He is the school janitor that wouldn't hurt a fly, or so they thought.
Richard is a 48 year old high school janitor. He has been working at the same school for almost 15 years now. He stands about 5'11" tall with dark skin. He wears his graying jet black hair long, and has dark brown eyes.

Most of the students have known him since they were in junior high, they think of him as a mild mannered guy that wouldn't hurt a fly. Little do they know, he has a very preverted side to him as well.

Since he knows the school like the back of his hand, he's knows how to get access to places to subside his sexual need. He made himself an access area behind the girls locker room showers. He then drilled a peep hole into the wall so he can watch them shower, without being seen.

He made this area about 2 years ago and went in there just before sports practices ended. While they showered he would watch as they soaped up themselves. Some of them had hairless or trimmed pussies, while others were all natural, with hair covering their pussy completely. He especially loves it when they would fondle their tits as they wash them, also when they are washing their young pussies, some of them will spread their lips apart as they wash. Giving him a good view of their tight holes, as he stands there jacking off.

Every once in a while he gets really lucky and there is just one girl in the shower, and she masturbates, thinking she was all alone, and come with a screaming orgasm as he blows his load into some paper towels he brings with.

Now he is getting tired of always jacking off and wanting the girls to help him. After everyone had left the school he went into his area with a cordless drill and multiple sized masonry bits. He started with the smallest bit first, drilling at about waist high. After he was through the wall, he changed to a bigger bit and drilled through again.

He then grabbed a sawsall and cut the hole a little bigger until he felt it was big enough for him. He stood up, unbuckling his pants and sliding them down. He doesn't have an oversized dick, only about 8" long, and fairly skinny in girth, about 3" circumference. He worked to get it erect, then inserted it into the hole he had made. It easily slid in with room to spare around it. He hoped there was enough sticking out on the other side to draw attention to it.

He pulled out, pulling his pants up. He gathered up the tools then went into the locker room to clean up his mess, and look to see how obvious the hole was. He noticed it wasn't very big, and it should be fairly hard to spot, unless you were looking for it. To play on the side of caution he covered it with a piece of masking tape. After he finished cleaning up his mess, he headed home, thinking about what would happen tomorrow.

The next day Richard couldn't wait for the end of the day. Hoping he could get just one girl in the shower, and she didn't scream and run away.

Finally the final bell rang for the end of the day. He decided to go into his area right away, not waiting like he normally did. He stood against the wall, breathing nervously as he thought about what he was about to do. He realized he could lose his job if he gets caught, but the thought of possibly getting his dick into a tight, young pussy, took over that thought. His dick throbbing in his pants in anticipation.

Finally he started to hear giggling and laughing as the locker room door opened and closed. As the showers started to turn on he turned to look through his peephole. There were 4 girls at their shower, chit-chatting and washing their young, supple bodies. He groaned in pleasure, a little louder than normal, as he watched one of them wash her tight pussy lips.

This caused the girls to stop what they were doing, "did you guys hear something?" The girl closest to him asked. The other girls slowly nodded at her. 'Shit he got caught already,' he thought to himself, remaining as quiet as possible now.

The girls stood in their showers, completely still, listening for more. After they figured it wasn't anything to worry about, they went back to showering themselves. Richard unzipped his pants and pulled out his raging hard-on, through the slit in his boxers.

He wanted to immediately push it through the hole he had made, but didn't want to get caught right away, so he slowly stroked it while watching. More girls started enter the shower as they got louder in there. He started stroking his dick faster as he looked on. He could feel himself getting ready to cum already, so he let go of his dick to let the feeling subside.

His dick throbbed harder as he watched a girl run her fingers through her hairy pubic mound. Sliding her fingers between her young pussy lips, splitting them slightly apart, and soaping up her blond pubic hair.

He stood there, eyes transfixed on her, as the head of his dick slipped into the hole he had made. He just wanted to push his hips forward and break through the tape covering it. He still held back as the girls finished their showers and walked out.

After about 10 minutes no other girls came into the shower. 'He had missed his chance and would have to wait until tomorrow,' he thought to himself. His dick began to soften as the noise died down in the locker room.

He was just getting ready leave when heard someone start a shower. He came back to his peephole to see who it was. As he looked through he saw a girl that was 16 or 17. She wasn't the best looking girl, which is why he figured she was showering alone. She was on the chubby side, but fairly tall. Maybe 5'8" tall he thought, he guess she weighed about 180 or 190 lbs. Her ass showed cellulite from fat, and she had a few rolls in her back. She turned around in the shower, giving him a frontal view of her. Her tits sagged quite a bit for her young age, but had huge areolas surrounding her finger sized nipples, guessing her tits were bigger than a D-cup. He look down her body to the brown pubic hair covering her young pussy.

He felt his dick rising again as he looked on. He knew it wasn't from her looks, but from wanting to get into a young girls pussy, even if she was a chubby girl. He quickly undid his pants and pushed them and his boxers down to his ankles. 'It was now or never,' he figured as he stroked his dick back to full erection again. After it was fully hard he guided it into the hole, but hesitated a bit. 'Fuck it,' he said to himself as he shoved his hips forward. His dick pushed against the tape and pushed it from the wall, sticking to the tip of his dick.

