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Written by my kinky girlfriend!
Christina sat in the meeting, her mind teetering on the edge of attention. As was common when she was distracted, she played with the top of her stockings, running her fingers along the soft material under her skirt, gently tickling her inner thigh. It wasn’t particularly sexual; it was simply an absent-minded action that felt rather pleasant. She began to feel that she was being watched, and looked up sharply. Her gaze was met by one of the most frustrating men she’d ever known: he was intelligent and astute, confident and articulate, and yet… he seemed unable to take her seriously: he dismissed her proposals and would simply look at her when she talked, or even when she was on the other side of the office. She felt the familiar feeling of annoyance building up inside her, and looked away. Even that felt like losing some battle she hadn’t been aware she was fighting. She continued to feel his eyes on her, though this time, she felt there was an element of satisfaction and victory on his part. She gritted her teeth.

A few days later, Christina was groping her way through another post-deal celebration. The atmosphere was self-congratulatory, yet relaxed, and people began to let down their guards. Christina was at the bar when she felt a hand rest itself lightly on her shoulder. Surprised at what felt like unprofessional behavior, she turned with a slight feeling of excitement. Her face reddened as she saw that it was no other than the man who made her cringe with annoyance. He simply looked at her with amusement.

“What do you want?” Possibly too abrupt? Perhaps too obvious he got under her skin?

He continued to smile slightly as he held her gaze. “Another little staring contest perhaps,” he suggested quietly, showing that he knew how she perceived him.
Again, the anger rose. “Why do you do it? What horrible little kicks can you possibly get out of making me feel uncomfortable? At work!”

He leaned on the bar, his eyes moving slowly down to her mouth. “I like to see how you respond. It must be difficult to remain so composed and professional when you’re being so mercilessly…taunted.”

Despite herself, Christina started to feel that she was involved in some illicit game. Involuntarily, she licked her lips. “If you really want to know, I find it belittling and can’t understand why you insist on treating me with contempt. It seems as though it’s some strange game or…or fetish that you’re trying to involve me in, expressly without my consent.”

She instantly regretted saying ‘fetish’: the smile grew a little, and he leaned slowly in towards her.

“I’m not playing a game at all. Why does my opinion and reaction to you matter so much?”

“They don’t! You’re intimidating. And rude. And obnoxious.”
“Surely you don’t really think that? If so, wouldn’t you just report me? Or ignore me? Why let me continue to niggle at you, to invade your thoughts? Why keep looking at me, tracking what I’m doing, or looking at? Why constantly ask for my opinion?” His smile softened again, and he dropped his voice, putting his head close to her ear.

“I want you to follow me in five minutes. You’ll find me at the elevators,” he breathed slowly, his words unfurling themselves and tickling her ear, leaving her the base of her spine tingling.

“How…how do you know I’ll come?” she stuttered, inwardly cursing the uncertainty in her voice, mingled with something like desperation.

He smiled and moved away, a hand casually brushing against her nipple as he did so. She gasped and jumped, unable to control herself. He looked at her for a moment, till she once again dropped her eyes, and then he was gone.

She sat for a minute, not comprehending the twist that had occurred so quickly, and annoyed at how she hadn’t been able to respond with a cutting remark, how she didn’t laugh derisively when he essentially told her she wanted him. She felt slightly helpless, and worse, she knew that she was going to go. She stood up.

As she approached the elevator, nervous and slightly ashamed, she couldn’t see him. Christina was about to turn back, when rough hands turned her and pushed her against the wall, squeezing her arms firmly. His body pinned her, his chest against her aching nipples, and he brought his mouth close to hers. She expected – and wanted - an aggressive kiss and leaned towards him, her lips seeking his. Nothing. She opened her eyes to see him looking at her, that annoying look of amusement playing all over his face. Christina again flushed with embarrassment and tried to get away from his grip. He shook his head slightly and she stilled. He nodded approvingly, quietly muttering, “good”.

He abruptly turned and pulled her down the corridor and into an office. Again he teased her, leaning in to kiss her before stopping, making her want to scream in frustration. She could feel his erection: she knew he wanted it, and yet he was still playing games.

He turned her around, holding her against him, so that his cock pushed into her back. She tried to spin around, but he tightened his grip. With his free hand, he began to stroke her nipples through her top, slowly, agonizingly, making Christina let out a quiet moan. He then pushed her hair from her neck, and bit her hard, forcing her to yelp in response. Still he wouldn’t let her go. He kept stroking her slowly, whilst sucking and biting her neck aggressively, till eventually, she whimpered, “please”.

