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This is a long one, much longer than I intended. But, I let the story write itself. If you just like the sex, there two scenes, with the lesbian one at the end.
Mindy had just given me the best sexual experience of my life, and now I was confused, listening to her cry softly. Mixed emotional signals have been the norm on this trip. Mindy is not exactly here of her own free will. She is free to leave at any time, but she needs $30,000. I have it to give. But, in exchange I wanted the fantasy; a sex slave for the weekend. We are here in Las Vegas living my dream.

“Why are you crying, now?” I said, annoyed that my post coital bliss was being harpooned.

She didn’t answer. Fuck, I hate this. Even when you have a slave you can’t escape the tears and emotion. I really do like Mindy; even though I have pretty thoroughly abused her body over the last two days. With that in mind, I took a step back, from my own attitude, and tried again.

“Mindy, please. Why are you crying? Are you in pain?’

She sniffed lightly, and said “A little, but that’s not why I’m crying?”

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrr” I thought. I hate playing this game. But, I really enjoyed the sex we just had. It had directly sprung from her attitude and imagination. I wanted it to continued, so I must be a good boy.

“What, then?” I said softly, rubbing along the contours of her hip and thigh. Mindy is mid-thirties, but looks younger. She keeps in shape, so while her body is not rock hard like a teen, it’s damn good in all the right places. Mindy has brown hair, delicious chocolate brown eyes, C-cup breasts, with little nubs that stick out from her brownish, pink areolas, making her nipples look chronically erect.

“I enjoyed what we just did” she said with little emotion.

“That’s a good thing. I like it when you enjoy sex” I responded, not knowing what else to say.

She started crying again, in to her pillow.

“You know if I hadn’t promised not to spank you anymore, I would have you over my knee, just so you would have a reason to cry and this would make sense.” I complained

“I am letting you f…fuck” she struggled to get the last word out “every hole I have to get that money. It’s supposed to be vile and disgusting to me. It is something a proper church going soccer mom wouldn’t do, much less enjoy.”

I almost pointed out she forgot to say she was 37, but I didn’t think she would see my humor.

“Mindy you are not a whore. You are not a bad person. You are in a difficult situation. If your mind and body are going to cope with this, by feeling pleasure, instead of wallowing in negativity, doesn’t that seem like a good thing?

I pulled that out of my ass. I have no idea what I am talking about.

“What about John? I’ve so betrayed his trust in me. First by taking the money and now by being your little whore who likes being fucked up her butt!” she proclaimed

“Mindy, you know those people who say ‘two wrongs don’t make a right?” I started

She nodded her head.

“They’re fucking idiots. We answer wrong with wrong all the time, to make things right. A guy robs a bank. That is wrong. What do we do? We put him in a cage. That’s wrong. But, do you know the good that comes out of it?”

Mindy shook her head this time, hopefully deep in thought and not crying into her pillow.

“If the guy is decent, the punishment teaches him a lesson. Plus, because it was not pleasant he gets to say he has paid his debt to society. I answered, still pulling this out of thin air, but kind of impressed I was thinking so fast.

“But, I liked it” she whined “I’m not suppose to like it”

“Answer honestly, you won’t make me mad. Is there any chance you will willingly repeat any of this, with me, again, even the parts that you liked? I asked

“No.” she said just a little faster than I thought she would. I chuckled.

“I didn’t think so. So how much are you really enjoying it?” I finished and then starting a new subject.

“How’s your ass?”

“It’s sore and kinda burns. You didn’t use enough lube.” She answered, the sobbing gone, replace by a tone of complaint. That worked for me.

“That’s your fucking fault. You got me so worked up, you’re lucky I didn’t do you dry, in the goddamn cab”

She rolled over to face me, grinning an evil smile.

“I did, didn’t I?” she said cheerily.

“Where on God’s green earth did you get the idea to be a stripper, and how did you even pull it off?” I asked eager to know the answer. I had not had time to think about this until just now.

Mindy giggled “I saw one of those trailer signs when we were walking on the strip. It was advertising Amateur Night at ‘Little Darlings’. I didn’t give it any more thought until I promised you something special. Then that was all I could come up with. I almost chickened out when I saw it was one of these take-off-everything places, I thought I could at least keep my panties. But, when I saw you sitting out there looking pissed, I knew I had to. All the wine and stuff helped, too”

“And then you went inside, blew the manager, and he put you up next……” I added

She punched me on the shoulder and said “No, Stupid. I did what you would have done; I bribed him. I had over $200 left after buying clothes and stuff at Wal-Mart. I gave it to him, told him I needed to get on the stage, and that I didn’t want the prize money.”

“And the dancing? You must work at Shotgun Willie’s, on the side, right?”

Another punch to the shoulder “ Tssk, I do a regular aerobics class at the Rec. I just improvised.”

“You OK?” I said changing the subject and getting serious again.

“I don’t know. I guess. Things are just not going to be like I thought they would. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.”

“And John is going to be a happy man.” I said lecherously at her

“Asshole.” She said, grinning.

“Now what? You got me here and fucked my brains out. What do we do now?”

Mindy looked sheepish as she said

“This is as far as I planned.”

I laughed.

“No cloths, no money, and no car. I guess you can wear a towel down to the casino and pick up a drunk. Then you could use your charms to get him to take you back to the Bellagio.” I said humorously.

“Or, you could be a gentleman and go get me something to wear. Then we could take a cab.” Mindy answered.

“In case you haven’t noticed; this weekend I’m no gentleman”

“Several parts of my body…” she said rubbing her butt “won’t let me forget.” she played along.

“Okay. I’ll see what I can do.” I said with an exaggerated sigh “Be back in awhile”

Before she could think about it too much, I was off the bed, pulling on my cloths, and out the door. I went downstairs, had the valet get me a cab, and I was off to Wal-mart. I was back in 25 minutes. Mindy was just drying her hair, with the room dryer, having taken a shower. I tossed her the bag.

“Do I even dare look to see what you bought?” she asked skeptically

“What? You don’t trust my taste in clothes” I said with mock indignance

“I have complete FAITH in your taste in clothes. That’s what worries me.” Mindy said as she pulled out the garments.

“One red tube top and red shorts, which might cover my butt. I’m shocked.” She deadpanned.

“I almost got a thong bikini, but I didn’t want to draw attention.” I said grinning.

She shook her head, and put them on. Damn did she look sexy. The tube top accentuated her breasts; highlighting both their size and shape. I knew her nipples would stick out and they did not disappoint. She looked aroused or cold, but I knew it to be her norm. 10 years of staring at her chest gains you some familiarity.

The top covered her breasts and her rib area, leaving her tan, and flat midriff exposed. She turned around so I could see her from all angles. The shorts went to the waist, and hugged her curves tightly. They were probably about a size too small. I was never good at picking out sizes. That made the length a bit short, and as Mindy had guessed, part of her curvy bottom was uncovered.

