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Does my cum make women love me? I'll test that crazy theory tonight on Lisa, who hates my guts.
Milk of Desire

By EFon

Chapter 6 : Testing Lisa at the sleepover

I woke early that afternoon with Jen knocking on my door. I didn’t realize that I’d been that tired, but I suppose jerking off twice this morning, and losing my virginity last night really had drained me. “Yea…” I mumbled.

“You have a few hours to get ready,” she informed me. “Mom’s okay with Jen and Lisa coming over since it’s not a school night. Now go get showered up!” Then she stuck her head back and closed my door.

I got up, put on a robe and went to get a bit to eat first in the kitchen. Then I saw mom come in from the back yard, covered in dirt from working in the garden. “Hey Mom.”

“Did you go back to bed?” She looked at me incredulously.

“Well, kind of…” I shrugged, “I was kind of tired.”

She gave me a stern look, “I swear. Just make sure you do your chores and do NOT let me catch you bothering Jennifer and her friends tonight. This is my first night off after working over fifty hours this week and I almost didn’t let her have her party without her promise to keep it quiet.” I nodded while she ranted at me as she got a drink of lemonade. She only stopped to take a long drink before saying something about kids these days as she heading back out to work some more in the garden.

I hit the shower and followed the same routine as yesterday with the girly strawberry body-wash and a couple of sprays of cologne. Then back to my room for picking out some casual clothes that looked good, without trying to look good. That was a lot harder than I realized it would be. I’d never spend more than a few moments getting dressed before, and now I couldn’t seem to decide on even clothes. I sure hope I get better at this. I finished up and went to check with Jen, but of course, what are the first words out of her mouth, “You’re not wearing that tonight are you?”

I groaned and went back to my room. After another half hour I came back out in some of the boring clothes at the bottom of my drawers and checked with her again. She didn’t say much, but asked me to help her make dinner. I’d never been one to enjoy cooking before, but together with Jen we actually had fun making little platters of finger snacks and chicken linguini. It was almost like making mac and cheese, but just cooking and adding chicken. I might cook more often.

Thinks were almost ready when Mom came back in. “Surprise!” Jen and I said loudly together as we showed her what we were cooking.

She smiled and said, “Oh that smells delicious! I’m so glad to see you too getting along again.” Then she smiled and patted us each on the shoulder, “I’d hug you both if I weren’t covered in dirt. Let me go get cleaned up.” She then left and I heard the shower running soon after.

Then the doorbell rang and Jen went to answer it. In walked a happy Katey and an unhappy Lisa. Jen took their bags to her bedroom while they sat at the dinner table and I started serving dinner. Jen came back and I learned from their discussion that Lisa was pissed that her boyfriend bailed just a few hours ago. Jen and Katey tried to comfort her, but she was very angry at the world right now and said, “I just had to get out of the house.”

She was ameliorated somewhat by the chicken parmesan and complemented Jen on it. “Oh, no,” Jen spoke up, “That was all Russ’s doing,” then she smiled at me. Lisa grumbled a bit, but then irked out a thank you and I just kept serving.

I got the sweet butter dish from the back of the fridge and set it out with toast for the meal, “Ah I love this stuff,” Lisa said when she saw it and nearly swiped it from my hands. I sat and ate also, staying quiet, just observing Lisa as casually as I could. I also couldn’t help but enjoy looking at Katey who kept batting her eyes and blowing silent kisses at me whenever Lisa was looking at Jen.

“Hi Lisa, Katey,” my mom said as she came in wearing a fluffy bathrobe, “Wow, dinner looks great!" Then she too dug into the food, but I didn't pay much attention to her as I had a hard time taking my eyes from Katey's sexy body, even though she stopped flirting with me in front of my mother, and trying to keep watch on Lisa for any signs of change as she ate.

After half an hour, and seeing no change in Lisa with the small talk I tried with her, so I excused myself to the living room to watch some TV and leave the girls alone with my mom. They had just kept on and on with boring girl talk about cosmetics, shoes, and fashion. I was getting bored to tears. I didn't know how Jen planned to get Mom out of the picture so I could have any fun with Katey, but figured she'd get it done somehow.

