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Since I had sucked the big trucker's cock it was all I could think about. It led to so my jerk sessions Remembering the taste of his salty cum, the spongy

head on my tongue, his wide meat between my lips, but most of all the amazing feeling of it throbbing and gushing his warm seed into my mouth. There is NO

sensation like that of a large cock cumming in your mouth. I went back several times hoping to get another taste over the course of the next two months. I

went home dissapointed each time. Didn't know his number, and I never knew his name. That part killed me. A man ejaculated in my mouth, and I happily

swallowed everything he had to offer. And I never knew his name.

After a night of tanning in the nude, body hair removal, and doing squats at the gym left me horny. My girlfriend dug the whole male stripper look so much I

did that for her right down the the waxed eyebrows. No facial hair, about 7% bodyfat. She loved it. I am about 6' 210lbs cut. Not very big, upper body wise

but I took after my mother's side of the family and had thick thighs and a bubble butt. Showered and dressed at the gym. Thinking about felatio so much I

forgot to pack underwear. My thin black dress pants clung to my butt cheeks a little as I over lotioned.No matter. Made me feel naughty as childish as that

sounds. I went down the strip club AND HE WAS THERE! I sat right next to him and immediately started I guess, flirting with him? He wasn't so receptive and

actually a little rude so I got up and sat all the way in the corner of the bar, inthe last seat. He joined me a few minutes later sliding past me into the

very last seat in the corner. We talked and I FINALLY learned his name, but didn't seem at all interested in mine. His name was Greg. I noticed Greg's big,

long bulge in his pants and stared at it. I wanted it soo bad! He noticed me staring at it and sort of fixed himself pointing it straight upward through his

thin sweat pants. Eventually I turned my attention to the stripper to the right. She was actually kinda hot! She had a Puerto Rican flag lower back tramp

stamp with hearts around it. Had that Jlo bubble butt thing happening too. Huge tits. For a minute I forgot about his large penis until he asked me if I was

ready. I got that weird-scared feeling in the pit of my stomach again. I was excited to take him in my mouth again! He stood up first and pushed his chair in

all the way. I stood up also and he motioned for me to go first. It was a tight squeeze. He leaned up against the wall while I tried to slide past. When I

got to be directly in front of him I felt his hard-on on my ass cheek. I had to sort of lean forward over his chair to create room. "Wait." He said. "Stay

right here". I felt his hands immediately on hips. His pole also found its way in my crack. He pulled me back into him and I started to straighten up a

little. "No stay just like that" he directed. I was slightly bent over the back of his chair when he started to grind himself against me. What was he doing?

It felt good, but this was not what I was expecting at all. We both might as weel have been nude. I wasn't wearing any underwear with my pants clinging to my

ass cheeks and he was wearing thin sweatpants. I felt everything. He had forced himself beteen my ass cheeks and was pleasing himself behind me circling his

hips, and dry humping me! It did feel good though. I pulled me hard into him whilee he pushed his hip forward. I felt myself get hard. My face got red as I

realized the stripper was pretending not to look. "Do you like that?" I felt his breathe on my ear. I got the chills all through me. I did so I said "Yes,

Daddy. I do." The rubbing and pressure made my lower ass tingle with delight. "OK." He stated. "Let's go out to my truck."

When we got in the truck he stood inbetween the driver and passenger seats leaning on them. I was put on my knees facing him with my back to his bed.

Basically facing the opposite way as last time. he din't say a word but had a look on his face like he was expecting something. I knew what to do. I reached

up and pulled down his sweatpants there was an amazing bulge testing the taught fabric of his boxer briefs. I couldn't help it. I reached up and massaged his

huge lump, and gave it a gentle squeeze. I then slowly pulled down his underwear and revealed the thing I hoped to be feeding off of the rest of the night.

It was about 3/4 erect. It was pointing almost straight towards my face as If it knew. What a beautiful site! All I could do was stare at the imense mushroom

head. It was so appetizing and inviting. I knew what I had to do first. "Um, Sir." I asked in a meek voice. "Your cock is sooo big and juicy. May I suck it

please, Daddy?" "I'm not sure." he says. "Do you deserve to suck on my big dick? Will you do a good job?" he asked. "Yes, Daddy Ive been good and I PROMISE

to suck your fat dick really good, Daddy. I promise to make you happy!" I hopefully replied. "You may" he replied. I put my hands behind my back glared at

the delicious looking large tip in front of me licking my lips. I then looked up at him and locked eyes. I opened my mouth really wide and gently closed on

the head. I slid my wet lips off his mushroom put my lips together and kissed it. He smiled. I opened up wide again and with eyes eyes trained on my mouth

the whole time I engulfed the whole head and clamped down on his thick shaft. I started to bob slowly. He moaned softly by making the yummy sound

