This is a story about a man who uses powers to try to sexually corrupt the world.
This is the latest installment in the Love of a Family series. Better than the Last!

To catch people up on the story: The main character had relations with his mom and was selected by the Devil to help make the world more sexually deviant. The devil sent a sex demon to help him with this task. The devil gave him the powers to make women horney for him when they saw him, also the power to make someone under his spell by touching them, also the power to stop time, the power of making a woman pregnant whenever he cums in them and the power to cum ten times as much as the normal man. The main character eventually moves out with the his daughter/ half sister and he starts a doctor’s office to be able to have sex with more girls. At the end of the last story the main character’s daughter starts to menstruate at the age of 9 and not too long after that she gets he pregnant.

It was a real shock to me that I had gotten my 9 year old daughter Katie, pregnant it took a lot of time getting used to the idea but we were adjusting well. A few months had passed by since conception she was now 5 months pregnant. At my work I used the fetal Doppler to hear our babies heartbeat for the first time it was so exciting. I loved it even more when I finally saw my baby through the ultra sound. When we did Katie jumped up and hugged me I loved her so much and she was so beautiful. She was absolutely glowing, her small b cups breasts had developed into large c cups her belly had grown huge and become so sexy. (I had a pregnant sex fetish so this was very pleasing to me). I had let her blonde hair grow down to the middle of her back it turned me on because it was so long. Her pale white skin went perfect with her blonde hair and I loved to stroke her hair till she fell asleep. I would make sure to shave up her beautiful pussy for her because she could not do it anymore. I loved seeing my little girls pussy lips all nice and shaved it turned me on so much.
The sex with my little girl was great, I had never been so turned on by someone before. Her pregnant belly was so arousing to me that when I made love to her I almost came instantly. When she got on top and I saw her big sex tummy and her breasts flopping it made almost instantly cum into her tight pussy. I loved it so much I could not get enough of her. I loved how we synched up sexually we had all the same fetishes. I love how she loved to be peed on and it was so arousing when she pissed on me. I loved seeing that nice warm pee coming out and splashing all over me, the smell and the taste made my cock so hard.
With the sonogram, we found out the baby was a girl and we agreed on the name Jordan. Right after we found out it was a girl we went to go shop for the baby. I loved going to Babies R Us since there was so many pregnant moms around there and when we showed up today it was no exception. Katie was pulling on my sleeve telling me to look at all the different outfits for a little girl but I was fixed on a beautiful blonde woman that was shopping with an older woman. Then upon better inspection I saw the women was my Aunt Emma and my cousin Kelsey. Kelsey couldn’t be more than 14 years old I wondered who had knocked her up. I had to admit she was hot she looked about 8 months pregnant and that bulging belly of hers was so hot. I loved how she was wearing a pink tight shirt that showed her sexy pregnant belly off it made me so hard. She had long sexy blonde hair down to her shoulders she was about 5' 8' and when she turned around she had the best ass. The best thing was her beautiful breasts; they looked like double d’s after this inspection of her features I knew I had to have her.
“Oh daddy not again, you always want the blondes don’t you? Well go get her!” Katie yelled at me.
The thing was wanted to get Kelsey to see me without making it too obvious. I knew once she saw me I could use my powers to make her horney for me. Luckily she dropped something so I took my chance.I then stopped time so that I could get over there to pick it up the shirt she dropped. When I started time again I was there picking it up for her. My eyes met her beautiful green eyes and she was instantly enamored by me. Our eyes locked for a while but I noticed her hand move. She started rubbing herself through her sweat pants that she had on it instantly made me hard..
She blushed and became very red “Hi Chris!” She seemed excited but was looking down either to avoid eye contact or maybe to look at my dick that had become erect. My Aunt Emma looked at me and was about to say something but she became enamored too. Aunt Emma looked like an older version of her daughter but I was not interested since I usually only liked girls from 8 to 16. I chatted up with them I found out the Kelsey had just turned 14 and she got knocked by her dad who had went to prison. While I was talking I saw Kelsey put her hand in her pants and she started playing with herself. It turned me on so much that I had to have her, I grabbed her hand out of her pants and I sucked the pussy juice off. My cock was aching so badly after that and I knew I had to have Kelsey. I grabbed up some of the maternity clothes and pulled her back to the dressing room with me by her arm. The woman working there was about to stop me from going in a booth with Kelsey but the worker looked at me and became enamored.
