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A story of the quality time between a man and his step daughter
This chapter does not include any sex, just an intoduction and a prelude to what is to come.


Although her real father has always been somewhat in her life my stepdaughter (Anna) and I have always been extremely close. During the fourteen years I have been in her life she has only called me daddy a few times and I had never pushed her to do so. I always felt I should be as good as a friend to her as well as daddy, I seemed to work great. Over the years I have always communicated with her on a higher maturity level than her mother had so she always seemed to act more mature with me, not afraid of how I would react. I was always the disciplinary as well as the one she came to when she had questions or problems. I didn’t mind it seemed to make us closer.

I want to give you a little history between us. During her junior high school days I started noticing how she would act differently when her mother was away, she even dressed differently to just hang around the house on weekends when it was just me and her. She has always been and still is a tom boyish girl, with her short black hair and her long skinny legs. She never got into dresses and the other frilly things other girls her age were into, she always wore jeans and t shirts and never showed any more of her body than she had to. I remember the fight she put up when her mother made her wear a swimsuit instead of her normal shorts ant t-shirt while on vacation. This year was a little different, she started wearing those short cotton shorts and spaghetti strap tank tops around the house, showing way more of herself than ever before and I was noticing her more than ever before. Bless her heart she never had a reason to wear a bra so the thin shirts left little for the imagination and the shorts just hung loosely on her thin frame giving a clear view of her cotton school girl panties that she wore every time she sat down or bent over but she didn’t seem to mind. I got used to her new wardrobe when it was just me and her but she would quickly put on her regular clothes if we had visitors or when her mom was to be home. I couldn’t believe I found myself looking forward to our time alone being able to see her budding breast and her little girl panties.

Thoughts of how my little girl was growing up often distracted me while we were together, seems like I was always waiting for another opportunity to catch a peek of her cotton wrapped mound or a peek of her creamy little nipples. Over the next few months it seemed I was answering a lot more questions about girl’s bodies and giving my opinion on how certain clothes looked on her as she started becoming a little more risqué with her wardrobe. It was hard to admit it to myself but I was starting to stay turned on by her and her becoming of age and found myself encouraging her to feel good about her body. As she got more comfortable wearing smaller clothes she seemed to worrying less about closing her door while changing clothes or worried about me seeing her in her panties as she started sleeping in just her shirt and panties. Seeing how comfortable she was getting around me I found myself feeling the same way, wearing only my underwear around her unlike before giving her opportunities to catch a peek at me if she was interested. The thought of my own manhood being the first for her to see excited me, I was sure she was looking. We were becoming closer than ever.

One weekend sticks out in my mind as when things took a big change for us. It was a normal weekend at home while her mom worked when she woke me standing next to my bed wearing her normal hanging around the house outfit, a pair of short cotton shorts and a tank top asking me if I could take her to the mall for a little shopping . It seems her mom had gave her some money and told her to get me to take her, I agreed and told her we would go as soon as I got up. So after a shower I found her sitting in the kitchen still wearing her shorts and tank top but she has her shoes on waiting for me. After realizing she was going to wear her most revealing clothes to the mall I could only look forward to our trip to the mall. As we walked in the mall I couldn’t help but notice her butt was filling her shorts more than normal, actually exposing the very bottom of her cheeks and the blue crotch of her panties when she walked. After making the comment that it looked like she needed some new shorts I got the “innocent look” followed by a sweet sounding “ But daddy, I like how these fit!” As walked in she was telling me she needed to get a pair of shoes, some new tank tops and she needed some new panties. She said her were wore out (Like I hadn’t noticed!).

We started with her shoes, I sat and watched as she bounced around in those short shorts taking an advantage of the view of her blue panties as she wiggled in the seat as she tried on pair after pair of shoes. I remember that day being the first time getting a glance of her jet black pubic hair sneaking from the edges of her panties in public and wondered if anyone else had noticed. As I sat and watched her I made a point to look and see if anyone was taking in the free show my girl was giving, and sure enough I noticed other dads standing where they had a clear view between her legs. The thoughts of other men looking at her panty covered youthfulness upset me at first but quickly started turning me on, just imagining what they were thinking as they catch a peek of my baby’s most private parts had me thinking thoughts of her I had never thought before. I actually liked seeing her there on display for the horny men. With a pair finally picked out our show came to an end but not before catching the two men beside me watch her ass as she walked away. After getting her some shoes we made our way to the large chain store where we could finish our shopping.

I remember watching men of all ages noticing her as we walked through the mall, from the teenagers hanging out to the men walking with their wives she was turning heads and I couldn’t blame them. My little girl had become one of the sexy little girls that had stolen my attention many times before.

