This is part two of my series "Nick and Allie" In this installment, Nick and Allie's parents throw a party and things get a little wild. Later, Nick has some fun with an older woman. Make sure to read till the end, because that's when things get really interesting. Hope you enjoy!
Nick and Allie 2 – The Party & The Bedroom

This is part two of an ongoing series between two siblings who have become sexually attracted to one another. I suggest you go read the first part before continuing. This story is the property of OneNineNineThree and may not be re-distributed by anyone without the direct permission of the author. This is completely fictional and none of the characters or events in the story are real.

Nick and Allie – How It Began: Summary

Nick was sitting on the couch watching TV one day when his younger sister, Allie came running through the door crying. Nick comforted her asking her what was wrong and she told him it was her boyfriend. They decided to watch a movie and during the movie, Nick realized he could see down Allie’s shirt. This gave him a boner and he knew he was sexually attracted to his sister from that moment on. Allie confesses to Nick that all her friends think he is hot and this leads to them showering together. The next day, they take it to the next level.

Without Further Ado…

“Nick! Fucking fuck me harder! Give it hard to your little sister! Ohhhh yes brother!” Allie was on her hands and knees on the carpet floor, moaning loudly. Her tits, which were even bigger now, were swinging back and forth underneath her. She was moving her hips back into Nick’s middle, who had his dick deep in her cunt, his hands on her ass.

“Allie… You need to… Be quieter… The party is right upstairs.” Nick was pumping his dick into his sister’s pussy so fast that it took effort to get words out because he was breathing so heavily.

Their parents were throwing a party for the neighbors; it was something they did every once in a while. Nick and Allie went to the basement after quickly walking through the party. Allie didn’t like the way people looked at her belly, which was now more noticeable. She went down to the basement and Nick followed her thinking she would be upset.

When he got downstairs, he was actually surprised at what he found. When he opened the door, sitting at his feet were Allie’s white cotton panties. He smiled knowing this was meant for him to see. As he walked into the basement, way in the back, where their dad’s workout area was, he found Allie showing the end of a pool stick into her pussy; she was sitting in a chair facing the big mirrored wall, with her legs spread apart. The pool stick was taken apart, so it wasn’t too long to get in the way, but long enough to make Allie feel really good.

Now, Nick and Allie were in the doggy-style position on the carpet floor, since the couch was too small to get a good comfortable position, they went with the floor. They had the music on

so that no one upstairs would hear them, but Allie was now almost louder than the music, not to mention the squishy sounds their middles were making.

“Ohhh fuck this feels so damn good! Go faster Nick! Go faster brother! I want you to fill my tight pussy with your cum again!” Allie was moaning acting like she didn’t even care if people heard them. Nick didn’t like the idea of getting caught though so he got an idea of how to shut Allie up a little.

He reluctantly pulled his cock, which was covered in Allie’s cunt juice from top to bottom, from her pussy, got off his knees and walked around to Allie’s face. Allie felt like someone just stabbed her in the chest when Nick’s dick left her pussy.

“Since you love tasting your own pussy so much, I’m not gonna fuck you until you clean my cock.” Nick said this in a way that gave Allie no choice but to obey. Allie giggled and while looking straight into Nick’s eyes, got up on her knees and wrapped both hands around his shaft, showing it in her mouth. Her head was bobbing back and forth and Nick could feel her tongue moving as fast as possible, trying to lick up every inch of his dick.

Allie absolutely loved the taste she was getting ‘punished’ with for her loud moans. The mixture of Nick’s pre cum and her own pussy cream combined for a taste better than honey. She would suck up the wonderful mixture into her mouth, than do her best to swallow it as fast as possible to make room in her mouth for more.

“Ohh fuck Allie, how the hell are you so good at sucking my cock? I think you were born for this.” Nick said this as he had his eyes closed and head slightly titled back. He was in heaven. Allie really did know how to suck a dick and it was almost better than the feeling of her young tight pregnant pussy squeezing his cock from all sides. It was almost better, but there wasn’t much that could beat that feeling.

Allie didn’t respond to the comment Nick made because she was too busy trying to get his whole cock down her throat. She loved when she made Nick feel good though, so she lowered her right hand to her pussy and started inserting a finger or two into her pussy. Her left hand reached around her back and started teasing her pink asshole.

They were feet away from the door, meaning if anyone was to even walk down the stairs they would be heard. Knowing that turned Allie on even more.

Nick was getting close to cumming, but he didn’t wanna leave Allie without giving her an orgasm so he put his hands on the back of Allie’s head and pulled her head towards him as he pushed his hips out, causing his cock to go down Allie’s throat. Allie’s nose was in his pubes and she was gagging. After a few moments, Nick pulled away from her and quickly propped her up on the pool table which was right behind them.

“Ohh!” Allie gasped in excitement; she never got fucked on a pool table before. She was leaning back, propped on her elbows with her feet resting on Nick’s shoulders. Nick quickly jabbed his dick into Allie’s pussy which was stretching accepting the cock with ease.

“Ohh shit yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUUUCKK!” Allie was on the verge of coming and couldn’t control her moans at all, or maybe she didn’t want to. Nick stuck his fingers into her mouth, giving her something to suck on as he felt his dick hard as a rock, going deeper and deeper into Allie’s cunt. He was gonna cum so soon and hearing Allie moaning and screaming just propelled him closer.

