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This is the story of Mary, she is sixteen, during her summer school holidays she works at the hotel her parents own. This story needs to be read in order for continuity, this is what she gets up in that holiday……
I was disappointed that I had not seen the Major for a while; apparently I overheard my father saying he had gone away on holiday with his wife for two weeks. It did give me the opportunity to disappear off to their apartment every second day on the pretence of dusting and cleaning. Not wanting to get caught out again, I placed the ‘Cleaning’ sign on the outside door knob and dropped the latch on the inside. I then had two glorious hours to play with my nagging pussy in peace, I would lie on their huge bed, my legs spread stroking myself in wild abandon.

Having had a nosey in the bedside drawers, I had discovered some dvds, I soon realised they were the Major’s porn stash by the wording of the titles – I inserted the first one into the tv in the bedroom and watched images of men and women, together, same sex etc etc., what disappointed me was there were plenty of men cumming everywhere, splashing their jiz over girl’s breasts, faces and mouths but the girls even when girl on girl had such dry looking pussies. What really turned me on was Claire’s snatch dripping with her goo, the sight of it glistening wet, the white cream pooling at the opening of her cunt, these gorgeous girls in these porn flicks looked dry, sure didn’t look like they were turned on to me!

I inserted and fast forwarded through at least six discs becoming more and more disappointed, until right at the bottom of the drawer I found a dvd in a plain clear battered case, on the disc itself was written ‘Wet Amateurs’, almost giving up hope I inserted it into the tv and waited for it to load. Oh wow! I had discovered an Aladdin’s Cave of wet pussy, loads of women all shapes and sizes with dripping cunts, close ups of men’s dicks slipping in and out of wet holes, girl’s eating each other out slurping on pussy juice.

Instantly my pussy starting to gush my juices, I rubbed them all over my lips, massaging and lubricating it all in my folds. I scooted off the bed and went to my cleaning trolley and retrieved from one of the hidey pockets an old electric tooth brush one of the former residents had left behind. I jumped back on the bed and switched it on, the toothbrush head buzzing into life, I placed the back of it against my clit, rubbing it over the attention seeking nub of flesh and gazed dreamingly at the horny site on the tv.

Soon I was pressing the vibrating gadget hard against my button, by pelvis tilting to welcome an awesome orgasm to ripple through my body. I held it there for as long as I could stand, feeling climax after climax attack my senses, until eventually I had to stop, my clit too sensitive to stand any more. It took me several minutes to recover, knowing I would be missed shortly I reluctantly ejected the dvd otherwise I would been laying there for quite some time more, knowing how my body was responding.

I wiped my dripping pussy clean, replaced my panties and disposed of the evidence down the toilet, being careful to put the discs away in the order I had found them and shutting off the tv. I flicked a duster quickly over the surfaces and left the apartment going onto my next job before anyone noticed. I returned there without fail every two days for repeat performances for several days, when I told Claire about the dvd she begged me to bring it to our room but I was too afraid to be busted.

Monday I received the news I’d been waiting to hear, I had been summonsed to Major Morris’s suite to clear away the breakfast things and make up the bed, excitedly I disappeared to the loo to remove my panties as per Major’s demands, they were wet already! I hastened to the suite, knocked quietly and entered, Major sat at the table in his dressing gown reading the paper, I could hear Lady Morris on the telephone in the study.

‘Morning Sir!’ I exclaim, my heart somersaulting and my pussy starting to ache. I was so disappointed when he didn’t acknowledge my greeting, slightly hurt at the rebuff I made my way to the bedroom, my heart started to thud as I heard him put down his paper and follow me. He stood at the door watching me, so I leaned over the bed straight legged allowing my short uniform to ride up my thighs giving him a full show of my small bottom and puffy naked pussy.

By now I was so turned on in anticipation of him my juices were starting to run down my leg. He moved very close behind me and I gasped as his hand moved up my thigh catching my dripping fluid, continuing up touching my aching clit up and to my cunt. I looked over my shoulder as he brought his hand to his mouth and sucked his glistening fingers clean to then return to my love hole and plunge a finger deep into me making me moan at the rough but pleasurable attention.