She stood there with hands on her hips, shaking her head.

“You really expect me to go out in public like this? I look like a street walker” she said, but her tone was light. She knew she was going out exactly like this.

“What? Are you shy now, Gypsy Rose Lee? Let’s go.”

I responded, as I opened the door for her to go first. To my disappointment, no one joined us in the hall or on the elevator ride down. The casino was not terribly busy, but I did notice a few stares at Mindy. Mindy was not getting the attention I had hoped. But, I smiled to myself as I imagined what was about to happen at the desk.

“C’mon, we need to check out, first” I said as I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the hotel desk. It started to dawn on her as we walked up to the front, and I saw her blush.

“Checking out.” I said.

The hotel agent looked Mindy top to bottom, with apprehension plain on his face. He turned his attention to his computer.

“Were you disappointed in our services, sir? I see you only checked in a couple of hours ago.”

Mindy was crimson. Even her tanned chest was red.

“No. No. Everything was great. We just don’t need the room anymore. We’re done.”

I said this like it happened every day. Mindy was looking away, trying desperately to find a rock to crawl under. She could not even look at the clerk. The agent looked shocked for a second and then stared straight into his monitor. He finished by handing me a print out. He did not offer a “Have a nice day” as we left.

“That was mean.” Mindy hissed, but then she grinned. “But, did you see the look on his face when you said ‘we didn’t need the room anymore”? I thought he was going to shit.

As we waited for our cab, I give Mindy’s ass a few M&M squeezes. I loved that ass.

We got in the cab and didn’t say much until we got to the Bellagio. I was a little worried about the way Mindy was dressed. She really did look like a street walker. I thought it possible we would be stopped. But, we made it to our room. I was only a little tired. It wasn’t terribly late, and I thought we might go see a show or something. But, I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off of Mindy’s chest. That tube top really did work for her.

She noticed my stares and came closer, smiling softly, offering herself to me.

“Put your hands behind your head.” I ordered. Mindy did as she was told, submitting with a touch of eagerness.

I put my hands on her ribs at breast level, and slowly moved in until by thumbs found the protruding nubs. I circled them lightly, watching them harden, and form hard points under the thin cloth.

‘Ummmmmmmm” Mindy moaned softly with her eyes closed. I continued the slow circles, working outside in, touching the now constricted center, and then back out to the edge of the areola.

Mindy took in a visible breath and let out another low moan. I retraced my hand movements to her ribs, feeling her chest’s more frequent rise and fall, and put my fingers underneath the bottom of the garment, securing a grip. Mindy was tense with anticipation. She was expecting her breasts to be exposed with one violent pull. But, I wanted to enjoy watching her perfectly round melons exposed slowly.

I pulled it down, inch by inch, watching the elastic top expand to accommodate the swell of her breast, and then reveal their cleavage.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. That feels good.” Mindy moaned out softly, as the ribbed cloth traveled over her sensitive nipples, tripping across them, and sends intermittent stabs of pleasure through her body.

Slowly the complete tops of her mounds were exposed. The full unveiling was halted as the top of the elastic caught fast on Mindy’s points. Her chest was heaving up and down, slowly stretching the already taught top and clearly defining her entire nipple. I pulled a little harder, and Mindy gasped as the garment slipped an entire inch, revealing her aroused nipples.

I finished the unveiling, letting the top cover her flat stomach and then leaned in to lightly lick, with the tip of my tongue, her left nipple. Mindy shivered at the wet, warm touch. I saw goose pimples appear everywhere, as she breathed out another soft moan. I turned my attention to her right breast, and licked that one with the same light carress.

My hands had worked their way down to her hips, and they found their way back to the bottom of her shorts, where part of Mindy’s fuckable ass was exposed. I cupped both cheeks long enough to get in a single, lifting squeeze, and then they returned to gain a firm handhold on the boney part of her hip.

Slowly I turned Mindy to face away from me. My hands made their way up along Mindy’s hips, waist, and then ribs, feeling the warmth of her body, even through the dislodged top. When finally, bare skin was again felt, I enveloped both breasts in my hands, squeezed them, and her into me.

My hard on had found it’s way between Mindy’s short-covered butt cheeks, and I could not resist grinding it into her, as I used her chest to gain leverage.

“Ohhhhhhhh” she moaned louder “Can I put my arms, down please? I need to touch you.” Mindy breathed out in a near whisper.

“Not just yet, my little minx. I’m not done unwrapping my package” I replied

With that statement, my hand moved down to find the fastener for her little shorts. Mindy, anticipating my next move, took a deep breath, giving my ample room to work the button free. I did so, and then almost one link at a time, I dribbled the zipper down.

Mindy shifted trying to work her frustration out, but in the process rubbing my cock between her firm buttocks. This got a squirm out of me, as the zipper bottomed, and I worked my thumbs into the waistband.

More urgently, I pulled the tightly fitted shorts down, first one side and then the other, gaining an inch or so with each machination. Mindy was cocking her hips, in rhytmn with me, to assist in disrobing. As the waistband cleared the apex of her hips, I moved my hands up, letting her shorts fall, and grasped the bottom of the tube top. This I slid down, slowly again, watching as it enveloped her shapely bottom, eclipsing it, and then letting it’s beauty shine forth again.

When it too, was resting on Mindy’s feet I told her to step out of the clothes and turn to face me. She did both, with no wasted effort. Her eyes were now open and looking at me with longing and anticipation.

“Are you wet, Mindy” I asked in a soft voice.

With her breast rising and falling to the pace of her breathing she merely nodded, slowly, and blushed in either embarrassment or complete knowledge of her arousal.

“What do you want to do for me, Mindy?” I queried in the same soft voice.

“I want to fuck you. I want you inside my wet pussy.” Mindy said with two exhales of breath.

“That’s what you want, Mindy. But, what are you going to do for me?’

She stood there looking at my groin as I undid my pants, and disrobed.

“Do it” I spoke softly

Mindy took one step dropped to her knees, grabbed my ass with both hands, and took my cock into her mouth. I grabbed two handful of her hair, just to have something to hold on to. She moved her head back and forth, taking me first to the back of her throat, and then withdrawing until, only my tip was still in her mouth.

The moist, constant pressure of her tongue, as I stood over her, grasping her hair, and now controlling the pace of her oral copulation, was exhilarating. Mindy, in this moment, was powerless, she would willingly do anything I demanded, to maintain my favor, and gain her ultimate release.

I saw her reach down between her legs, with one hand.

“No, Mindy. This is about me. My pleasure. You must wait” I commanded in an even and low voice.

She obeyed and increased the pace of her bobbing, perhaps trying to bring me to climax, and closer to her own.

