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This story is fiction and should be read as such.

I’ve always read stories where this happens, but I hadn’t planned on doing anything like this until now. I had recently moved into a new neighborhood into a small two bedroom house near the school bus stop. I’m a professional writer so I can spend most of my time at home especially when the bus drops off students.
Only one interested me. A young Asian girl, I guessed as about nine years old when I first saw her. She lived next door with her mother. They were both dark skinned women from South Asia, I guessed Thailand, but never found out the answer. The girl Suzy was actually a short eleven year old.
For the last couple of months I’ve been trying to finish a book so I haven’t been out much or on a date. In the few conversations I had with the mother, I didn’t mention I was a writer, she told me she felt safe around me because I hadn’t tried to ask her out. Her latest bombshell was that she mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she works overnight as a nurse.
I was surprised she leaves her daughter home alone at night. I thought as I finished my novel that I could reward myself. Knowing this was the worst and wrongest decision I still decided to do it. I grabbed my digital camera and headed next door. Checking to make sure no one was looking I opened the front door and walked inside. The normally clean house was a mess with empty food containers on the furniture and floor.
I wandered around the house looking for her. I found her in the laundry room. She only wore a pair of panties and a small t-shirt. She shook a bottle of laundry detergent before shaking another. She threw both down.
“Suzy,” I said. She jumped.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I came to visit your mom,” I lied.
“She’s not here,” said Suzy.
“At work?” I asked.
“Out on a date,” she replied.
“When will she be back?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders. “Okay when did she leave?”
“Two weeks ago,” she said quietly.
“She left you alone for you alone for this whole time?” I asked. Now I was feeling sorry for her.
“She said she would be gone for the weekend,” said Suzy.
“You didn’t call the police?” I asked.
“She took the only phone and she would get angry if I did,”
“Grab some clothes. I’ll help you wash them,” I suggested. She bent over. Her panties weren’t the right size so I was able to see a little lip. Not wanting to risk hurting her I left the room. I searched the kitchen. I saw that the cabinets were empty as well as the fridge and freezer. “When did you last eat?”
A few seconds later she answered, “At school.”
“Yesterday,” I said. “I’ll get you something to eat.”
I got her a quick snack as I put a pizza in the oven. She put a few clothes in the washing machine and then asked if she could take a bath. I said yeas and let her. She accidentally left the door just enough so I could look in. I stared at her briefly. Her body was lean with nipples slightly darker than her skin, they barely protruded from her chest. I left and returned just as she was drying off. Her ass was small and round and her small pussy was hairless.
I resisted the urge to run up and grab her.
“Food’s ready,” I said. She put on a robe I had available. She sat at my small table and we talked. I realized she was worse off than I thought. Suzy didn’t who her father was, didn’t know if she didn’t know any aunts of uncles and only talked to her grandparents every few months. She received on her birthdays and met them once a year.
I felt sorry for her and regretted my thoughts, but I was aroused by the idea that it may not be a one time thing. Later that night I tucked her into my spare bed.
I reported her mother missing the next day. The police interviewed Suzy and talked to me, but didn’t think much of a grown man watching an eleven year old girl.
Over the next couple of weeks we bonded. I reached the point where we were comfortable with me talking to her through the bathroom door. I don’t think she realized I was watching her bathe. If she did she didn’t know why.
The day of fate soon arrived. A social worker came over. She talked with Suzy. She looked over my house and did a quick look through my computer, Mrs. Roberts was her name.
“The police still haven’t found any leads on your mother and your grand parents a week ago, but they still haven’t responded,” Mrs. Roberts said. “If you’ll sign this you will be her legal guardian. At least until her mother shows up.”
After the woman left I realized I had her all to myself. I still didn’t want to rush her. But after a few days it happened. I had accidentally left a porn site up which involved an older man and younger girl.
“Is this what you wanted to do to me?” she asked.
“Yes, but I didn’t want to hurt you,” I said. I lied a little.
“Okay we can do it,” Suzy said.
“We don’t have to,” I said. I had an erection now. She unbuttoned her shirt.
“The girl in the story enjoyed it,” said Suzy. I didn’t tell her the story was probably false.
I grabbed my camera and took pictures as she finished undressing.
When nude she sat on my bed. I walked over and rubbed her little nipples until they were hard. Suzy lay back and smiled. I then spread her legs. I kissed and rubbed her pussy until it was wet. I took a couple more pictures. I stood up and took off my clothes.
Suzy looked at my erection. I sat in a chair and had her come over to me. She knelt down. I told her to lick my shaft. She eventually put it in her mouth and sucked. Her tightness and weeks of frustration paid off and I fired off a wad of sperm into her mouth. She leaned back and jizz hit her face and chest.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “Go lie down on the bed.” She did. I grabbed her legs and spread them. I kissed her pussy again and licked it. “How does that feel?”
“Funny, but good,” she said. I then ate her pretty pussy. It wasn’t long before she let out a loud moan. She had orgasmed. I was erect again. Still incredibly horny I flipped her over onto her stomach and pulled her to the side of the bed. Not wanting to take her virginity yet I pulled out a tube of lube.
"Spread your ass cheeks,” I suggested.
“Is this going to hurt?” Suzy asked.
“Only a little bit,” I said. I hoped I was right. I squirted a glob onto her anus. It then started working it in with a finger. I added more lube and inserted a second one.
“Ow,” she said.
“Play with your pussy,” I said and helped find her pussy and clit. I success worked three fingers into her ass and knew it was time. I put my dick into her hole and pushed.
“Oww, it hurts,” she said. I pushed the head in and stopped.
“Keep playing with yourself,” I said. I pushed halfway in and reached under and felt how wet her pussy was. I went for it and pushed all the way in hard. She grunted. Starting off slow I quickly quicken my pace until I built up to an orgasm. I held her hips and exploded into her. Our mixed fluids leaked onto the floor.
I pulled her back into the bed for a nap. I woke up an hour later. She was gone. I searched around the house.
I was scared until I saw a light on in her old house. I put pants on and went over.
Suzy had a box and was putting pictures and other things into it.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Just grabbing a few things I need at our house,” she said.

Thanks for reading. Tell me which direction to go with a sequel.

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2016-04-08 19:30:31
Your all so stupid pretending you don't like it, that's why you came to this site and that's why you picked this story lol lie to yourself if you like lol

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2012-02-28 18:47:46
Not bad for a start, mostly implausible - especially the social worker leaving the child with you, much less the police. The plot was ok, although there was no development. Then the spelling and grammar. Alas, you have potential.

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2012-02-28 14:12:15
Great story. Sequel could be a bit longer

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2012-02-28 12:21:45
Don't let this ass hole get you down their on a porn site reading in the young catagory. Good story can't wait for part two!

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2012-02-28 11:00:52
Take this and the sequel and shove it up YOUR ass...pedophile!

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