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so this is how it happen, a true story that will always be in my mental and heart cabinet
one tuesday morning as I work on the computer, and while she got ready to go to work, I could hear the shower running the heather was on, nothing special plan for the day
after a while as I sat on the couch browsing the web, she walk up to were I was and told me " ok bb you have 45 minutes to do what ever you want with me" surprise beyond believe was my natural reaction of course, and as in slow motion my eyes moved up ,and at the same time my mind was trying to validate what I just had hear, the ambient of the room change very fast as a dream like feeling everything move so slowly the light that came through the window was very soft, and when finally got to look at her eyes, more was my amazement, she was standing there in front of me, my jaw just drop wide open as she playfully smile and turned around very slowly allowing me to see her from head to toe.
Wow she look so beautiful! so fresh having just come out the shower her hair was wet dripping bits of water on her. She was wearing a thigh white tank-top that with the wetness made her breast transparent and pleasantly delicious, her hard peersing nipples because of the cool air look as if they wanted to to rip through and I really wanted them to!
a beige mini, mini skirt meant only to teas as she did,every time she turned allowing me to appreciate her naked legs and her beautiful butt cheeks that were standing out even more with the pink pair of thongs she choose to wear. And as I gazed with lots and lots of pure joy She look at me and told me " today I'm going to be a very special present for you all you have to do is take, and do what ever you want with what's standing in front of you" my mouth could not get any wider I could not believe my self what was happening, and she did not have to repeat her self twice.
By then a fully erection was displayed and she went for it as if life depended of it, my hands could not control themselves as I caressed her entered body softly as a feather as that is how she like to be touch, when I try to ask " if I could " she push me back and said " don't ask take" I could not resist any more we kiss our entire body's again from head to toe she tasted so fresh so clean all I could do was just continue, finally and softly my lips pamper her breast I could feel her heart beating and more agitated, my hands were caressing her thighs each time moving closer and closer to, but I didn't want my fingers to be the first one's to get there, I was craven it and I wanted my lips, my tongue to be there playing liking every single drop of her love juice as I called, God it was so intense so hot she could not control herself and for the very first time as my lips made contact with "her "she came so hard in a gush literally in a gush, she was enjoying herself and I wasn't too far off she knows how much I love to taste her she knows how much I crave her love juice and she was giving me lots of it, seen movies I never tough it could be real.
she position her self so I could take full advantage of what was in front of me, and I responded by taking full advantage of it, my mouth was all over and she wanted more " don't stop" she said and I keep going more, and more all I could hope for was a longer tongue and she did too, cause when I ask if she said " don't ask just do it" so it went deep in side her ass and at the same time she started moan, calling for the all mighty and for me no to stop, and when I notice she was all wet again with lots and lots of juice it drove me more crazy wanting more and more, my heart was beating so fast I could do nothing to stopped if I wanted to, and I didn't wanted to
We have no notion of time anymore nor we care anymore, then she look's at me and said" what are you waiting for I know you wanted, and bad" so as ovidiant as I wanted to be I enter her so slowly enjoying every single second of it embracing me with her arms and legs rap around as to not to let me escape, ha! as if I wanted to escape more time went on more moans came out her and with a sweet teasingly smile she said again this time gasping for air " so what are you waiting for I know you wanted" so I look at her in the eyes as to saying what! her eyebrows and sweet smile gave me the answer once again my jaw wide open only that this time it was shore live cause a big smile suddenly developed with a big kiss as to saying " thanks', really, pinch me, really?" we didn't move much there was no need, she could not help her self but look eager just like me, and we were ! a dream come true, what movies are made of it was happening and it was happening to me to both, just like I always wanted it
It wasn't our first time we already had adventured there few days early it's more we had done it, but this time was super special for the way it came out, ansiedad, nerviosismo, antisipasion that's what the room was full of and of course love. she wanted to see and I wanted to see, as I enter her very slowly through her backdoor, she was ready iI was eager but we were going for it, it felt so good so intense and as I started to thrust she was overwhelmed with joy, I could see her eyes, I could see her biting her lips as I enter every inch of me inside of her, and as she try to look at it, some thing amazin happen again, because of how we were possision we both could see it when it happen, more of that love juice that I love some much started to run down from insede of her but this time it was a lot it was a fountain of love, and as the intensity grew a suddent gush came out as if I needed more rewards, squirting juice all over I have to stop what I was doing cause I wanted to taste it, always been some of it but not like this and as my lips got closer another gush came out, God that was so beautiful tasty ummm, and when it came to my turn the whole sperience made it spectacular for both of us, and as a lilttle tip she took some in her mouth
Thanks B.b I"ll never forget this time never ever

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2012-02-29 23:03:23
some context would be great; couldn't tell if that was your wife or what

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