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm." I had waited two months for this moment and it was worth it. It started to plump in my mouth. Taking his manhood in my mouth was like I was

starving and I just took the first bite of a well marinated, juicy, medium-rare steak. I moaned with a yummy sound of my own. I wanted to please him and with

his mighty pole in my mouth I started to take him deeper in my throat. I was determined. I repositioned myself on my knees so I was a little higher, and

leaned so I could offer more throat. I had about 7" in my mouth comfortably when it hit an obstacle. I relaxed my throat and swallowed the head several

times. Each time I took him a little deeper. I stopped to breathe heavily out of my nose, then pressed on. It was too big for me but I pushed passed and just

like that my lips were wrapped around the very base and I had a nose full of pubic hair. I paused, proud of myself and breathed some more and stayed there

getting used to this sensation. It was uncomfortable, but I could manage. Then He grabbed my head with both hands and held it still and started to face fuck

me. His cockhead remained lodged in my esopugus as he fucked only about 3" in and out. "Yeah take that big dick down your throat you little cocksucker." I

had all to do to take it but I did not want to dissapoint my Daddy. He then let go and his hands wound up on his hips. I released him from my throat and

started back to bob back and forth from the head to about 3" from the base. Again, slowly like he liked it. I tasted my throat on his meat and was very aware

of my breath. I just started to think I could nurse from his monster all day when he pulled it from my mouth and said "that's enough." I was confused. "Turn

around and stay down." he said. I listened and faced the small bed. He was behind me and got on his knees. "Put your hands flat on the bed and don't move

them until I tell you, you little bitch". He dictated. "Yes, Daddy" I obeyed. I felt his hands go around my waist when he started to unbuckle my pants. He

startled me, my stomach quivered. It tickled. The next thing I knew my pants were down to my knees as I wondered what he was doing. He took my shoes off, and

yanked my pants completely off me. I realized I was nude from the waist down accept for my socks. I still had a polo shirt on. Somehow made me feel more

naked then if I was completely nude with just my backside completely exposed. I was very aware of my ass and I felt hot from embarassment. "Yeah, now you're

going to give me your little boy-pussy." I know it was a stupid question but I couldn't stop myself "Umm, Daddy, Sir, are you going to fuck me in the

ass?""No" he said sarcastically. "I'm worried about your health and I'm giving you a free prostate exam". He was condescending and made me feel stupid. It

wasn't that I didn't know what he was doing, I just couldn't believe it. I was scared and I didn't sign on for this. That feeling in the pit of my stomach

returned. "Now get up on the edge of the bed, and put your palms flat down, and your face in the mattress." He commanded. I listened. I felt a little

helpless. He stood up behind me and put his right hand on my hip, and his left hand held my shoulder tightly. Whem he did that I felt his horsecock poke

awkwardly against my bottom. My knees were at the very edge, my lower legs and feet were off the bed completely. I was obscenely bent over in the doggiestyle

positon. I felt the head press against my defensless virgin sphincter. Could I have ran out of there screaming? Probably. He just had this Drill-Seargant

like authority over me. Not only was I intimidated by him I had this overwhelming feeling of not wanting to dissapoint him. He pressed forward. It didn't

hurt, it actually tingled my asshole a little. Ever since my brother had a little "accident" in summer camp I always thoroughly washed and scrubbed all my

crevices very well. So I had some confidence in that. Then it popped in past my weak drawstring like defense. The head was in and my sphincter tightened on

the shaft right underneath it. It hurt to be suddenly violated like that for the first time by something this size. Then he started to push into me. It hurt,

but not too bad where I couldn't handle it at first. I just had this overwhelming sensation of something going in the wrong way and I didn't like it. He kept

going as I grunted taking it in the ass for the fist time ever. My anal virginity was gone to add insult to injury. Not sure my masculinity or pride can

handle this one. We'll see. I had no choice. He kept forcing deeper into me slowly and I thought he never stop and then I felt his groin area flush against

me. My entire rectum was filled with man meat. The tip felt like it went too far, as if it were into my bowls. It hurt, but he didn't care as my bodily

language was obvious that I was in pain. I was sweating, breathing heavy, and writhing. "Aaaaaahhhhhhhh" he groaned while he started to cicrcle his hips and

try to get into me deeper. Then he pulled out about 4". Instantly I felt relief. Then back in again. I couldn't take it. I wanted to get out of my own skin.

