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Pantyhose Crossdresser with Biker Daddy
Biker Daddy Don - Story 1
During the summer when I was a teen I had been selling magazines for extra money. I wore shiny pantyhose and either silky panties or a silky slip under my clothes everywhere I went. I was out going door to door when I came to house that had a man in his late 40's working on a Harley in his drive way. On that day I had worn a shiny tan pair of exercise tights with some white silky panties over top of them that were a size too big. I liked the way they slid around with ease on my shiny hose covered cock. Anyway, as I approached him he stood up and wiped his hands off. I did my usual greeting and introduction to what I wanted, and he introduced himself as Don. We had a small conversation and he then told me to come in the house where we could talk. I did have an uneasy feeling by the way he was looking me up and down and kept calling me things like sweetie and honey, but I was slightly aroused by this so I went in. He asked me if I wanted some lemonade so I accepted. He came out of his kitchen and handed me a glass and invited me to sit down on the couch by him. I sat down and began telling him what I was selling and about all of the deals and savings I could offer him. I went on for about 15 minutes until I noticed he was staring intently at me but below my waist. I asked him what was wrong and he told me in a strong country accent that nothing was wrong. Then it hit me. My pants leg was up and revealed a portion of my shiny nylon leg! I tried to change the subject and lead him away from my leg but it didn't work. He kept staring though, so I uncrossed my legs and apologized to him. He told me to never mind and it was ok with him and that he thought I had nice looking legs. The conversation floored me! He asked me what it was that I was wearing so I told him in full detail. He stated that he liked that kind of stuff and actually put his hand on my knee. I took another big drink of the lemonade and my head immediately felt woozy. He had put something in and I was actually feeling loose and almost high from it. My speech was slurring slightly as his hand remained on my knee. I tried in vain to change the subject again but he kept going back to my legs.

I had some fun wearing shiny tights and pantyhose before but this was unexpected and I never messed around with a biker like him before, but I could feel my body becoming aroused for some reason. I squirmed around a little bit but his hand stayed right there on me. He then started asking me all kinds of questions about me dressing up, if my parents knew, did my friends know, etc. Then he said he would sure like to see more of my legs and how I shouldn't be embarrassed because I was a cute little thing. I sat there stunned for a minute, with my head still reeling from whatever was in my drink. I finally answered him and stood up. I removed my shoes and my jeans and layed them on a chair next to me. That's when things got started!

As I layed me jeans down, he started to say things to me while I stood there for a minute. "Yeah baby..that looks hot honey! Yeah, I like that..purty long legs..yeah.." he exclaimed patting me on the side of my leg. He then place his open palm on my leg right above my knee and slowly ran his hand up to the middle of my pantyhosed thigh and gripped on me roughly before patting me once on my silky granny pantied ass. I sat down in the corner of the couch, but he moved closer. I was nervous as hell but also very turned on too. Then he placed one arm on the back of the couch, and his rough hand that was free patted me on my upper thigh right on top of the panties and started rubbing on the softly so that the "big silkies" as I like to call them(granny panties) slid around on top of my silky tights. For the moment his had never left that area but he kept getting more and more personal with his questions and he was actually getting hard in his own jeans. He asked if I minded if he got comfortable and took his t-shirt off and undid his belt, and also unzipped his jeans but left them on momentarily. His bulge was growing as he kept rubbing slowly on my thighs. He asked me where I got the panties and when I told him that I took my grandma shopping and stole a pair for myself he got really excited and noticeably harder.

He somehow scooted even closer kind of pinning me in the corner now, and he put his hand on the top of my thigh and began slowly stroking my leg down to my knee and then back up again, pushing the line as far as he could go. "MMM baby..I love to see a young thing like you in pantyhose like these," he said petting on me,"yeah baby..I've only seen one fella anywhere near your age in pantyhose but they weren't shiny like these are" he said. "Stand up again honey, will ya?" he asked. So I stood up again and put my arms to my side looking rather rigid. He then began to massage my ass cheeks with both hands, not rough, but with some force. I was scared out of my mind but I could also feel my cock twitching as he moved my granny panties around on me shiny pantyhosed ass. The feeling of silk on my shiny tights really gets me turned on too, so it wasn't long before I started to tent. Things just sort of flew by then!

Before I knew what was happening he turned me around facing him as he sat on the couch. He then reached up and started moaning again without saying a word, as his hand went right on my silky covered cock. He moved his hand up and down my shaft quickly, working my meat up to a full hard on. Then without warning, he put his other hand on my ass and drew me in closer to him, and dove face first onto my cock on top of the panties. I could feel his warm tongue exploring me up and down for at least 5 minutes while he pumped my silken cheeks and moaned more. Next thing I knew, he yanked my panties down to my knees and dove his face into my shiny tan tights covered crotch so hard that I could feel his beard against my tights tickling my skin. He then stood up and bent me over the chair and positioned himself behind me. He placed his hot cock onto my hosed ass and started grinding it hard and slow up and down my ass crack. Suddenly I felt his cock swell up on my and he moaned loudly as he shot a hot load all over my tights. He grind-ed his cum in real good and when he was done he started getting dressed. He then bought around $200 in magazines from me! He gave me his phone number and told me to call him from time to time or come see him if I wanted too! This is only the first time we met but we have been together since then a few times and even took several pictures and video's over the years which I either have posted or will post soon!

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2013-12-20 11:57:50
Nice hot story, love wearing panties and love biker guys. Wish I could find.a.guy like that to fuck my man pussy

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2012-03-02 02:48:20
Wow looks like that first commenter wants to go to jail. Your phone number is now forever identified as being owned by a pedophile. Nice work!

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2012-03-02 02:45:36
To the anonymous reader below, are you FUCKING RETARTED? Why not just walk right up to a cop and tell him you hunt teen girls on the net? I dont think I have ever seen such an incredibly stupid, self destructive post. And if you are doing it as a prank using somebody elses phone number, then I hope you get caught. YOU WILL go to jail. Dumb fucking idiot.

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