I couldn’t believe that I was so lucky to have my beautiful pregnant 14 year old cousin back here with me. I started making out with and then I started kissing her all down her neck. When I was doing this I saw her put her hand down her pants and start playing with herself. Then I started groping on her breasts but she yelled out in pain because they were so tender. I then took off her top and bra and I saw those amazing double d tits. They were perfect ,I loved how her dark areolas contrasted with her pale white skin. I then took off her pants and her panties and I saw her beautiful young pussy ,it was not shaved but I still loved it. I opened up her pussy lips and began to lick her clit while fingering her pussy. She started moaning and soon a moan turned to a yell and then she started rocking in orgasm. Soon I felt her cum on my fingers, she was breathing heavy, but I had never seen a 14 year old so happy. It was funny because she had not seen anything yet.
After she was done with her orgasm I asked her if she had to pee, she looked at me confused but said she did. I told her to pee on me, at first she had looked disgusted but I told her how much it turned me on and she agreed. I got on my back and she got over my chest and let go. At first there was only drips of the golden juice but then the flood gates opened up. The pee smelled so good it tasted like heaven. She peed all over my body and when she peed on my dick it got so hard. Then I instructed her to suck my hard dick she didn’t want to do it since it had pee on it but I forced her head on it and began thrusting. I was so turned I was going to cum soon so I knew I needed to stick it in her pussy. I threw her on her back and I thrust it in she screamed in pleasure. I immediately started pumping fast and she stiffened up in orgasm. The sounds she made was so hot I spurted my cum inside her, after that she began cuddling with me but I told her that we were not done. I turned her around to have her ass towards me, as I did this all my cum dripped out of her. I used some of her pussy fluids to lube up her ass as I put my dick close to her hole. She yelled no but I was too worked up to notice so I thrust it in deep. She started crying but then she started to moan, when I was about to cum I took it out and stuck it in her mouth. She had a disgusted face since it had been in her ass but I didn’t care. I started thrusting and I deposited my cum in her mouth. I came so much her mouth could not hold it all so I pulled out and came on her face tits and belly. We then fell over spent I felt like I never wanted to get up again.
I eventually got her up and used the maternity clothes to wipe the cum off of her and I got her dressed. Her mom came over and said it sounded like we had fun. After that we began to chat a little more and she said she was a realtor. I told her we were looking for a house and she said that she knew of a good neighborhood that would have a lot of girls for Katie to play with including our cousin summer. This sounded awesome and I couldn’t wait to get my own home but just then I felt a tug on my arm.
“Daddy you were in there a long time fucking that girl I waited her forever! You better buy me all the stuff I want!” Katie said.
“Ok baby anything for my little girl.” My heart always melted for her I could never say no.
A few months later we moved into the house that our cousin had set up for us. Katie could not help move because she was 9 months pregnant and could give birth any day. Someone who did help us move was my Aunt Karen and her daughter summer. Karen was about 30 years old she was a hot blonde woman very slender but too old for me. Her daughter Summer was a different case she was a nine year old beauty. Her mom had let her do whatever she want so she had beautiful dyed black hair she had a slim slender frame and had a cute freckled face. She had little budding breasts under her stripped tight shirt and she was wearing a short denim skirt and when she bent over I noticed she was wearing a thong, It made me horney to see her little ass and I knew I had to have it and I knew it wouldn’t be hard, since her mother was a drunk. We were invited over for dinner and I learned that her husband had died in the war and as a result she became a drunk. Of course the only thought I had was how I was going to fuck her daughter. I then thought of a good idea, I would put cameras in the house so that I could see them naked whenever I wanted. ( I had always had a voyeur fetish so I thought this would be a great idea.) I asked them if they wanted to keep my spare key in case I ever got locked out and in turn they gave me theirs. After that I bought cameras and installed when they were not home I made sure to put them so I could see the shower and summer’s room. The time to use it could not come soon enough,
