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My name is Polly. I’m 17 years old and I want to tell you about something that happened to me an about 2 years ago.

When I was still quite young and just coming to terms with the changes that puberty was bringing about, I experienced something that would change my life forever. It happened like this…

It was a glorious summer day and it was the last day of term. I was on my way home from my school, which was about 2 miles from where I lived. Sometimes I would catch the bus that went to my village but this day I decided to walk across the fields, which would bring me out behind my house. It was such a wonderful day I fancied the fresh air.

After I had been walking for a few minutes, I noticed the sky growing dark. Looking up, I could tell there was a storm on its way. I had not expected this, and had not brought a coat. All I had on was my thin white school blouse and my short grey skirt. It was too hot for tights and I’d not put a vest on (My boobs weren’t big enough for a bra yet).

I was a very shy girl. All my school friends had started growing breasts way before me and were talking about boys all the time, who they’d kissed and who they’d let grope them. I’d never even had a kiss yet, all the boys wanted girls with big boobs, not me and not me.

I was ashamed of my tiny boobs and dreaded the thought of being rained on and my blouse going see-through. The embarrassment would kill me if I had to walk into my house with my boobs showing through my top. My brother would really make fun of me then! So, I started to run, but as I did the sky opened and huge drops of rain started to fall from the sky. As I felt the first few drops hit my bare arm, my heart fell.

I looked around for somewhere to hide. My blouse was already wet, so I decided I’d have to find somewhere sheltered to dry out before I could go home. About 100 metres away there was a big old tree, with branches that came right down to the ground and thick leaves. That looked perfect.

I pushed the branches apart and entered the gloomy light underneath. As my eyes started to grow accustomed, I realised there was someone else there. I recognised him as one of the older boys in the village. He was always hanging out on the street corners, he was a bad piece of work, or so my mum said. I turned right around to go back, but he called out to me.

‘Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you mate. Take cover with me for a while.’

I could hear the rain outside, and he sounded genuine, so I turned back and sat down with him. I had totally forgotten my blouse must have been totally see-through by now. He offered me a cigarette, but I refused. Then he said something strange.

‘I can see right through your blouse, you know. I can see your tits…if that’s what you call them.’

I flinched and put my arms over my chest to cover up.

‘Don’t do that, I want to look at them.’ He said, tugging at my arms. I resisted and tried to stand up, just to get away from this horrible man.

‘You’d better not start any trouble, or you’ll be sorry little girl,’ he snarled at me, making me jump, ‘sit back down here and show me your tits.’

A wave of terror washed over me. What did he want from me? Why was he doing this? I was scared to do anything that would upset him. I thought he would kill me if I refused, so I sat back down.

‘Take off your blouse.’ He ordered.

I could feel myself flushing, my face must have been scarlet as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. He shouted at me to hurry up, so I finished undoing my blouse and held it open so he could see the tiny bulges and small pink nipples on my chest. He stared at them for a little while, making strange little noises, then I started to do up my top again, getting up to go. I’d done what he wanted, now I was so ashamed of myself, I just wanted to go home.

‘Not so fast little lady, now I want to see the rest. Take all your clothes off now, I want to see you naked.’

‘But I don’t want to, you’ve seen my tits, please let me go home.’ I pleaded.

At this, the man pulled out a knife from in his boot and pointed it at me.
‘You had better do as you’re told missy, one more wrong move and I’ll cut your pretty little face to shreds, now get naked.’

I was petrified. Every muscle in my body was quivering with fear, but I knew I had better do it. I thought back to the girl they found out here a couple of years ago, her throat cut and naked. I wondered if I would be next. I figured I’d better do as he says and hope it will all be over soon.

I reached around and undid the clip on my skirt. Kneeling up, I unwrapped it and put it down in front of me. Underneath I had a pair of thin white panties with little pink flowers on. I felt so embarrassed about my little girl appearance and so ashamed of my dirty behaviour that I almost cried, biting my lip as tears started to well in my eyes.