He paused. “What do you want?” he asked slowly.

“Anything. Everything. I want you to fuck me.”

“I know,” he growled, and pushed her towards the desk. She sat down and reached for his belt. He pushed her hands away and began to push up her skirt, sliding his hands along the stockings, pausing as he reached the tops, and felt her bare skin under his fingers. She shuddered as he caressed her inner thighs, slowly circling his way towards her pussy. She opened her legs wider, inviting him, begging him to play with her. His fingers traced the line of her suspenders, coming agonizingly close. She resisted the urge to grab his fingers and push them inside her. She tried to grab the cock that was straining in the trousers in front of her, but again he pushed her away. He was entirely in control.

Finally, he began to slide his fingers under the silk of her panties. She could feel how wet she was, how the material clung to her when his fingers started to prise it away. She was desperate for him to enter her, and shifted towards him. He simply began lightly flicking her clitoris, each contact sending a small shock down her spine. He watched her face intently as he did this, enjoying the twitch every time he touched her. He started rubbing her gently, and she responded by arching herself towards him, whilst her juices seemed to flow even more. It was all he could do to resist fucking her right then. He toyed with the opening to her pussy, teasingly promising to push his fingers inside, but not quite doing it. Christina was on the brink of doing it herself, when he suddenly pushed them inside her, at the same time kissing her deeply. The intense satisfaction she felt seemed to drain her of energy: she fell back onto the table, groaning in pleasure. Already she felt close to an orgasm.

He continued to slowly fuck her with his fingers, feeling her squirm on his hand, as he bent down and, with the lightest of touches, circled her clitoris with his tongue. She moaned in desire, pushing her hips towards him, but he continued to keep his distance, teasing her, refusing to satisfy her. He relished the control he had over her and her body. Every time she tried to sit up, he firmly pushed her back down.

He continued licking her in this frustrating way for what felt like forever, so that Christina was pleading with him to help her. He pulled his fingers out of her, and held them to her lips. Without thinking, she took them into her mouth and sucked hard on them, tasting herself. He stood up and unbuckled his trousers, still with his fingers filling her mouth. She stared at his erection, wanting it desperately. He pulled her mouth towards it and she moved willingly, taking as much of him inside her mouth as possible, wrapping her lips tightly over his shaft. He grabbed her head and controlled her motion, not allowing her even to give him a blowjob like she wanted. She surrendered to his control, trying not to choke as he pushed his cock as far into his mouth as possible, holding it at the back of her mouth before slowly withdrawing.

He was groaning in pleasure, not even watching as he used her mouth to pleasure himself. Suddenly he stopped, pulled her back onto the desk, and quickly and aggressively plunged deep inside her. She nearly screamed in surprise and satisfaction, as he filled her completely. He stopped. Feeling her pussy tight around his cock, feeling her try to adjust to his size.

He began to slide in and out agonizingly slowly, making Christina squirm in desire. He looked down at her breasts, and without warning ripped her shirt open. He pulled her bra down and kneaded her breasts, flicking and pinching the erect nipples. He then began to move faster, watching Christina’s breasts bouncing up and down with every stroke. He was absorbed in the pleasure, not even aware of Christina’s feelings at this point, though her moans of ecstasy were filling his ears.

He continued to fuck her fast, holding her thighs to ensure he penetrated as deep as possible. He eventually turned his attention back to the woman bucking and clenching herself beneath him, and began playing with her clitoris, softly at first, getting faster and firmer. It had an instant effect: she began to shake and grasp him tightly with her legs, pulling him into her. He watched her face as she got closer and closer, and as she seemed on the brink, he stopped completely.

Her eyes snapped open in anger. In response, he withdrew and easily flipped her over.

“I want you to come while I’m fucking you doggy style over the desk. While I’m holding your hips and driving into you, pulling your head back with your hair, and you’re screaming and writhing.” With that, he entered her again, causing the same reaction as the first time. He reached around and resumed fingering her, whilst whispering dirty words in her ear and driving into her. Christina gripped the desk, feeling her breasts rubbing on the cold surface, sending shivers down her body. Her orgasm came suddenly and in waves of pleasure. She felt her pussy contracting and clenching, holding his cock inside her, as it hit her. As she finished, he entwined his hand in her hair; the other gripped her hip. Pulling her head back, he continued fucking her mercilessly, his cock seeming to swell as her orgasm pulsed through her. His balls tightened and he became more urgent, feeling his cum about to explode out of him. He stared at his cock pumping in and out of this incredible woman’s tight pussy, and the sight tipped him over the edge. With a groan he came inside her, her pussy milking his cock of his spunk. He stood still, panting, waiting for the orgasm to subside. He slid out of her, tracing a line down her back with his finger.