I almost forgot about them for about an hour as, but eventually my mom came back through rubbing her forehead saying, "Try and keep it down, and don't bother your sister or her friends. I got a headache so am going to take a nap." I turned down the volume and she headed to her bedroom and closed the door.

Then the girls all came in and sat with me. Katey snuggled up to me, with Jen casually on my other side on the couch, and Lisa by herself in a chair nearby. Lisa grabbed the remote and started clicking through channels, but I didn't care anymore with the hot girl next to me sneaking light kisses in from of my sister and her best friend. I wanted to just forget my plan and ask Katey back to my room, but Mom was probably still awake and it was still early, so I played it cool.

I whispered in Katey's ear, "I love you, but it's too early yet." She nodded to me and just rested her head on my shoulder and we relaxed and watched whatever Lisa wanted on TV. Jen and Lisa kept talking about stuff, with Katey commenting every so often, but as long as she was cuddled up next to me I didn't really care or pay much attention to it.

Lisa didn't seem any different, so I was beginning to dismiss this crazy theory, but maybe she just didn't have enough. I leaned over to my sister and asked her, "Jen, why don't you bake some butter cookies with the sweet butter for dessert?"

She smiled and hopped up, leaving Katey and me alone on the couch, and said, "Oh, I love those. They should be ready in an hour." Then she disappeared back into the kitchen. Lisa perked up and licked her lips, but when she saw me staring at her, she scowled and looked back at the TV and began channel surfing again.

By the time Jen came back in saying, "Cookies will be ready in about 20 minutes. Anyone want to lick the bowl?" She was already offering it to Lisa, but didn't need to as she almost grabbed the mixing bowl from her hands and used the flexible spatula to scrape up the last bits of batter and gobble them up.

While she was busy with that Jen grabbed the TV remote and turned on HBO. They always had more interesting and adult stories, but I usually wasn't allowed to watch it. But with Mom in bed and my sister in charge, I just cuddled up with Katey and found myself rubbing her hips and getting more desirous of her every passing moment.

A we watched a show about criminals and the sex and boobs were getting me really horny. A ding went off in the kitchen, and Jen went to get the cookies, and I grabbed Katey's hand and placed it on my crotch. She immediately squeezed my hardness through my pants and giggled as she began to stroke it firmly but slowly and kissed me again before settling her head back on my shoulder and just concentrating on rubbing me.

I looked up and saw Lisa staring firmly at us, and we locked eyes. I just smiled and she hardened her eyes at me just as Jen came back in saying brightly, "Yummy butter cookies!"

She and Lisa ate them up. I even took one and fed it to Katey, who cutely ate it right out of my hand, then sexily licked the crumbs from my fingers and palm, all while still gently rubbing my cock. Oh GOD! I was going to cum in my pants if she kept this up.

I stood and excused myself to use the bathroom. I snuck up to my mom's door first and cracked it open. She was snoring softly in her dark room, so I smiled and closed it before heading to the bathroom to relax and empty my bladder.

A few minutes of slow breathing and a quick piss were all I needed to calm down. Then I headed back out, and sat back between Jen and Katey on the couch, putting my arm around Katey.

The cookies were already gone, eaten by the girls, but that was fine. I wasn't going to eat any knowing my spooge was an ingredient. So I relaxed back and watched the TV. The next show was love letters read and then acted out, all ending in hot sex scenes. Katey reached over in the now dark room, lit only by the TV, and again caressed my rehardening cock.

I was just about to kiss her again when a second hand rubbed by thigh. Jen was grinning as she massaged my leg and I knew then it was probably a bad idea to have her make the cookies as I'm sure she'd been eating the butter as well.

A little panicked at being turned on by my sister again, looking so womanly in her tight shirt so close to me, I stood up and cleared my throat saying, "So, er, Katey, I wanted to show you somethin' in my room."

She smiled and rose quickly with me and we moved swiftly to my door. She flowed inside and I just couldn't believe I was actually doing this as I closed the door behind me. It was dark in my room, so I turned on the lamp on my desk, which while bright on my desktop gave a dim light in the rest of my room.

