This is how my friend Gav experienced a girl for the first time. It was also the first time Denise and Jane saw a naked boy other than me. Denise was incredibly nervous, while Jane simply could not wait . . .

This is a true account of how I had my first foursome. Gav was 14, I was 13, and Denise and Jane were both 12. It happened in the mid-late seventies, so there was no internet to aid our knowledge. We just had to rely on what we read in magazines; from the limited sex education, and from what we gleaned from others. This account includes boy on boy sex as well as heterosexual union, so if you do not like homosexuality, do yourself and me a favour, and find another story.

After meeting Denise for the first time I was so happy, and we would meet whenever we could. My friend Gav and I still saw each other, and Jane joined Denise and I. Although I enjoyed it with the two girls, the time I spent alone with Denise was special.

Denise, new to the world of sex, was simultaneously excited and nervous about meeting Gav, although Jane couldn’t wait, continually questioning me about him. Gav, who hadn’t done anything more than kiss a girl, was also enthusiastic, although I wasn’t so sure I wanted him touching Denise.

I met Denise and Jane in town, and we made our way to Gav’s on foot. It was a sunny day, and warm, so we were wearing jeans and T-shirts. I held hands with Denise, feeling good in myself. Jane smiled at us, happy that we were together, and even happier that we included her in our fun. Denise’s long dark hair was hanging loose, whereas Jane had her light brown hair held back with a band. They both looked stunning.

“Are you sure his mum or dad won’t come home?” Denise nervously asked as we approached the house.

“Of course,” I said. “Even his big brother is away, not that he’d be a problem.”
“Gav sounds nice,” said Jane.

“There he is,” I said, pointing to the window of a sizeable house with a highly decorative garden.

Gav waved to us, gesturing us to the side gate. Gav was good looking lad with black curly hair and blue eyes. I hugged Denise and we walked down the path, opening the gate and entering the back garden.

Gav was standing at the back door, smiling. “Hi.”

Ordinarily, I’d have kissed him, but being unsure of how Denise would take it, I’d asked him if we could leave it out on this occasion. Gav said it wasn’t a problem, and respected my wishes. For a boy of fourteen, he was incredibly mature. I made the introductions, the group all kissing one another on the cheek before entering the house, whereupon Gav offered us all drinks, which we took into the sitting room, where the curtains were pulled over in readiness.

Denise sat beside me, while Jane sat in an armchair and Gav made himself comfortable on the floor. We made small talk to begin with, music, as always being a common ground. As we chatted, Jane’s eyes spent the majority of the time upon Gav, who seemed aware, and smiled back at her. Denise and I, meanwhile, sat holding hands.

“So,” Jane said to Gav after about twenty minutes, “Dave tells me you two have fun.”

Taken aback by Jane’s forwardness, Gav said, “Yeah. He tells me you girls do as well.”

Jane smiled. “We do. It’s fun. I think sex should be fun. Some people are so stuffy about it, but I like a cock and a cunt.”

“I’ve only had a cock,” Gav said.
“We can put that right,” Jane said cheekily, “but I’d love to see you boys suck each other first.”

Gav shrugged. “Yeah, sure. You okay about that, Dave?”
“I am,” I said, turning to Denise. “You okay about it?”
“Of course I am. I think it’s a turn on.”

I got down from the sofa, joining Gav on the floor. Looking each other in the eye and smiling, we pulled our socks off, followed by our shirts, standing up to remove our jeans. Seeing Gav’s tight yellow briefs, I felt a tingle of excitement. I noticed Jane move over and sit beside Denise, both girls watching with expectant expressions. Together, we pulled our briefs down, exposing two semi erect penises.

“Wow,” Jane said. “Gav’s got a foreskin.”

Jane was right, and as foreskins go, it was a long one. I placed my hand on Gav’s beautiful penis, giving his foreskin a little stretch, before pulling it back to reveal his shiny glans. Gav reciprocated by moving the skin on my shaft back and forth. We stood wanking each other, our cocks becoming fully erect; Gav’s being five and a half inches, whereas mine was four and three quarters. Gav had bushy pubes around the base of his length, and a hairy scrotum, which I cupped. I had less hair. I had plenty on my sack, but fewer around my cock, and they were by no means bushy.

I gently pushed Gav down onto the floor, positioning myself between his legs and picking up his member. I put my lips to the end and took it into my mouth, moving up and down, before removing my mouth and wanking his foreskin back and forth. Gav groaned.