I stopped her, and pulled out of her mouth. Mindy looked up at me, with both lust and an unspoken question.

“Lie back.” I told her

Mindy quickly unfolded into a prone position, brought her knees up, and spread her legs. I could see her labia were swollen, and gleaming with her own arousal. Mindy looked at me yearningly, with her mouth partially open, and her arms up, begging me to join her.

“Legs together and down.” I ordered

Mindy obeyed; her face hiding the emotions well. I walked over and straddled her hips, and lowered my self onto the hard, carpeted floor. The carpet felt rough on my knees as I leaned over to take Mindy into a deep wet kiss. She encircled me with arms, trying to bring me in close, but my goal was not her soft lips. Breaking our kiss, I let my tongue trail down her cheek, neck, chest, and then her breast.

I continued on this path only as far as her still hard nipple, and I took it into my mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” Mindy moaned out.

I swirled my tongue around areola, and then suckled deeply on the hard nub, trying to swallow it whole. My other hand was squeezing and massaging her other tit, and gently pinching the nipple to heighten her frustration.

Withdrawing my mouth, I moved between her melons and allowed my build up saliva to drizzle out in the valley. Mindy immediately knew what I was going to do, and brought her hands up to hold her chest for me. I moved up and put my erection between her slick globes, and she pushed them together.

I began to rock back and forth, fucking Mindy’s chest. This was as much visual as it was mechanical stimulation. I could see my own cock bury itself in the valley between Mindy’s bosom, and the head appearing, straining to keep going all the way to Mindy’s open mouth. Then it would retreat, sending a spasm of pleasure through me as my cock glided over Mindy’s slick chest. Mindy eye’s betrayed a deeper desire than before. My cock was so close, it was being pleasured by her body, her body was becoming more aroused, but her release would not come this way.

Mindy closed her eyes and pushed her breasts together tighter, as her own sexual anxiety increased with the pace of my rocking. I reached in and lightly tweaked both of Mindy’s nubs as I continued to rock back and forth.

Then I suddenly withdrew my cock. Mindy’s eyes flew open as my sudden movements startled her back to full attention. I dismounted Mindy’s chest and asked

“Rug burn on your knees or your lovely ass?”

Mindy smiled, brought her knees up, and opened her legs, without saying a word. I needed no further invitation and I moved between them. Mindy caught my cock as it approached her love box, and guided me it. We moaned in pleasure together as I felt the familiar warm, wet, and tight sensation send a chill up my spine.

I began slowly, enjoying both my own pleasure, and Mindy’s moans underneath me. I longed to be deeper into Mindy’s pussy, so I reached back, wove my arms under Mindy’s legs, and threaded them up onto my shoulders.

I instantly found a new depth and a feeling of power, and Mindy lay helpless to my thrusts. This new feeling turned edgy and I began to pound myself into Mindy’s cunt.

“Yes! Like that!” cried Mindy, nor feeling anything except pleasure.

This added fuel to my already burning lust and I drove harder, deeper, and pushed Mindy’s legs father and father back, finding new angles to violate Mindy’s body.

“Please! Don’t stop! I’m almost.. Don’t stop!” Mindy railed.

Stopping was the last thing on my mind as I felt my own climax build.

“Al…Almost….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mindy cried as I felt her tighten underneath me.

Her orgasm triggered mine and I pushed my hips down into her’s and shot my stream deep inside her constricting cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I proclaimed as the pleasure washed over me, locking my muscles, and making me oblivious to everything except the cum I was pumping into Mindy.

As my orgasm receded I became aware of Mindy, who was looking at me, and smiling. A little embarrassed I asked.


“You make a face when you cum.” She giggled

I pulled out of her, and as her legs were still draped over my shoulder, I gave them a push back, lifting her butt off the ground and gave her a sound slap on her exposed ass.

“Ow!” she whined

“Sounds like your conscience is OK.” I observed

“Mostly. I’m trying to ignore that little voice and just live in the moment. It would help if wasn’t starting to like this.” Mindy said.

I whacked her ass one more time as I got up.

“Ow!” she cried and gave me a dirty look

“Just trying to help.” I rejoined.

Mindy shook her head, and rolled her eyes.

We ended up taking a shower together. If her plan had been to drain my body, it had worked. There was no sex in the shower this time, but I did enjoy soaping various parts of her body, and had her clean up Bruno. He did a serviceable job of waking up as a compliment to her soapy manipulations.

By this time it was coming up on midnight, which for the younger crowd means it’s time to party. But, my youth was spent and Mindy kept the schedule of a soccer mom (You know, the 37 year old, church going kind?), so we fell asleep in bed, watching something on TV.

The next thing I knew, I was back home, in bed. My dog was giving me a tongue bath, and I’m relaxed, but thinking this is really weird. I knew something was very wrong with this, but I couldn’t seem to work up the will to fight or protest. Then the dog was working it’s way down to my genitals. This was getting really strange, and I started to try to push the dog away. Why would my dog do this? I wondered. The dog licked my cock once, twice, and then it felt like he was sucking on it. Dogs don’t suck, do they? Why is the dog doing this? But, it felt good. What kind of sick fuck am I?

Then a thought hit me. Dogs have teeth! My eyes flew open and I saw Mindy looking at me, with a mischievous look in her eyes, as she, and not my dog, was performing fellatio on Bruno.

“Morning.” Mindy sang, as she came up for air, and then resumed her oral manipulations.

“Thank God!” I said “If you knew the dream I was just having….” I trailed off.

“What? Tell me?” Mindy asked excitedly, popping into a sitting position, and now ignoring my erect member. I didn’t mind that at this point. It felt good, but the dream had weirded me out, and I wanted to press the reset button. I had not failed to notice she was naked, and her breasts had shimmied and swayed with her quick motion. But, my libido was failing me, and it was the physics that had my attention. For now.

“Never you mind” I said, definitely not willing to share this.

“When does our plane leave?” Mindy asked.

“Anxious to be free of me, are you?” I said only half kidding and with a squint to my eyes. Mindy looked nervous for a fast second, and then said

“No, I was just wondering how much longer I would get to please you”

She managed that with a straight face, and held it.

“Nice recovery. Not until 8 PM. There is still plenty of time for me to abuse your body some more.” I replied.

Mindy was about to resume her blow job, when I stopped her.

“Not right now, though. Let’s get some food. What time is it, anyway?” said I, looking around for a clock

“It 10:30; and you’re more hungry than horny?” she asked incredulously “My work here is done.”

“Ha. Ha.” I deadpanned “And rest assured, little lady, your work is definitely not done”

She got dressed while I showered. And in half an hour we were down stairs. We opted for Café Bellagio for our brunch. As we walked into the dining area, I spotted Brian, our waiter from Prime steakhouse. He was in uniform and obviously working.