Suddenly, we both heard Lady Morris end her call, Major reluctantly removed his finger and I stood up very quickly adjusting my dress, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was, I had so looked forward to him returning from his holiday, I had lain in bed at night fantasising about him and wondering whether he would want to continue our liason. Sulking a little, I continued to make the bed, loading the breakfast things onto a tray, tidying up the dining table thinking lustfully how I would love to sit on the table and spread my legs for the Major to greedily gobble at my pussy and left the suite.

At lunch break Claire could see I was in a bad mood,

‘Hey Babe, what’s up?’

‘One word….. Major!’ I breathed with a frustrated sigh.

She was fully aware of my past dalliance with him and knew how keen I was to be subjected to his attention again. Since meeting Claire and sharing a room with her, she had awakened the tiger within of my aching pussy and found it endearing how insatiable my attitude to sex was. She flatly refused to break my hymen with one of her vibrators saying it had to be the real thing first time, even though she was a confirmed lesbian having been abused by her father. We both knew that the Pastor was never going to cross that line, he seemed to still have a slight moral code despite his perverse attitude towards me.

‘Don’t worry, you are on the rota this afternoon for tea duties, perhaps you’ll get your opportunity then!’ she tried to reassure me but I was beginning to wonder.

All afternoon, I worked here, there and everywhere except the Major’s apartment, by the end of the shift I was on the verge of tears, Claire had gone to visit her Mum so I didn’t have anyone to vent my frustrations on.

The next day I was rostered onto cleaning duties for Major’s suite, feeling rebellious and angry I kept my panties on defying his previous orders. When I knocked on the suite there was no reply so I quietly let myself in and started my chores, I dusted carefully around the rooms and then started vacuuming. I finished in the dining room, switched the machine off, turning round to unplug it and move to another room, I jumped out of my skin; the Major sat at the table watching me.

‘Forgotten something, Mary?’ he barked.

‘N-n-n-n-o Sir.’ I muttered under my breath.

‘What did I tell you NOT to wear when coming to my apartment?’ he spoke like a sanctimonious teacher, just making me want to defy him all the more even though I wanted his hands on my clit.

‘Not to wear panties, Sir.’ I whined.

‘Come here now!’ by now my will power was starting to crumble, so I shuffled over to stand next to him.

He grabbed my dress and pulled me forward over his knee, I started to wriggle and protest but soon fell silent as he pulled my panties down to my knees and started to spank me. His big hands slapped my arse many many times, the stinging pain reverberated through my petite body, I started to cry this was so not how I had planned it. By the time he had finished my arse felt like it had been stung by a nest of red ants, I was breathing heavily trying to block out the pain.

Then his attitude waivered a little, he started to stroke my bottom, gentle circular strokes soothing the pain, his hands stroking my arse cheeks then slowly moving further down skimming his fingers over my pussy. I could feel his huge cock although constricted in his trouser pushing against my side, his rubbing of my arse causing my body to move up and down against his hardon.

The circular stroking changed direction and his hand was rubbing only my pussy now, his fingers clumsily spreading my dripping juices into the folds, teasingly slipping one of his fingers a little way into my cunt, his thumb rubbing my clit button. I started to whine when he rubbed my clit too hard,

‘Shut up Mary, you’re nothing but a little whore, you tease me every time I see you, your cunt running with juices, you want this and you’re going to take whatever I throw at you!’ he muttered between his teeth.

He pushed me to the floor,

‘Stand up, strip, leave your stockings on! Quickly!’

I didn’t hesitate, I quickly, stepped out of my panties which were around my knees, shrugged off my pinny and dress and unclipping my bra, finally I stood naked in front of him just wearing my hold up stockings.

He unzipped his fly and pulled his hard cock out,

‘Suck my cock!’ he demanded.

I crouched down a little, taking his huge red cock in my tiny hand, the skin was soft, warm and tight, it twitched as I touched it. I kissed the glistening head, tasting his precum on my lips, I held it in both hands circling my tongue around.

‘Yeeeessss, good girl, lick it good Mary.’ he crooned.