I looked up to the girls. “Want to touch it?”

Jane stood up immediately, looking down and grabbing Denise’s hand, playfully dragging her off the sofa. They settled themselves either side of Gav, Jane immediately taking hold of Gav’s pride and joy. Pulling Gav’s foreskin back, she looked down in astonishment.

I took hold of Denise’s hand, squeezing it. “Go on. You’ll like it.”

Circumspectly, Denise took hold of Gav’s cock, doing as she’d seen Jane and I do. “It’s funny.”

“I wanna suck it,” Jane said, stooping down and taking the helmet in her mouth, whilst moving his testicles around with her soft hand.

Seeing her friend enjoying Gav’s cock, Denise watched, although she didn’t do anything more than just touch. I began sucking his nipples and kissing his neck, Gav putting his hand onto my back, rubbing it. Jane continued the oral pleasure upon Gav as Denise watched, occasionally touching his cock and balls. I moved away, going back between his legs and licking his balls, which were beginning to retract in readiness for his forthcoming ejaculation.

Denise watched Jane continue stroking Gav’s beautiful penis, increasing the speed of her strokes as he neared climax, pulling his foreskin fully back, as he went, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah,” and a rope of semen shot out of his cock, landing on his tummy, with several more following as Gav writhed around. As his member ran out of ammunition, Jane leaned forward and began licking up his semen. I scooped some up with my finger and put it into my mouth, turning to Denise and French kissing her, which she seemed happy with.

Gav sat up and smiled at us. “Fuck, that was good. Jane, you’re good at this.”

Jane smiled. “Thanks. I liked it. You’ve got a brill dick.”

Denise, who was looking down at my erection, took hold of it and laid me down, looking across to Gav. “You can do some, but that dick is mine, and I want most of the juice.”

Gav laughed. “Okay. I’ll get him going. Is that okay?”
“Yeah, sure. I’ve been wanting to see Dave sucked by you.”

Gav put his mouth to my glans, taking it in and moving down the shaft, causing me to gasp. With her arm around Denise, Jane watched. Gav lovingly sucked me, massaging my balls and running his hand up and down my thigh. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his warm and wet mouth stroking my length. I ran my fingers through his hair as I felt a tongue flicking my testicles. I looked down to see Denise with her head next to Gav’s, both mouths coming together and running up and down my throbbing penis. After a couple more minutes I could take no more, and could feel the orgasm was imminent. With two mouths fighting for my flesh, I was in paradise, and suddenly shot my first load, which hit them both on the cheek. They moved their heads away, and the remaining semen shot onto my tummy, some filling my bellybutton as I wriggled around, the final contents dribbling down Gav’s hand.

Denise and Gav licked up the remnants that lay upon me, sharing it, smiling as they looked at each other. I panted, “Jesus, that was incredible.”

Gav sat up, being joined by Jane, who placed her hand upon his now flaccid penis. Gav said, “So, isn’t it time you girls took some clothes off?”

Jane jumped to her feet. “We’ll do a strip for you.”
Denise remained where she was. “Er . . . I don’t know.”
I moved towards her and kissed her on the cheek. “It’s okay. We’re all friends.”

“I know, but I haven’t got a body like Jane’s.”

“You’ve got a beautiful body,” I reassured. Jane had well developed breasts for her age, with large light brown areolas, while conversely, Denise’s boobs were small, pert little lumps with pink pointed areolas and small sensitive nipples. “I love it, and so will Gav.”

Jane looked down at the floor. “But my tits are small.”

“So what?” Gav said. “They’ll get bigger. Anyway, if Dave likes them, which I know he does, so will I. You’re really pretty, and I bet your tits are as well.”

“I love them,” Jane said, moving closer and hugging her friend, kissing her on the cheek. “Remember the fun we’ve had together, and the fun you’ve had with Dave. Anyway, I want them, and I don’t want to be the only girl with no clothes. Come on.”

Denise smiled at Jane, and looked to Gav. “You won’t laugh?”
“No. You’re a friend, and friends don’t laugh at each other.”

“Okay,” Denise said sheepishly. She got up and stood beside Jane, who turned to face her.