“I’m gonna cum so hardd! There’s gonna be cum all over this pool table, oh fuck!” He was at top speed now, Allie’s tight pussy squeezing around his shaft more and more. Then everything seemed to disappear, all Nick cared about was the cum making its way from his balls and down his shaft. Allie too was lost, lost somewhere between reality and a coma. Her orgasm hit in waves, the first sending tingles all through her body, and setting her clit on fire. Wave after wave, her body started shaking, she was so lost that she didn’t even feel the cum filling her pussy.

Nick just froze where he was standing, his dick seven inches into Allie’s pussy, cum squirting hard. His knees almost gave out under him as his orgasm started fading away. His cock was becoming soft inside his sisters pussy, making more room for the cum to leak out onto the wooden border of the pool table.

After a few moments, Nick stumbled towards the couch, breathing heavily and trying to come down from that high. Allie was laying back on the pool table, her legs now swinging at the knees, with cum still pouring out of her cunt.

“Wow. That was definitely amazing.” Nick said still feeling little tingles all through his cock.

Allie smiled and added, “Yeah, my pussy is gonna hurt for days after that one. Oh would you look at that. There is cum all over dad’s pool table. Only one way to fix that.” And with that, she got up off the table making sure not to touch the puddle of cum and then turned around, bent down and started sucking the cum into her mouth like a vacuum cleaner.

Nick shook his head smiling and got up looking for his boxers. As he walked by Allie, he smacked her ass hard leaving a red mark on it and Allie just moaned a little now licking up the

last bit of cum left on the table. Nick then picked up Allies panties on the ground and squeezed out the last bit of cum left in his dick into the panties.

“Hey! What am I gonna wear now that you got cum all in my panties?! Oh fuck it, I’ll just put on my skirt. If you didn’t get cum on my panties, it would have leaked out of my pussy anyways.” Allie then walked over to where her skirt was laying and slipped it on. Then she put on her bra, followed by a shirt.

“What if someone looks up your skirt and sees your exposed pussy?” Everyday Nick was getting more and more surprised by how slutty Allie was becoming. No wonder she got pregnant.

“Well if someone wants to take a peak, they can. They will be the pervert not me.” She replied while shrugging and said it in a totally casual way.

Nick just continued getting dressed and hoped to god that no one upstairs heard their moans as he didn’t need people knowing he was fucking his pregnant little sister these days. It has been a month to the day since that shower where they masturbated together and which sparked a lust filled attraction between him and his sister. They have fucked plenty of times since then, whenever their parents were out of the house. These times were harder to come by though since March Break had long ago ended and they both had school. But they were home at 2:15 every day and their mom didn’t come home each day until at least 2:45. Half an hour wasn’t much time but it was enough when they were really horny.

Their mom was home so early because she was working less these days, as the company she worked at was falling through. Their father on the other hand wasn’t home until at least 6 o’clock.

Today was a Saturday and every few months, Nick and Allie’s parents would throw a party. Nick and Allie haven’t made an appearance at the party for 45 minutes now and they decided it was time to go up before their parents come looking for them.

“I can’t wait to get this baby out of my body, maybe then I’ll be able to stop pissing every hour.” Allie was doing the pee pee dance, her right leg crossed over her left trying not to piss herself. There wasn’t a bathroom in the basement so Allie didn’t know what to do.

“Here, use this you preggo.” Nick picked up an empty water bottle and threw it to Allie. Allie wasn’t too happy about pissing in a bottle but she uncrossed her legs and tried to line up the water bottle to her piss hole the best she could. A huge jet of piss launched right over the water bottle and Nick had to move back a few steps to avoid getting hit. Allie quickly raised the water bottle to catch the piss before she covered the whole carpet.

“Ugh I hope that doesn’t stink because I’m not scrubbing the carpet clean.” Allie was standing on her tippy toes with her legs apart, filling the bottle quickly with the yellowest piss ever. There was a small trail of piss on the carpet but Nick figured it would go away soon enough.

Nick walked over to where his dad’s workout station was and picked up his t-shirt that he had thrown in a random direction when he saw Allie masturbating. As he was getting dressed, he could hear the last few drops of piss hitting the almost full water bottle.

“Are you coming up or are you gonna fill another one up?” Nick teased his sister who was now using her panties to dry her cunt of piss. She was wearing a pretty short skirt; from the back it just covered the bottom of her ass cheeks. Nick sure liked this but he didn’t like that she would be walking around in front of the whole neighborhood.

Allie then threw her dirty panties at Nick’s face for that comment he made before passing him and heading out the door. Nick quickly followed his sister up the stairs, making sure he got the up-skirt look. He saw Allie’s pretty bubbly ass looking so inviting and her exposed puffy pussy, which probably still had some of his cum in it.

When they got up stairs, they were bombarded by their mother who was wearing a nice black nightgown, with a nice amount of cleavage showing.

“Kids! Where have you been hiding all night? I want you to meet a few people, common!” Nick and Allie weren’t too sure why their mom was so excited, she was most likely tipsy.

“Well Holly, I already know your son. How have you been Nick?” Nick was feeling awkward as he had no idea who this lady was. But she did look pretty good for a mature woman.