I sucked the tip into my mouth, then licked up and down his shaft, loving the softness of his skin stroking up and down my face. My hands felt his balls, they were covered in dark hair but they were huge, the skin loose and weird feeling. I held the base of his cock in my hands, his cock against the smallness of my hands looked so big! I sucked the tip of his cock back into my mouth, taking his huge throbbing member further into my mouth, remember what the Pastor’s wife had done.

‘Oooohhh that’s a girl, suck on it, take it deep, go on further in, that’s it.’ his voice sounded different, so far away, he was obviously loving my mouth around his cock.

I pushed his dick into my mouth as far as I could, I started to gag, but he held my mouth on his cock, his hand on the back of my head pushing himself further into me. I spluttered and choked, I could not breath, I tried to pull back but he wouldn’t let me!

‘Uhggg, I uhgg can’t uhggg bre—athe.’ I gasped trying to fight for air.

‘Take it Mary, take my cock in your baby mouth.’ He insisted.

I pulled back hard, I felt dizzy, I was gasping for air. He let me go, he smiled smugly at me, for a short while I was a little scared.

Grabbing my tiny body, he pick me up and pushed me onto the table, slamming me back, leaning over me slobbering all over my achy little tits, biting at my nipples causing me to cry out in pain.

‘Shut up you little prick tease, your mouth is too small for my cock! I don’t want to hear a word from you! Don’t worry my wife won’t be back to save you either.’

Although I was whimpering, I was loving every minute, he was such a clumsy, greedy man, I came to the conclusion his wife was probably frigid and didn’t let him near her, I loved the way he fawned over me, slavvering at me like some sex starved animal. He continued slobbering down my belly and down to my cleft,

‘You’ve shaved your twat you little ho, who did that for you? I hope you haven’t had other men!’ he seethed.

‘N-n-n-o Sir, Claire helped me do it.’ I dare not tell him about the Pastor, I figured it best he didn’t know.

He roughly pushed my legs apart, pushing his hands up my thighs, prising my pussy lips apart stretching me open. I looked at his face, he was positively drooling eyeing up my juicy cunt. He drew breath, licking his lips and literally dived between my legs, slurping and sucking like a hyena, his mouth encased my tiny pussy sticking his tongue deep into my cunt trying to draw out my juices into his mouth. He moved his tongue to my tight rock of a clit, grasping it greedily between his teeth, serrating them over the dainty flesh causing me to tremble.

Sucking harder and harder on my button, he plunged his finger into my cunt, knuckle deep punching in and out, making slapping noises as the flat of his palm hit the wet flesh. I felt my belly tighten, that familiar tingling in my legs, I focussed my mind on his plunging fingers and his tongue flicking firmly over and over my clit. I held my breath as my climax came, coursing through me, my little love hole muscles grabbing and drawing at his fingers. I lay there gasping for air, my body twitching from his onslaught, his face continued to be buried between my legs but he was gently licking my juices, any more pressure and I would have screamed my head off!

I continued to lay still for some time gazing up at the ceiling, bathed in an after -orgasm glow, I heard him stand up, as I sat up he had completely removed his clothes, his ram rod of a cock protruding straight out from between his legs.

He moved closer to the table placing the huge head of his cock onto my pussy, he pushed my legs open wider, increasing the pressure pushing his rod into my cunt. It felt so tight, every time I relaxed he pushed himself deeper into me,

‘Relax come on, take it all in, your little cunny looks so cute wrapped around my big cock, it won’t hurt as long as you keep chilled!’ he tried to coax me.

His cock continued to push, stretching me wider and wider, I felt some pressure inside, I know he’d reached my hymen. He pulled back a little pulling it almost out leaving the tip inside, I watched him spit some saliva out of his mouth falling directly onto his cock and he pushed it back into me. He spat again, this time it landed on my clit, the coldness as the liquid landed made me jump, he started to rub the fluid into my clit.

‘Does that feel good honey, me massaging your little clitty? Now I’m gonna pull back my cock and break your hymen, relax baby it might hurt a little.’ All the time he is talking softly and persuasively.

The thumb on my button felt sooo good, I felt his cock pull back a couple of inches, with one hand on my hip, he grasped the flesh and rammed himself full length into me, I gasped as his cock ripped through me, the pain really sharp.