‘Get those knickers off, then. Let me see your little pussy.’

I had only started puberty a year before, later than all my friends and had heard them talk about how much hair they had there, but I still only had really wispy hair down there that was just sort of downy and fluffy. I cringed at the thought of showing this man how immature I was, but I had to do as he said. I slowly peeled my knickers down to my knees, kneeling in front of him, feeling his eyes looking me up and down.

‘Well, you’re just a little girl’, he said, ‘I think I’d better teach you how to be a woman.’ With that he started to move towards me. I couldn’t really work out what he meant at the time, but I didn’t like the sound of it one bit. I decided to make a run for it, it was my only chance.

I stood up and turned, making a run for the open, away from this monster, but I’d forgotten my knickers. They were still around my knees and they tripped me up, flat on my face. Before I could get back up, he was on me, grabbing me and flipping me over onto my back. I tried to scream but before I could take a breath he had his hand over my mouth and nose, stopping me from breathing. He held the knife to my throat.

‘Make one sound and you’re dead.’ He threatened. I believed him.

He took off his belt and strapped it around my wrists, holding my arms above my head. Looking around he found a thick stick and drove it into the earth, through the buckle, pinning me down.

He took a step back, looking me up and down. I saw him unzip his flies and start rubbing his dick in his trousers. He told me how he liked my ‘cute little body’, rubbing himself all the while. After a minute or two of this, he asked me, ‘how old are you?’, ‘nearly sixteen’, I lied. ‘Have you ever fucked a boy before?’ ‘NO!’ I said, ‘never.’ He carried on, ‘ever done anything with a boy?’ ‘Like what?’ I really didn’t know what he meant. ‘Ever seen a boy’s cock, that’s not family?’ he asked, ‘No.’ I admitted.

‘Well I’m goanna teach you something you’ll need to know soon enough.’ He told me, smiling…

He started playing with my tits, which was really painful, because they were still growing and they’d been really tender recently. I cried out, but he just slapped me across the face, yelling at me to shut up. He grabbed at them again, squeezing what flesh there was and pinching my puffy little nipples.

‘Seeing as you won’t shut up, you’re first lesson will be how to suck cock. Hopefully that’ll keep you quiet.’

He moved towards me, pulling out his cock. I’d seen my brother’s, but that was tiny compared to this. It was huge. He straddled my head and pushed it against my lips. I pressed them closed, hoping to stop him putting it in, but he just grabbed my face and prised my jaw open. I felt his hand on my forehead, holding it against the ground. He pushed and I felt his cock part my dry lips and slide into my mouth, first just the end, but then more and more. It was going all the way to the back of my mouth, and he just kept on pushing until it was down my throat. I was gagging and choking, desperate for air, but he didn’t care. He pushed and pushed, sliding his cock in and out of my throat, I felt so sick and so suffocated, I thought I would pass out, but just then he pulled it back out, trailing a string of my saliva with it.

‘Take a deep breath you little whore, I’m goanna teach you what a man’s come tastes like.’

I begged him to stop, ‘please don’t do this to me, I’ll do anything…’

‘I know you will’, he said, then shoved his big cock back into my mouth, pumping it harder this time, and faster and faster for what seemed like ages, until suddenly I felt it jerk in my mouth. A warm, wet gooey stuff started trickling down my throat, I had to swallow to stop myself choking on it, it tasted like nothing I’d ever tried, all salty and horrible. He pulled his cock out and I opened my tear-stained eyes to see a glob of milky stuff coming out of the end. I guessed that was what I’d just swallowed. He grabbed my face again and held my mouth open. I felt another two drops fall on my tongue. I tried to spit it out this time, but he held my lips closed. ‘Swallow it you whore,’ he said. So I did. I hated it, I hated him, but I knew I had to do what he said.