He leaned over to where she was still lying, face-down on the desk.

“You see? I can have you whenever I want.” He quickly tidied himself, turned and left the office.

Christina was again in a meeting, stroking her thighs. This time, however, she was deeply focused on last nights’ encounter, and she was getting more and more turned on at simply recalling his thrusting, his dominance, the pleasure. She darted a glance in his direction, only to find him staring intently at her. As he caught her eye, he smiled seductively. She blushed, understanding how irresistible she found him. And yet… she wanted to redress the balance. She needed to. She wanted the chance to feel like he must have felt last night.


Everything was ready. He was coming in a few minutes. She smiled secretively to herself, already excited by the promise of the night ahead. The doorbell rang. As she opened the door, she allowed her dressing gown to slide off her shoulders, revealing her black corset, which pushed her breasts firmly into sight, showing off the deep line of her cleavage. He didn’t even look at her face, but immediately reached out to take her in his arms. She danced playfully out of his way.

“Tonight, it’s my turn to take control,” she murmured. He continued to stare at her body, raking his eyes over her figure. He nodded silently.

“I like to play a little more aggressively. With a bit of help from some props. You don’t have any objections do you?” Again, a mute response. She could already see his cock bulging in his trousers.

She ushered him straight towards the bedroom. As he entered the door, he felt a tightening around his neck. Startled, he reached up to feel that a collar had been slipped around him. He glanced at Christina, slightly anxious.

“Don’t worry, it’s just in case I find it hard to control you. Come with me.”

She led him to the bed. Tying the lead around the rail at the top of the bed, she encouraged him to climb up. He did so, feeling apprehensive but incredibly excited. Almost before he was aware of it, she had pulled off his trousers, fastened one of his ankles to the bedpost, and was expertly working on the other. The hands followed, leaving him just able to support himself on hands and knees.

“You’ve done this before, I see,” he muttered wryly.

She chuckled, “Not everything that I’m about to do to you. There’s something I’ve been desperate to try for a while, but never quite had the courage.”

He was pondering what she meant when he suddenly felt a smarting pain on his arse. He cried out as she brought the spatula down on his other arse cheek. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, particularly when she tenderly caressed the red marks afterwards.

“Less noise will be better for you.” She stalked around him, allowing him to see the black heels, the corset, the wicked grin. She scraped her nails along his back, enjoying the goosebumps and shivering it created on him. She could literally do anything to this strong and dominant man. Anything. And best of all, he would enjoy it.

She grabbed a cold glass of water and, without warning, put his cock in it. Again, he attempted to jump but was restrained by the bonds. She smirked, and punished him with the spatula.

“It’ can’t be too bad can it? Look at your rock-hard cock. Would you like to fuck me? Right now?”

He stared at her with lust. “Let me go, and I will give you the best screw of your life.”

She chuckled, almost menacing. “You see, that’s exactly what I don’t want. Your cock is getting nowhere near a pussy tonight. You’re going to experience what some might call role-reversal…”

With that she slipped out of the room, leaving him tensely awaiting her return.

She came back a few minutes later. Straight away, he felt the spatula, the tingling feeling that was inexplicably pleasurable, and the relief of her cool hands tracing the redness. She then brought her fingers to his arse, and began stretching it apart with infinite delicacy. She used her index finger to start exploring the hole, pushing it in slightly, waiting for it to relax, to adjust to the invasion. She pushed it in deeper, making small circles. This made him grunt a little. He’d never had anything up there, and felt slightly uncomfortable. Reluctantly, however, he began to surrender to the pleasure of the finger pushing gently in and out of his arse, the feeling of being prober and filled. He began to rock back and forth with the motion, wanting to feel the finger further inside him, starting to imagine what it would be like to feel more. Perhaps even a cock. He banished that thought quickly.

Without warning, he felt a cold hardness pressing against his arse. He jumped forward in surprise, and craned his neck to see what had happened The spatula crashed across his arse, making him snap his head forward again with a slight grimace. Christina got off the bed and paced towards the front. He stared in slight horror. She had a 7-inch dildo strapped to her. It was thicker that most cocks he’d seen, and seemed to pulse with a life of its own. Christina stared at him, reveling in his reaction. She nodded slowly.

