying off whenever the opportunity would arise. According to Jane, the only sexual experience she had had been with her. Denise had read about masturbation in a library book, and had felt excitement whilst reading, trying it out when she got home, and had been addicted since her first orgasm.

“You want her to come with us?” I said, hoping that was what Jane meant.
“I mentioned it to her and she was interested. Shall I invite her?”
“If you like.”
“Okay. Do you mind if we touch each other – me and her, that it?”
I instantly felt my cock twitch. “No, that’s fine.”
“She’s shy, and she’s embarrassed about her little boobs, so just be nice, yeah?”

“Of course.” I meant it as well. I briefly considered mentioned involving my friend Gav, who I’d been played around with for a year or so, but decided to leave it for another time. Jane knew about him, but had never mentioned wishing to meet him.

At the end of the afternoon I took Jane home and promised to meet her the following day, very much looking forward to it. I was thirteen at the time, and Jane was twelve, as was her friend Denise.

Jane and I met in town that day, which was dull and overcast, yet warm, and took a leisurely stroll towards Denise’s house, talking about music. Jane was a massive fan of The Clash and The Buzzcocks. We didn’t wish to arrive at her house too excited. Jane had worn a skirt and T-shirt that showed her boobs off to perfection, while I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, with my newest briefs underneath. Arriving at the house, I began to feel nervous. Jane had obviously talked about me, and I just hoped that she hadn’t overdone it and had made me out to be more than I really was. I was by no means one of the top boys in our year. I was just average, and never really had much interest from girls.

The door was opened by a rather pretty looking girl in shorts and a T-shirt. She had long black hair and freckles around her nose. She was slim and perhaps a little small for her age, but not overly so. Her boobs weren’t visible, although I tried not to look and make it obvious.

“Hiyer, Denise, this is Dave,” Jane announced.
“Hi, Dave,” Denise said coyly, smiling. When she smiled, though, she no longer looked young for her age. She looked an incredibly pretty young lady, and I liked her. “Come in.”

“Hi, it’s good to meet you. Jane’s told me all about you.” We entered the house, standing in the entrance hall, taking off our shoes.
“She’s told me all about you as well.”

After collecting some drinks from the kitchen, with the two girls chatting, Denise led us up to her spacious bedroom, which was predominantly pink. Jane and I sat upon the bed, while Denise sat upon a chair opposite us, the conversation being the common ground of music. With it being the mid-late seventies, punk and new wave music was all the rage.

“I’m glad you came,” Denise said to me quietly. “Jane says you’re nice.”
I hugged Jane. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. So, are you going to show Denise what you’ve got?”

I wasn’t expecting Jane to be so direct. “If Denise wants me to.”
“She does, don’t you, Denise.”
Denise went red, whispering, “Yes.”

Jane, it seemed, was in control, as her next words proved. “Come on, Dave. Show Denise your dick.”

I looked at Denise, who was still blushing. I said, “Okay?” Seeing her nod, I stood up and removed my shirt as Denise watched. I then pulled off my socks and looked Denise in the eye, undoing my belt and undoing the button on my shorts, followed by my zip. “Okay?”

Denise nodded with more fervour. “Go on.”

Feeling a tingling between my legs I pulled down my shorts, allowing them to fall to the floor, revealing my bright red briefs. Noticing Denise’s eyes widen, I touched my stirring penis. Happy that Denise seemed more relaxed, I lowered my briefs, exposing my circumcised, average sized penis. I had a considerable number of hairs on my scrotum, and some up above my penis, with a few sprouting around the bottom of the shaft.

“Wow,” Denise said in wonderment.

Jane took off her top, exposing her lacy white bra that covered her breasts, that were ample for her age. Her skirt quickly followed, revealing her turquoise panties. She said, “Go on, Denise; come down here and touch it.”

With her eyes fixed upon my rapidly growing member, she moved off her chair and sat beside Jane, as I turned to face them. Denise stretched out her arm and placed her hand beneath my shaft, causing me to gasp. She said, “It looks different to my friend’s baby brother. The end’s purple.”

“That’s because he’s had the skin cut off,” Jane explained. “Some boys do. It’s cleaner. Wrap your hand around.”

With my cock now up to its full four and three quarter inches, Denise did as instructed. I gasped again. “It’s nice.”

“Lay on the bed,” Jane said to me, which I did, with Denise standing up, still holding onto me. “Go on, Denise, rub it up and down.”

Denise moved her hand up and down the shaft, a little too hard. I winced. Jane advised her to be a little more gentle, which Denise took on board, her touch becoming more sensuous. I relaxed back with my head upon the pillow, watching the novice practising on my erection. “Wow, it’s really warm.” Denise squeezed my glans, causing a small dribble of precum to emerge. She touched it with her finger and smeared it over the tip.

