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My name is Matzeifie

I have a cousin her name is Julie her age is 19

i Think it was at my 17th birthday so 3 years ago

We had a nice party all of my family have been come for my big day and I also became a lot of presents and she was there too so we celebrated as every year. But at 10 PM she came to me because she was alittle bit drunk. And she said she would have a litlle special present for me. I followed her in my room

But when we were there my father called us for champagne and so we had to go down

but after that we went up again and she didn't went to my room she went to toilet and i followed her. By the way i have to say she is a very sexy and beautifull girl.

So when we stood in toilet we shutted the door and then she opened her pants very slowely. I saw that she had worn that sweet little string with the hearts.

After that she said that i should bring her our hairbrush so she took the string and took it of and then she sticked the hairbrush in front of my eyes in her little tiny pussy.

then she had an orgasm.

2 and a half years later I saw her again because she was moved away. I thought that she was more stunning than ever before. So I went home. I made a plot how I could turn her to fuck me.

After two weeks I had an idea. I wanted to bet with her. I went to fitness studios to proof my muscles.

Then I went to her new home and asked her if she wanted to bet with me. First she wanted to know what i want to bet about. I said " I bet that i can do 15 push-ups while you are sitting on my back". She was just smiling and said and what do I get if i win "a new pc" i said but then isaid "if I win I can do what i want with you for the next 6 months". She accepted.

So i made the Push-ups and won the bet. I started to use her because i went towards her and grabbed her giant tits and sucked them. I just said "come tomorrow to the little forest behind our house"

At the next day she was there so we went in the forest where nobody could see us and she said "please don't be that rough" i smiled and took her t-shirt away. I saw through her bra that her nipples were all hard.

I said take of your bra and she took it of then she came to me and asked what she would have to do. "Just stand like that and let me take pictures".

Every day it was more so I said to her "go all nude" and she did it. Then i took my camera and made pictures of her pussy and a video how i finger her pussy. That made her so horny that she wanted me to fuck her.
so i took of my pants and when she saw my boner i saw how her nipples got more hard.

Then she spread her legs and i fucked her brain out. I went in her pussy and what i didn't know that she was virgin. so it was special for her but i fucked her as hard as i could. I poked my cock as deep as i could in her tiny pussy that often till she had her orgasm.

After that she had blown my cock. but then i wanted to fuck her pussy again. Ifucked her pussy on and then i came directly in her little pussy after that she took on her clothes and went home.

3 weeks later she came with my aunt wich is her mother and screamed that i would have fucked her .

Her mother asked if this is true and i just answered "yes and i want to say sh wanted it and she said that you aren't horny enough to have a threesome with us two" After that she took of her clothes and julie too.
we went up to my room and then Julie sucked my cock and my aunt christie kicked her pussy.

Then christie sat on my boner and went slowly up and down while julie sat on my face that i can lick her pussy. christie went up faster and faster then she stopped stood up and julie sat on it and christie on my face and all started again. after they had teir orgasm they blown my at he same time i chad to cum on their faces and they swallowed all

After that they went home and said that they will wait for me at their house. I thought i would need some body else to fuck both so i called my best friend. at he next day we went to her house and when they opened the doors we saw that they didn't wear any clothes. they wanted me to come to their bedroom but when they saw my friend they said that he has to go that they just want me and nobody else should be there. So i had to send him home. i jumped out of my clothes and ran behind them to bedroom.

There julie lays on the bed and said that i should fuck her and she would lick her mothers pussy. I went to her and sticked my cock slowly in her pussy. then her mother sat in front of her and spread her legs so I could see her pussy again. i moved my cock slowly forward and backwards again and with every second that went along i got faster and faster. after a time she said that she wanted to try an other position.

Then she was on al four and i fucked her pussy fron behind and she licked her mothers pussy with the rythm of my cock. Then julie and christie changed position and i pushed my cock a little deeper in her pussy than in julies because she had more action with her pussy. so i brought them to their orgasm and they blownme my brain away and gave christie a nice creampie.

Hope that she isn't pregnant

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2013-04-10 08:17:00
Well, the story was a little far-fetched, grammar kinda terrible, but + rating

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2013-03-09 18:17:18
Good. Writer does not speak English as first language. Probably the author is male. Temucoa

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2013-01-01 12:37:14
I also had sex with my cousin a whole night sex but not writing down my experience coz i dnt know how to attract the readers so you too dnt do this again

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2012-04-18 15:12:57
What the fu ck I stopes reading after the second paragraph because it sounded like sh it

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2012-03-31 19:21:33
This seems like it was written by a fourth grader. If you are a fourth grader or younger, then I won't be too critical about the spelling and grammar. If you are older than that, you seriously need to strive to become literate -- yikes!

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