“Oh, you do? How do you know my son? Oh this is my daughter Allie, isn’t she just an angel?” Holly, Nick and Allie’s mom was definitely not her usual self. Allie was wearing a skirt, barely long enough to cover her ass and pussy, she was five months pregnant at 15 years of age, and not to mention she had no panties on and had just gotten fucked by her older brother. No one besides her mom would think she’s an angel.

“Hi, Mrs. Smith, I’m friends with your daughter too.” Allie politely shook Mrs. Smith’s hand and that’s when it hit Nick. Mrs. Smith knows him because she is the mother of a sex-crazed girl that he sort of had a thing with three or four months ago. Nick had no idea anyone besides him and Brittany knew about their relationship. It wasn’t really much of a relationship at all; they met at a party once and that night Brittany took him to her bedroom and fucked him silly. He liked her at first until he found out she was screwing a different guy each night. He fucked her a few times and now after fucking Allie, she was no match.

“Oh you and Brittany are friends? I’m always happy to meet a friend of my Brittany. She doesn’t have many girlfriends though; she’s quite a shy girl.” Nick almost spit up the sip of Coke he had in his mouth when Mrs. Smith called Brittany shy. Allie was trying to hold back a laugh as well as she has heard many stories about Brittany.

“Where is Brittany? She left to get a drink nearly fifteen minutes ago.” Mrs. Smith added, and for the second time, Nick almost had Coke come out of his nose. He decided to put down the drink as it was obviously too dangerous to drink.

“Brit-Brittany’s here? I thought it was only parents coming.” Nick did not want to see Brittany because he knew she was trouble. Allie was looking at Nick suspiciously as she had no idea Nick and Brittany had a thing in the past.

“Oh yes, I thought you knew Nick. She said she really wanted to see you, isn’t it cute Holly? I think my Brittany has a crush on your Nick.” Mrs. Smith and Holly started laughing together and Nick took this opportunity to escape. Allie quickly followed him, her skirt dancing a little as she walked, almost revealing her bare pussy to a group of perverted old men all taking subtle glances at her.

“Why were you acting so weird over there Nick? Oh my god, don’t tell me you and Brittany… You know!” Allie kept following Nick as he tried to make his way up stairs into his bedroom.

“No Allie nothing happened! She wanted to fuck me but I turned her down and I don’t wanna see her so maybe you should go make sure mom doesn’t get wasted.” Nick had stopped on the first step and was looking at Allie, who was surveying his face for clues that he was lying.

“Fine Nick, I believe you and I really hope you aren’t lying because Brittany is a fucking tramp.” Allie kept looking at Nick and he replied agreeing that she was a tramp, turned and headed up the stairs. Allie turned on a dime, making her skirt swing from side to side, exposing the bottom of her pussy to anyone lucky enough to be looking at the moment. Unfortunately for the horny old men of the party, none of them were looking.

Nick didn’t like lying to Allie but she didn’t need to know what happened between him and Brittany. When he got upstairs, he headed straight for his bedroom, thinking it was the safest place to hide from Brittany.

He went inside and closed the door quickly behind him, leaning against the door with his eyes closed, exhaling in relief.

“Hello stranger. I knew you would run up here at one point, what’s wrong? Who are you hiding from?” Nick’s eyes quickly flew open and his worst nightmare came true. Brittany was sitting in Nick’s desk chair reading one of his books. When he looked at her, she gave him a naughty little smile that Nick knew too well. The reason Brittany was so dangerous was because she is smoking hot and can get any guy, single, taken, engaged, or married, to fuck her the way she wants. She had long brunette hair and stunning blue eyes. Her body was absolutely breathtaking; her tits were definitely bigger than Allie’s and her waist was nice and slim. It wasn’t too skinny that turns a lot of guys off, but there was no sign of love handles either. She was always at the beach and in the winter, she was at the tanning salon so she had a really nice tan. It wasn’t one of those Jersey Shore tans that are just ridiculous, but one of those tans with just enough colour.

If that wasn’t enough, her thighs were unbelievable, her long legs make you wanna lose your mind, and her ass was a perfect 10. Every guy would think Nick was insane for avoiding such a stunning girl but Nick knew how insane Brittany could get.

“Brittany. What are you doing in my room? I think your mom-” Before Nick could finish his sentence, Brittany cut him off,

“Oh please, like I give a shit what my dumbass mom thinks. It’s been a while since me and you have… talked.” Brittany had now gotten up from the chair and was slowly and seductively walking towards Nick, who was still pressed against the door he now wished he never entered.

“Brittany, we can’t do this. I told you I don’t like you like that anymore. I think you should leave.” Nick was sweating furiously, trying not to give in to Brittany’s seductive ways. It was getting harder as he started checking out what Brittany was wearing. She had on the tightest pair of jeans he’s ever seen, and was wearing a small tube top that was barely containing her huge tits. He looked at her belly button and noticed she had a belly button ring now, which was hanging down her stomach.

“I think I should stay. I know how much you love my sweet pussy Nick.” As she finished saying that, her lips found Nick’s and her body was pressed against Nick hard. Nick knew he had lost, his dick slowly growing in his pants and pressing back against Brittany’s pussy since their middles were perfectly lined up.