“Tonight, I’m going to be the one doing the fucking. I’m going to push this cock deep into your arse. I’m going to make you squirm and shout for more. I’m going to fuck you till you come with a dildo in your arse, and there won’t be a pussy anywhere near you. You’re going to beg me to stop; you’re going to beg me to go harder. Are you ready?”

He just stared at the dildo, imagining it inside him. Imagining what it was going to feel like to be fucked from behind. By a woman. By one who he’d so masterfully dominated just a day or so ago. And surprisingly, he felt incredibly horny. He wanted to feel it. He wanted to be helpless. So he grinned, and boldly replied, ‘Do your worst…’

Christina nodded in satisfaction and returned to her position. She slid a lube-covered finger into his hole - much more easily this time - and began to push deeper and deeper. He moaned in pleasure. The second finger had to be worked in more slowly: his arse was reluctant to let her in. He felt a mixture of discomfort and incredible pleasure – the feeling of being stretched open. Then the coldness of the dildo. He panicked slightly as he felt the impossible thickness of the tip. There was no way it would fit. It would tear him apart.

Christina reassuringly stroked his back before beginning to position herself at the entrance of his arse. She continued to finger him, whilst gently pushing the cock in. He moaned a little as he started to let her in, taking her little by little. Each centimetre made him feel like he might not be able to take any more, but Christina seemed to be coaxing his body, which responded to her gentle pressure.

Christina felt incredibly powerful as she knelt behind him, watching his body tense and quiver as she entered him. She held his hips firmly as she continued to push in, deeper and deeper. Finally, she was in. She held herself still for a moment, letting him adjust to the size of the dildo. Then she turned on the vibrator nestled against her clitoris. He nearly squealed with shock, and she had to hold him tightly to her to stop him from slipping away.

She began to thrust, gently at first, listening to his moans and watching him clawing the sheets in ecstasy. She could feel her juices running down her legs as she started to pick up the pace, every thrust pushing the vibrator onto her clit as the cock went deep into his arse. He felt an incredible pressure mounting up deep inside his body, which he could only think was his prostate gland getting rubbed and stimulated. He wondered if this was how a woman’s orgasm felt, and began to imagine himself as one.

Christina dug her nails into his hips. “I bet like you feel like the dirty slut you are, don’t you?” she whispered, seemingly reading his thoughts. “Are you enjoying my cock deep in your arse?”

He could only let out a moan in response. She slapped him across the arse and thrust harder. “Answer me! Tell me how you feel.”

“I feel… like I’m a naughty little…”


“A naughty little… whore. I want you to punish me.” He felt extremely excited as he uttered these words, relishing the prospect of what was coming. His cock seemed to be getting harder with every thrust, if that was possible.

She didn’t disappoint him. She drove into him hard and fast, scratching his back as she fucked his arse. She then reached between his legs and grabbed his balls, massaging them whilst continuing to thrust as deep as possible. His groaning became louder and louder as the pressure inside him built up. He was desperate to have his cock stroked, but could tell that he may well come without that. He clenched his teeth as she plunged into him over and over again, stretching his arse muscles, sending tingling shocks deep into him. She felt him tensing as his orgasm built up, and decided to give him what he wanted. She grabbed his rock-hard cock and began to slide her hand quickly up and down the shaft. His moans filled the room as he neared his orgasm, and he began to push back to meet Christina’s thrusts. Finally, he let out a guttural sound as he came, his cum jetting out across the bed as his body jerked and shuddered in the most intense orgasm of his life.

He collapsed onto his chest, absolutely exhausted. Christina laughed softly before grasping the collar around his neck and pulling him back to his hands.

“I have to finish myself off you know. Role-reversal.”

She kept a tight grip on the collar, making him struggle a little to breathe as she continued to fuck him. She found the idea of this incredibly arousing and was close anyway: she had almost come while watching the orgasm rack his body, She started to grind her hips against his arse, increasing the delicious feeling of friction against her and the vibrator, feeling herself close to the edge. As the orgasm began to explode through her body, she kept thrusting, aware that he was simply taking it because he had to, because she wanted it. Her orgasm lasted for ages, making her tremble as she clutched her man, before finally collapsing on top of him.

Gently she pulled the dildo out of him, and surveyed his prostrate body, in disbelief at what she’d just done. He looked at her slightly sheepishly, before murmuring, “That…was…awesome. ”

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awesome orgy ! reachd ma peak twice. wish dat I wud hv been da gurl poundin!!!!

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