“Don’t you sleep, Brian?” I inquired. Brian walked over and smiled.

“No sir. I gave it up, as a waste of time” Brian began “They are short handed today, I used to work here before Prime, and I’m helping out my old boss.”

“Good man.” Turning to the hostess; “Put us in Brian’s section, please.”

The lady did as I instructed and soon Brian was taking our order. Then he was off to make sure that breakfast was perfect. Mindy and I made small talk; touching on light subjects, Las Vegas in general and pretty much enjoying the morning. Just before our meal arrived Mindy excused herself to go to the ladies room.

“Her you are, sir.” said Brian as he placed plates on the table. Then he added

“Are you all right, sir?”

I had been staring off, actually trying to think up something creative to do with Mindy, but coming up blank. Brian had mistaken my introspective look as a look of concern.

“I’m fine, Brian. Just thinking.” I replied

“Good, sir. I was concerned something might be wrong with your wife.”

I chuckled and decided to shock Brian a bit.

“That, young man, is not my wife. That is my slave.” Brian’s eyes got big as the plates he had just presented, but he said nothing.

“This whole weekend I have been having my way with that pretty creature, violating every orifice in her body, and enjoying it immensely” I said, and then I sighed.

“But it is just for the weekend, and that ends today. I was trying to come up with one more sexual escapade for the day, but she’s fucked me stupid.” I finished.

“I..I’m not sure what to say.. Congratulations? Well done? I wish it was me?” said Brian

I laughed. “Sorry, sport. This is a one-cock fantasy, and that position is filled.”

Then Brian’s look turned serious, he did a quick look each way to check for listeners, leaned in and asked:

“If it’s not imprudent of me, what about another lady, sir?”

Now there’s a thought. I’ve never had two women. How loudly would Mindy complain if I wanted her to have sex with another woman? Would she actually let another woman eat her pussy? Hell, would she eat another woman’s pussy? These questions all flashed through my mind, plus several others. But, then reality stepped in.

“Nahhhh. I don’t have nearly enough time to pull it off. I wouldn’t even know where to start to find this mystery woman.” I said dejectedly. ‘Great idea, though.”

Brian did another quick check around, dropped his voice to a whisper, and said

“I know a girl. She’s a pro, she’s not cheap, but she’s worth it”

“You know this how?” I said with just a touch of suspicion.

“I’ve been here at the Bellagio for five years. You get to know the ladies that cater to guys that can afford this place. I try to steer Tiffany some business, and she gives me a finder’s fee. She let me take it in trade once. She said it would help my salesmanship”

“She sounds smart. Is she clean? What does she look like? How much? I asked more quickly than I wanted. The thought that this could happen had my mind going into high gear. I needed to figure out how to approach Mindy as well. I could order my sexy little slave to do it, but she was so much better when she got into it willingly; I hated to screw that up.

“She’s hot. She was at Prime yesterday while you were there. Very pretty, Shoulder length blond hair, big boobs, but she is smallish in size. If you saw her, you would not forget.” answered Brian

“I must have missed her”

“She’s clean. No drugs. She’s careful about who she’s with. As for price; it depends on what you would expect from her and how long. I’m not her pimp, she’s independent. But, my guess is that you are in the 2-3 K range for maybe two hours.”

“$1500 plus per hour” I said impressed. “Can you arrange this? I’ll spring for 3 grand if she’s pretty open minded about what she will do.”

Brian and I went back and forth discussing specifics. We were just finishing up when Mindy came back.

“What were you two boys up to?” she said watching Brian walk away.

“We were plotting how to deflower you this afternoon.” I said in a kidding voice, as we both dug into our food. I was famished. Using Mindy’s body had really worked up an appetite. We had both ordered off of the breakfast menu and the food was delicious.

“He’s kinda cute. Do you think I’d break him” she giggled

“You’d kill him in bed. You’d be convicted of manslaughter” I came back. I decided to take a chance and followed up on this thought.

“I did have something else in mind, though. But, I don’t know that you could handle it”

“What? Do you have another torture device to go with those nipple clamps?” she said, her voicing betraying a little anger, and worry. But she tired to sound tough.

“Yes, actually, I do. But, what I had in mind is all pleasure, no pain. Well, except the part where I ravage that tight ass of yours.”

“Pshhhhhhh” she spat at me “If that’s as bad as it gets I can take anything you throw at me.”

“Wanna bet?”

I asked, and then hesitated to gauge her reaction. She just lifted her eyebrows telling me to continue.

“How about this; I tell you what I have in mind. If you’re right, and you’re up for it, then afterwards, we’re done. No more sex of any kind. You’re a free woman and will have fulfilled your end of the deal. If you’re wrong, and you don’t want to do it, I get ANOTHER extra day back home. That would be enough time to almost repeat this whole weekend.”

Mindy had stopped chewing, and looked intrigued. “How long would this take?”

“Two hours or less”

“Where would we be doing it at?” she asked, trying to gain both information and confidence.

“Right here. But, we’re not playing twenty questions. What’ll it be? Door number one or maybe I have to figure something else out up in our room?” I added that last bit as an implied threat. I couldn’t spank her, but I had hinted there was worse in the goody bag.

“No pain, right. Well other than…..”

“Yes or No, Chickenheart?” I sang to her.

“Fuck you. I’m in. What the hell do want to do to me? She said with a smile and a challenge in her voice.

I told her.

“W….what? You expect me to have sex with another woman? That’s sick.” Mindy said, but she didn’t sound too disgusted to me.

“You’ve come this far. How bad would it really be?” I pushed. Then as she just sat there in contemplation I asked

“Do you want something from the bar?” Mindy lost inhibitions while under the influence, so I figured this could help.

“Are you going to make me, you know, do her vagina?” she asked uneasy. I laughed.

“Her vagina? Oh, Lord.” I said laughing again. Then I answered her question in a serious voice.

“No rules, young lady. You are my slave, I could be telling you to do this, but I like the relationship we have developed. I like it when you do things willingly. It’s better for me. It’s hotter”

I’m gambling a bit here. That could piss her off, reminding her she is still under my thumb. Plus, if I have misread her, and I’m not a fucking expert on women, and she is still faking all of this, she won’t give a damn about the so-called relationship we have established.

“You liked last night a lot, huh.” she said with eyes softer than I expected.

“Mindy, I almost wished I had died right then. The only thing that could have been better was heaven.”

That could not possibly work. It was sappy and over the top.

“OK. I’ll fuck another woman for you…. Then we are done.” She added that last bit, almost as an afterthought. It was like she had almost forgotten a line in a play, and remembered what she was supposed to say at the last moment.

I smiled, leaned over, and kissed her, chastely, on her lips. Then I caught Brian’s eye, and he rushed over.

“My Mindy, here, needs some liquid courage for some fun this afternoon. Is it too early to open the bar?’

