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This is the story of Mary, she is sixteen, during her summer school holidays she works at the hotel her parents own. This story needs to be read in order for continuity, this is what she gets up in that holiday……
One of the other suites was occupied by Pastor Richards and his wife, picking up on something I had overheard my mother and father say, he wasn’t a proper priest or anything like that he preaches at one of these new modern churches, his wife is very quiet but masculine in stature. Pastor Richards is quite a thick set man with beady eyes, when I work in their suite he is always following me around with his eyes watching my every move; his wife seems to spend her time obeying his every order.

Since being introduced to my body by Claire, I have an aching cunt that I just don’t know how to manage, doing the mundane chores around the hotel allows my mind to drift off and think about various things she has taught me. I was in the bathroom of the Pastor’s rooms cleaning the floor on my hands and knees, the movement of the material of my dress against my nipples whilst I polish the floor causes my nipples to harden and my pussy to itch. Knowing that the Pastor and his wife are not there, I stop, hitch my dress further up my thighs and start rubbing my clit through my already damp white panties. Feeling more and more aroused, I move my hand to the side of the crotch of my panties and slide my fingers into my pussy, rubbing my juices up and down the folds of skin. Impatient with my own teasing I start to rub my clit harder and faster hoping a quick orgasm will resolve the situation temporarily.

I loll my head back catching sight of my open gash in the bathroom mirror with my fingers rubbing myself only to be pulled from my sexual reverie by the sight of the Pastor’s wife watching me in said same mirror! I immediately stop and try to cover myself but she comes over and puts her hand on my shoulder.

‘Please promise you won’t tell my parents, I will get in sooo much trouble for this?’ I pleaded,

‘Of course I won’t. Don’t worry honey, we have ways to help you with these problems of lust.’ she said soothingly,

‘I’ll not mention this to your parents, on the proviso you come back to our suite at 4pm as I have a little task for you.’

I nodded keenly, desperate not to be found out.

So at 4pm I knocked quietly on their suite door and let myself into their apartment, the Pastor’s wife comes out to meet me, she is a tall, thin, pinch faced woman with dark hair, almost Amazonian in appearance.

‘The Pastor is waiting for us.’ she says.

Oh shit, I panic, she has told him what she caught me doing! She ushers me into the Pastor’s study, it is full of religious pictures, books and a brass cross. He is wearing his long dark purple robe he wears to preach in, from where I am standing he looks very tall and broad, he has a beard and his piercing eyes look over his glasses at me.

His wife, in front of me, tells him what she caught me doing earlier in their bathroom, he stares at me and asks,

‘Have you been letting boys touch you?’

‘No Sir, I have been helping my parents here all summer, I am not allowed out to meet boys.’ I dare not look at him, I am terrified he will read my thoughts about Claire and the Major.

He explains that with his training as a lay preacher, he is qualified to help me release the lust from my body and give it away, but I must be prepared to give it with all my heart. He needs to ‘examine’ me to see how bad the lust problem is and orders his wife to remove my pinafore, dress and hat. She dutifully unties my apron and unpins the hat from my head, laying them on a nearby chair, she unzips my dress peeling it off of my shoulders and dropping it to the floor, I place my hand on her shoulder for support as she leans down whilst I step out of my uniform.

I stand before him in my bra, panties, thick black stockings and work shoes, my breathing starts to increase as his eyes examine all of my small body, stopping to linger on my small jutting breasts and travelling downwards. I feel my face redden as I feel my cunt start to itch, my clit swelling and that achy feeling in my lower abdomen. With just his scrutinising gaze, my nipples harden like bullets pointing out through the thin lacey fabric of my bra.

‘Remove her bra.’ he orders to his wife. She duly complies to his demand.

With his fingers, he reaches out and circles each nipple, I gasp but cannot move away, I am routed to the spot, I am so aroused by his touch. He seems to examine each nipple coming closer and closer until his tongue is on me, sucking and licking, slurping on my pale flesh the dark pink aureoles puckering at his attentions.