“Shirts up together,” Jane said, slowly lifting her shirt with Denise nervously following suit. Jane was wearing a white lacy bra, whereas Denise’s was pale blue, silky and padded. Jane kissed Denise on the lips, lowering her hands and undoing the button on Denise’s jeans, before doing the same on her own. They both unzipped their own jeans, maintaining eye contact, allowing them to fall and reveal their panties. Jane was wearing a pair of dark blue silky ones, with just a small cord connecting the front to the rear sections, while Denise’s were white, and very tight looking, her outer lips being clearly prominent. Both girls we slim, and had lovely soft skin. Jane’s hips were wider than Denise’s, although Denise was not little girl-like, my any means.

“Wow,” said Gav. “You’re both beautiful.

I stood up and approached Denise, who still looked uncertain. I placed my arms around her and initiated a soft kiss, pulling her to me, Denise opening her mouth and inserting her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced as she held me tightly. I heard Gav approach Jane, and assumed they were doing the same. Moving my hand down Denise’s back, I unclipped her bra-strap and eased the vertical straps down her arms. Together, we moved to the floor, Denise touching my now semi-erect cock. I kissed her neck and made my way down to her small breasts, licking them and paying attention to her pencil eraser tip sized nipples, taking one in my mouth, and delicately massaging the other with my fingers as she removed the garment, casting it aside.

Gliding my hand and tongue down to her naval, I noticed that Gav and Jane had followed suit, although I concentrated on my Denise, placing my hand upon her tight panties, softly rubbing as she opened her legs, breathing heavily. I began slipping her panties down, Denise lifting her firm bottom to aid me. Continually licking her soft flesh, my tongue came into contact with the soft black hairs around her outer pussy lips, entering her groove and sliding onto her clitoral hood. Denise went, “Ah,” as I made contact with it, and opened her legs yet further. I came into contact with her pink triangular labia, gently sucking them and placing my finger on her vaginal entrance, discovering that she was beginning to become wet. I inserted my finger and tickled her clitty with my tongue. Denise continued to softly moan as I played with her sex, doing all the things I knew she loved. With two fingers in her hole and my tongue tantalising her little pink button, Denise moved her hips around, gasping, finally lurching her pelvis into the air, crying, “Fuck!”, and closing her legs, panting.

I looked across to see Gav with his head between Jane’s legs, which she was holding up in the air with her hands, her eyes closed as she panted rapidly. Denise crawled across and began sucking the nearest nipple. A minute or so later, Jane cried out, pushing Gav’s head away, the intense orgasm becoming too much for her to bear. She lay there, her pussy with those brown bushy hairs exposed, and her large brown crinkly labia wide open.

“Nice one, Gav,” I said.
Denise, who was covering her boobs with her hands, leaned down and kissed her friend, who was completely breathless. Gav was sitting with his legs open, and his cock as hard as granite. I crawled over to him and put my hand beneath his scrotum, feeling for his boy pussy as he opened his legs. He took a sharp intake of breath as I inserted a finger and wiggled it around his hole, feeling the soft, moist rectum.

“Are you going to fuck Gav,” I heard Denise say.
I looked across to her and said, “If you want.”

“I want,” Gav said with a mischievous look, reaching for the tub of petroleum jelly, which he’d placed close-by. Lying back, he handed it to me.

I scooped up a dollop of the jelly and placed it around his hole, inserting a finger, and began dilating him, adding a second finger shortly after, moving them up and down as the two girls watched with interest.

Having been erect for some time, I knew that I wouldn’t last very long, and told them so as I placed the tip of my cock against the edge of Gaz’s hole, and gently pushed. Having been fucking Gaz for a year or so, he was used to it, and my eager penis made its way up in no time. Feeling my balls touching his arse cheeks, I began to pump in and out. I moved my head down to Gaz and kissed him on the lips, the two of us entwining our tongues. Gav pushed hard against me, bucking his hips, and after a few minutes I could feel myself nearing climax. I made a series of grunts as Gav held onto my arse cheeks. I felt the explosion and pushed hard into him, depositing my semen deep into his bowel. Gav loudly said, “Oh, fuck! That’s hot,” as I continued shooting into him, finally collapsing onto him.

I kissed him on the cheek. “That felt good.”
“Fuck,” said Jane. “That looked good.”
“It did,” Denise concurred.

I removed my cock from Gaz, and lay beside him, touching his semi-erect penis, rolling his foreskin back and forth. Jane moved over and began sucking him, his gorgeous penis returning to its full glory in no time. I, meanwhile, greased my hole in readiness, inviting Denise to insert a finger, which she nervously did.