“I see my old buddy is happy to see me. Mmm Nick, You’re going to fuck my horny little pussy. I’ve been horny ever since my dumbass mom told me we were coming to this party.” Nick was

paralyzed. He couldn’t move and he couldn’t think. Brittany took his hand and led him away from the door eventually pushing him onto his bed.

She then backed up and unbuttoned her jeans revealing the top of her thong to Nick. She then slowly turned around, bent over and pulled down her jeans. If Nick wasn’t already rock hard, he was now. Brittany’s ass had the perfect shape and it would be enough to make any guy stare at it even if they had their girlfriend beside them. Brittany’s thong was nowhere to be seen, it had disappeared into her ass. Nick’s eyes went down from that ass to Brittany’s pussy. The little line of fabric that was there couldn’t even be considered part of the thong since it was so thin. A part of it actually was covered by her puffy pussy lips.

Brittany stepped out of her jeans, which had now fallen to the ground and turned back around to face nick. Nick’s dick was making a huge tent in his pants and Brittany was very happy with herself for causing this. She then pulled her tube top down, and her huge boobs pooped out. Her nipples were those tiny perky ones, with the areola really small. Brittany finally pulled off her small thong and started walking towards Nick with her tube top around her stomach.

“I really don’t think this is a good idea Brittany.” But arguing was now useless, Brittany wanted to get fucked and she was going to get fucked. She pushed Nick totally on his back and climbed on the bed.

Brittany quickly undid Nick’s pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. So many things were racing through Nick’s mind, he didn’t know how to feel.

His dick stood at attention and Brittany lowered her head right away, shoving the hard cock in her mouth.

“Ohhhhh shit.” Nick let out a loud moan and now he knew nothing but pleasure. He wasn’t even thinking about Allie at this moment, which is all he had been thinking about for the past month.

After Brittany had covered his dick with her spit from top to bottom, she climbed on top of him cowgirl style and Nick’s dick quickly disappeared into her hot cunt.

“Mmmm yeah Nick, fuck me like a little whore!” Thump-thump-thump-thump; that was all that could be heard as Brittany was bouncing on Nick’s cock. Her tits were bouncing with her free in the air and Brittany was leaning back with her hands resting on Nick’s legs.

This gave Nick a wonderful view of her cunt and body. He could see his dick shining from her pussy as it went in fast before coming back out almost all the way and then back in. He could see her pussy stretch around his cock whenever it entered, and then shrink back when only his tip was inside. She had absolutely no tan lines, meaning she tanned naked, most likely in her backyard by the pool. Her mom was so oblivious to everything. Brittany’s dad didn’t live with her, he moved away when Brittany was only 12 (the year she lost her virginity) and married some barely-legal dumb blonde.

Brittany was so wet and Nick’s cock had so much spit on it that his dick would pop out of her pussy from time to time because of how slippery it was. Nick’s orgasm was already built up to the max and he was trying to hold on for a few more moments.

“Baby, can you come on my face? I want it all over my pretty face.” The way she said that made Nick almost lose his mind. She said it so innocently, like a little girl asking for a piece of candy from her mom. Brittany then hopped off Nick’s cock and laid down on the bed as Nick got on his knees and semen just shot out of his dick, hitting Brittany all over her face. Cum hit her in the eye, the nose, the chin, the cheek and some even landed in her hair.

“Ohhhh my godddd.” Nick fell down on his back trying to recover from that insane orgasm while Brittany was trying to wipe away the cum off her shut eyes.

“Hell yeah! I love a good facial. I think you got some in my hair though, that might be problematic when I go back downstairs. Maybe I’ll just hang out here.” Nick did a fake laugh at her last comment and watched as Brittany licked her lips, tasting the cum Allie had drank up just half an hour earlier.

That’s when Nick’s heart almost sank into his bowels; he looked up at his bedroom door to see it slightly open with Allie standing in the crack looking furious. She had tears in her eyes and quickly ran off into their parents room down the hall.

“Can you help me here Nick? I need to clean this cum off my face.” Nick wasn’t listening though; he was lying on his back with his hands covering his face.

“Fine, I’ll just walk down to the bathroom covered in cum and naked hoping no one will see me.” At first Nick thought she was kidding but to his amazement, she got up and went through the door, not noticing it was slightly open due to all the cum on her face, which had now dripped down on her tits as well. Nick got up quickly and got dressed, picking up Brittany’s clothes and following her to the bathroom.

In the hallway, Nick noticed that there were little drops of cum every few feet. He rolled his eyes and sighed, throwing down Brittany’s thong and using his foot to drag it over the cum. It left a little streak in the hardwood but he didn’t really care, because his parents were way too drunk by now to notice anything.
When he got to the bathroom, Brittany was inside using a towel to wipe her face clean of cum.

“Ugh, this cum in my hair is really annoying.” She picked up another towel and scrubbed her hair with it trying to get the cum out. Nick looked at her ass, which was now jiggling from her movements.

“Well I need to go, here are your clothes. And hurry up will you?” Nick threw down her jeans and thong and stepped out of the bathroom.

When Nick walked out of the bathroom, he saw to his right, Allie walking out of your parents’ bedroom at the same time. When she saw Nick, she tried going back inside but he grabbed her hand.