“Why don’t you try putting it in your mouth?” Jane suggested.

“I don’t know,” Denise said nervously, her eyes transfixed upon my pride and joy.

Jane leaned across. ‘I’ll show you.” She stooped down, engulfing my cock with her mouth, moving her head up and down a few times before moving away again.

“He won’t cum in my mouth, will he?” Denise said, as if I wasn’t there.

“Not if you don’t want him to. Just give it a quick go and wank him for the rest. He’ll cum on his belly. You can try putting a little bit in your mouth to see if you like it, then.”

“Okay.” Denise readjusted her position and lowered her head, hesitating as she opened her mouth and placing her lips around my helmet, moving her head up and down a few times, before removing her mouth, a smile appearing on her face. “It was okay, but I think I’ll use my hand to make him cum.”

“You’ll love it when he does,” Jane said. I felt like their sex toy, not that I minded. “Spit on it, and that’ll make it easier.”

Denise did as advised, dribbling a good amount of saliva onto my cock and her hand before running her hand up and down. I groaned; it felt really good. Encouraged by my involuntary sound, she placed her other hand upon my hairy scrotum and moved my testicles around, increasing the speed of her wanking hand. As I approached orgasm, Denise spat more saliva onto my glans, working it down the shaft, her face a picture of concentration and stupefaction.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned as my hips moved around. “Oh, Denise. I’m gonna cum.”
Denise increased the speed of her hand. “Go on, cum. Cum for me.”

The feeling in my groin increased and I could feel that the climax was just seconds away. “Oh, fuck,” I gasped as the moment hit, and sperm came jetting out of me, the thick rope landing between my bellybutton and chest. Denise continued, mesmerised by the sight of my pearly juice. Another smaller wad emerged, followed by two more, which were more substantial. I writhed around, ecstasy having overcome my senses. Denise slowed her strokes, feeling the contours of my ejaculating penis. A number of smaller shots emerged, some dribbling down her hand. Seeing that my cock was producing no more, she stopped and lay there looking down at my manhood. I continued groaning.

“Nice one, Denise,” Jane said. “Why don’t you taste some?”

Denise looked at her hand that was covered in my seed, hesitating before licking a little of the juice. “It tastes funny, but it’s okay.”

Jane leaned across, scooping up one of the thick ropes from my belly, greedily slurping it from her fingers. “I love it.”

Denise, seeing Jane licking her lips, placed her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. I watched, loving every moment. Denise then tried some of the thicker semen that was on my naval, scooping up a small amount with her finger, delicately licking it, smiling at me. “Mmmmmmm. This is even thicker.” Watching Jane lick my belly, Denise mimicked the action of her teacher. After swallowing some down, she said, “You’re right. It’s okay. It smells like disinfectant, though.”

I smiled at Denise. “Glad you did that?”

Denise sweetly smiled back. “Yes, I am. I was a bit nervous, but Jane’s right. You’re nice, and I like your dick.”

I looked down at my penis, which was beginning to go soft. “So are you. You’re pretty as well.”

“Why don’t you take your clothes off?” Jane said to Denise.
Denise looked uncertain. “I’m not as . . . good as you.”

“Yes you are,” Jane said, putting her arm around her friend. “You’ve got a beautiful body. Go on, show Dave. Tell you what; we’ll take our undies off together. How’s that?”

Sheepishly, Denise stood up and said, “Okay.”

Jane stood up and took hold of the bottom of Denise’s shirt, slowly pulling it up to reveal a white silky padded bra. Denise then stood up and undid the button on her shorts, unzipping them and slowly pulling them down to reveal a pair of navy blue and white horizontal striped panties.

Looking at the outline of her young vulva, I said, “Wow, Denise, you look gorgeous.”

“I’m not as good as Jane. She’s got real boobs. I haven’t.”

“So what?” I said. “There are boys at school who have bigger dicks than me, but mine still works, and it feels great.”

“I suppose so.”
I stood up and faced her. “I think you’re great.”

“Come on,” Jane said. “Bras first. You take mine off and I’ll take yours off. Dave can watch.” Seeing Denise nod, Jane moved her arms around and unclipped her bra, before wrapping her arms around her friend and undoing hers. Denise reached forward and pulled Jane’s straps down, the item falling, exposing those pert breasts with light brown areolas and nipples. Denise looked at her friend and touched her nipples, which hardened instantaneously.

Jane then removed Denise’s, the bra falling down. Denise’s breasts were small, two lumps of flesh with pale pink conical areolas. Jane stooped down and sucked each of her nipples, which hardened, appearing as erasers that one finds on the tops of pencils. I loved them the second I saw them.

“Denise,” I said, “they’re beautiful.”

