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Hey everyone! Here's Part 3 of Helping Lil Sis Study! This one is a bit less sexual, and more innocent and thoughtful. Hope you enjoy!

Now you see, al though Samantha had the intention of just seducing her bro for a one time thing, she realized she loved him. Samantha was in love with her big brother Kyle. 

After the kiss, and the love confession, Kyle couldn't help but smile and hold his little sister.

"I love you so much babycakes." Kyle said, kissing Samantha's cheek.

Both of them had been in a bit of a love daze, and had practically forgotten about the happenings only minutes earlier. Samantha pulled her short little shorts on, and came back to Kyle's warm arms. 

They fell asleep together on her bed, both very content. 15 minutes later Kyle woke up to get a drink and realized their mom would be home any minute now! Frantically, he woke Samantha up and made her promise to tell nobody about what had happened. 

"Don't worry bro, our secret is safe." Samantha said, smiling sleepily.

"Good." Kyle said, playfully messing Samantha's hair as she began giggling and blushingx

Kyle helped Samantha clean up all the papers and books they'd scattered from their previous fun, finished helping her study for her quiz, and he went to the kitchen to make dinner for their mom when she got home. Just as he was finishing up making Mac n Cheese with asparagus, his mom walked through the door ready to eat after a tiring day at work.

She was a fairly beautiful women.  She 5'8" tall with very fair skin. Her eyes were a light blue and her hair an almost maroon brown. It was always in a messy up-do that fit her style. She wasn't what you called curvy, but her ass was pretty firm and her breasts a whopping all natural 40DD. She was in her early 40s as well. Kyle's friends teased him multiple times, caing her a MILF and how they'd love to cum on those big breasts of hers.

Kyle finished cooking and everyone sat down to eat. Mom had been single for a long time and Dad had never been in the picture, so Kyle was like the man of the house. He fixed all kinds of things, cooked, helped Samantha study. If he was 20 years older Mom would have had him in a moment.

After everyone ate, Mom headed upstairs to take a shower, Samantha stayed in the living room to watch the New York Giants win, and Kyle sat next to her, cheering opposite her team as usual. No one mentioned what had happened before, but things were a bit different.

Instead of horsing around on the couch, Samantha sat in Kyle's embrace the whole game. Her mouth hurt from smiling so much. She began thinking about what had happened, and she wanted nothing more than to be her brother's girlfriend. All while this was going on in Samantha's head, Kyle was thinking a bit differently.

How was he going to act normal around his lil sis while his mom was home? What if his mom got suspicious? Kyle was worried to death about many things and released Samantha from the embrace to go lay down. He was stressed out and needed a nap.

Samantha knew something was wrong with her big bro, but didn't dare ask what. Sam was very shy with talking to people when she sensed something was wrong. She usually sat back and held it all in.

The next day, Kyle wasn't woken up by his alarm clock. Instead, he was greeted by being sat on by his little sister and kissed repeatedly.

"Hi Kyle!" Samantha exclaimed as she bounced happily.

"Mmp... Oophm... Sis, what the hell are you doing?" Kyle asked, slightly annoyed that he was being bounced and pounced on. 

"I saw you acting down during the game? What's wrong big bro?" Samantha was worried that Kyle really didn't love her like she loved him and that he had realized it. She didn't want to lose a brother or a chance for more.

"Oh that... I just... I'm worried someone could find out." Kyle told Samantha that they can never do that again, and that all of this must be put behind them.

"Oh... Okay big bro..." Samantha walked away to her room, head down. Maybe he doesn't love me like I love him....

Little did she know that Kyle was just as in love with her, but didn't want to admit to it. This reminded her of the first guy she'd ever been with. No one ever knew about him, but she remembered everything they did together. 

This mystery man's name was George, and he was 16 at the time, Samantha was 12. George had beautiful brown eyes, jet black hair and was fairly muscular. He was 6'2" and always smiled. His dick was about 6.5" and was always cleanly shaven.

They'd met on the school bus, and hit
It off immediately. They'd been seated together by their bus driver and were both very shy. They got to talking about simple things, and after a month or two, they became very close. She shared her first kiss with him on the bus, he'd felt her breasts a few weeks after, and they decided to meet alone after that. 

She'd told her mom she was going to a friends house to study, when really she was going to George's house. Samantha had no clue as to what was about to happen next.

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delete the series and rewrite it AFTER you growup and actually experience sex for real.

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