A work of fiction
This is a complete Work of Fiction.

As I got older my taste in women got younger. The older I got the younger they got. I guess it all started when I turned 30. My neighbor’s sixteen year old daughter started to look very sexy to me. Than as I got a year older fifteen and fourteen year olds girls started to get even sexier. Now that I’m thirty six girls between seven and ten are just so ungodly hot to me. I would dream and think of what it was like to have sex with a girl that young but it ended at that. At the time I wouldn’t dream about harming a girl that young that wasn’t until my ten year old son Danny started hanging out with a new boy from his school that was the same age as him. His name is Eric. Eric had something that I really wanted and that was his beautiful eight year old sister Marissa. Marissa was a tiny girl with long red hair green eyes and a nice tight little body. Marissa seamed to pester her brother and would follow him everywhere he went. I noticed the pattern. Danny and Eric would come over and Marissa would be right behind them. As soon as they would get to the door Eric would yell at his sister to go home. After some fighting Marissa’s feeling would get hurt and she would run home crying.
One in particular day Danny and Eric came over and I was in the garage working on my car when the boys ran through the garage and into the house and like clockwork Marissa was right behind them. Eric turned around and started to yell at his sister. I couldn’t help but see these little girls’ feelings getting crushed by her brother that she adored. I turned and yelled! “You are at my house hanging out with my son. You are in no place to tell anybody who is or isn’t allowed at my house. If you want to come over here she can too!” With that the boys went inside and Marissa followed. After about an hour of working on my car I went inside the house got cleaned up and started to make dinner. I walked to Danny’s room to get him to start on his homework and send Eric and Marissa home. I knocked on the door one time and opened the door only to see all three of the kids naked. Marissa was sitting on the bed and the boys were sitting on the floor. They jumped up trying to cover themselves up. They explained that they just wanted to compare body parts. I told them to get dressed and told Eric and Marissa to go home. I closed the door and walked back to the kitchen. I heard the front door open and close and the scampering of little feet running on the hard wood floor. Danny came into the Kitchen to explain what happened. He said that they just wanted to see what each other looked like naked and that they didn’t do anything else. With that I dropped the subject. During dinner Danny asked if Eric could spend the night on Friday night. Without even thinking I agreed to let him.
Friday night came and Eric and his mom came to the door without Marissa. She introduced herself as Christie. Christie was a beautiful red headed woman I could see where Marissa got her looks from. Christie had a dilemma and didn’t know what to do with her little girl Marissa. She asked if she could spend the night here and of course I agreed. Christie turned and walked away the wind caught her hair sending the smell of her hair and perfume to my nose. Christie opened her back door and Marissa came running up the drive way to the house. She wrapped her arms around my legs and hugged me and said thank you. Here head was right at crotch level and that’s when it dawned on me this is my opportunity.
Christie Drove away and the kids ran into the house. I closed the door and started to hatch a plan to sleep with Marissa. I ordered Pizza for the kids and rented some movies online for them to watch. The ice cream, candy, pizza and soda they ate made them wired. They ran out of steam at about one am. I picked one of them up at a time and carried them to bed. Danny had bunk beds in his room for him and Eric. I picked Marissa up and she wrapped her arms around my neck I carried her to the spare bedroom when she woke up and said she wanted to sleep with the boys and I said that there wasn’t any room for her that’s why I put her in the spare room. She said that she didn’t want to be alone so I said that she could sleep in my bed with me and she said ok.
I carried her to my room and laid her down on my bed. When I put her down I noticed how sticky she was from all the candy and ice cream and told her that she needed to take a bath before she got in my bed. She agreed. And walked into the bathroom and shut the door. About fifteen minutes later the door opened and she came walking out with her wet hair and her jami’s on. She crawled into the bed with me and asked “Are you mad at us for taking off all of our clothes the other day?” I said “Why did you do it!” And she said “Because they made me.” That’s when I went in for the kill. “Do you want to see me without my clothes on?” She said “NO!” I said “well I sleep naked anyway so I am going to take all of my clothes off anyway!” With that I removed my shirt. I could notice the fear in her eyes as I went for my pants. My cock was already hard. I unbuttoned them and dropped them to the floor along with my underwear. My eight inch cock was sticking strait out as I crawled towards her. I was on my knees in front of her. Her eyes started to tear up when I brought my erect penis and put it in her face. “Kiss it I said” in a stern voice. She tried to move away from me when I pulled her back to the center of the bed. I straddled her tiny body keeping my cock in her face. She tried turning her head away. I put my hands on her face turning it back to look at me. I put my cock to her lips and said “Kiss It! Kiss my hard cock!” She puckered her lips and gave it a peck right on the head. The pre-cumm coated her lips like a gloss. I started to rub the head of my cock all over her lips. “Open your mouth I ordered!” She shook her head and shouted “NO!” That’s when I grabbed a handful of her red hair and pulled her head up. She was crying uncontrollably now. I took the head of my cock and wiped her tears and said If you won’t suck on it I will just put it somewhere else that will give you pain like you never had before. That’s when I put my hands in her arm pits sliding her up from in-between my legs. I