Then, each time he slowly pumped his fat dick inside me, I began to loosen. It didn't hurt so much anymore. Almost like I my ass was becoming acclimated to

being reemed by Godzilla's tail. I felt a tickle in my lower ass. I figured it was right near my prostate as it was being unvoluntarily massaged by a

massive, hard intruder. I sort of unclenched, and relaxed. It got a lot easier and felt a lot more pleasurable. In the matter of a couple of minutes I went

from nothing but pain to liking it in the ass. It started to feel really good. Then he started to spank me, and told me to "take it!" At first it startled

me, but the quick sting faded and my sphincter tingled with delight. "Yes, Daddy spank me!" I begged. "Oh, you like that!?" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He

spanked me harder and beginning to fuck me harder. It felt soooo good. I wondered if I could cum like this. I think maybe I could. The small truck cabin

filled with the noise of him crashing his pelvic area against my bent-over ass cheeks. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! "Oh yeah take it you bitch!" he called out.

"Yes Daddy, fuck me harder!" I wanted more. He spanked me several times more. I loved it and and moaned each time he did it. He then stopped suddenly. "No

Daddy, fuck me. Spank me, please!?" "Oh you want more? BEG!" I quickly pleaded with Greg to fuck & spank me like a bitch "Umm, Daddy-Sir Please fuck and

spank your little bitch, please Daddy, please, please, please!!!" With that he shoved into me hard from just having the head in me. Bang! My body was hurled

forward. It hurt deep inside me, but it felt too good. "MOre Daddy, please MOre!" Taking really long, sudden and quick strokes into me excited me. I could

definitely cum from this. I moaned like a drunken cheerleader while the entire football team took turns on her from behind. Then he grabbed me by my hips

roughly and held me still while he fucked me hard and fast. Oh my god I was going to cum if he kept up this pace! "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum in your little boy

pussy bitch" he said. I wanted him too I wantted him to bad! "Oh Daddy use my boy pussy and cum deep inside me, pleeeeaasee!" I whined for it. My body rocked

back and forth with his thrusts and you could hear his furious pace in which he took me from behind Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! His pelvis cracked against my

bubble butt while his meat missile thrusted all the way inside me. Then his furious pace slowed, and became awkward."Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!" he let out a loud

groan and began to cum in me. Quick, deliberate, deep thrusts in followed be a pause, then again, then again while moaned behind cumming wildly. He only let

out about 4" then back in whith each cum shot that painted my inner walls. "Take it you slut, take my cum up your ass!Take it, tak it bitch" His words made

me even hotter. I was right there but his orgasming interrupted the amazing rythem I needed to cum myself. I didn't care. I grabbed my cock and pushed back

and squeezed his thick cock. My gooey, wet ass felt sooo good. I squealed loudly and began to shoot on his bed. I saw a white flash and came so hard from my

inner ass. I don't think he noticed what I was doing he was so involved in defiling my my tight unused ass. His own orgasm wound down while I was still

shooting cum. He began to pivot and rotate his hips and moan in pleasure it felt sooo good i didn't want it to end. Soon we were both breathing heavy and

exhaused while he was still in me. He pulled out of me with a nasty slurpy noise. "Get dressed and leave I need to go home!" He ordered. "Thank you Dadddy,

when can I have some more cock again....

Anonymous readerReport

2015-05-28 15:07:47
The author depicts sub's inner world very well. I can relate to the story based mostly on my erotic fantasies but also on situations when i felt an almost irresistible urge to submit to an alpha male.
In terms of what i did i have been a heterosexual male, self confident, who had a pretty wife and once in a while had affairs with the sexiest women in the office. HOWEVER deep down in my psyche there was another side of me that wanted to be but fucked and caressed and spanked and gently hugged by a man who happend to turn me on.
i became aware of my homosexual side very early in my life, may be age 12 (at the dawn of puberty).
Men who i got the hots for were very different from one another: some were very self confident and intelligent; some were very rich &/or powerful; two or three had an enormous bulge in their pants, the size of a 6" sub still flacid; many were alpha males but not all.
I never fantasized to be humilated but i wanted to submit to those men and let them...

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-24 08:19:50
Okay. Please stop with the previous pedophile thing. Your the reason Russian LGBT are getting murdered. You fucking faggots ;)

luves ladies and guysReport

2014-01-15 21:06:20
I stopped at a rest stop once with the wife. I went inside the mens room and this guy was walking around with this cock about 8" long and hard we went into the toilet area and I sucked him off. I took awhile and the wife asked what took so long I told her I had to shit.
I'd love to do that again

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-21 02:03:06
*i meant no guys under 18

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-14 10:22:04
I had a cock like a ramrod reading this story. I so wanted to be the guy getting fucked. I want someone to bully me and abuse me and treat me like a whore slave....please sir...please..

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