Jane then slipped her panties down, provocatively running her fingers through her thick brown bushy pubes that sat around her vulva, and a short distance onto her mons, being thicker in the middle. Blushing, Denise slowly slipped her striking panties down. I gasped when I saw her thin black pubes that covered her lips, the slit just visible through them. Jane put her hand upon Denise’s pussy, gently rubbing.

“Lay down,” Jane said softly.

I watched as the two girls lay one the bed, side by side. Jane opened her legs, her large brown crinkly pussy lips parting to reveal her vaginal opening. Denise put her hand upon it as Jane placed her hand upon Denise’s mons. Slowly, Denise opened her legs. I could feel my cock twitch. Denise’s inner lips were pale pink, and like tiny petals, triangular in shape. Although smaller than Jane’s, they were a nice size, and very pretty. At the top was her clitoral hood, which looked so inviting. I could see that both girls were wet; their vaginal openings displaying their juice.

I climbed onto the bed beneath them, heading straight for Denise’s beautiful pussy, moving between her legs, placing my hands upon her knees and sliding them down her silky, smooth thighs, finally coming into contact with the soft hair on her outer lips that were wide open. I stroked the hairs and moved a finger to her opening, feeling the warm juice and gently inserting a finger, causing Denise to wriggle slightly. Jane, meanwhile, was sucking on Denise’s nipples.

I moved my head closer and put my tongue to Denise’s bubbling juice, tasting it. Hell, she was sweet. After inserting my tongue into her hole several times, I moved it up, sucking on those delicate pink petals, hearing her softly moan. Pleased that she seemed relaxed, I moved my fingers up and lifted her clitoral hood, placing my tongue upon her clitty and swirling it around. Denise’s hips moved from side to side. I continued encircling her little button with my tongue and placed a finger inside her sopping vagina. Denise went, “Aaaaaah,” as she placed her hands upon my head pulling me into her. Feeling her writhe around, I knew that she was enjoying the attention.

I continued licking her love button, and tried adding a second finger, but her innocent pussy was incredibly tight, so I abandoned the idea and carried on with just the one. Denise’s groans increased in frequency and intensity, and I could tell that she was nearing orgasm. Her juices were now flowing freely, and my hand was very wet. With a loud groan, she lurched her hips up, her hands gripping my head tightly, her pelvis moving in all directions as her orgasm dominated her. Sensing that she’d be able to take no more, I removed my tongue, leaving my finger in her sopping hole as she panted.

Feeling a great desire for Denise, I moved slowly up her body, kissing her soft flesh as I went, sucking those cute nipples and gliding onto her neck as she placed her arms around me, holding me tight. From her neck, I moved to her mouth, kissing her beautiful lips. Denise reciprocated and opened her mouth, her tongue meeting my own, gently probing and encircling as we moved our lips and heads in unison. She was a much better kisser than Jane. Finally, our lips parted and I looked into her lovely green eyes.

“God, Dave,” she smiled. “That was incredible. I’ve never cum like that before, and I’ve never been kissed like that before. Jane was right – you’re fantastic.’

“So are you. I’m so glad I came.”
Denise pulled me closer, initiating another mind blowing kiss. “So am I.”
“Well, you two seem happy enough,” said Jane.
I’d forgotten she was there. I looked at her and burst out laughing. “Sorry, Jane.”

Jane, who was fingering her pussy, said, “It’s okay. You two look good together. I think you should fuck.”

Denise kissed me. “I want to, I really do.”
I looked into those gorgeous eyes again. “So do I. Shall we do it?”

Jane stood up and went to her bag, pulling out some condoms, handing them to me. “Go on. I’ll watch.”

I raised myself to my knees, looking down at the beauty of Denise, who leaned forward and touched my erection. After opening the packet, I placed the rubber on the end of my cock and rolled it down as Denise watched, smiling. Once it was on, I lowered myself onto her, kissing her soft lips and positioning my penis on the edge of her wet pussy, pushing gently. Denise winced. “Ouch.”

I kissed her, whispering, “If it hurts, just say, and I’ll stop.”
“No. Keep going.”

I gently pushed, advancing a fraction before withdrawing and advancing again, her pussy tight on my eager tool. Little by little, I advanced into her, kissing softly with my arms around her. The feeling of her tight vagina upon my shaft was incredible. Denise was softly moaning and kissed my neck. Finally, my penis was all the way in, and Denise pushed against me, gripping me tightly as we moved together. Regrettably, though, after a minute or so, I could feel myself about to cum.

“I’m going to cum,” I whispered.
“Go on. Cum.”

Several strokes later I felt my loins explode and I began filling the condom, thrusting into her soft pussy, breathing heavily as she continued to grip me tightly. As the feeling subsided, Denise kissed me passionately.