He stood up and went to sit back down by the trunk of the tree. I asked him if that was it and could I go now. I was crying and I just wanted my mummy to make it all right again.

‘You must be fucking joking!’ he said, ‘you see, you’re still a virgin and I don’t think I should leave you like that. Give me five minutes and we’ll carry on the lesson.’ He lit a cigarette and stared at me.

‘Please let me go. I don’t want it to be like this, I wanted it to be romantic, not like this. Please, please let me go, I won’t tell anyone.’ My begging fell on deaf ears, he just sat there and looked at me. I started really sobbing there and then, I just couldn’t help it. I had planned on losing my virginity to a boy I loved, somewhere romantic. I didn’t want this man inside of me. I’d heard it really hurts the first time and I was just not ready.

‘If you don’t shut up now, you’re in deep shit missy.’

I tried to stifle my sobs but couldn’t. He stood up and walked over, I flinched fearing the worse, but he just picked up my panties and crammed them into my mouth. He told me he was finished with my mouth now, so it doesn’t matter if he plugs it up. Terror welled up again and I tried to scream, but with my knickers in my mouth, nothing came out but a muffled noise.

The rain was still coming down really hard. I knew nobody would be out walking today, so I had no hope of anyone finding me or saving me. Thoughts were whirring around my head, I was so scared I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up. Rainwater was starting to trickle along the ground and I could feel it on my back, making me shiver.

‘You cold, honey?’ he said, noticing me shaking. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be warm enough, soon.’

He came back over to me, his trousers still undone and his cock standing out in front of him. He knelt down next to me and started stroking his hands over my body, starting with my boobs, then moving down over my belly to my thighs. I held my legs together as hard as I could as he tried to push his hand between them, but I wasn’t strong enough and he shoved his hand right where my privates are. I could feel his fingers stroking it up and down…it kind of tickled, but felt horrible at the same time. I started sobbing again, but he ignored me and carried on molesting me, pulling my legs apart and looking at my bits.

‘I think you’re about ready for lesson two.’ He said, getting between my legs and lying down. He started kissing my neck and my tits, biting me and hurting me. I tried to cry out, but my panties muffled the noise. I just screwed up my eyes and turned my head to one side, just hoping it would all stop soon.

He lay down on top of me, still kissing and biting me, I felt his hand go between my legs and felt something pushes up against my private parts. This is it, I thought, he’s actually going to have sex with me now, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I wanted to ask him to stop, not too hurt me…but I couldn’t.

I heard him grunt and push against me, then a red-hot burning pain spread through my belly as I felt something give way inside me, breaking, tearing. I screamed into my panties and fresh floods of tears came to my eyes, the pain was worse than anything I’d ever felt. Then he pushed again, the pain doubled and I thought I’d faint, fighting back the nausea welling in my stomach. He just kept pushing and pushing me, hurting me more and more, driving him into me, stretching me wide open.

Suddenly he grabbed my face, turning it towards him and pulling the knickers roughly from my mouth. ‘How is it for you then, baby?’ He asked me.

‘Please stop it, you’re hurting me.’ I pleaded with him, ‘I’ll do anything, please stop hurting me.’

‘I’m afraid that’s not possible.’ He told me in a cold voice. ‘Now you’re never going to learn anything if you don’t watch what’s happening to you. With that he got back up on his knees, his cock slipping out of me with a slurping noise. The relief was amazing; I felt my battered, stretched insides closing back up, the pain slowly subsiding, but not totally going away.

But then he grabbed my ankles, pulling them wide apart and pushing them up towards my head. I felt so exposed in that position, my bits spread open wide for him to see and use. Wedging my legs in position with his, he put one hand behind my head, pulling it forward so I was facing him, my neck stretching and cracking. I squeezed my eyes shut, both in pain and fear. I didn’t want to see what was happening, but he wanted me to.