As we entered the store we were talking about how we were getting hungry so I suggested I help her with her shopping so we could eat sooner. She quickly designated me to go grab her a couple packs of panties while she picked out some shirts, this didn’t seem strange to me since I had always been the one to take her shopping and we had done this before. I watched her little ass as we slit ways into the Misses section. As I stood in front of the selection of prepackaged panties hanging on the wall I quickly started imagining her in a pair of the cotton thongs hanging to my left but I thought it would be too obvious if I brought a pack of those back with me so I grabbed two packs of her normal cotton panties and made my way back to her. As I held them up and asked her if they were ok I sensed disappointment on her face. She quickly reminded me of the conversation we had a few days earlier about her being old enough to wear more “grown up” panties now and asked me to pick her some out. Fighting my swelling in my shorts as I walked back to the wall of panties I couldn’t believe she told me to pick some out. I hung the packs back on the wall and stood looking at the selection, thinking to myself what I wanted to see her in. I have always been a thong fan “especially on nice big butts” but I had started liking the boy shorts on nice firm asses as well so I grabbed two packs of the high cut boy shorts and a pack of the assorted thongs. I met her on my way back and we made our way to the register with her arms full of shirts and shorts, as I looked at the shorts she told me she decided to get some the same size as the ones she was wearing. As we laid our things on the counter she told me I got the wrong size panties (I intentionally bought them a size smaller than normal). I told her the others looked too big, if they were too small we could get some more. She said the others were kind of loose she would try them.

With our shopping done we made our way to the food court for lunch, knowing her favorite I told her to grab a seat I would bring it to her. I stood waiting for our order looking around at all the girls walking around and realized I enjoyed watching my own as much as I did the other hot young girls. With our food in hand I walked toward our table enjoying the beauty that was waiting on me, her smiling as I sat down. As we sat and ate we talked about her school work, her plans for Sunday and just normal things. I couldn’t help but think she really didn’t have a clue she was attractive as she was and if her panty shows were intentional, I was sure she had caught my looking between her legs on a few occasions but she didn’t seem to mind. I could only wonder if she was doing it on purpose or just didn’t think anything about it, I tried to think of a way to bring it into the conversation but I just couldn’t do it.

On our way home I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her sitting next to me, the seatbelt splitting her small breasts causing the cotton to press tight against her firm nipples and her shorts riding high exposing the tenderness of her inner thigh. I knew it was wrong but I just couldn’t quit, I was sexually attracted to the little girl I had raised. Although I was probably thinking with the wrong head I felt like she knew what she was doing to me but I had to be sure, I had to find out if I was right.

The rest of the day went as normal, after doing her homework she came outside to help me in the yard as she always does. This time was a little different being she was still wearing the shorts that had driven me crazy all day which were doing a great job of distracting me as I worked. Sitting on the steps waiting as put up the rakes I saw the sexiest thing I had seen yet when she returned and stood in front of me with her hands on her hips, the elastic was darkened by her sweat which formed a dark line down the front of her shorts all the way between her legs stopping in a larger spot where her patch of black hair would be. After a quick thank you she was on her way to take a shower. I sat on the deck enjoying a few cold beers before heading inside where I found her in her room wearing a fuller pair of shorts and a t-shirt since her mom would be home soon.

The beers I had were catching up with me so headed to the bathroom to relieve myself, as I stood at the toilet I noticed her clothes piled up by the shower with her blue panties laying on top. I started to stiffen as I stared at the wet spot leading down the front only and the wet crotch only separated by a thin section of cloth. Before I realized it I had picked up her panties inspecting the short black hairs resting in the wet crotch as I started stroking my swelling cock. I could fell the cool dampness that had soaked all the way through the cotton, as my breathing increased I could smell the scent from her panties. I looked in the mirror to see myself holding the wet crotch up to my nose as I stroked myself, the smell of her young juices were making me harder than she had yet. I had to know what she tasted like, spreading the cotton with my fingers I ran my tongue across the cotton taking in her sweet taste over and over until the taste was on my lips. I was about to cum! With the damp crotch between my fingers I wrapped her panties around my cock as I made the final strokes, filling her panties with my load. I stared at our mixed juices as I milked the last few drops onto the blue cotton before wadding them up in her shirt and pulling my shorts back up.

Almost tired from the jack off session I sat in my chair and kicked back to enjoy the last few minutes before the wife came home. After a short nap I was awaken by Anna standing in front of me holing her dirty clothes in her arms, the cum soaked panties right on top of the pile “Wake up mommas home. I figured I had better get these up so she wouldn’t know I wore them today.” she said with a wink. The rest of the night went by without any incident, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and I had to know if she knew what she was doing to me.

I didn’t have to wait long to get my answer, the next day I was sure she knew what she was doing!

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go man you have got to fuck her she is asking for it. if she was mine i would be screwing the arse of it

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Don't rush a good thing, it takes time to play a smart girl.

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