“Allie wait, can you please let me explain?” She tried tugging away but Nick was too strong so she eventually gave up and stepped outside crossing her arms. Her eyes were a little red meaning she was crying.

“She means nothing to me. I love you. I did lie to you before when you asked if I did anything with her before, we did have sex but it was a long time ago before I even knew she was such a whore. Can you please forgive me?” Nick finished talking and just stared at Allie’s face, waiting for an answer with a worried look on his face.

“Okay so why did you fuck her today?” Allie was looking at Nick waiting for an answer.

“I don’t have a good answer for that; she was in my room when I got there and basically forced me into it. I’m really sorry Allie. She’s nothing compared to you though.” Allie looked away from him for a second and then said,

“I’m still really mad at you… But I guess I forgive you. Just… Don’t touch me for a bit.” Nick couldn’t help but smile a little. Just then, the bathroom door opened and Brittany walked out, and stopped in her tracks for a second because she didn’t think anyone would be there.

“Oh, hey Allie, hey Nick. Hey listen, I was thinking of having a small little pool party tomorrow at my house. Nothing too fancy, just a few people, you two should come.” Even though she invited Allie too, she was mostly looking at Nick and waiting for him to answer. He was about to say no but Allie cut him off and said,

“We would love to cum.” She added extra emphasis on cum and Brittany chuckled a little before walking away, fidgeting with her hair.

Allie then walked past Nick and went down the stairs to rejoin the party. Not knowing what else to do, Nick decided to go down himself and see if his mom was alright. He thought back on that day when he saw his mom changing and all of a sudden found himself thinking about her tits and ass.

The rest of the party went by without much else happening. Allie continued wearing that revealing skirt with nothing underneath, giving the perverted old men something to look at all night. Brittany was flirting with random dads at the parties, teasing them by giving them peeks down her jeans at her thong.

Finally when everyone had left, Nick’s dad, John, went up stairs first to bed leaving Nick, Allie, and Holly in the living room. Nick was sitting on the right side of the couch with his mom laying down beside him, and Allie was sitting to the left of Nick in a chair. She was sitting in a way so that Nick could see right up her skirt. He didn’t know if she was doing it on purpose to tease him or if it was accidental.

Not long passed before Allie said she was tired and made her way upstairs, taking off her skirt right in front of her brother, tossing it over her shoulder and walking up the stairs almost naked. Nick’s dick twitched a little when he saw that and he smiled a little to himself. With her back turned to Nick so he couldn’t see, Allie was smiling as well.

This left Nick and his mom on the couch. He looked at her eyes and noticed they were closed; she was most likely passed out. Then Nick noticed that her nightgown had risen up as she slept and he could almost see her panties. Nick’s heart started racing at this point, he was trying to decide if wanted to take a peak under the gown or if it would be too risky.

He sat there for a while trying to build up the courage while thinking about that day he was walking past Holly’s bedroom and saw her totally naked. He must have been thinking about it longer than he thought because when he looked down at his crotch, he had a massive erection.

“Fuck, what is wrong with me.” He whispered to himself. Why was he getting so attracted at the thought of his mom naked, he thought. And then before he knew what he was doing, he had reached over and pushed the hem of his mom’s nightgown up making his mouth drop. His mom wasn’t wearing any panties! She was as nude underneath as Allie had been all night. My mom is kinky as hell, Nick thought to himself.

Holly was laying on her back with her legs spread just enough for Nick to get the perfect view of his mom’s bush covered cunt. It wasn’t like a forest down there or anything, but just a nice patch of hair starting above her clit and going around her pussy. Nick couldn’t stop looking at it, and his dick was growing harder and harder. How far did he dare to go without waking his mom up? Nick turned down the TV sound until you could just barely hear it and ever so carefully, spread Holly’s thighs open more. He then reached over and with his index finger, slightly grazed his mom’s pussy.

He was now committed, he had to have more because this was a golden opportunity. Nick got up from the couch and pulled down his pants and for the third time that evening, his dick stood rock hard ready for action. Softly, he sat down back on the couch at his mom’s feet and once again moved his left index finger towards his mom’s cunt. His right hand started stroking his rock hard cock slowly and really slowly, Nick inserted the tip of his finger into Holly’s pussy.

He paused waiting to see if she would move and to his pleasure, she didn’t budge. He sped up his right hand, having precum leaking out and running down the shaft, while he pushed his index finger up the second knuckle into Holly’s pussy. Then slowly he pulled out and pushed it back in. After going in and out a few times, he heard footsteps going towards the stairs so he quickly stopped masturbating, pulled out his finger and pulled his pants up as fast as possible. There was a creak in the stairs and Nick noticed he left his mom still exposed. He quickly pulled down her nightgown as carefully as possible not to wake her and made his way into the hall just in time to find his dad at the bottom of the stairs rubbing his eyes.

“Oh hey Nick you startled me. Where are your mom and sister?” John, Nick’s dad, was still rubbing his eyes, obviously just waking up. That was good for Nick as it made it easier for him to hide his boner.

“I think Allie is asleep and mom passed out on the couch. What are you doing up?” Nick had his hands over his crotch, trying to hide his boner.

“Oh okay. I just woke up and realized how thirsty I was so I came down for a glass of water.” John started walking down the hall towards the kitchen and Nick started up the stairs.