‘Open your eyes, bitch!’ He shouted, slapping me hard across the face with his spare hand. I did as he said, opening my tear flooded eyes to see a blurred image of his face smiling insanely at me. He forced my head further forward and I could see my legs spread wide, between them was my wispy triangle of hair and I could see the tops of my vagina lips. Behind that was his big cock hanging there, my blood smeared red all over it. He held it with one hand, still holding my head with the other and guided it back towards my entrance, stroking it, making it bigger still.

Fear rushed through my belly again as the thought of more of that pain entered my head. I pleaded with him not to do it any more, but he totally ignored me and pushed his cock against my lips, parting them with his fingers. I could see it stiffen and he pushed it slowly in. I felt myself stretch as he pushed it in; the pain was like he was putting a knife up there. I watched as inch after inch slid inside me, the pain increasing with every bit. I felt it come up against something inside me; I was totally full up inside, it was so much deeper in this position. There was still an inch or so of his penis that was not inside, he pushed harder and harder, I thought he’d split me open, I thought I was going to die from the pain. Then I felt something give way inside me and a new wave of agony filled my belly. He moaned and started pumping himself in and out slowly, getting quicker and quicker, the pain was too much to bear and I felt myself passing out.

‘Do you like me fucking your little virgin womb?’ he snarled at me, but I could barely hear him over the rushing sound in my head and couldn’t understand what he was asking me.

He pumped and pumped me and my head was spinning from the pain, my belly wracked with searing pain. I was willing myself to pass out, so I could wake up when it was all over, but I stayed awake, experiencing every second of my living nightmare. How much longer can this go on, I thought. Just then I felt his cock growing even bigger in my torn, bleeding vagina. I stifled my screams for fear of him hurting me as he drove his penis right into me, his bone crashing into mine and his balls slapping against my bum. He grunted and held himself there, his cock completely buried in me, twitching and jerking. I felt a warmth spread into my ravaged innards, and knew he’d done what he did in my mouth. It seemed to go on forever, I just wished he’d get this thing out of me. He collapsed on top of me, winding me and crushing me to the floor. After a few seconds he got up, pulling him out of me, then moved up towards my head. I could see my blood in blobs all up and down his now softening penis and strings of the white gooey stuff dripping off it.

‘Clean me up now little one, look at the mess you made of my cock!’

He opened my mouth with his hand, I was too weak and exhausted from what had happened to me to resist and just let him do whatever he wanted so he wouldn’t hurt me any more. He put his soft penis into my mouth, telling me to suck it clean; it tasted foul and I nearly threw up, but I did as he said, tasting the saltiness of his stuff and my blood mixing with another taste I didn’t know. When it was totally clean, he pulled his dick out again, smiling and complimenting me on how well I’d done. I just laid there quietly, wanting him to go now and leave me alone, thinking it must all be over.

He sat back down, touching himself again and looking at my body. He stared for a while at my bloody, ravaged vagina before I realised he was getting off on it and closed my legs again, despite the pain between them.

‘Two down, one to go.’ He said. I didn’t understand what he meant.

‘What do you mean?’ I sobbed.

‘That’s two of your virginities gone, only one more to go and you’re a free girl.’ He replied.

I was puzzled. The bastard had taken my virginity that was it. I couldn’t think what else he could do to me, nobody ever told me I had more than one virginity.

‘I don’t understand.’ I said, my voice still quivering.

‘You’ll see soon enough.’ He replied. My heart thumped with fear, my mind racing to work out what he could possibly mean. Then I realised, there was only one other place he could be meaning. Surely you can’t put something that big up there? When I was younger, I had tried to put a finger up there to see what it was like and that was hard enough. My head swam with fear again as he stood up and moved towards me again, his dick big again in his hand.