Katey was sitting smiling on my bed, her knee length loose skirt showing off her sexy calves and knees, and a dark cave between her thighs that I knew lead to her honey pot that I now was lusting to pounce on and in. But first we had to talk. I sat on the bed with her and before I let her kiss me I said, "Um, Katey, I want to ask you a question?"

"Sure my love," she said sweetly and backed up to normal conversation distance, but still touching my chest and arms.

"Um, what did you think of the sweet butter on the toast and in the butter cookies?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Oh, that was the tastiest sweet butter I'd ever tasted," she lauded. "I liked it before, not as much as Lisa, but this one was so good I cannot wait to get my own tub at home."

"Okay, good..." I thought and Katey just rubbed me for a few moments. This next one was going to be tricky. "Um Katey, I love you and only you, but I think Lisa is falling in love with me."

She laughed, "That's silly, she hates you more than Satan."

"Well, that's not what Jen told me," I hoped this would work. "So, I just didn't want to break up your friendship, and wanted your opinion on what to do to see if she did."

She took her hands from me and considered what to do for a moment, then said, "Well... how about we play spin the bottle! We used to play it all the time by ourselves and she always dared Jen and I to do crazy things. I'm sure we can expose her if we try."

I nodded, "Yea, that sounds like a great idea!" I kissed her and we headed back to the door and out back to the living room.

"Oh!" Jen said seeing us come back, "I didn't expect to see you come back so fast."

"The Runt is a quick shot huh?" Lisa said with sarcastic distain.

"What? No," said Katey, "We were just talking and decided we should TOTALLY play spin the bottle."

"No way am I playing with the Runt," Lisa shot back cruelly.

"I'm in!" Jen jumped up happily, "I got the bottle in my room." She quickly grabbed it and sat around the coffee table.

I sat on the couch, with Katey near me to my right, Lisa crossed her arms in the chair to my left. Katey cheered a bit loudly as Jen came back in with a big empty square glass bottle, "Shhh... My mom's asleep just down the hall."

"Oh, don't worry about Mom," Jen said as she sat on the ground across from me and spun the bottle, "I made her coffee for dinner, and it was decaf with Splenda and a sleeping pill." The headache she got from the fake sugar she had an slight allergy to, so she probably took another sleeping pill when she went to bed, so she was probably out like a light now.

I was about to say more, but the bottled stopped and rested pointing at Katey who chipperly said, "Truth!"

Jen thought for a second then said, "How far did you go with Russ last night?"

I blushed, as did Katey as she said, "All the way..."

Jen and Katey giggled as Lisa scowled again said something under her breath. I'm not positive, but I thought it was "Slut."

Katey reached out and the bottle spun again, pointing this time back at Jen who said, "Truth."

"How many guys have you had sex with now?" Katey asked.

Yup, I knew she wasn't a virgin, but I never considered that the number was more than one with her current boyfriend, Chad. She answered, "Four, technically."

Lisa jumped in, then "Technically?"

"Well, I didn't go all the way with the last yet, but I gave him oral sex." She didn't say anything more but a brief smile at me as she spun again. This time it was to me.

"Um, truth," I said. I'm assuming they did a truth-or-dare, but definitely didn't want a dare from Jen.

"How many girls have you kissed. And not just a friendly kiss, but a REAL kiss."

"One," I said blushing and Katey kissed me on the cheek as I reached over to spin the bottle this time.

It pointed at Lisa now. "truth..." she said broadly as she consented to play now.

Okay, take it easy and feel her out, "What is it you like most about me?"

"You?" she looked at me with distain, but not quite the loathing she had before. "Well... You..." She looked at me and her gaze softened as she considered me. "You have beautiful deep blue eyes."

She kept looking at me for a few moments until Katey said, "It's your spin Lisa."

"What? Oh right." Lisa scooted her chair closer and spun the bottle back to Katey who again chose truth. "how many cocks have you had?"

Katey looked a little embarrassed to say that in front of me, but admitted softly, "Six, but Russ was the best." that made me feel better, but I knew Lisa just asked this to push me away from her best friend.

So the spinning began. Other funny things came up and Lisa became more friendly and less stuck up as we played, and I learned a lot more about these girls than I had though before. Lisa confessed she had lost her hymen to the handle of a hair brush when she was eleven, but never actually had sex with any guy yet, unlike the other two.