“I bet it’s from all the beer, dad.” John laughed and nodded his head before disappearing into the kitchen. Nick ran up the stairs and to his bed. Once he was in his room, he instantly took off his pants and boxers and had a goodnight jerk.

The Next Day

Nick woke up later than usual that Sunday morning; he looked over at the clock and saw that it was past 10. His blankets were at his feet and he noticed the sheets around him stained in his cum. He had morning wood like usual and was totally naked from the waist down. He instantly remember his half-rape of his mother last night and felt his dick twitch. He didn’t know why he was so attracted to his mom now too but it didn’t matter, because nothing was ever going to happen.

Nick got up and threw his sheets into the dirty laundry basket, and headed downstairs after a quick stop in the bathroom. When he got to the kitchen, he saw everyone sitting around the table. Allie was in a pair of short booty shorts, and a bikini top. Nick suddenly remembered that he and Allie agreed to go to Brittany’s pool party. That should be fun, Nick thought sarcastically.

Holly was in her robe and had one leg showing above the knee a little, Nick tried not to stare at it when he saw it and instead headed for the empty seat, across from his sister.

“Hey Nick, are you ready for the pool party?” Nick looked over at his dad, who was fully dressed and showered.

“I still need to shower and find my bathing suit but yeah I guess. Why are you all dressed up dad?” Nick was waiting for John to answer but instead found his mom talking.

“He has a meeting with his boss today; they’re gonna be talking about a promotion!” Holly bounced up and down on her seat as she clapped excitedly and Nick couldn’t help but notice her robe open up slightly revealing some cleavage.

“Oh Holly, I said it was to discuss a promotion, nothing’s final yet.” John took a sip of his coffee, got up and said bye to everyone, kissing Holly before leaving.

“Do you have any plans today mom?” Allie asked while taking a bite of toast.

“Oh I don’t know, I might go shopping while you kids are at your party. Isn’t that starting soon? Nick you gotta get ready!” Nick finished up his breakfast and went upstairs for a shower.

Later That Day

Nick was driving with Allie sitting in the passenger seat. They were going to Brittany’s house and Nick was not excited. He knew Allie was up to something but she wouldn’t admit it.

“How long do you wanna stay at this dumb party? I know you’re not going because you wanna see Brittany.” Nick was glancing over at Allie every few seconds watching the road and Allie was looking out the window, with a perfect poker face.

“Oh my god Nick, I just wanna show off my booty a little in this bathing suit, god.” Nick knew she was lying but figured to not try prying anymore since Allie was still mad at him.

Shortly after, they parked by the curb and made their way to her front door. Allie rang the doorbell and Brittany answered,

“Yay! You guys made it! Come in, come in!” Brittany was really excited and she was wearing the skimpiest bikini in the world. Nick could swear he could see the outer lips of her pussy, but didn’t want to stare since Brittany might take that in a wrong way and trap him in a bedroom again. Her boobs were squeezed so tight in that small top and if you kneeled down underneath her boobs, you could probably see the bottoms of her nipples.

Nick and Allie followed Brittany through the house towards the sliding doors leading to the backyard. Nick noticed how many people were looking at Allie’s growing belly. Some even smirked. But he also noticed how many were checking her out, hoping to get a piece of her ass.

In front of Allie, Brittany was trying swinging her hips from side to side as she walked, trying to get Nick’s attention with her ass. Allie noticed this and wanted to kick her in the back.

They got outside and they went and sat down on some chairs found on the pool deck. There were a few people in the pool and only a couple sunbathing. Most of the party seemed to be inside Brittany’s mansion house.

An hour passed by and Nick was bored out of his mind. A couple people he knew had come up and said hey but other than that, not much happened. When there were only a couple of other people outside with them, Allie turned to Nick.

“So I think I might let you fuck me again.” Nick was a little taken aback by how carefree she was saying that when they were in public.

“Well that’s good. But is it just a maybe or is it for sure?” Allie smiled and said,

“It depends. You have to do something first.” Nick knew it. This ‘something’ was gonna be something to get revenge on Brittany.

“I knew you wanted revenge on Brittany.” Nick thought this was a bad idea but bad ideas don’t stop Allie from doing something.

“I will let you fuck my wet pussy… If you piss into the pool.” Nick’s jaw dropped.

“You can’t be serious Allie.”

“Oh I’m serious brother. Either you do it or I go in there and fuck one of those studs that have been looking over at me all day. Up to you.” Nick didn’t like this ultimatum one bit. And to make things worse, the last two people outside with them had just gone inside.

“Why don’t you do it?!” Allie just giggled and said,

“Oh I’m gonna piss too alright, but not in the pool. Its just us two out here, just go and do it!” Allie was pushing his arm from beside him and Nick grunted and got up. He looked at the sliding door and noticed the big black curtains were pulled. This made him less nervous but he still didn’t want to do it. He looked back at Allie and she quickly moved her bikini aside revealing her pussy to him smiling.

“I hate you Allie.” Nick heard her laugh as he pulled out his cock, which was semi-hard and pointed it at the pool. He stood there a few seconds, watching the door behind him making sure no one was coming and finally, he felt the piss go down his shaft and come out of the tip. It made a sound similar to when he pissed in the toilet when the piss hit the pool.