Brian looked at his watch. “I believe it is after 5 PM in London, sir. What would the lady like?”

Mindy order a shot and a bottle of sweet wine to go with her meal. Brian looked at me quizzically, and I gave him a knowing wink. He brightened, went off to get Mindy’s drinks, and hopefully make a phone call.

We finished our meal with Mindy more quiet than usual. I couldn’t read her to see if she was excited, apprehensive, or what. I decided not to push it. She did finish her wine, and we arranged for a couple of bottles to be sent to our room. By the time we were leaving Mindy had started to relax. I sent Mindy off to our room, with a kiss and a squeeze to her ass. She playfully slapped my hand away and said

“Stop that, haven’t you had enough of my butt?”

“Never.” I grinned as she walked away with her own smile. She would be fine.

Brian and I finalized the details and he let me know that Tiffany was excited at what I had planned, and she would be here in about an hour. With that completed, I was off to join Mindy upstairs. I found her frantically looking through her suitcase, shuffling cloths and then becoming annoyed with something and throwing it over her shoulder. I watched this, amused for a few moments, and then asked, with a chuckle.

“What are you doing?”

“Grrrrr. I can’t find anything to wear!” she snapped at me

“To wear? What’s wrong with what you have on?”

I asked with raised eyebrows. Mindy was wearing a simple loose pleated skirt, that went to past mid thigh, but stopped well short of her knees. She had flats, while not my favorite, still looked fine. I didn’t think she had panties on and I could see she had no bra under her flower print blouse. As usual her curves were perfect, and even in these ordinary clothes, she looked great.

“Men!” she said with more anger than I thought the comment deserved. “How long before she is here!” she asked a bit agitated.

“About an hour”

“Damn. I have to hurry!’ she exclaimed

Then she was elbows deep into her suitcase, again. She finally settled on something and flitted out of the room, ignoring me completely, closed the bathroom door behind her. I just shook my head, grinning.

The wine was delivered and I helped myself to a glass. The sound of water told me Mindy was taking a shower. The bathroom sounds of the shower, sink and blow dryer marked the passage of time as efficiently as my wristwatch. After 45 minutes, and into my third glass of wine, the bathroom door opened and Mindy stepped out.

She stood there with one leg crossed in front of the other, leaning on the door frame, very seductively.

“Well?” she asked with a confident look

She had every reason to be cock-sure. She had decided on her black 4” fuck-me pumps, and a leather mini-skirt that looked like it was air brushed on. It went to just above mid-thigh. Her legs were covered with black sheer stockings. She had settled on a thin dark blue print blouse. It had a low neckline, that gave just a peek of cleavage, but buttoned up the front, so access would be easy. She wore no bra, and the thin material did not conceal the contours of her swollen areolas.

I swallowed and I answered “Wow. Tiffany better get her soon. That outfit is going to look great on the floor.”

She beamed, noticed the wine, and poured herself a glass. We stood there drinking our wine, and making small talk while we waited, but you could feel a tension in the air.

“So, is that skirt yours?” I asked as I stared at Mindy’s legs.

“Yes. It’s too small, and I almost didn’t bring it.” She said as she subconsciously tried to smooth it down.

The knock at door startled both of us, and then we chuckled at our own stupidity.

I answered the door and there stood the prettiest woman I had ever seen. She had bright blue eyes, which were set off by both her stunning smile and shoulder length, brown-blonde hair. Her face reminded me of Chalize Theron. She was about 5’ 5” in her red high heels. She was wearing a bright red one piece form fitting dress that highlighted every curve of her hips and waist, stopping above mid thigh. The bottom of the dress had an elastic band, which forced the dress to show the comely shape of her ass. It looked to have the same high, heart-shape as my sexy Mindy. As Brian promised, she was amply endowed, coming in at D-cup or better. Tiffany’s dress had a low neckline, which gave plenty of display to her braless melons. Her nipples were striking their own pose under the satin-like dress.

“Hi! I’m Tiffany” she said in a cheerful, pleasant voice.

“I’m…..pleased to meet you.” I stammered as I looked her over top to bottom.

Tiffany came in and I introduced her to Mindy, who was leaning against the couch, sipping on her wine. Mindy sat her wine down, walked over, and shook Tiffany’s hand. Mindy looked a bit nervous. Tiffany acted like she did this everyday, which when I thought about it, she probably did.

I handed Tiffany an envelope with her fee. She did a quick, practiced glance into it, and then put it in her purse. I invited the ladies to sit down on the couch. I took one end, Tiffany in the middle, and Mindy on the other end. Both ladies faced me. I started to get the feeling I was in over my head. I could feel myself sweat, as both ladies stared at me; Tiffany with her electric smile; Mindy with a nervous one.

“How about some wine, while we figure this out, ladies?” I suggested. Mindy drained the glass she was holding, and handed it to me. I got up and went to get the drinks and saw Tiffany turn to Mindy and say;

“You’re very pretty, Mindy.” She said, and then gazing down added “I wish I had your legs. Mine are these little toothpicks. You could model stockings, if you got an agent.”

Mindy’s eyes got a little wide and she replied

“Are you kidding me? There is nothing wrong with any part of you. I’ll bet you make lots of money.”

Then she caught herself.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that the way it came out. I just meant you are very beautiful and get a lot of female, uh, I mean, male, attention. I mean everyone things your pretty” Mindy stammered. She was blushing again.

Ignoring Mindy’s embarrassment and awkwardness Tiffany said.

“I’m only doing this for awhile. I’m currently working on my masters in Hospitality Administration. I’m going to own my own hotel one day.” Tiffany said proudly.

“Wow, I didn’t even know you get a masters in that.”

“Oh, yeah. Harrah’s has a PhD program, too”.

Mindy had relaxed and the girls were sipping on their drinks, ignoring me completely, and chatting away. I would have been pissed, except I had a feeling that I was watching a master at work, and clinically. I was fascinated.

A lull in the conversation was broken, when Tiffany said in a voice that was soft, soothing, and with a hint of pleading;

“Mindy, can I kiss you?”

Mindy hesitated just a moment and then nodded her head. Tiffany had set her drink on the table as she asked her question, so now she leaned in and softly kissed Mindy’s lips. Mindy responded after the first contact and returned her kiss. They separated, pulled back, gazed into each others eyes, and leaned in to kiss again. This time the kisses were less tentative, more urgent. The first kiss, led to a shifting of their positions to gain a better angle, and they draped their arms around each other pulling together tightly. I took Mindy’s glass from her, set it to the side, and moved across to a chair to watch the show.

Mindy opened her mouth and accepted Tiffany’s tongue, willingly. The women kissed deeper, and more passionately, with Tiffany taking the slow lead, testing Mindy’s limits, and finding very little resistance.