Jen was forced to tell about her first time, which was with a senior when she was a freshman at a school dance that he got her drunk at, then fucked her and dumped her the same night. At least he'd used a condom, that jerk.

Jen later asked Katey, "What's the wildest sexual experience you've ever had?"

"Well, I once did two boys from the football team and a cheerleader while on an away game hotel night last year," she confessed a little shyly making sure I didn't get mad.

"Really?" I asked amazed, "I gotta hear about this."

She didn't want to say any more, but soon we were all begging for more details, so she continued. Well, all the boys and girls had a roommate buddy for the trip," We nodded and she went on, "I was with Susan, while you two," she pointed as Jen and Lisa, "were roomed up.

"Oh, yea, I remember that trip," Lisa said, "the TV was busted and we were bored to death."

"Well, Jimmy my boyfriend, so to not get ratted out, brought Kirk, that short guy who he always hangs out with. That was his roommate, and well, they came over to our room. Susan was a little worried, but we just said it was like a double date and Kirk had a little bottle or some whiskey he had swiped from his dad."

She paused for a second, but we were all staring with rapt attention and she continued, " Soon the bottle was empty and I was making out with Jimmy. I saw Susan making out with Kirk, so I stopped caring about them and turned out the lights. In no time Jimmy was fucking me, and I heard Kirk fucking Susan also. I think that was the only time I came with Jimmy."

Jen then said, "Wild! Well, it's your spin Katey."

"Um, she said embarrassed, "That's not quite the end of the story."

Lisa said shocked, "Really? Come on slut, spill the beans."

"Well, after they finished Susan and I went to clean up in the bathroom. It'd been Susan's first time and she was asking me all about it. Jimmy was my second, so I didn't have much to compare it to, but she was really excited to learn all about really having sex. She'd always feared it and been told it was painful, but she'd really enjoyed it right off and wanted more."

"So we went out, strutting sexy, with towels around us like togas, to seduce the boys into more action, but they were already half asleep. And said later, just turn off the light. 'But if it was dark you wouldn't see this,' Susan had said, then she kissed me."

"Wait, Lisa said, you kissed another girl?" Lisa asked shocked.

"Well, yea..." Katey said shyly.

"Did you like it," Jen asked.

"Well, it was all so fast. I hear guys like that sort of thing," she looked at me.

"Uh, well, yea..." I said feebly.

"Well they did too. They hooted and that perked them up, so we started playing with each other's breasts and spanking each other's ass, then we saw them both stroking their cocks again watching us, it was all just so much fun performing. It was just a game. Then she got on her knees and licked my pussy SOOOO good, then she got on one of the beds and I knelt between her legs and did the same."

I was turned on as all hell and wanted to whip out my cock then and there, but Jen and Lisa both went "Ewww! Gross!"

But Katey continued her tale, "Actually it wasn't bad. She was really wet and her little clit was fun to play with. I started rubbing my own clit imagining my own actions on her when she said, "Go on, fuck her while she eats me out." Then a cock slid into me and I started getting fucked really hard. It was hard to lick Susan's clit, so I raised my head and saw she was sucking Jimmy's cock. Then I saw it was Kirk fucking me from behind and I just started cuming non-stop until he unloaded into me."

"So that's why you broke up with Jimmy..." Lisa said.

"No, after Kirk came I laid down and watched Susan fuck Jimmy, so I figured we were even, even if Jimmy had cheated on me, but Susan just couldn't stop and started sucking them BOTH off again after that, then had them DP her. That's when she started banging Jimmy and half the other football players."

"Susan's such a whore! I hope she get's herpes," Lisa spat and Katey then reached and spun the bottle again, and had it point at me.

I decided to be bold and take this game to the next level, "Dare."

" off your shirt," she said playfully. I did it slowly with a smile for her and, while I'm noting but a slightly scrawny fifteen-year-old, she and Jen whistled as I took it off. A quick glance at Lisa found her not looking away, but looking intently. now bare-chested I spun and got Jen.

"Dare" she said egging me on.