“That is soooo hot Nick!” Allie was laughing and cheering watching the yellow piss hit the water through Nick’s legs. Nick was actually surprised how much piss came out and when he finally finished, he gave his dick a few shakes and quickly sat down in his chair again.

“Okay can we go now?” His heart was pounding, hoping he didn’t get seen by anyone because that would not end well.

“Relax, I just wanna make one last stop inside the house and we can go.” Allie got up from the chair and signaled for Nick to follow her. They went through the door and heard yelling coming from the basement. There was a group of people sitting in the living room but other than that, they didn’t see anyone.

Allie was walking fast and Nick was following, couldn’t help but stare at her ass as they went. They finally got to the staircase and Allie started going up it.

“I don’t think we’re allowed up there-” Allie cut him off again with a shhh and motioned for him to follow. Nick sighed and followed. When they reached the top of the stairs, Allie started opening door by door apparently looking for something. Nick has been up here many times so he knew exactly where Brittany’s bedroom was, that’s why he wasn’t surprised when Allie said,

“AHA! This is it!” She had found Brittany’s bedroom. She walked in and Nick waited outside for a minute not liking this plan at all. But when he saw Allie opening her drawers he ran in to try and stop her.

“Allie, what the fuck are you doing?!” Nick tried closing the drawer but Allie quickly slapped his hand away.

“I’m looking for her slut drawer. Her thongs.” Allie finally opened one of the middle drawers and there they were. Thongs of all colours and sizes. There were a few panties in the back but Nick doubted those were ever used.

“Fucking whore, let’s see how you like your thongs covered in piss.” Before Nick could even react, Allie already had her bikini pushed to the side and a huge stream of piss was covering every inch of clothing in that drawer. Even though Nick should have been freaking out at this, he was actually quite turned on watching Allie pissing all over the place. She had stopped her stream and closed the drawer shut with her foot.

She walked over to Brittany’s bed and pulled back the covers, once again releasing a stream of piss and covering Brittany’s pillows and sheets in smelly, yellow piss.

“Fuck Allie, this is fucked up but you look so hot right now.” Allie just giggled and cut off her stream again. She then walked over to Brittany’s make up mirror and pissed all over the desk. Her pissing fest finally came to an end, and she took out one of Brittany’s shirts and wiped her pussy clean.

“Okay let’s go.”

Nick and Allie basically ran out of the house and to the car trying to get away from the crime scene as fast as possible. When they were safely on the road, Allie started spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy over the bikini.

“I’m sooo horny brother. Will you fuck me when we get home?” Nick’s dick was growing in his swim suit and they both knew what the answer was. Allie put her hand inside her bikini and moaned loudly. She was insanely wet and now had two fingers deep in her cunt.

“It’s the middle of the day Allie, someone might see you.” But that did no good as it just made Allie sit up for a second and pull down her bikini down to her knees. She then started fingering herself faster and was rubbing her clit with her other hand.

“Mmmm this feels so good.” You don’t see this too often; your 15 year old pregnant sister sitting in the passenger seat of your car with her bikini down at her knees, playing with her wet cunt, Nick thought to himself.

After a few more painful minutes for Nick, he parked the car in the driveway and Allie pulled up her bikini just far enough to walk properly, half of her ass and pussy hanging out to the whole neighborhood.

As soon as they were through the front door, they started making out. Holly’s car wasn’t in the driveway so they figured they were home alone.

“I have a naughty idea brother.” Allie had a devilish, up to no good, expression on her face and Nick, being as horny as he was, knew this would be good.

“Lets fuck in our parents room.” Nick’s dick twitched a little and he just nodded slowly. Fucking his sister in his mom’s bed just sounded too good to pass up. Allie went up the stairs as fast as her pregnant belly would let her, and Nick followed.

They went into the bedroom and closed the door, automatically stripping. This didn’t take long as Allie had a bikini on and Nick just had a t-shirt and shorts on. In seconds, Nick was on top of Allie, kissing her neck as he guided his raging hard on into his sisters wet pussy.

“Ohhhh yes!” Allie moaned as the dick went in and out until Nick was finally able to bottom out in his sister, his balls resting against her ass. Nick could feel her pussy squeezing around his cock making him moan along with his sister. SLAM.

“Oh fuck someone’s home!” Nick and Allie were just getting started and now they had to stop. They were hoping the person, whoever it was, wasn’t gonna head up the stairs. They were frozen for a moment, Nick’s dick still bottomed out inside Allie’s pussy, both waiting to see if they were safe. Nick’s heart beat almost bounced out of his chest when he heard the stairs creaking and someone clearly walking up.

“Quick, get your clothes and get in the closet!” Both Nick and Allie picked up their scattered clothes and ran into the closet just in time for the bedroom door to open. Allie and Nick were sitting on the floor, watching through the see-through doors completely nude. They saw their mother walk in, looking all out of breath. Her hair was a mess too. Nick and Allie just looked at each other confused.

To Nick’s delight, Holly started getting undressed. She pulled off her top revealing her big tits almost popping out of her bra. Allie nudged Nick in excitement. Holly slowly removed her long skirt and Nick couldn’t help but notice that her panties were pushed to the side, revealing half her pussy. Holly then went over to the bed, picked up a pillow and threw it on the ground in front of her body mirror and then went into the bathroom for a few moments.