For Mindy’s part she had begun to caress Tiffany’s hip and the side of her shapely ass. Tiffany responded by shifting and exposing more for Mindy to explore. After just a few more seconds, Tiffany broke their embrace and looked Mindy in the eyes, mouth slightly parted, and the tip of her tongue visible, and asked.

“Do you want to see me, Mindy?”

Mindy did not appear to be completely coherent, her eyes were a little glazed, but she licked her lips nervously, and nodded.

Tiffany got up, grasped the hem of her dress and in an easy, natural movement, pulled it up, and over her head. She nonchalantly dropped it to the side and stood there for Mindy to admire. Tiffany’s breasts were full and natural. Gravity had not get taken it’s toll, and they rode high on her petite chest; her nipples erect with arousal and reaching out to be touched. Tiffany, like Mindy, was shaved clean, but unlike Mindy, her tan could not reveal where a swimsuit had hidden her treasures.

“You’re beautiful.” Said Mindy, not as a compliment, but as a pronouncement. Then she added something that made me notice how hard I had gotten watching the ladies kiss.

“Can…can I touch you?” The question, much more than her tone, betrayed her innocence to the situation.

“Yes.” replied Tiffany like she had been waiting her whole life to hear those words “I would like that, very much.”

With that she sat back down. Mindy reach out tentatively, and lightly caressed the side of Tiffany’s breast. Tiffany closed her eyes and breathed deeply as Mindy got bolder, rolling her hand underneath to feel the weight of Tiffany’s large melon. She gave it a light squeeze, feeling the firmness, and gaining confidence. Mindy brought her other hand over to feel the other breast, and then while still supporting it, used her thumb to lightly caress the already swollen areola.

“Mmmmmmmmm” Tiffany cooed “That feels good.”

Emboldened Mindy did the same with her other hand, and was rewarded with more moans from Tiffany. Hesitantly, she leaned forward and kissed Tiffany’s breast. Getting no rebuke, she lightly licked around the nipple and was rewarded with a louder moan.

“You touch is so light, Mindy.” Tiffany said with closed eyes, and with a little squirm.

Confidently, Mindy began to enjoy Tiffany’s breast. She sucked softly on the erect nub, kissed it, and used her lips to caress it.

“God” said Tiffany, now trying to control her breathing.

I saw goose pimples appear on Tiffany’s arm. Mindy then started to kiss her lightly on the top of her breast and work upwards. They exchanged a couple of kisses, as Mindy continued to caress and gently massage Tiffany’s chest. Tiffany again stopped the kissing

“Can I see you Mindy? You are so pretty.” She asked softly.

Mindy did not answer, just moved back and lifted her blouse up and over her head, as effortlessly as Tiffany had.

“Please?” Tiffany asked gently and no one in the room questioned what she wanted. Mindy nodded her head slowly and closed her eyes.

Tiffany leaned in and gently kissed Mindy’s nipple, and then took it into her mouth. She drank it in slowly, sensuously, and returned it back, adding a flick of her tongue as she pulled away.

Mindy shuttered slightly, but kept her position, waiting for what was next. Tiffany gently supported that breast; while squeezing it lightly, as her mouth sought Mindy’s other nipple. She twirled her tongue around it, slowly, working towards the constricted center, and then using only her lips lightly massaged Mindy’s nub.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” Mindy let a moan escape.

Tiffany kissed her way north, and quickly they were kissing heavily, their tongues battling for position, and their hand now exploring each others legs, and ass as well. Tiffany placed her hand on the inside of Mindy’s stocking sheathed thigh, and waited for a response. She was rewarded when Mindy opened her legs a little wider, allowing access to her pussy. Tiffany’s hand disappeared under Mindy’s tight leather skirt, and Mindy started to squirm. She lifted up allowing her skirt to ride up and give Tiffany better purchase. Then Mindy broke the embrace and turned her head away, with eyes closed and her mouth part way open, obviously enjoying Tiffany’s manipulations of her clitoris.

Tiffany brought her hand back out and asked gently

“Can I taste you?”

Mindy nodded, with no apparent reservation, and noticeable lust in her eyes. Mindy laid back and lifted her bottom off of the couch, allowing Tiffany to undo her tight skirt and slide it down and off. Mindy looked so incredible, lying vulnerable and waiting to have her pussy eaten.

With the skirt removed, Mindy opened her legs and Tiffany, who had moved to the floor, kissed her way up Mindy’s inner thigh, stopping when she reach Mindy’s visibly wet love tunnel. Tiffany began to lick the labia lightly, flirting with the inner parts, but avoiding Mindy’s visible little pea at the top.

Mindy had started to writhe in pleasure and frustration as Tiffany was working her up to an orgasm. As the tension build, Mindy was alternating between fondling her own sensitive breasts, stroking Tiffany’s head and hair, and fighting the urge to plunge her fingers into her cunt to massage her ignored clit

“Awwwwwwww’ Mindy groaned as Tiffany relented and swiped at her clit, with her well practiced tongue.

“Oh, Yes. Like that. God, that feels good. Don’t stop.” Mindy purred in between her own uneven breathes.

I had been watching this in profile, but now Bruno was urging me to move behind Tiffany and check out the view from back there. I did as he asked and he reminded me that I could play, too. I moved behind Tiffany, who was on her knees, face deep into Mindy’s cunt. I could see that Tiffany’s own sex was glistening and meads of moisture were appearing on the inner lips. I placed my hand on her, reminding her that there was someone else in the room.

She lifted her head out from pleasuring Mindy and begged.

“Please lick my pussy! I need to feel your tongue inside me!”

Needing no further encouragement, I put my face in her ass and inhaled deeply. The musk of her arousal was pure heaven, and my tongue went to work on Tiffany’s ignored cunt. My hands positioned themselves on her hips, prying the cheeks apart to gain more access.

“Yesssssss” Tiffany hissed out her pleasure. “That’s what I need.”

I continued to work in and out, up and down, slowly at first and then with gusto. The angle was not good for my neck, but I made due as long as I could, even letting her pussy put a shine to my nose. I pulled out, still grasping her cheeks, and pulling them apart. Tiffany’s little starfish was far too inviting and began to work my tongue inside.

“Ohhhhhh. You are so bad!’ Tiffany said and I worked my tongue in and out.

Mindy had not been ignored during my attack on Tiffany’s backdoor. She was moaning and squirming. She may have had one silent orgasm, but her cried of

“Yessssssssss! Oh God! Oh God!

left no mistake she had climaxed under Tiffany’s tongue assault. That was my cue to get up and order the ladies to do the same. It was time for them to turn their attention to pleasuring me. As they got up, I got undressed. That took me a few moments, which they did not waste. It was making me shaky with anticipation as the two women kissed deeply, arms wrapped around each other, feeling each the others ass, or caressing hips and lower backs.

