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Megan is humiliated and punished severely, as she realizes her days as free woman are definitely over....
A bitch's fall episode c

The patch of light that marked Megan's path finally came to a halt near their house. Megan had been thinking what her parents would say if they saw,her in such attire. She had been made to return the first and last,bikini she'd ever bought as,her dad wouldn't let her in wearing that. Now that bikini seemed like a cocktail dress to her.

Trish meanwhile had been talking to her brother John, and both seemed to be sharing a joke. For some reason, megan didn't find that funny at all.

Eventually, Trish got off her, and megan heaved a,sigh of relief. The abominable torch was removed too. But before she could hope to return home more woman than meat, she felt a strange instrument enter her, which expanded inside with sharp ends. Looking back, she saw Trish had her hand deep in,Megan's gash. The hand came out, lubricated and shiny. Trish motioned to John, who began clicking pictures of her open slit. Then the cheerleader pushed a,smaller device inside, and then she was let up. Trish merely told her to hold the device in her cunt, which, because it was thin and small, wasn't a big deal.

John allowed her to look a little more respectable, before herding her along into the house. Once inside, she was,asked to go to her room. Megan desperately needed to pee, so she rushed to the toilet and quickly stripped of her ruined shorts. She figured the object was,some dildo,,so she,let it stay in.

The moment she sat down, the golden fluid began to flow. And she almost fainted from shock. Everytime the liquid hit the device, which stuck out slightly, a,small shock passed through her body. The device was some devilish electric rod. But she,had to pee, and tried to pull the thing out. It gave her a double powerful shock, making her hand hit the basin. She howled in pain, as her pee flowed again, adding to the pain. So with a,throbbing hand and aching pussy, she finally came out, and collapsed on the floor. Unfortunately, her residual pee flowed out, touching the device and making her squeal.

She heard footsteps. For the first time in her life, she wished it to be her brother, to pull the thing out. It was her mother. She asked if megan was ok. She,answered yes,,and quickly dressed in a long skirt and matching blouse for dinner.

The first part of dinner passed uneventfully. However, when her dad,asked her to bring in the apple pie, her brothers gaze told her to be careful. She carried the heavy bowl in, careful to maintain her balance.

This was a,task specifically given to her, for fear that her brother would drop it. As she neared the table, she saw,John with a small remote like object, which he,seemed to be adjusting. Just as she reached the table, and,was placing the pie between parents, her vagina stung like a bee. Megan lost her balance, pouring the pie over dad, and herself landing flat on the table. As her shocked parents braced for collision, another shock came. She was trying to get up, and fell across her mother's lap. Her pussy was wetting from the shocks, and left a big damp spot where her pussy landed. She finally managed to get up, surveying the devastated dinner with horror. Never in her entire life had she dropped anything. But never before was her pussy subjected to.....
A third shock followed. She had reached near her brother, and reached out for him to stop her fall. He had an evil grin as their faces came level and,then she went down, face to face with the remote as she lay on her brother s lap. She felt him cop a casual feel of her tits and check the dampness of her pussy, all under the table level. Then he gave her another shock, making her fall onto the floor at his feet.

John enjoyed seeing his sister lose her composure thus, and completed the humiliating debacle by putting his boot firmly on her white cotton clad tits, leaving a big boot mark. He pretended to hastily withdraw, letting her get up, and run away crying, a big blotch of wetness clearly visible for all in front of her skirt.

The family got up, their dessert destroyed by an ostensibly horny female with a balance problem. John went upstairs to check on his cunt. Trish had been bang on the buck. He started laughing inspite of himself.

He found megan on the floor, her skirt now drenched with a mix of juice and piss,,as his bootmark showed like a logo against her white chest.

Megan appeared to be shocked. Her quick mind had correctly guessed that it was her brother who had made a fool of her before their parents. She wondered what her parents would think of her now, her responsible image in tatters, and oh, the fall on her mother would surely have left a mark. What if they guessed it? Their upright conservative daughter ......

John realized that Megan was preoccupied. So he grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her onto her bed. Seeing the long skirt, he made it a point to change her clothing as soon as possible. It just won't do for those creamy legs to be hidden away, not when they would be dripping cum all day anyway.