Nick looked over at Allie confused until Holly came back into view carrying a towel. She laid the towel down neatly and then pulled down her panties. Allie raised her hand to her mouth and Nick’s dick sprang into life again.

Their mother then laid on the towel on her back, propping the pillow underneath her. Apparently Holly was into watching herself masturbate. She didn’t slow, but instead showed four fingers into her cunt. Nick and Allie couldn’t see their mom’s pussy but they could see her tits moving around and Holly moaning.

“Mmmm Fuck!” Holly was really into it and Nick’s dick was once again really hard. He looked over at Allie and she was rubbing her pussy slowly. She noticed Nick’s erection and her right hand went over to his cock and started slowly jerking him off.

Meanwhile, Holly was almost about to cum and she had her knees up in the air, her fingers making incredible squishy sounds as they pounded her pussy. Nick was in heaven, Allie had now stopped masturbating and was giving him a blowjob while taking a glance at her mom every now and then.

Holly was going full speed now, cream was making its way down to her ass crack and onto the towel. She was trying to hold back her orgasm but couldn’t any longer and with a loud scream her orgasm hit.

“OHHHHHH SHHHIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!” Her ass was now off the floor and as Nick’s and Allie’s jaws dropped, Allie still stroking Nick’s cock slowly as they both watched their mom.

Holly was shaking and there was pussy juice squirting out of her pussy, landing all over the body mirror in front of her. It seemed like the cum just kept coming out of her cunt. Nick was in heaven, Allie had gone back to sucking his cock and was now going even faster, with three of her own fingers pounding away at her pussy. Nick’s sperm was boiling in his balls ready to explode in Allie’s mouth. He never even thought that his mom would be a squirter.

Holly finally stopped cumming and was now giggling to herself, slowly rubbing her clit, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. There was cum dripping off the body mirror and down onto the hardwood floor. The towel was already soaked beneath Holly’s ass so it wouldn’t do much good.

Nick didn’t think this could get any better but he was proven wrong as Holly spread her pussy lips and started pissing all over the body mirror, making splashing sounds as the piss hit the hardwood floor.

“Oh my god, mom is so hot!” Allie was trying so hard not to moan out which would get them caught for sure and Nick was trying to hold off his orgasm for just a bit longer.

The pissing stopped after only a short while and Nick thought the show was over, but instead Holly raised her ass off the ground again with her feet supporting her. She then moved her hands under her back for extra support and started pissing again, this time the yellow piss was landing right on Holly’s face and hair and tits. Nick couldn’t hold off any longer as he pushed Allie’s head down on his cock and felt his dick twitch as jet after jet of cum went down Allie’s throat. Allie fingered herself at full speed now and moaned slightly as her orgasm hit as well.

Holly had her eyes and mouth closed as piss was absolutely soaking her body. Her hair was plastered against the pillow, completely soaked along with the pillow. Her flow finally stopped and she lowered her ass back on the ground. For a few seconds, Holly laid in her puddle of piss and just rubbed the piss all over her skin.

“Holy fuckkkk that was so amazing!” Allie whispered to Nick but Nick was barely listening, he was too interested in the action happening before his eyes. Holly finally got up and wiped her eyes from piss, piss just dripping from her hair. She left the puddle of piss and cum on the floor and went into the bathroom. When the door closed and the shower turned on, Nick and Allie figured it was safe enough to leave.

“Hold on, I gotta piss real quick” Allie walked over to the puddle of piss and stepped right in the middle of it, spreading her legs and realizing a flow of piss.

“Are you crazy Allie?!” Allie just leaned her head back and continued pissing, totally ignoring Nick. All of a sudden, Nick felt the urge to piss as well and he thought why not and walked over to where Allie was standing and with his dick in his hand, aimed it at Allie’s pregnant stomach and started pissing.

“Hey! I didn’t say I wanted to get pissed on!” Allie tried aiming her pussy at Nick but all she had coming out was drops so it was harmless. Nick laughed and lowered his dick, adding to the already huge puddle of piss on the floor.

Allie started rubbing her stomach and said,

“I hate you, now I have piss all over me.” Even though Allie tried to sound mad, Nick knew she liked it.

Nick shook the last few drops of piss off his cock and they left their mom’s room.

“Do you think Brittany found her piss covered room by now?” Allie giggled while walking down the hall towards her bedroom.

“I feel sorry for whoever decides to swim in that pool. I still can’t believe you made me do that.” Allie giggled more and Nick watched his naked sister walking in front of him, pregnant, covered in piss, and thought to himself, this must be some kind of dream.

To Be Continued…

I hope that everyone enjoyed part two of my series Nick and Allie. Once again a reminder that I am always open to suggestions and opinions on the story so feel free to send me an e-mail at If you want to see anything in particular happen in the story, just tell me in the e-mail and if I think it fits in with the story line, I would be more than happy to include it. I hope everyone had something they liked in the story, and that everyone was satisfied. I will start working on part three as soon as possible. If you have ideas about new characters, I’d definitely love to hear them. I need to stop typing before this turns into an essay, so once again, I hope you enjoyed this story and if you haven’t read part one, I strongly suggest you do. Bye!

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