His wife stands watching us but I can hear her breathing faster too. He smooths his hands down to my waist continuing to suck on my aching breasts then further on down hooking his fingers into the waistband of my panties, pulling them down just a little and he kisses me softly just at the start of my fuzzy hair. I am distracted by his wife who is now on one of the seats, her skirt is pulled up, one of her legs is hooked over the arm of the chair and she is rubbing her bald clit like crazy watching her husband fawning over me.

‘See, we all need help with our lust issue.’ he spoke calmly as though explaining his actions to me. His big strong hands are suddenly inside my panties touching and stroking all my pussy, running his fingers up and down my wet slit, slicking my juices all over my pussy. He pushes his finger into my cunt and I moan loudly, then he starts rubbing my clit which feels hard, harder than my nipples.

His wife cums moaning loudly, I watch her has she softly strokes her clit as her breathing and spasms subside.

‘Margaret, come over here.’ he talks to her while he removes my panties, it is the first time I have ever heard her name, I didn’t even know.

His staring eyes take in the full view of my cunt, he is kneeling between my feet as he has me stand with my legs wide apart. Margaret stands behind me with her arms around me, stroking my nipples, her long fingers tease my excited flesh, rolling my aching nipples between her fingers.

‘Lift her cunt lips open so I can see better.’ he commands his wife, she dutifully obliges, my skin tingles at her touching me and my clit protrudes even more. Slowly, he comes closer and sticks his tongue out to taste me, his long pointing tongue pushes against my clit causing me to moan again. He tastes my juices and sticks his tongue back onto my love button and starts to flick his tongue back and forth.

He runs his fingers through my blonde pubic hair and puts two fingers into my moist opening, he does not hesitate as he slides them in firmly without stopping causing me to gasp loudly. Margaret pushes my body up and down against his fingers as he licks my clit, I lean back against her body, my knees tremble she grasps at my nipples trying to support me. Her head comes under my armpit and she sucks hungrily at my other nipple biting on the tender skin.

My moans start to build as I feel my body giving in to orgasm, I am bouncing up and down on his fingers as he chews and rubs my clit, my orgasm rushing through my body in waves, my cunt muscles pulling and sucking on his fingers. My juices are flooding all over his hand, running down my thighs, I am gasping for breath begging him to stop as my body cannot cope any more.

He removes his hand, it is soaked in my cum, his wife gazes hungrily at it,

‘Please let me taste her juices.’ she begs to her husband.

‘You can have it on the proviso you suck my cock and take my cum.’ he bartered with her, but it was obvious he had the upper hand and Margaret had to do as she was told. She lowered her eyes and nodded obediently, kneeling before him he offered his hand to her and she greedily licked and sucked his fingers clean. I was left to stand in front of them watching them, while I tried to recover from my mind blowing orgasm.

He pulled his gown to one side, underneath he was naked, his cock poking out like a ram rod, it was nine inches long, longer than the Major’s but not as thick, apart from that I had nothing else to compare it to. His cock was red, the end thick and purple, Margaret seemed to be reluctant.

‘Remove your dress, suck my cock, Margaret!’ he hissed between gritted teeth.

‘I don’t like it, I hate the taste.’ she whined at him as she unbuttoned the rest of her dowdy dress, she was naked underneath, she had large pendulous breasts with the longest nipples I had ever seen (well I hadn’t seen many but they were nearly an inch long I was certain).

‘You know the deal woman, suck my fucking cock now!’ he shouted, causing me to flinch.

He grabbed her head and rammed his cock deep into her mouth, her face went rather red and gurgling noises came from her as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. My eyes opened wide in awe, I had never seen a man put his cock into a woman’s mouth like that, he held onto the back of her head as he pumped his hips into her face. By now her knees had slipped wide apart and she was rubbing her pussy which was dripping her juices all over the study floor.

His face was bright red, his breath in ragged gasps, grunting with the effort of burying his cock deep into his poor choking wife. He pulled out quickly, grasping his cock, pulling on it in a corkscrew motion, his cock seemed to grow bigger and bigger before it erupted and spattered globs and globs of cum all over her breasts. He leaned over his cock watching his juices spurting all over his wife, grunting and panting over his climax.

He flicked the last of his cum hanging from his cock at his wife and sat down heavily in his office chair.

‘Mary, lick my cum off my wife’s tits!’ he gasped still recovering. I didn’t dare argue, the threat of my parents knowing what I had been doing still hung over me like a black cloud.