I wonder, "Kiss Katey." She nervously looked at Katey and back at me, then they started to move together, "A REAL kiss." She nodded back and they locked lips. I could see their lips caress each other's as they worked and could just imagine their tongues wrapping around each other's in their open mouths. Then they broke apart and I almost couldn't function anymore since so much of my blood was swelling up in my groin.

"You are a great kisser Katey," Jen said impressed.

"You're not bad yourself sis," Katey poked Jen in the shoulder. Funny, why she called Jen sis. Maybe she meant like a cheerleader sorority thing. Jen smiled and eyed me and my slack jaw as she spun the bottle once more getting Lisa this time.

"Dare," she also said, not wanting to be seen as chicken I think.

"Take off your blouse," my sister dared her.

"No way!", she said firmly, "Not in front of Russ."

"Come on Lisa," Katey jeered, "Russ didn't complain."

"Well Russ doesn't have tits. I'm not doing it," she said firmly.

"You'll still have your bra on..." Jen tried to console her.

Lisa flustered a bit, then said curtly, "Well... if you must know... I'm not wearing a bra right now."

"Oh," Jen said surprised. "Well, since Russ is shirtless, I guess we all could be to make Lisa more comfortable right?" she looked at Katey for support.

"Right," then both of them pulled their shirt's over their heads and discarded them. I'd never seen Katey's big tits in full light yet, but they were quite large and being held up in a cute green bra which she reached around behind her back to unfasten. Jen's I'd seen tiny glimpses of before, never on purpose, in the bathroom, but hers were decent sized globes of beautiful flesh snug in their pink holster.

Soon they both has unhooked them and I saw their nipples and bare flesh whole. Jen's sagged a little with tiny little brown nipples in small bumpy areole around it, while Katey's sagged quite a bit, but still had large tan nipples and slightly lighter areole.

I looked over to Lisa, who, like me had been staring at her two best friends strip before her, and was as shocked as I was. When the two now topless girls also stared at her she was still hemming and hawing. "Please Lisa. It's will be okay," I said, and she then followed suit and took off her shirt. Her breasts were tiny didn't sag at all. She was more tanned so had darker skin than the other girls, and her dark nipples now perked up long and high on her pert chest.

She put her hands in her lap to push her tits together to make them seem bigger and I smiled, "You've got very pretty breasts Lisa." She nervously smiled and put her attention back to the bottle and spun it toward me. I asked for a dare, hoping to see what she wanted.

"Show us your cock," she huffed. She tried to make it sound like she was trying to get back at having to disrobe, but I couldn't help thinking she now really wanted me herself. Maybe it took time or social contact with me to activate. If this crazy scheme was even true, I thought as I removed my pants. I'll have to do some further tests if this pans out, I decided as I dropped my shorts and my erect member came into view. and sat back down with it pointing up proudly. They were all looking at me naked but for my socks, so I spun the bottle again, this time getting Katey who eagerly asked for a dare also.

I knew what I wanted Katey to do, but I still wanted to see how far Lisa would go, but just had to wait for me to spin Lisa. Unless... "You already had a foursome, so a threesome should be okay with you right?"

"Well... maybe, but I only want you..." she said uncertainly.

"Okay, then the dare is, convince Lisa to have a threesome with us," I said confidently, hoping I wasn't overstepping my bounds.

Everyone just looked back and forth at each other and I wasn't sure what would happen next, but Katey, then said, "Lisa... I know you haven't slept with a guy before... but Russ is the best I'd ever had," Holy cow! She was really doing it!

"Are you crazy!" Lisa nearly shouted, "I've already GOT a boyfriend, thank you very much! I'm not a lesbian whore going to fuck your boyfriend because he's not satisfied with you!"

Katey looked back at me with tears welling in her eyes and I pulled her up to me and hugged her saying, "Shhh... it's okay. I love you Katey. You're the best."

Then she sobbed, "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely," I said confidently and kissed her again.

Now being naked, and her half naked the fire leapt between us and there was no stopping it. I'd forgotten about Jen and Lisa, and my mom a few rooms away, and my hands caressed her lovely big breasts as I kissed her on my lap.