‘Oh stop, stop! Pleeeaaase you’re hurting me! No, no, noooo more pleeease!’ I whined at him.

By now he was bucking and grunting as his cock continued to ram me, the pain starting to abate, he continued to rub my clit hard and I started to enjoy his huge rod buried in my tight cunt.

‘Fuck, fuck, god your cunt feels good, so tight on my cock, baby!’ he gasped still pumping away.

‘Rub me, rub me, rub my clitty, I need to cum, pleeeaaassse don’t stop Maaajjjooorr!’ by now my hips were bucking up to meet his fucking, the tingling in my cunt too much to stand, I watched his cock burying itself in me and it tipped me over the edge. My orgasm exploded in me, my cunt tightening around his cock, stroking it, pulling it deeper and deeper into me.

‘Oh Mary, your fucking cunt is chewing on my cock soooo good!’

He started to fuck me harder, his balls slapping against my arse. He had both hands grasping my hips, his fingers digging in my flesh. He grunted, as he started to cum, I could feel his cock swelling then spurting his hot molten cum up into me.

‘That’s it baby girl, take all my love porridge into your tiny womb, ugh ugh that’s it, lots of cum into you virgin pussy.’ he started to slow down, his grasp on my flesh finally easing.

I lay on the table, satiated, feeling his cock slowly pushing in and out of my cunt, enjoying the feelings washing over me. His breathing eased, his cock starting to shrink until it fell out of my pussy, he continued to stand there his hands stroking my thighs and belly. Looking down at his shrivelled cock and my gaping cunt, he realises I am bleeding a little, his cock has our cum together with blood on it.

He picks me up and carries me to the bathroom, his tenderness surprises me, this is so unlike him. He sits me on the vanity unit beside the sink and runs some hot water into the basin, he gently washes my pussy with a sponge cleaning the blood from me. The water taints pink in colour. I take the sponge from him and reciprocate gently holding his cock in my hand and wiping the blood and juices from it, he watches me intently.

I can’t help it, I continue to stroke his cock with the sponge, even though it is clean, the skin is so silky in my hand. His member starts to stiffen from my attentions and is soon rock hard in my tiny hands, I am entranced by it, as I rub my hands back and forth over it’s huge size I marvel knowing this has been buried into my cunt and it is starting to make my pussy moist again.

‘Mary, look what you have done to me? My cock is hard again wanting you, your pussy will still be sore, can you take it again?’

I look at him with my huge cow eyes, I want his cock in my cunt again, I love the hold I have over him, knowing he cannot resist my tiny body. I bite my lower lip and nod at him. He picks me up, carries me through to the bed and lays me on it, he lays next to me, stroking my skin, I feel so tiny next to him. He caresses my arms, moving over to my small breasts, my skin puckers pushing my nipples up into tight knots, initially he rubs his palms over the tight nubs, I gasp at the glorious sensations they transmit down to my groin. He pinches them between his thumb and fingers; rolling them squeezing them, the pain is delicious. His hands move down the flat of my belly, stroking the pale skin feeling my hip bones through the flesh.

‘You are so tiny Mary, your skin so pale, you make my cock so hard, I want to fuck you every time I see you, do you know what you do to me?’ he is quiet, speaking to me softly. I do not know what to say in reply, I just lay still watching him, his cock his so hard pushing against my side. He tickles my fork, his fingertips tracing the line of my pussy lips, I open my legs to allow his hands to delve further. He pushes his fingers in to my vulva, I am so wet again, my skin throbbing, craving his touch, he strokes my inner lips, dipping down to my cunt, I flinch slightly still a little sore from earlier, he coats me in my juices.

‘Fuck me Major, take me again, bury your big cock in me, make me cum again!’ I cannot stand his teasing any longer, my pussy is on fire, itching to be fucked.

He positions me on all fours, coming behind me I can feel his cock against me, he rubs his cock up and down my wet folds, I push against him trying to get his cock into me. He moves his penis to my cunt hole, with one hard shove he buries his cock into me. I gasp, the shock, I didn’t realise how sore he had made me but I love this huge member deep in my hungry cunt, I push back on him wanting more. He moves slowly in and out, his cock pulling virtually all the way out before slowly, tantalisingly back in, I feel every inch of movement in my cunt. This is teasing me beyond words, I bury my head in the bedcover and moan loudly, I am so sore but I want him to make me cum and cum himself but he is taking so long I want it sooo bad!