He looked back through his peephole hoping she noticed his member sticking out of the wall. She had her eyes closed, rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. He watched as she finished with her hair then started soaping up her body. His dick throbbed involuntarily in anticipation.

As she bent over to wash her legs, she froze in place, her eyes fixed on the wall he was standing behind. 'Yes,' he thought to himself. The girl stood back and began to slowly walk towards the wall to investigate. His dick throbbed harder as he watched her get closer. Her lips moved like she was talking, but he didn't hear anything she was saying.

As she walked up right in front of the wall she looked right down as his tape covered dick. "What the hell?" He heard her say as her hand grabbed his dick and squeezed it hard. This caused him to yelp a little, causing her to release him.

He wanted to pull it back out, and run. "Who's back there?" The young girl asked. He didn't know what to say, he hadn't thought about that. Trying to disguise his voice with a higher pitch he said, "just a dick in the wall for you to play with."

He thought she would turn and run away as fast as she could, but instead she said, "oh really?" In the same pitch as before he said, "yes, you can do whatever you want with it, but be a little nicer to it."

"Mmm," he heard from her as he felt her grab his dick again. Still a little roughly, but not as much as before. She ripped the tape off of the tip quickly, causing him to wince a little.

"I've never seen a black one before," she said as her hand slowly moved up and down him. He couldn't see what she was doing to him, but could see her cupping one of her tits and squeezing it.

Then he watched as she dropped from his view, now wishing he had a bigger peephole to see everything. He stood there, enjoying the feeling of someone else's hand stroking his dick. Then he felt something warm and wet envelop the head of his dick. The wetness became more prevalent as he felt her start to suck on the head and moan, sending vibrations through his shaft.

'I've died and have gone to heaven,' he thought as she sucked harder on it. She moved her hand away as he felt the wetness move down his shaft, until it was about half way down. He guessed that was how much was sticking out. He tried to imagine what she looked liked with his dick in her mouth, as it throbbed.

She started to move her mouth up and down his shaft as he slowly moved his hips to mouth-fuck her. He could feel the cum boiling up in his balls as her tongue moved across the bottom of his shaft.

He didn't want to cum so soon, so he quickly pulled back, pulling his dick completely out of the hole. "Hey," she yelled, "give that back."

He did want to cum so bad, but wanted to get into her pussy first, since it had been almost 10 years since he had sex. "He wants in your pussy now," he said in the same pitch as before.

He looked through the peephole as she stood back up looking down at the hole, "ok, but you can't cum in me."

"Ok," he said as he slid his dick back through. He watched her turn around and bend over at the waist. He never imagined it would be this easy, but he figured from her looks she didn't get much attention from guys except for a quick lay.

He felt her grab his dick and the head brush against her pubic mound. She moved the head of his dick up and down her slit, her pubes tickling his sensitive head. He wished he could just push forward and force himself into her.

Finally he felt her stop moving his dick and the head start to push through the warm folds of her pussy. As his dick penetrated her he let out a long groan of pleasure. The girl moaned in pleasure as well as his dick pulsed inside of her.

Richard was surprised he didn't blow his load right then and there. His dick slid into her further, her pussy contracting and releasing the invader in it, until her ass rested against the wall. The girl started to slowly move her hips forward and back, her ass slapping against the wall as she went back harder.

Her moans were getting louder as she fucked herself on his dick faster and faster. "Oh god yes, your dick feels so good," she yelled out as he felt her pussy squeeze his dick harder. It took every bit of his willpower to keep from cumming as he moved his hips, slightly, with her.

Her movements became faster and more forceful, her ass smacking against the wall harder and harder. Her moans were getting louder and could hear her moaning, "fuck me," over and over. He wished he could oblige, grab her hips and start slamming into her fully. But he had to settle for only having 3 to 4 inches in her, so he didn't get caught.

He felt her pussy getting wetter as it squeezed his dick, as if milking it. He started grunting as he fought to hold back his ejaculation. All of a sudden she slammed into the wall and froze, a long moan started coming from her, "mmm yes I'm cumming, yes." Her pussy squeezed his dick hard as her orgasm started.

He couldn't hold back anymore, his cum started rushing up his dick as he groaned loudly. His hips jerked as the first shot flew out and into her sucking pussy. She started almost screaming as her orgasm rocked her body, her legs becoming weak. He shot more cum into her before she fell to the shower floor in front of her. His dick continued to throbbed as more cum flew out and landed on ass and legs.

As his orgasm began to subside, cum still dribbled out of his deflating cock. He collapsed forward against the wall, exhausted, but extremely happy.

The girl slowly began to recover, and he heard her say, "what the fuck. You came in me." He could tell she was upset as he peered through the peephole to look at her.

He watched her move her hand away from her freshly fucked pussy, and saw his cum slowly seeping out, getting caught in her pubes. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, your pussy felt so good," he said, still disguising his voice.

"So you should've pulled out," she said as she looked down at her leaking hole. She didn't seem to upset though as she got to her knees and moved towards the wall, "next time you should wear a condom Mr. Jones."

'Shit she knew it was me,' he thought to himself. He felt her grab the end of his flaccid dick and run her tongue across the tip of it. "Mmm tasty," she said, "don't worry your secret is safe with me, as long as I can get some more of this some other time."

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