untied the strings that held her pajama bottoms up. With one swift movement I pulled her pajama bottoms down and off. She wasn’t wearing any panties as I ran my cock up and down her hairless slit. It was a beautiful sight watching as my cock would just penetrate her virgin pussy lips. “MMMMM It is going to feel good to put this hard cock in this little cunt of yours since you wouldn’t suck on it!” With that I lunged forward careful not to break her hymen just yet. She squealed in pain and said “Ok I will suck on it!” I said “Suck on what!” Her voice cracked as she said while crying her eyes out “I…..I…..wwwill…..sssuck on your…ha….ha….hard……c….c…cock” I crawled off of her and laid down on my back holding the base of my cock and said “You can’t suck on my cock with clothes on! Take off that top! She hesitated and removed her top. “Now get in-between my legs and put my cock in your mouth. She knelt down and bent down taking the head of my cock in her mouth. “Suck on it!” She closed her lips tight around the head of my cock sucking like it was a lollipop. “Put more of it in your mouth!” Without taking my cock out of her mouth she looked up at me with only her eyes. I put my hand on her head pushing her head down farther on my cock. Her teeth grazed my cock and I shouted “NO TEETH! If your teeth touch my cock again I’ll pull them out!” With that I pushed her head down farther until she started to gag. I pulled her head up and pushed it down until she got into a rhythm. I took my hands away from her head as she kept the rhythm going. My balls started to tighten and i knew that cumming was inevitable. I lied back as my cumm filled her mouth. She pulled her mouth away while I was still cumming and took a couple shots in her eyes and in her hair. Her eyes were burning and I said “Lie on your back!” She did as she was told as I straddled her once again. Taking a hold of my softening cock wiping the excess cumm from her face and placing it back in her mouth. She started to suck all over again as my cock came back to hard form. “That’s it baby now I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. I moved down her body putting her legs against my chest pulling her ass off of the bed. She Couldn’t see with the Cumm still in her eyes as I Spit in my hand getting my cock nice and lubricated for her virgin pussy. I leaned forward placing the head of my cock at her entrance. There seemed to be a lot of resistance. I applied more pressure as my cock was now touching her hymen. I looked at her and noticed she was still rubbing her eyes. Her tears and my cumm were still all over her face as I lunged forward breaking her hymen and sinking my cock deeper into her. As she let out an awful scream. My cock was now three quarters of the way into her tight love canal. I violated her deeper sinking my entire cock into her. As her hands came down between her legs feeling nothing but my balls with her hands cause my cock was deep in her pussy. I started to pull out when I noticed blood on my cock. I than pushed in deeper and pulled out. Her eyes were wide open her mouth open with nothing coming out but gasps of air. I fucked her ferociously. The feeling of her tight pussy clenching on my cock. After about five minutes of this assault I noticed her moaning and her pussy getting wetter and wetter turning this into the sexual experience of my life. I noticed her starting to meet each and every one of my thrusts as I plunged in and out of her. Finally I felt that sensation again as I released all of my cumm inside of her. Not pulling out yet making sure I got every drop into her tight pussy! The vacuum created by us caused a pop as I pulled my hard cock out of her. I looked down at her and said “Now how was that!” She smiled and said “That felt really good I want to do it again!” I said “Well Ok but you can’t tell anyone!” She said “Deal!” With that I climbed off of the bed and went to the door to walk to the bathroom. When I opened the door her brother Eric was standing there I was still buck naked when he asked “what did you do to my sister?” With that I pulled him into the room slammed the door and said I’ll show you!
I forced Eric down to his knees and said suck on my cock and get it hard. Marissa was behind me and said “Eric just do what he says!” With that Eric opened his mouth taking in my cock. Eric Seemed to know what he was doing as he took my cock deeper into his mouth and into his throat. “Yea that’s it get it nice and wet so I can get it into your ass easier. His hand cupped my balls as he took as much cock into his mouth as he could. After Ten minutes of this wonderful blowjob I pulled my cock out of his mouth pulling him to his feet I turned him around picking him up holding him close to me as I started to suck on his neck and his ear as I placed my hand down the front of his pants noticing a little hard cock. I started to stroke it releasing his shorts to the floor. My Cock was now in his ass cheeks as I kissed the back of his neck nibbling on his earlobes as his hand came back grabbing a handful of my hair. I couldn’t take any more as I threw him down on the bed. He turned over onto his back stroking his little cock as I spit on mine. I pulled his ass off of the bed as I put the head of my cock to his tight but hole. His ass was tighter than his sisters pussy. I started to push farther into this little boy as he stroked his cock faster. I finally got my entire cock into his when I instructed Marissa to suck on her brothers cock as I fucked him. Marissa did as she was told as Eric liked what I was doing to him. In and out in and out my cock went to this young boys ass. Eric was now meeting my thrusts as I was getting close to cumming . I pulled my cock out of his ass pulling him off of the bed putting my cock back into his mouth as I came with a fury. I pulled Eric back up and onto the bed and bent down taking his tiny cock into my mouth sucking him until he finally came in my mouth.
This has been one hell of a night I enjoyed it and so did my little lovers. They agreed to not telling anybody if we could keep up this relationship. I said of course as long as you bring some other friends over to enjoy! With that Eric went back to his room and Marissa and I cuddled in my bed. Until we had another escapade in the morning.