As I lay back, Denise kissed me, and Jane guided Gaz’s cock towards my opening. Gaz pushed and entered me, kneeling and holding my legs in the air as Jane slipped a finger into his bum. Gav pushed in and out. The feeling was incredible. Denise continued kissing me as I moved my hand to her nipples, gently playing with them. “Oh fucking hell!” Gaz gasped as Jane probed away at his arse, and seconds later he gave a final push. I felt his hot sperm begin to fill my rectum, the feeling delighting me as it always did. I was in heaven as Denise kissed me and Gaz finally pulled his erection from me, having it sucked clean by Jane, who seemed to be having the time of her life, as I’d suspected she would. Denise was a good deal more relaxed by then as well, although I had the impression that she didn’t wish for Gaz to touch her.

We sat around talking for a while. Gaz and I had performed twice, and required time to recuperate. The girls, though, were ready for more action, and sat fondling one another whilst we all talked.

After ten minutes, Jane stood up. “I’m so wet. Denise – would you do me?’

“Okay,” Denise said innocently. She lay Jane on the sofa and positioned herself between her legs, lifting them up, providing Gav and I with a wonderful view, burying her head into Jane’s bushy pussy and inserting her fingers, taking only a minute to bring her to a climax.

Once finished, I kept Denise on all fours and prepared her for Jane, who was slowly recovering, but eager to eat her friend’s pussy from behind, spreading her pink triangular lips and nuzzling into her, with a finger penetrating her hole. As with Jane, Denise reached her orgasm in no time at all, her juices running freely.

“Fuck, you’ve got a lovely fanny, Denise,” Gav commented.
“Thanks. You’ve got a lovely dick. Look, you don’t mind if I just stick to Dave, do you?”
Gav smiled. “No. I can see that you really like him. Actually, I’m surprised you came.”

“I wasn’t sure about it, but I didn’t want Jane to be alone. I’m glad I did, though. You and Dave are good.”

“You don’t mind if we see each other now and again?” Gav said.

“No. Dave’s happy for me to mess around with Jane, so it’s fine.” Denise paused. “Gav, what’s it like when Dave puts his dick in your bum?”

“The first time was sore at first, but it gets better.”
“You want to try it?” I said to Denise.
Denise smiled coyly. “It was nice when you licked it, so I’ll try it, but not today.”

“Me too,” said Jane. “I want Gav’s cock in my cunt as well.”
I laughed. “Fuck, Jane. You’ve gone wild since we first did it at your place.”

“I love it. I love cumming, and I love cock and cunt. Give me more. I don’t want it with just anyone, though. You guys are my sex friends.”

We all laughed at that. I cuddled up close to Denise, and we began kissing, as did Gav and Jane, although they quickly began wanking and stroking one another. With a free porn show in front of us, Denise and I watched our friends becoming closer, exploring every inch of each other. Anticipating what would surely come, Denise placed a condom beside them, which Jane picked up and rolled onto Gav’s penis, before lying back and pulling him onto her, kissing him as his cock entered her wet, expectant pussy. Denise and I watched for a minute or so before we too became one, and made love passionately, forgetting that there was another couple next to us. We became lost in each other, and climaxed together, hugging, kissing and stroking one another.

We carried on messing around for the next couple of hours, although the sex play became less frequent. The girls’ pussies were becoming sore, and Gav and I were all but spent, our erections becoming uncomfortable. After putting our clothes back on, we went for a long walk, enjoying the remainder of the day as friends. We all knew that there would be much more fun to come in the future, and we were not wrong.

The following day, Denise and I spent alone, and she asked me to take her anal virginity, which I did. To begin with, as expected, Denise found it a little sore, yet she grew to enjoy the feeling, and she loved the feeling of my hot sperm filling her. Having only used condoms prior to this, she was amazed by how good it felt. The next day, we went out with Gav and Jane, with the intention of being naughty in public places, but that’s another tale.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest account of my relationship with Gav, Denise and Jane. I would appreciate any genuine comments you have. If you’re homophobic and just wish to leave abuse, I shall take no notice whatsoever because you were warned at the beginning of the content. To everyone else, thank you for reading.

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Great account keep it coming I'm in a same type now in my life, am curious about now in your life. Still keep in contact with Gav.

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good story........... I liked the guys and girls together but not the guy together but a good story none the less

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