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What's up, my names Taylor Fitzroy. I'm just your somewhat typical high school sophomore. I'm typical in that I go to school, deal with my dumb teachers, and I deal with my idiot teachers. I'm not typical in that I exercise and that I have real ambition. Not like these idiot that think they'll go to Hollywood, be discovered, and be famous. My ambitions are not that superficial.

If you're curious on how I look, well, I don't mean to brag, but I'm a tall, muscular 16 year old. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and chiseled features. My so called friends say that my eyes look like I want to kill someone and my eternal smile, that I always have on, looks like I'm expecting something good, but the combination of the two makes me look like I'm enjoying getting revenge on some poor sap.

It's the first day of my sophomore year at Rock Ridge High School and I just not trying to kill anyone... yet. I know what you're thinking, and I do have anger issues that stem from my past. I'll tell you more about that later, but in the meantime I'll take about the present and presently I just want something to preoccupy my time so I don't kill someone... yet. Due to my ambition, it has to something challenging, something few could pool off and above all, fun. And I think I found it.

My 3rd period class, U.S. History. The teacher's name was a first year teacher, Robert Sanger. He looked like a man in his mid-twenties and had horn-rimmed glasses, but other than that he looked rather plain and unremarkable. History, not just U.S., was certainly a passion of his, he pretty much skipped the required introduction and started the lectures, he added tid bits of facts about some ancient countries blah, blah, blah. Though he may speak with a passion about history doesn't mean I'll actually pay attention to what he says.

Sometime during class he he said something about to me that just pissed me off and I decide I was going to amuse myself by constantly humiliating. Before I continue to tell you what he did keep in mind that I'm a narcissist, and of the two branches, healthy and destructive narcissism, I shamefully admit that I'm the destructive one. I try to force myself to the more healthy side, but sometimes my destructive nature gets the best of me.

Now onto what he did to me, during class he said "I bet you all didn't know that the Americas was originally discovered by the vikings, but they failed to establish a permanent establishment."

I replied, "I bet you didn't know that we all don't care and never will, but go on pretending that we ever will." Some of my classmates gave laughing and shocked awes that I would say that to the teacher.

"Then should I give you your F now or give it to you when you flunk for not paying attention." My classmates started laughing even louder. He damaged my pride, so now he must die now.

For the remainder of class I was thinking of a fitting humiliation for what he did to me. As we were leaving I saw something on his desk and it came to me, what is the most most humiliating thing a man can suffer. It is something so humiliating it shall forever damage his self-esteem, something that can ever ruin his life, and above all make him learn not to cross me. Once I saw his wedding photo I knew I had to take his pretty little wife and fuck her brains out. My eternal smile just became even wider as I leave his class.


Once I can home, I went to my room, I go to Facebook, and try to find his profile. It took some time, I didn't think there would be so many Robert Sanger's there are. Once I find it, I download his profile pick and use some software to find the precise location where it was taken and cross reference those coordinates with map quest to find where they live. I'm very tech savvy. They should really turn off the geolocating feature on their cameras, you never know who can find out where you live. Then I check out his and his wife's profiles and learn her name is Lucretia Sanger and her job is a children's novelist. Good luck with that one.

Once it's about 8 o'clock, I sneak out and I jog to their house with some black clothes in my book bag. It's a few miles away and I like to jog a lot. I suppose I could jack my neighbor's car are again, but you never know how many times you can do that before you actually get caught. Though I do have a fall guy, he's black, so they'll get him instead of me. Sad, but true.

Before I arrive at their neighborhood, I change into my black spying clothes and jump their gate into the neighbor hood and sneak through the bushes so nobody spots me. After traveling few blocks through the bushes, I see their house.

The Sanger house is a large, freshly built, two-story building. My first thought on seeing the house is... How can they afford this place, it must cost a fortune!? I know it's a buyers market out their, but still, he's a freshly graduated high school teacher and she's a children's novelist. There is no way they can afford this place and they didn't inherit it, it's too new for that.