He withdraws his cock suddenly, I look back at him in surprise, looking at him quizzickly.

‘I want to see your face when I fuck you, I want to see you cum!’ is his response.

He lays on the bed on his back, his cock sticking straight up.

‘Mount me Mary, climb onto my cock, I want to see your face when I am stretching you open.’

I stood up on the bed and straddled his hips, squatting down over his member, sliding it into my cunt, deeper and deeper until I am sitting on him. I grind myself down further taking his cock into me as far as I can.

‘That’s it baby, ride my cock, get it in deep.’ he moans pushing his hips up to meet my grindings.

I start to bounce up and down on his cock, grasping my hips he rams himself into me, his pelvis bucking up and forcing himself even deeper into me.

‘Play with your pussy honey, stroke your little clitty, make yourself cum baby.’

I lean back a little, seeking my clitty which has been pulled so tight by his huge cock stretching me open. I rub it with my two fingers, it is a little dry, I move my fingers further round, forking them either side of his cock, feeling his cock as he pounds my body onto it. Coating them in our juices I return to my hard nub and start to vigorously rub it, I need to cum so desperately, I frantically massage myself. His fucking me so hard his body is slapping against me, my tiny body is being slammed against him. I try to concentrate on making myself cum, my cunt is aching, I don’t know how much more I can stand, I frig my clit for all it’s worth, I’m focussing on the sensations of my finger and the Major’s cock pounding me.

The feelings start to build, I tilt my pelvis pushing his cock deeper in me, I’m tipped over the edge and fall into the orgasm abyss, my cunt claws at his cock, coating it in my juices. He grunts pounding me so fast I think I will pass out, then I feel his cock push more ropes of cum up into my body, spraying my womb with him, his face is purple with the exertion he is breathing so hard.

‘Oh god, oh yes, syphon my spunk from me Mary,’ he gasps, at last slowing his aggressive fucking as the last of his sperm shoots into me, I fall forwards onto his chest exhausted, I can hear his heart thudding in his ribcage. He puts his arms around my tiny form, stroking my back, his dick shrinks and plops out of my cunt, we lay prone, together, breathing hard. As I lay there, I can feel our juices seeping from me onto his groin, I suddenly feel very embarrassed and want to run away.

I make my excuses that I need to pee, clambering off him I rush to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. I urinate, the pee burns me I am that sore, his cum drips out of me into the toilet, I gingerly wipe myself clean, flush the toilet and go in search of my clothes. I dress hurriedly, I have no sense of time, panicking I might be missed searching the mantelpiece for a clock I am relieved that I have only been here just over an hour!

Realising I still had cleaning chores to finish, I moved the vacuum into the Major’s study and continued to work. I still had the bathroom to clean, I tiptoed through the bedroom, he still lay on the bed naked and asleep. I shut myself in the ensuite and clean and polish the sanitary ware, when done I open the door really quietly and step back into the bedroom startled to see the Major wide awake sitting on the edge of the bed smoking a cigarette. I quickly avert my eyes wanting to scurry away,

‘Don’t be embarrassed Mary, you wanted it as much as I did, hopefully you won’t be too sore to come and see me tomorrow!’ he was obviously back to his obnoxious self, I was so sore how on earth was I going to make the excuse not to work near his apartment for a few days until my sore little cunny was better!

Fortunately for me, although I was rostered on to attend to the Major’s apartment they were both either out when I was there or Lady Morris was there too so I had a lucky escape for a bit.

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2016-04-05 18:33:43
I am sorry that man should be horse whipped for treating the girl like that no matter wheather she wanted it or not. That is not the memory she should carry all her life of losing her virginity

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2012-03-01 20:06:56
oh yes I like nice hard cock in my pussy, making me cum 3 or 4 time before, my man does. then with all that cum in my pussy having my girl friend lick and eat my cunt til I cum again an again.

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