He flipped me over roughly onto my front, the stones and sticks grazing my belly and breast and the rainwater cold against me. He pushed my legs apart and knelt between them. My heart rose into my throat, I knew he was going to do what I feared worst of all. Then I felt his penis nudging against my bum-hole, pushing against it harder and harder. The fear and panic made me clench against his thrusts and for a while he couldn’t make it goes in. Just trying made my bum hurt and I hoped he wouldn’t manage to actually get it up inside me, for I knew that would be much worse. He took his cock away and I though for a second he was going to give up, but then I heard him spit and felt a glob of saliva drop onto my anus. Then his cock was back up against it, pushing again, stretching me. I could feel myself stretching and giving, letting him inside my bum. The agony was unbearable as he grunted and trusted, he must have only got half of the head in my the feel of it and I was stretched as far a I thought possible when, with a big grunt, he shoved it inside.

I screamed out as the pain seared through my bum, I could feel something tearing inside, burning pain flooding my arse. I couldn’t stop screaming and crying out with the agony; I knew he would be angry but I couldn’t help it. He held his hand roughly over my mouth and nose, stifling my screams and started pumping me savagely with his cock. It felt so big inside me that I was sure I’d burst. I could feel his cock pushing against my innards, making me choke and gag, his hand on my face stopping me from breathing or shouting.

For what seemed like hours he pumped my bum with his cock, each thrust an agonising ordeal as he plundered my ragged rectum. This time went on longer than the others, I’m sure, but the time was blurred as I passed out once or twice, only waking back up as he slapped me round the face, before passing out again as he pumped harder and faster inside me. I heard the now familiar grunting noise just as I thought it would never be over and he gave one last massive thrust, piercing me deeper than ever before. I felt his cock twitching and the warm stuff shoots up inside me as I passed out one final time.

When I woke up, I was still under the tree, totally naked and shaking from the cold. The sun was going down and I realised it must be late. I had no idea how long it had gone on for and how long I’d been lying there. I slowly got up, aching all over and with a searing soreness between my legs. Looking around, I realised that he’s taken my clothes away, leaving me totally naked and humiliated. Standing up I felt something trickling down my legs; looking down I saw my blood and his stuff dripping down my inner thighs, coming from my torn vagina. I felt my bum with my hands and that too was wet with blood and semen and too sore to touch.

I started sobbing with the realisation of what had happened to me and all of a sudden wanted nothing more that a big cuddle from my mummy and for everything just to go away. I turned and left the scene of my horror, ignoring the dark wet patch of blood where I had been lying, and started to walk home. I must have looked a state with my hair tangled and covered in leaves and twigs, my body bruised and scratched and trails of blood running down my legs. I didn’t care, I just wanted to go home.

I identified the man to the police when they came. My mum insisted on calling them, even though I was too scared of what the man would do if he found out. They arrested him and he went to prison, they had more than enough forensic evidence to convict him.

He’s still in prison now and will be for many more years to come, but it will never make things better for me. I can’t sleep at night and never walk anywhere alone. I don’t think I can ever trust another man again.

In case you were wondering…this is all a pack lies. This is my personal fantasy and never happened to me and I’m glad it didn’t. I know the difference between fantasy and reality and though I may play this out with my boyfriend, no real man would ever play it out for real.

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2014-01-19 12:44:34
You're a sick person. And you also wrote this as a "true" story.

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2012-04-10 03:09:14
I'm shocked at the rwponses to this, because i know how difficult and dangerous it is to be completly honest online, good storie, did the trick and gott me off. Its a persoonal fantasy of mine as well. Maybe checking your grammer a little better next time would make it an easier read, as for you others, shame on you

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2012-03-04 11:10:03
i think it is ok, way to much grafixs for it to be great, i lost the spanking feeling when it started to be to real, as i know also know the differance between fantasy and reality,

if you were to write non porn your stories i bet would sell great

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2012-03-01 19:09:44
Fantasy needs to be recorded in fantasy stories not in true story listing . . . .

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2012-03-01 05:24:21
Ive seen people with the ages at 99 that doesnt mean they are 99.
So Shut the fuck up and let people read this story!

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