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2014-12-30 10:40:23
"Sexy Sleepover" - Thirty-one Year Old Father of Ten Year Old Danny, and Danny's Ten Year Old Male Friend Eric and Eight Year Old Female Friend Marissa.

Thirty-one year old unnamed father must learn to control his very much unnecessary, excessive and suggestive rape tendencies!! HIs acts are very immature, elementary, bullying and domineering, and totally take away the feel-good and appreciative elements of his well written story!! Anyone taking any kind of advantage of someone else that's smaller, less mature emotionally and physically, is a pervert of epic proportions!!

That said, the story otherwise is awesome in perspective of the fantasy and imaginery of reluctant, but eventually loving, Marissa and her introduction and education into pleasure and sexual pleasantries! She is a quick learner, her performance was quite adept and thorough! She can live on my block any time she wishes! She's a sweetheart and surely a great fuck.

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2012-03-06 15:54:25
LoneHermit32 this is a work of fiction, please keep your real life perversions to yourself


2012-03-01 22:17:41
Bi 41yo looking for dick to give me great pleasure in Boston. Younger welcome.

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2012-03-01 01:43:04
You need to make PARAGRAPHS!!!!! Hurt my eyes reading this! But it was good!

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2012-03-01 01:00:36
It isnt rape if you like it.......LoL

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