Carefully, he pulled out the object using rubber gloves, sniffing it for her musky scent. It would again be useful, but he needed a fuck. He now ordered Megan to strip off her conservative clothes, which she complied with. Anticipating the by now familiar routine of fuck, she even spread her legs, hoping to please her brother enough not to have that abomination in her cunt again, or have to serve as Trish s pony.

John had other plans. He knew Megan had by now accepted rape as a regular feature of her existence, and guessed that she feared the leak of her numerous pics. But it would be no fun if she didn't learn a lesson everytime she was raped. This particular lesson would involve pain.

Unknown to Megan, John had arrangex for trish to sneak into the house in the night. Now the vixen appeared at the window, and got down noiselessly. She had a,bag over her shoulders, which gave megan the deepest foreboding.

John and trish kissed, and megan could tell they were purposefully doing it. Back in high school, Megan had always been a,watchdog for her wayward brother. Her religious vigil meant guys half his size got the girls, while his otherwise good moves were foiled by her. A,kiss had been out of question, and she knew they would do a lot more than megan would have accepted of John's wife.

John saw Megan through Trish s hair, and kissed deeper. From now on their roles had reversed, he owned her, and she would endure everything she had tried to stop in her life. John thus moved further, openly caressing Trish s ass, as she pressed herself closer to him. He slipped his hands into her top, and undid her bra, slowly enough for megan to guess. He then raised her top, bra and all, making her topless. Strangely though, megan seemed to be more interested than ashamed now.

Megan was experiencing what she would learn to call arousal. She had secretly wondered what the cheerleaders looked like inside, and now had a clear view of one. Trish had firm tits, slighlty larger and firmer than Megan's more modest tits. Infact Megan had always been thankful that her breasts were medium;hanging breasts made girls look like whores. Now for the first time, she felt envious of the girl, her breasts pressing into John's chest as she lay helpless and for the time, useless.

John decided to get a move on. Asking Trish for the tit press she had promised him, he got to work on his sister's boobs. Megan's tits were round grapefruit size and about a handful. John figured it'd be better for her to be tied up and gagged, to add to her misery.

So they pulled her up, and trish tied her hands over her head. This was attached to a hook meant for the fan in the ceiling.

Her tits however stood out proudly, the nipples erect, the orbs defying gravity. John now applied the tit press to her chest, one for each boob. He attached them gently, so they held on without hurting her. Megan quickly realized what the contraption with twin steel plates with screws at each end was for.

She began pleadind with her eyes, as trish approached the bound girl. She raised her breast, and pulled megan s mouth to it. Soon, she was sucking the tasty tit. Trish saw how she was eagerly sucking it. So she reached down and gently notched up the tit crushers.

Megan felt the clamps tighten, but she concentrated on sucking the boob. But trish didn't want megan enjoying, she wanted megan crying, humiliated, begging her ex foe for mercy. So this time, she brutally notched up the clamps, squashing the tits into elongated bubbles.

Megan felt the pain multiply, the clamps now really constricting blood flow, as her mouth was shifted to the other tit. Another notch, and her tits were starting to turn blue. The pain was excruciating but from the corner of her eye, she saw the screws were hardly halfway through.

She had started salivating, drooling on the titty as her focus shifted to the burning agony in her chest. Trish pulled away, till only saliva joined the dom and the slut. Laughing at Megan s pained expression and drooling mouth, trish twisted it more, causing megan to cry out. This only earned her Trish s smelly thongs and duct tape to keep it in, as trish stood facing her vanquished enemy. But the worst was to come.

Satisfied with the compression level, trish now took out a whip, and raised it to Megan s face. Megan saw the long leather lash, and started crying. She began licking the tears, her brutal face inches from Megan's, but she didn't kiss. She was a slave after all, she didn't deserve tenderness. And she got none.

The first lash came in a flurry of black, causing Megan to almost lose balance as it struck her half dead tits. Crack! Another one landed on her stomach, causing her to gasp. Trish now notched up the screws to 3/4 th level, making megan feel faint from the combined pain

Meanwhile, John had returned fron checking if their parents were asleep. He now locked the door and removed his clothes. Trish paused as he went behind the bound girl and pushed in, such that their bodies were in complete contact.

