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First Story: Girlfriend gets dared by her boyfriend to flash a guy on chatroulette that ends in her having sex downtown
One day my girlfriend and I decided that we were going to play truth or dare. After some innocent dares back and forth I dared her to get onto chatroulette and let a guy see her tits and pussy, and to rub her clit until the guy reached his orgasm. Being the shy girl that she is, initially, she was extremely scared to do so. However, after hearing my double dare she agreed that she would get onto the website.

After going through a few guys who skipped her, a guy stayed on and started talking to her. After awhile he started getting a little more aggressive with her and eventually asked her to take off her clothes. Not knowing our agreement, he was surprised when she agreed. When she took off her bra to reveal her 32C beautiful tits he started stroking his dick like there was no tomorrow. I didn't want the guy to cum before she showed her pussy so I told her to tell him to stop till she could also rub herself. After she showed her pussy and started rubbing her clit this guy seemed like he was in heaven. He came within a few minutes. Surprisingly, he stuck around after he came and also let her reach orgasm. They started talking a little more afterword and discovered that he lived in the same city as we did. This is where the story gets good. He invites her to meet him downtown and to my surprise she says yes. I was so surprised because before this I couldn't even get her to show me her tits on trails deep in the woods.


My girlfriend and I get downtown around 10:00 and go to our first bar. The guy she is meeting is not coming until 11:00 so we have some times to get some drinks and get her relaxed. I take her over to the corner and she offers to suck my dick. I say yes cuz who does not want their dick sucked from a hot brunette. However, after about ten minutes a bouncer comes over after seeing what we are doing and says that we have to leave. While telling us this he reaches down and grabs my girl's boobs. She looks at me and asks if she can suck his dick since she needs to get used to having sex with a stranger anyways. I tell her that it is alright with me and she starts to touch this guys dick. He is a little startled but gets rock hard in seconds. She sucks his dick for about 5 mins before she stands up bends over and starts to suck my dick again. The bounce is not about to leave and begins to pull up her skirt. She stops and asks what he is doing and he tells her that he is going to fuck her. At first, she is startled by the bluntness of the comment but eventually leans back over and begins to suck my cock. He fucks her hard and right before he cums pulls her down and cums in her mouth. She swallows his cum and zips up his pants. It's beginning to get close to 11 so we decide to head over to the bar she is meeting her internet lover at.

On the way to the next bar my girl left her skirt up over her ass. Later on she told me she didn't even realize it until the first guy spanked her on the ass. I, however, realized right after leaving the first bar and decided to follow several feet behind her. She spanked quite a bit on the way up as her ass was visibly red even though it was pitch dark outside. As we arrived to the next bar we did not see the guy we were meeting so we decided to go in and grab another drink and start to dance. After a few songs, my girl took out my dick for the second time that night and started rubbing it on her pussy. After a little while she slipped me inside of her and started fucking me right there on the dance floor. It was a little weird to think that I was the second dick to be in her that night, but I was allowing it so who was I to complain. As we are there dancing a guy walked up behind her and pulled her tits out of her shirt. She did not even look around to see who it was and just continued to fuck me. After revealing her tits to the rest of the bar I could see the guy fumbling around for a little and guessed that he was taking out his dick. Soon though I would know what he was doing as my girlfriend started to squirm a lot. He had started to work his dick into her ass. She does not like anal sex at all so seeing her take this was kind of surprising, but very hot at the same time. Knowing that my girlfriend was allowing me and this stranger she had not even seen face to face in person double team her on the dance floor in a club made me cum in her almost instantly. After cumming I pulled out of her and put my dick away and started to rub her clit. Right about the time she was about to reach orgasm the stranger pulled his dick out of her ass and pushed down to her knees. This is about the time I first saw his dick. He was at least 8" long and was thicker than any dick I have ever seen. No wonder she was squirming so much. Knowing she had that in her ass made me hard again instantly. Anyways, he threw her down and shoved his dick in her mouth and fucked her face until he blew his load in her mouth. I have not seen someone disappear as fast as that guy did after finishing. He left her there on her knees in the middle of the dance floor.

I picked her up off of the floor and ask if she was alright. She said ya, just that it was pretty painful to let the guy go at her ass as rough as he did without making it too obvious what was happening. She also was a little freaked out that she had not seen this guys face but had let him fuck her ass and cum in her mouth. I was just as surprised as her, but did not want to freak her out even more so I just took her to another bar for a drink. We took a few shots and drank a beer when she told me of another fantasy that she wanted to do the next time we played this game. She told me she wanted to have sex with a girl...

This is my first story. Any comments/tips will be appreciated. This story can also be continued if you guys like it.

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2014-03-05 10:58:59
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2013-09-17 11:13:32
I really like your atrrowk and the photos you posted of your work area, seems very cozy and open. Your journal is very nice too. I would really like it if there was some bio in your Etsy shop or blog, so we could know who you are better. Thanks, and keep posting!

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2012-07-30 20:15:21
lol when did she meet the guy?

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2012-02-28 05:46:48
too rushed, needs more detail

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2012-02-27 11:03:56
Build it up a little more; don't be in such a hurry to tell your story. Good, sexy premise but be more deive and lead us into the fantasy with details.

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