My time came soon, Summer had come home she was by herself because her mom had went out to the bar. This is when my camera paid for itself she began to take off her clothes first her tight pink shirt and I saw her little budding breasts. I then took out my cock and started beating it. It got so hard when she took off her thong and showed her hairless pussy. She then got in the shower and started to clean herself I couldn’t control it anymore. I pulled up my pants and ran over there it was locked but I used my key. I ran up the stairs and tried the bathroom door but it was locked, I was so hot and bothered I kicked down the door. Summer began screaming in the shower I then ran over so that she could see me and I could use my power on her. I grabbed her by the hair and covered her mouth to stop the screaming. She then calmed down and I brought her back to her bed and I began to stroke her hair. I started to kiss her on the mouth and she started to moan. When I started to kiss down to her pussy sje screamed out in ecstasy. I then opened her hairless pussy lips and licked her clit she said it tickled so I stopped. I felt that her pussy was wet but then I noticed something, she was a virgin. I wanted to be gentle with my little cousin so I put my head up against her pussy pushing against her opening. She asked if I was going to put it in her kitty and I told her yes. I thrust in and she yelled out I asked if she wanted me to stop but she said no. I kept thrusting and she started to enjoy it. I could not help it anymore and my cum built up and exploded in her right as she let go of her own orgasm. Spent, I just fell on top of her, she then went to clean up and I thought it was so hot seeing her blood and my cum running down her leg.
The next day I had a surgery scheduled for a 12 year old blonde girl I had seen her before and she made my penis hard just by looking at her. What she didn’t know was I had something special in store for her. She was having her abnoids removed but I thought I would give her special treatment. She came in the office and I had her lay on the table. She was in a gown that I had her change in for surgery it was very revealing and very hot. After she laid down she asked if it would hurt and I said don’t worry then I put her under for surgery. I then started to feel up her tits they were nice b cups and were very perky. I then undressed her to show her full body, she was a very beautiful girl and I was so excited to get some of her. I went down on her, her pussy was hairy but still good I made her wet and then prepared to enter. It was hard to get in her virgin pussy but I thrust in with some strength. I glad she was under or she would have screamed. I then thrust into her, her pussy was very tight but it was not that hot since she was not moaning because she was under. Nevertheless after sometime in her I shot my load then I started thrusting more. I was about to cum again but I pulled it out and made her little sleeping hand start jerking me off. Then I stuck my dick in her sleeping mouth and I shot my load in it and all over her face. After that i zipped up and started to perform the surgery. All I could think was that it would suck to be pregnant at her age and not know who the father is. She woke up and she asked why her privates her I told her it was part of the surgery and I thought to myself only if she knew the truth.
That day I can home and I was pretty tired but when I got home my 9 year old daughter was standing there naked to greet me. That instantly made my dick hard and I wanted to fuck her so bad.
“Daddy I want you so bad. Please Daddy don’t keep me waiting any longer Daddy I want It in my ass!” My little girl said.
Katie had started to like anal sex because we had started trying it because we heard it would induce labor. Something unexpected happened she learned that she loved it. Before I fucked her I laid on my back and made her pee on me, seeing that pee go past those hairless lips made me so hard. The smell and the taste of her pee was the best ever, I couldn’t wait to get in her ass. I then got the lube and lubed her up real good thrust in ass doggystyle. I was going hard and fast and after a while I was about to cum in her then I felt something wet on me. Her water had just broken! She started freaking out but I stayed calm and finished in her ass. After I deposited my load I got her dressed to go to my office. We rushed to the office and my nurse met us there, I put on my gloves and my lab coat and prepared to deliver my baby. After a few hours Katie pushed one last push and out came a beautiful baby girl, I was so excited I had finally had a baby with the love of my life. I cut the cord and held the baby I could not be prouder. I then gave Katie a hug and I thought to myself I don’t think I have every loved anybody as much as I loved my girls.

If you liked this another installment will be coming soon. In the next story more pregnancy and more incest. Comment if you want but don’t be too harsh :)

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I wish I could fuck my nine year old niece and get her pregnant, tear her little tight ass up and cut all over her face

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2012-03-21 06:32:21
Again good story here and would like to see you keep going with this story

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Pretty good story thus far. A little bit of 'proper grammar' would help, but even that only drops the story from awesome to great (one level).

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