Trish now resumed the whipping, making megan jerk on her brother s pole. For john, it was awesome. The sight of the lashes landing all over her body, coupled with the shudders and the pussy squeeze she gave everytime it hit, made sex an even more wonderful experience.

Megan didn't know where to focus. The pain seemed to have spread all over her body. Her tits appeared ruined, purple baloons with brownish nipples. Her torso was crisscrossed by lashes, her hands felt numb. She wanted to die, or do anything to get out. Anything. Her mind brought up her vaunted values, and her pain shoved them out. She'd often claimed to prefer death to dishonor, now dishonor, even a life full of rape and humiliation looked better. She'd happily be a trash whore, a piss slut or any of the abominable things she'd always kept away. Sex the forbidden fruit, now seemed like heaven, rape an everyday affair. At that moment her will finally broke, and she relinquished any hope of ever being a free woman again.

But her two captors seemed rather oblivious. John had started fucking her faster, making her lurch forward just as the lash landed, hurting her even more. She wished she could enjoy the fuck atleast, considering that that was all she seemed destined for, but trish seemed intent on making her concentrate more on her pain than pleasure. So, she didn’t even realize when her brother filled her hole, as the lashes were relentless, and by now were landing where earlier blows had already frayed the flesh. All she knew was that her brother had pulled out, and moved away, taking the lash from trish. For some reason, megan was filled with the hope that he atleast would realize her plight and let her off, atleast remove the painful restraints, which had by now made her breasts totally numb.

However, she had only known the brother whom she could control, whom she could force to be like her. The man before her wasn’t her catholic ideal, he seemed to be totally unknown to her, for she had never dreamed that a woman could be punished the way she had been. Compared to her earlier rape, not only was this endless, but infinitely more painful , even surpassing the humiliation which should have welled in her heart at being used in such a way by her own brother.

John, however, wasn’t interested in what megan hoped or expected. All their lives she had got what she wanted, what she expected. Now it was his turn, and her wishes no longer mattered. He would do what he wanted, as long as he wanted, and with whom he wanted, the only condition being that the bitch be humiliated, degraded and hurt at every stage, till she forgot that she was anything but a piece of meat. And the process had just begun.

John moved behind her, checking out the shapely ass that had attracted many a man, to his own peril. Now it was throbbing as she shifted from one foot to another, desperately trying to ease the pain in her body and the numb weight on her chest. He fondled the globes, noting how tender her skin was, how responsive it was. All the better, given what he had in mind. A second later, the lash landed hard on the left cheek, making it bounce and megan jump.

Megan hadn’t expected this. Wasn’t any part of her poor body to be spared ? it seemed not, as another one landed on her ass, pushing her forward, into trish, who was now standing close to megan. Trish pulled out a marker, and marked two strokes on her face, for the two lashes. Then megan gave a muffled yelp, and another stroke appeared on her cheek. Four! Five! Trish crossed the earlier four with a broad stroke. Six! Seven! Trish shifted to the other cheek, making the same long strokes. Megan however, was more concerned with her ass, which she was sure was zigzagged with red lines , if her previously punished tummy was any indication. She was crying, but this time trish merely wiped them off, remarking that the ink needed time to settle; a proper record needed to be kept.

John completed ten, and stepped back to admire his handiwork. Megan’s entire body appeared red and throbbing now, making her brother quite satisfied. He indicated to trish that he was done and Megan saw her nod. Trish now made megan close her eyes, and applied marker all over her eyelids, followed by a liberal coat on her lips. She completed the facial with the word ‘WHORE’ on her forehead. Megan again hoped that she would be let off, but they merely headed to her luxurious bed and lay down.

Megan watched silently as the two made love before her, her brother making love to her arch enemy, a girl she wouldn’t have allowed in her house, let alone on her bed. And with her brother! Somehow, a part of her wished to feel his tender caresses and boob squeezes at that moment. Compared to what she was going through, incest was quite romantic. This only made her more ashamed of herself , as the last vestiges of her morality and righteousness began to dissolve with the tears that flowed down her decorated face, fell on her dead like tits, and dropped across her punished abdomen to where her brother’s cum had seeped from her pussy, and collected between her legs. Shw had relinquished hope of being a free woman when the torture began, now she gave up the hope of even getting the attention given to whores, she didn’t seem human, she was meat.

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