I sneak through their yard and look into their window and see those two at the dinner table. Lucretia looked like a sweet, innocent housewife. She's a beautiful woman with ample tits and the face of an angel. What was she smoking when she married Rob? Damn, I want to rip those clothes off and fuck her in front of her husband.

They're talking about something very import. Though I can't hear them, I can still read their lips. To sum up their conversation, they're talking something about credit card fraud, that explains the house, and not wanting to be found by the IRS for tax evasion. It seems to be Rob's idea as Lucretia seems to be against it saying they don't need a big house and what not as Lucretia wants them to buy everything with their own money that they earned.

After their talk, they head up stairs and get ready for bed. Luckily, there's a tree right by their upstairs bed and bath rooms. Lucretia takes a show before brushing her teeth and heading to bed. As she does though, I take out my camera, zoom in and take pictures of her naked body. Pretty soon Rob joins her, with his small pecker, and get busy in the show, and I catch it all on tape. It's quite important for what I have planned.

Afterwords I head home for some sleep. I need all the rest I can get for what I have planned for tomorrow.


After school the next day, I ask one of my friend to drive me near the Sanger house. Since her husband is still at the school for beginning of the year teacher stuff, I can have ample time to start my plan with his wife.

My plan to take her has three phases.

Phase one, arguably the most difficult and most important is to fuck her, or some other lewd shameful act, and make sure she won't tell anybody. What makes this so difficult is if I go too far, she'll call the cops or her husband and I go back to the Juvenile Detention Center. I'll explain that one later.

Phase two involves me returning for another round and fucking her in a way that she'll love it even more than her husband and also degrading her into a cock hungry slut. With my larger than average cock and my youthful stamina will give me an edge over him, plus there are somethings I'd like to try out on her.

Phase three involve showing him what I've done with his wife and how much she loves it. There's no point in a secret humiliation, he won't suffer. I am thinking about getting her pregnant though. If I get her pregnant with my kid, then he'll suffer much more.

Now even though I have this plan, I must make sure my pride doesn't make me think I can't do something beyond my abilities. As Daddy says, "Make sure you you are capable of doing a job or else you'll be in over your head." I don't like the man, but he has some good advice... sometimes.

I walk up to the front door and ring the door bell. Lucretia answers and she looks stunning with that black corset and miniskirt. Damnit, I want to rip those clothes off and fuck her right now. But I have to be patient.

"Hi, may I help you." She says with a sweet smile.

"Yes, I have something to discuss with you, Mrs. Sanger."

"Hmm, about what?"

"It's a closed door kind of thing."

"Umm, okay? Come on it." She's a little curious, but that's still no excuse for letting a complete strange into your home. You never know what he might do once he's inside. Hehehe.

Hmm, it may just be me, but the house looks even better looking at it from the inside, than looking at it from outside the window.

"Nice house. How could you afford such a nice place?" I like I don't know.

"Oh, my grandfather recently passed away."

"Hmm, and here I thought it was tax and credit card fraud." I say teasingly.

The moment I say that she just stops for a few seconds, turns back at me with a serious expression and says, "What did you want to talk about?"

"Hmm, I think you know."

"Did the Dukes send you?"

"No, who are they?" I wasn't expecting that one. Who are they? They do kind of sound familiar "Oh, they must be the people you stole from."

"How do you know about us?"

"I don't think I'll tell you. At least just yet."

"What do you want? Money?"

"No, no, what I want is more simple and then I'll be out of your hair for good."

"Spit it out."

"First, I want to see you naked."

"Please don't make me." she says as she hold on to her clothes. "Don't you want some money?"

"I told you to strip, now snap to it." I command her. "Or do you want me to call the police"

She unbuttons her shirt and slowly takes it off. Next she takes off her shoes and unbuckles her belt so she can take off her pants. Now she's only in her underwear and socks.

"There's still more to take off, my pet."

She then takes off her socks.

"You're still in your underwear." I point out.

"P-Please don't make me."