I was finally naked, and I worked my way in between them, finding Mindy’s ass, to pull her into me, while my other hand went up to grab a handful of Tiffany’s closest breast. The feeling was nothing like I had ever experienced. I had a firm ass cheek in my left hand, a full heavy breast in my right, and my tongue was playing lover’s tag with Mindy’s. I was dying to have two more hands.

I dropped Mindy’s kiss, and switched to Tiffany, longing to for her. She kissed me eagerly, hungrily, reacting like I had tossed raw meat to a lion. I pulled her in tighter, and she moaned into my mouth, as our kiss became deeper. The intensity sent shivers down my spine, and I felt myself thinking Brian was right about this girl.

I dropped my hands to hold either girl by the ass, squeezing their firm mounds, while alternating from one eager mouth to the next. Tiffany had taken my cock and was stroking it, at a pace above slow. I was building, but there was no way I was going to allow all these orifices to go unfilled. As I finished kissing Tiffany for the third time, I whispered;

“Why don’t you give me some of what you gave to Mindy?”

I gave her one final kiss, and she dropped to her knees, and took my cock into her mouth. I instantly took in a sharp breath before I could resume kissing Mindy. While Mindy had become an enthusiastic armature of late, Tiffany knew what she was doing. She took in just the head, and twirled her tongue, expertly around it. I shivered again, as she took me in an inch at a time, in gulps. It was like she was swallowing me a bite at a time. Her cheeks were drawn in with the suction she was applying, and her tongue and hands worked in concert to draw me in, stroke me, and push on the underside of my now pulsing cock.

When I felt myself hit the back of her throat, I assumed she would back out and was looking forward to the pleasure of having her tongue caress my underside on the way out. But, she just relaxed, adjusted position, and swallowed me to my balls in one motion. I felt the extra tightness around my head, and she slowly rocked back and forth, both fucking her throat, and teasing the head of my cock. I felt my eyes roll back in my head.

“Go easy, Tiff. I want to last awhile longer” I sputtered out, as I turned my attention to Mindy. I began to kiss her, but I could not focus with the gifted Tiffany milking and sucking my cock. I pulled back from Mindy and put my head on her shoulder.

“She’s incredible, huh?” Mindy breathed out, as she looked down at Tiffany inhaling my organ.

“Oh. Oh. F..fuck. You could say that” I finally spat out.

“Are you going to make me do her?” Mindy asked not timidly, but actually with a hint of urgency.

“Ah…Ah… Hell Yes!..... Fuck! But, you need to do ME first.” I stuttered as my pleasure would let me.

“Switch!” I shouted like this had been a speed date, and I was able to catch my breath as Tiffany withdrew, and got up from the floor.

Mindy’s previously unknown competitive nature must have taken over, because she started on my organ with gusto not previously displayed. Her style was different, and direct. She took me deep and quick, making her mouth as tight as possible and took me to the back of her throat in one motion. She too, was able to deep throat me, and Mindy did the same little throat fuck as Tiffany. I had a full body shiver, and thought I was going to lose it.

I kissed Tiffany deeply for a moment, and then turned my attention to her large breasts. I mauled one, while I tried to take the other into my mouth. I succeeded and felt her hard nipple on my tongue. That only lasted for a few seconds, as the angle was bad. So I came up, and almost violently spun her around to face away. Tiffany gasped in surprise as I grabbed two handfuls of her firm tits and squeezed them hard, trying to displace the intense pleasure Mindy was giving me from her knees.

I felt my orgasm approach, and I quickly dropped a hand to Mindy’s head and pushed her away.

“Stop. I’m too close.” I gasped out “Mindy, get back on that couch. Fuck!”

I motioned for Tiffany to resume her oral skills on the awaiting Mindy. As she did that I got several Astroglide loaded syringes. I knew I would be needing them shortly.

“Ohhhhhhhhh. Tiffany! That feel’s so good! Deeper, please.” Mindy moaned out as Tiffany was working her up to an orgasm.

My climax level was back to manageable, but I was still hard enough crack rocks, and I approached Tiffany, who was squatting to eat Mindy’s cunt. I took control, and dragged her up, and bent her over the arm of the sofa. Mindy immediately noticed that Tiffany’s touch was gone, scooted over to that side to offer her pussy back to the bent-over woman.

I touched my cock to Tiffany’s love opening and felt it’s heat. With just a few up and down shakes in her vulva, I was slick with her juices and I pushed in. Tiffany was so much tighter than Mindy. It was obvious that childbirth had not stretched her tight little box. She was warm, slick, and the slide in felt so good, I was actually mad when I ran out of cock to fill her.

“Ohhhhhhh” Tiffany moaned out. “Now pump me!” she said right before diving back into Mindy’s cunt.

I did not need Tiffany instructions. My hips started to saw back and forth into her tight box, her cunt milking me both in and out. My hands roamed her hips and ass, feeling the taught skin, and ripe fullness. I massaged her mounds, working them in and out, up and down, drawing glimpses of her rosebud.

“I’m cumming!” exclaimed Mindy.

I had lost track of what Tiffany was putting her through, while enjoyed her other end. As I felt myself build into the yellow zone, my thoughts turned to Tiffany’s forbidden opening, and I pulled out abruptly, dropped to my knees, and put my head between her legs. Tiffany immediately spread them further, giving me more access and a great view.

As I leaned in to lick her pussy, I again drank in her musk. I found her clit and I gently licked around it, before traveling up the inside of her labia, tagged the end, and licked my down the other side. When I reached her clit again, I took the nub gently between my lips and hummed. The reaction was instant as I heard Tiffany take in a sharp breath.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she breathed out in spurts and then found herself “Do more of that! God the feels good.”

My hands continued to maul her ass cheeks, mostly right at the bottom. I paused with my tonguing of her pussy, long enough to get my thumb wet, and then I touched it to her other opening. Tiffany tensed for an instant, relaxed, and I worked my thumb inside her ass, while I hummed her clit again.

“Fuck! Fuck!” she cried out and I felt her body tighten into an orgasm. I removed my thumb and replaced it with my tongue, getting her mentally ready for what was coming. I did not spend a lot of time there. I stood up, put a syringe into her wet pussy, got it moist, and then worked it into her little asshole.

Her orgasm had helped her to relax, but she tensed again as I filled her ass with the cool slick liquid. I heard Mindy cry out at the same time

“Oh, God! Don’t stop! God Tiffany! Please” as Tiffany had remained focused on her own task.

Mindy’s orgasm had not relaxed me, and the tension in the air was getting to me. I touched the tip of my cock to Tiffany’s forbidden opening and she came up for air.