I gasped, “God.”
“That was nice,” Denise murmured.
“Did you cum?”

“No, but it doesn’t matter. It was nice anyway.” I felt like a failure, and Denise seemed to sense it, wrapping her legs around me. “Don’t worry. I want to do it again, and I’ll cum then. I want to do it with you again, Dave.”

I kissed her passionately. “Good.”
“Well, you two,” said Jane, “I’m just going to have to wank myself.”

Denise and I looked at one another, and then to Jane. Denise said, “We’ll make you cum. Fuck, I feel so good. I’ll lick you.” Denise got up and put her head between Jane’s legs, getting down onto on all fours. Seeing her sweet pussy, I moved behind her, putting my tongue to her labia, which were protruding from her hairy outer lips, and inserting a finger into her juicy vagina. I didn’t want her to cum, so I teased her, licking all around her pussy, perineum, and drifting onto her little bum hole, whereupon she twitched. I didn’t dwell there, though. After poking at it with my tongue, I varied my attention.

Minutes later, I heard Jane moaning, followed by a yelp. Denise’s bottom was moving around as my tongue explored the entirety of her lower regions, and her beautiful pussy was oozing juice. My face was sopping wet.

Denise turned around, her hand still upon Jane’s pussy, stroking her thick hair as Jane lay there with her eyes closed. Denise said, “I want to do it again.”

My cock was flaccid, but I knew it wouldn’t take much attention to get it to rise again. “Me too.”

Leaving Jane, who looked up, Denise smiled at me. “Lay on the floor.” I did as she said, watching her get up and grab a new condom, which she placed beside me, positioning herself between my legs, her head dipping down to my soft cock, picking it up, taking it in her mouth and gently sucking, whilst fondling my testicles with her other hand. I could feel it beginning to rise.

Groaning, I noticed Jane moving across, crouching beside me as Denise continued fervently working on me. She picked up the condom packet, opened it and placed it upon the end of my erection, carefully rolling it down. She then laid on top of me, kissing me as she took hold of my member, guiding it towards her pussy and pushing down upon me. She slowly inserted me into her wetness, her hips moving up and down. Once we were fully together she began moving rhythmically.

Whilst grabbing the cheeks of her beautiful bum, I kissed her neck, hearing her gasp. I licked and sucked her nipples, pushing into her as far as I could go, feeling her hot juices oozing onto my scrotum.

“Oh, Dave,” she whispered.
I moved my mouth from her delicate boobs, and kissed her. “Denise . . .”

We continued moving together, our breathing becoming more rapid. Denise sat up, grinding her pussy onto me, her eyes close. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

“Me too,” I managed as she continued powering down onto me. Responding, I pushed my cock up into her, increasing the pace as each second passed. Finally, I could take no more, and with one last push, ejaculated into her as she moaned loudly, her body jerking. My scrotum was soaked as we bucked and writhed together, Denise finally falling onto me, kissing me. I held her tightly, our mouths together.

“Fucking hell!” Jane exclaimed. “That looked good.”
We looked across to Jane, Denise saying, “It was.”
I kissed her on the cheek. “You, Denise, are beautiful.”

“You are as well,” she said, looking into my eyes. “I wasn’t sure I wanted to go all the way, but I’m glad I did.”
“Me too,” I smiled.

I didn’t fuck Jane that day, but I didn’t really want to. Denise had captivated me. We did, though, ensure that Jane didn’t feel out, and gave her a couple more orgasms, the three of us playing around, although I really liked Denise, and preferred her. Jane realised this and wasn’t at all put out. We discussed every aspect of sex that we knew of, Denise being intrigued by my relationship with Gav. Jane suggested that maybe the four of us get together, which I agreed to, although Denise was initially less than enthusiastic. She was, however, curious to see two boys together, and I said that I’d arrange something. As Jane and I left, Denise gave me her phone number and asked me to call, to which I said that I would. After a long snog, I left her, continually turning back and wishing that I was staying behind.

“You two seemed to get along well,” Jane said to me, smiling.
I smiled back. “I like her. She’s lovely.”
“Good. Some of the boys at school tease her because of her small boobs. Girls as well.”
“They’re just wankers!”
“I know. I’m glad you get on. You two are good together.”
Jane smiled. “Come on. You can buy me a coffee and tell me where you’re going to take her when you both go out.”
The thought of taking Denise out was pleasant. I felt good. “Okay.”

So, that was how it began with Denise, who I grew incredibly fond of, and we had some great times together. She transpired to be an incredibly sexual girl, and ultimately adventurous. That was merely the beginning.

If you have any comments, please leave them, or message me. I promise to reply to all and will answer any questions you might have. Anyway, thanks for reading and I shall write the next part as soon as I can. x


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