Then her soft hand grasped my semi-hard cock, which had gone a little soft from the drama, but it jumped right back to life as she squeezed me softly. As our kiss broke she whispered, "I can't wait anymore," before kicking off her skirt and turning away from me as her wide smooth hips straddled my lap and she grabbed my now firm erection and inserted me into her moist vagina.

She slowly and deeply impaled herself on me and her back arched and I imagined those big lovely breasts sticking out as she adjusted to my neither region intrusion. I reached around with one hand, and placed my on her hip as she began to ride me.

It was only my second time having sex, but it was wonderful. She started grinding and squeezing my excited cock in her depths and I was in heaven. Then my legs were spread and I felt someone else move between them. I started thinking again, but I just saw Lisa starting in shock and maybe horror as I then felt something wet on my balls. Katey was shrieking now, and I knew why when she said, "Oh god Jen! You and Russ are making me cum!"

That was Jen licking my balls and Katey's twat! Oh god! Katey was quaking as I let go her tit and firmly grabbed her shaking hips and started slamming her up and down for only a few seconds until I blasted her deeply full of my cum, making her shriek again.

Jen helped slide the exhausted Katey off of me before she spread her legs and began to slurp and suck the cum right out of her in front of all of us. I moved a little closer toward Lisa to give them room on the end of the couch, and it was then that I spotted that Lisa had unbuttoned her jeans and had one hand playing with herself, while the other was pinching her nipples.

I patted the couch next to me as I looked at her. She looked like a deer in headlights now, but slowly stood. I pointed at her pants and then down, and she obediently slid them off her narrow legs the rest of the way. Then I patted the couch again and she came over to sit next to me.

I cupped one of her small breasts and admired her soft flesh and tight hard nipples before lowering my head to suck on it. It was hard as a rock and her boob was so small and tight it was almost immovable. I enjoyed her shallow moans for a moment until I sat back up and whispered to her, "Now you'll have to work to restore me to full strength since you didn't want in on the first round." And gently pushed her down.

She didn't fight, but was hesitant. As her short brown hair reached my stomach it tickled. I felt her shift and the rustle of clothes as she picked something up. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm just going to wipe you off first," she said with some hesitation.

"No," I said firmly, "You get it as it is."

"But..." she said, now looking up at me with a little disgust on her face.

"As it is or not at all," I said finally. "It's not so bad. Jen and Katey seem to like it."

She looked at my sister who was now giving my girlfriend another orgasm from her oral explorations to devour all my sticky seed. Then she looked back down at my soft wet cock and took it all in her mouth. I reached over and tweaked Katey's nipples with one hand as I moved the other to rub Lisa's butt with the other.

I leaned back enjoyed the overload of sensations. Sucking and moaning. Gasping and thrashing. Pulsing and sweating. I came back to myself with one hand poking a fingertip into Lisa's tight ass as she now dutifully slurped on my reinvigorated manhood while Jen stood over us naked, feet on the couch moaning as Katey was eating her cunt out now.

I was ready now. I pulled Lisa up and she looked at me now with lust and she faced me and kissed me full on the lips. It was a hungry kiss, full of urgency and need. I pulled her to me and she swung her knee over my lap and pressed her naked lithe body against mine, poking my chest with her hard nipples, kissing me fiercely again, crushing my rigid muscle against her firm athletic stomach.

After a few moments of lashing our tongues some more we were distracted as Jen came with ragged breath and we helped her stagger from her perch above Katey. They sat in each other's arms, relaxing beside us after having made each other orgasm in sapphic bliss, looking happily at Lisa sitting naked in my lap.

"Go on Lisa, it's your turn for a ride," Jen said exhausted.

Lisa then looked at Katey, but said nothing. Katey laughed and said, "I've done five guys before Russ, and he was the best so far. Let your first one be amazing."

Lisa smiled and said softly, "Thank you." Then she lifted herself up and put her hand on my cock and guided herself down on me. She was much tighter than Katey, but I guess Lisa was technically still a virgin until now. Luckily it didn't hurt her since she'd already lost her hymen, but she was very tight on my cock and it felt great.