“Go slow. Please, go slow! “You’re too big for my little ass”

I didn’t need the warning, but my ego liked the way she put it. I pushed and my head popped in and stopped. The difference was not great, but Tiffany’s ass was not as tight. It was like saying granular sugar is not as sweet as powdered sugar. Both are sweet, and so was the feeling of Tiffany’s tight ass, as I pushed in to the bottom. Tiffany relaxed easily and I was quickly pumping her ass, slapping my balls on her bare cunt.

These ladies had been bringing me to the brink of orgasm after orgasm and I had stopped myself each time. I wanted to cum in Tiffany, my new little conquest, but I couldn’t touch Mindy’s holes after this session. With that in mind, I withdrew and shouted


Tiffany got up from her bent over position and moved to the side to allow Mindy to get in position. Mindy was not moving and I got my first good look at her. She was drenched in sweat and breathing hard. Her chest heaved like she had run a marathon. Here eyes were open, but she had a far away look, but was coming back to earth.

Tiffany chuckled quietly when I whispered.

“You’re good!”

I offered a hand to Mindy and helped her up. I caught her in my arms and kissed her passionately for a moment and then pulled back.

“I want you to make Tiffany cum.” I said evenly looking her in the eye.

I expected to see hesitation in her eyes, but there was none. She looked almost anxious, and just nodded her head as she bent over the couch arm. I was going to just bury myself in Mindy’s cunt, but I had come down again, and decided I wanted to see Mindy eat another woman.

Mindy hesitated only long enough to decide how to start, and then she went right to work, licking, hard and soft, slowly, but with purpose. I was surprised to see her hand move up to Tiffany’s chest and begin to massage her breasts, and lightly brush the nipples.

That was enough watching for me. Thinking Mindy was getting off on this had raised my heart rate. I got behind her and drove balls deep with one thrust. Mindy groaned into Tiffany’s pussy. I was not worried about hurting Mindy. She was wet from Tiffany and her own juices, and my cock was slick with lube.

I grabbed her hips and proceeded to try to drive them through the couch with my poundings. This was the last time I would enjoy her pussy and she was going to remember it. I worked myself close to climax and stopped, breathing hard with the effort. My hand found another syringe and I worked it into her ass, after squirting just a bit on her brown eye. I pushed it in to the hilt and resumed fucking her pussy, leaving the instrument to stir in her ass.

Mindy had not seemed to notice. She was focused on Tiffany. Tiffany had definitely noticed what Mindy was doing and was writhing in pleasure and moaning, unable to keep still or quiet. Mindy would react with each moan by pushing into to Tiffany’s cunt a little harder. I couldn’t tell if that was meant as a reward or a punishment. But, Tiffany left no doubt what her opinion was.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” she moaned loudly, as I saw her tense and lock Mindy’s head in place. I injected Mindy with lube, pulled the syringe out, used the other one to lube my cock, and touched my member to Mindy’s anus. She tensed, but that was going to be her problem, as I pushed hard, wanting to immediately break through her defenses.

Mindy groaned into Tiffany’s pussy, but she did not scream or cry. The vibrations of Mindy’s groan triggered another orgasm, as I saw Tiffany tense again, barely having relaxed from her first.

My push had succeed, and I felt the goose bumps appear as the tightness of Mindy’s ass swallowed my cock and tried to strangle off it’s blood supply. As I found the bottom of Mindy’s ass, I immediately pulled back, and began to fuck her ass. I owned this ass. It was mine.

I noticed that Mindy had brought a hand under herself and was fingering her pussy. The sound our hips made when they came together was a wet staccato slap, slap, slap, and I noticed that Mindy was groaning each time I bottomed out. I opened my eyes and saw that she was ignoring Tiffany, who after cuming a total of three times, was not unhappy. I motioned her to my side, and kissed her full, warm mouth, giving her my tongue and adding another sensation to the wall building behind me.

I groped for one of her breasts and she shifted to accommodate me. Then I had a thought.

“Straddle Mindy and let me suck your tits!” I commanded.

Tiffany quickly, and deftly kneeled on the couch arm on either side and put her tits right a mouth level. I had to slow almost to a stop to let all of this happen. But Mindy had not and as I slowed I felt the beginnings of her climax and she yelled

“Yes! Oh God!”

As I felt her ass squeeze my member, I wrapped one arm around Tiffany to steady her and pull those large firm breasts into my face. I grabbed Mindy’s hip with the other hand and as Mindy’s orgasm subsided and I said.

“Talk to me, Mindy”.

I took a nipple into my mouth and began to suck I heard Mindy start vocalizing her pleasure.

“Fuck my ass! Harder! I like to be fucked hard! Fill my ass with your cum!

I could feel her own fingers working her cunt again, my balls trying to slap them away with each bottom thrust. Tiffany’s nipple was soft in my mouth, her own arousal satiated, but I soon had it hardening as I sucked it like I was drawing her milk to my soul. Tiffany joined in with Mindy.

“That feels good, baby! I like that! I like watching you fuck her ass! Make her scream!

“More! More! Don’t stop! I’m getting close! Don’t stop!” yelled Mindy.

“Fuck her ass! Make her cum!” Tiffany continued.

Each call excited me further. I sucked harder on Tiffany, moving my hand down to find her ass, and squeezing one cheek as hard as I could. My cock was pistoning in and out of Mindy’s ass, each down stroke was now violently stopped when my hips met her ass. That was then punctuated with a moan or groan from Mindy. Her little butthole was stretched out, feeling looser, but allowing for a faster motion.

I brought my free hand from Tiffany to grab Mindy’s other hip, to give me leverage while I savaged her sore ass, struggling to go deeper each time. I was holding on to Tiffany with only the suction on her nipple. She was massaging my head, egging me to pound Mindy’s ass harder and harder, begging me to make Mindy scream in pleasure. My climax was approaching red line, I was just a moment from the point of no return, and I barreled dick first into the abyss.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I screamed as my balls contracted and began to empty into Mindy’s ass. Our hips locked together like a pair of dogs in heat, and she screamed her final orgasm for the whole hotel to hear.

As the pleasure washed over me, I looked up to see Tiffany smiling. She leaned in to give me a congratulatory kiss. Mindy was limp underneath me, spent, and breathing hard. I brought one hand up and used it on Tiffany’s magnificent breast to assuage my breathing down and my heart rate back below 200. As I approached normalcy, I kissed her breast tenderly, and brought Tiffany in for a relaxed, open mouth kiss.

My cock had softened quickly, and I felt it ooze out of Mindy’s bowel. Tiffany got down, so Mindy could get up. I was expecting tears, as that had become the norm, but her eyes were dry. She looked haggard and frazzled, like she been in a fight. Her hair was wet, and tangled. She got up and came to me.

“Are you alright?” I asked tenderly, as I embraced her in a tight hug and kissed her gently on the lips.

“My ass hurts. You’re gonna have to register that thing as a deadly weapon” she replied as she grabbed my cock and smiled.

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