"Hmm, perhaps I should go to the police about your not paying your taxes and give your husbands student pics of his nude whore wife."

"What did you say?" She sounds shocked. "About nude pics."

"Oh, did I forget to mention." I show her pics of her naked in the bathroom. "I even have photos of you and your tiny husband fucking in the shower." I show her those two. Her face becomes bright red. "Now snap to it."

She unhooks her bra takes it off. Then she takes off the final article of clothing she has, her panties, she slides them down her legs. Now she is butt naked, but she is covering her tits and cunt with her hands.

"I want to see your lovely privates."

"Please anything but that!" tears are flowing from her face.

"Anything? How about you suck my cock then."

"You know what I mean!"

"How about it I get naked, too." When 5 seconds after I say that, I'm in my birthday suit and my six pack ab, my large biceps, and my monster, rock-hard cock are in full view.

The moment I take off all my clothes, her face grows bright red again and lets out an embarrassed shriek. Then she covers her face with her hands and looks away, but soon looks back as her eye peeks through her fingers and eyes my cock.

"You like what you see?" I smurk. "Do you know how big it is. Much bigger than your husband's tiny thing."

"I don't know what you're talking about." She closes her the gap between her fingers in front of her eye. As she does so I take out my android and start recording this. "Rob has a big penis." Now she's either a liar or and idiot.

"By they, nice tits." The moment I say that she drops to the ground and covers her tits. "You do know I've already seen them and have pic of them."

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" She notices the smart phone and says, "No! Please stop recording this and delete all of that."

"Yeah, like that's going to happen." Really, why would I delete these beautiful video? But I do need to draw a line, I can't go to far on our first... session. I just need to go far enough and do something that will let me go a little farther, like comforting her a little. So I wrap my bulky arms around her and tell her, "It's all right. I'm here."

"Then let's stop this." But we've come so far.

"Not yet." I put my index finger into her cunt and begin to rub her g-spot and I rub her clitoris with my thumb. The moment I do her body starts to release loosen up and also starts to get a little wet as well.

"Aaahh, stop! Please stop!"

"Sorry, but I can tell you're enjoying this so much." She is, she's really starting to pant. Does her husband ever stimulate her sensitive spots? Or even know how to? "I would hate to stop it now."

She's enjoying this, but it's not enough. I want her to know just what the difference between me and her hubby are. I grab her hand and pull it onto my hard cock. She is now feeling my manhood. What a lucky gal, don't you think?

"Try stroking my cock." And lo and behold, shortly after I said that, she started to slowly stroke my cock. It was a rather slow and weak for a hand job, or any job for that matter, but it's a start. "That a girl."

Lucretia's face was so red from embarrassment and made such cute moans. I was pretty sure she was going to soon, so I grabbed her hand and made it stroke my cock faster. I wanted to cum onto her naked body to mark her like a dog marks it's territory.

Well, soon enough she did cum, and almost passed out. She was lying on the floor, but I still made to give me a job. Well about 10 minutes after she came, I cum as well, damn my naturally long endurance. My cum sprays all over her face. Too bad her mouth was closed, I want her to taste my seed.

She started touching her in disgust. It's like her face is saying, "What the hell did you put on my face."

"Try putting it in your mouth. My seed taste delicious." I tell her with the widest grin possible.

"No, now get out. You're done right." She says with a serious puffy face. "You said once you were done, you'd go away and I'd never see you again, right?"

"You're right. I did say that. And I'm a man of my word." I was lying, and if you know me well enough, you'd know that sometimes I makes promises just to break them. I grab my clothes, put them on, and tell Lucretia, "Good bye. And be sure not to tell anyone about this, not even your husband. I wonder what he'd think if he heard another man made your cum?"

As I walk out the I notice her tasting some of my cum. After I'm outside I look at my phone and look at what I just recorded. She forgot that it was still running. Well phase one of my plan went of without a hitch and on Friday I can carry on with phase two and actually go into that cunt of hers.


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