She didn't move, just sighed and felt my girth fill her. Maybe it was because she was two years older than me, it felt weird to take her virginity. Or maybe it was the fact that she'd hated me until a few hours ago. Either way when she gasped and began churning her hips I was in heaven. She took me slow and steady, and I felt like my cock was stirring her insides like warm pudding in a thin jar.

I wasn't really getting off on it though, even though it felt great, but she was obviously enjoying it. I pinched her nipples and she squeaked breathlessly and churned harder. Her breath was getting more ragged so I grabbed her hips and stated thrusting in and up as best I could. A few seconds later she came, and came hard. Her nails dug into my shoulders painfully, but didn't make almost any sound as she held her breath all the way through it. I could really tell from her cunt tough which squeezed so hard I thought it was going to force me out. If I'd been any softer it would have.

After that we just sat there for a moment while Lisa came back to herself. I was still hard and impaled deep inside her pussy. She kissed me again softly and whispered, "That was the best orgasm I ever had."

"I'm glad," I said with another peck and a smile, "but I still haven't cum yet."

"Oh, do me again!" Katey begged eagerly.

"No, I wanna suck his cock!" Jen moaned.

"Whore, you already sucked all his cum out of me!" Katey shot back, "I want to get to keep his load this time!"

"But I haven't gotten his cum once yet!" Lisa whined.

They bickered a little more but I had to stop this, "Girls!" I raised my voice and they all fell silent. "Lisa's right. She gets this one, but I'll please you all." I had Lisa disengage from my cock and stand so I could. "Now, everyone on the couch and turn around. Get on your knees, hand on the back, ass to me, Lisa in the middle."

The three naked upperclassmen girls lined up and pointed their wet pussies at me, crouched bent over the couch, first Katey with her big round hips and red furry bush, then Lisa with her dark skin and narrow hips with trimmed brown snatch, then Jen, my sister, who was not as fair as Katey, but had dark blonde curls of hair on her pussy that matched her head. This was the first time I've ever seen or touched Jen sexually, other than when she sucked me off a few nights ago, but then I'd thought it was a dream. Now it was all too real.

They all looked over their shoulders at me, waiting so I lined up my cock behind Lisa and pushed into her tight twat again. "Oh..." she moaned, and I jack hammered into her hard a few times for good measure. I didn't want the other girls to be left out though, so I reached each of their pussies and slid two fingers into each of them. Katey squeaked and Jen grunted, and then, while it was a little unwieldy, I fucked them all together.

I'd never explored a pussy with my hands before, but soon I found that groping around the spots they made the noises that I thought meant they liked it. Lisa just pushed back against me as I rammed into her from behind. It was all so fresh and new and wonderful. The Moans and gasps and squeaks of pleasure. I was really turned on now with three fabulous girls absolutely wild for me and it seemed like no time before I succumbed to pleasure overload.

I pulled hard on Jen and Katey's pussies, to pull myself deeper into Lisa. Everyone gasped and shrieked and I unloaded what I knew was my last gallon of cum for the night. Pulse after pulse of my sticky semen ejected from my now sore cock into Lisa's tight cunt and I felt like she was overfilled with my sperm.

I'm not really sure what happened after that. I was really dizzy and Jen helped me to my bed. I heard Katey and Lisa talking, but nothing registered anymore. The last thing I remember was my sister tucking me in, still naked as the day she was born, kissing me on the lips softly and saying, "Good night my love."


This one took a little longer, as the climax of the first part of the story, sorry to keep you waiting.

All comments and suggestions or idea's on where to go from here are welcome. This was All I had originally planned out in my head when I started writing this series, but I've got random ideas of other plots, but nothing solid yet. Cheers and thanks for all the forum help I got!

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2017-01-21 03:25:31
write more please write more

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2015-02-25 12:20:00
Girls love sucking dick?

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2013-05-21 00:53:26
this is a great story and it made me so horney

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2012-09-18 18:07:11
this storie sounds like me -my cousins and some neighbor girls in the barn loft on a rainey saterday afternoon with all of us without any clothes on learning to eat p[ussy and the girls sucking cock !!!! THE CLIT FIDDLER!!!!!

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2012-09-08 21:19:46
That's a cnuning answer to a challenging question

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