I kneeled down in front of Margaret, tentatively licked some of his cum into my mouth, the cum made a stringey rope and I sucked it into my mouth. Having been so turned on watching him ram his cock into his wife’s face, I lapped up his juices, moving his cum around in my mouth tasting him. There was a large glob hanging from her nipple, I sucked her flesh into my mouth licking around her tit as it tightened its skin, Margaret moaned as I continued to rub my teeth and my tongue over the huge bud. She cupped my head against her bosom pushing my mouth tighter onto her breast, she gazed down at me with her large grey eyes, as my cheeks drew in and sucking on her, I returned her gaze to show her I loved her huge tits.

Sitting quietly watching us, the Pastor sat in his chair tugging on his limp cock, staring with his piggy eyes.

‘Get on the floor Mary, on your back.’

‘Margaret – squat over her, facing me, so I can see her eat you out!’ his voice was so controlling, I could imagine him belting out his sermons to his attentive congregation.

I lay on the floor, the rough carpet prickling at my flesh, his wife squatted down over my face, I took in the view. She had distended pussy lips, her flesh dark and glistening with her juices, she peeled her pussy lips open showing her inner lips, her clit was massive, protruding, begging for me to suck her. I lifted my head and drew her love button (it was hardly that, nearly a mini penis!) into my mouth, gently holding it between my teeth rubbing the flat of my tongue over it’s rock hard flesh.

‘Oh God!’ she wailed ‘Suck on it harder!’

I moved my mouth further back, pushing my tongue between the folds to her wetness, sticking my tiny tongue into her gaping hole, drawing her cream in to my mouth. As I sucked more of her juices into my mouth the cold air rushing past her sensitive lips caused her to wail. I moved back to her clit and pulled the hanging hardness into my mouth, sucking against it making my lips vibrate against her, she pushed herself down onto me grinding her wetness all over my face.

I heard the Pastor’s chair creak as he got to his feet, I felt the thud of his feet on the carpet as he moved around the room until he came into view behind my head. As he kneeled either side of my head, he pushed his gown to either side, the folds of fabric brushing against my face. His balls were large and hairless, his cock bulbous and hard again, he pushed Margaret forward so she placed her hands either side of my body.

I again was completely fascinated, as he pulled open her pussy lips, placed his cock at her opening and forcefully drove his cock deep into his wife’s cunt all the way to the hilt. Margaret shouted loudly as if to protest but made no attempt to move away from him, he grasped her hips and started to pump his cock furiously into her. From where I lay, I could see her cunt lips syphoning against his cock as his huge member pummelled her.

‘Ungh, ungh, ungh!’ she grunted with the force of his fucking, ‘Mary, help me, suck on my clit, help me cum.’ she uttered desperately.

I drew her large clitty into my mouth and started to suck on it, drawing it between my teeth, chewing gently on it, or sucking as I hard as I could like it was an ice lolly. All the time my eyes were barely inches from his cock fucking her cunt as hard as he could, pulling out slowly then ramming it back in. He pounded her over and over until I could see his balls tighten and his grunts turned to gasps as he pumped her cunt full of his hot spurting cum. As his fucking slowed, I tried to ramp up my attention to her clit, sucking it in short bursts.

‘Don’t stop, do it there, that’s it, there, keep sucking, harder, more, more…. Ayeeee I’m cumming, don’t stop, don’t stop, yessssss!’ she hissed as I saw her cunt grip around his slowly softening member pushing her and his juices out around his cock dripping onto my face. I leisurely licked his balls, the base of his cock still buried in her cunt, savouring their juices, lapping up the wetness. His cock plopped out of her cunt, landing on my face, I tilted my head back and sucked his flaccid member into my mouth drawing the last of his cum from it’s tip, licking his cock clean. I loved the softness and warmth of his skin.

He stood up and pulled his robe back around him, ordering us to dress. He sat back down on his office chair, turned back to his desk and continued with his work. Margaret and I dressed in silence not even looking at one another, once dressed she nodded at me curtly and I let myself out of their suite, I couldn’t wait to tell Claire about this!

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and a good time was had by all! well done!

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