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I thought I had enough pleasure...
I always wondered what it was like having a true love. A love where you have sex at anytime of the day. Where you just know that other person. I grew up without a father, and I never had a real boyfriend. I felt no one really cared about me.

I would always just be friends with everyone. Everyone called me "one of the guys". Mainly because I loved sports and I wasn't girly girly either. But I have huge tits and half the time, an ultra wet pussy.

Seeing as how I never had a boyfriend, and I never experienced sexual activity.

I would always go home and watch porno or chat online and cyber by turning on my webcam and finding another guy with a webcam. It gave me pleasure at the moment. But deep down, I wanted love more than just lust. I'd find myself home alone with my finger always up my panties.

My junior year in high school, I met a guy named Shane. And right away, I was attracted to his dick for some reason. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and nice body, and a nice ass. He played on our baseball team. I would always go to their practices just to see him bend down just so I could see a glimpse of his balls and/or cock. But then I realized, he would be wearing a cup underneath his shorts. Well one day, I got the guts to go up to him.

I was a little nervous. I mean I was just your typical brown hair, brown eyes, I wore glasses, I had big boobs, big ass, and I was ultra smart. I asked him for his number and name, even though I already knew his name, and he gave it to me. That day at school, he sat at lunch with me. It was only me and him. We sat outside across from each other. While I was eating, I couldn't help but notice his crotch area. It was only about a foot and a half from me. And I just couldn't resist. We finished lunch. He walked me to class. I felt his hand on my ass as we were walking down the hallway. Before we got to the last class of the day, he wanted to kiss me. So I kissed him. A simple kiss. Then he said he wanted more than just a kiss. He grabbed my right boob as I was leaned up against the wall. I was wearing a low cut shirt so you could see half my boobs.

I got home that day. Popped in a porno as usual. Watched it. Fingered myself. Made myself cum. I loved seeing 2 girls and a guy go at it. I loved seeing 2 girls licking a sucking on a guys dick. It almost made me want to have a dick. But I was just happy with my pussy. But I almost dreamed of having a threesome with another girl. Just to see another wet pussy and some tits to grab.

Shane invited me to his house that night. He said his sister was home so we wouldn't be doing much, and if we were to, we would have to keep it quiet. I arrived there. It was a nice, good size house. Shane took me straight up to his room. He had a connecting bathroom with it. I layed down on his bed. It was ultra comfy. I could smell previous cum outbursts. His room smelled like a dick.

"What do you want to do?" He asked me.

"Do you want to turn off the lights and watch a movie?" I replied.

"All I have are pornos"

"That's fine"

"You like pornos?" he asked in amazement.

"What teenage girl doesn't?"

"I don't know" he said. "But you know once we start watching it, I'll want to do more than just watch the movie."

"Just put in the movie" I demanded.

"Have you ever done anything?" he asked me.

"No" I said. "Why do you ask?"

"Just curious"

"Put in the movie now Shane"

The first little 'scene' in the movie was a girl giving a guy a blowjob in the shower. It was ultra sexy. And it got my pussy a little wet. I could see Shane trying to look down my shirt.

"What are you looking at?" I asked.

"You're huge boobs" he said. "They're so huge."

"Would you like to see more of them?" I asked.

"Hell yeah"

Immediately, he came over to me, and ripped off my shirt. With only my bra on, I stopped him.

"Now you have to take something off Shane."

"What do you want me to take of?" He asked.

"Your pants."

He took off his pants and his shirt. He only had on boxers. They were navy blue boxers and ultra tight on him. I could practically see his balls. It really got me going. His cock was a little up. But not nearly enough to do anything with. We were both on our knees facing each other on the bed. I pushed him down on his back. With my panties and bra on, I sat ontop of his boxers.

"You wanted to see more, well here they are" I said.

I took off my bra. His eyes got incredibly huge. And I could feel his cock rise quickly. It was mighty big. And I was a virgin. So I wasn't sure if I could handle his cock. I leaned forward, still ontop of him, and made out with him. While we were kissing, he grabbed my ass. We didn't notice that his sister was standing at the door watching us.

"Excuse me!?" She said. "just what do yall think yall are doing?"

"We're gettin it on, now leave!" Shane said.

"Shane, put your clothes back on, and stop doing sexual things" She demanded.

"Sarah, you're a pain in the ass, now leave, I want some pussy." Shane said to his sister.

"Fine Shane, I'm staying in the room regardless." Sarah said.

"Ok, fine with me. Hope you enjoy"

We started making out again. I was still ontop of him. I got up on the floor infront of Sarah, my face towards her. My ass was facing towards the bed so Shane could see it. He pulled down my panties, getting a full view of my now wet pussy and my ass crack. I stood up in front of Shane. Shane was sitting on the bed. He had an ultra hard cock and it was almost bulging out his boxers. My ass was facing Sarah now. I bent over infront of her. Shane spread my legs open so Sarah could see all of me.

"Oh my, Amanda, you look extremely horny." She said.

"Come give it a lick, it should like you." I told her.

"Really? You want me to?" She asked.

"yeah you do that while I give your hot brother a blowjob." I said.

still in the same position, I pulled out Shanes erect cock. I licked it. i sucked it. I licked all up and down his huge cock while Sarah was tongue crazy with my pussy. I was already about to cum.

"I'm about to cum" Shane said.

"How about we switch positions" I suggested.

"I don't know" Sarah said.

"Come on, just try it, if you don't like it, we'll switch back." Shane said.

"ok" Sarah finally gave in.

I squatted down behind Sarah gettin a full view of her moist pussy. I've always seen pussies on tv but never up close like it was. I opened up that tight pussy of hers. she was ultra sweet down there. And I didn't want to stop licking her. My tongue played with her clit. she was about to cum.

"Cum for me" I demanded.

Right then and there, she came. The juices were sensational. She tasted so great. i got up. She was suckin away on shane's cock.

"Let me join you" i said.

She moved to the side. She licked his cock while I licked his balls. Then after 5 min or so, we switched.

"ok enough of this. I want some cock" I said.

"Sit ontop of me then" Shane said.

I was already extremely wet again. I sat ontop of him. His head was at the bottom of the pussy. And I knew I was in for alittle bit of pain. He forced it in there.

"OOoooohhhhhhhh" I screamed.

"come on baby" he said "you'll enjoy this, just relax"

Shane leaned all the way back. Sarah sat ontop of his face while I was riding his cock. He was having a blast eating out his sister. And it was a major turn on for me. he would grab her tits. She grabbed mine will I rode his cock. My walls finally opened up. And then I started saddling. Faster and Faster. The faster and faster I went, I could feel his cock size increase. Every now and then, Sarah would play with the top of my pussy while I was riding her brother's cock. Oh it felt so good.

I got off his cock.

"Ok sarah, lets switch" I said.

"Ok" she said.

She sat in the same position i was in. Only I got off the bed behind her where I could see her pussy and Shanes cock and balls. I had the best view. shane was at the edge of the bed so I could touch anything that I wanted. She started going up and down. Oh man was that a sight to see. I managed to get my face in there and licked his balls while she was fucking him.

I could tell she was starting to cum. I could see her juices go down his cock onto his balls. I licked it all off. Man she tasted sweet still. She got off him. I went crazy on his cock. I finally made him cum. And just by him cumming, he made me cum. What a feeling. It's one thing to masterbate and cum, but it's another thing when someone else makes you cum.

"it's time for you to go home, Amanda"..........

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fake, stop lying fucktard, i mean ultra fucktard


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