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I have had the urge to rape for as long as I can remember, finally, one night I get my chance and I take it...
I’m not entirely sure why or when I developed fantasies about raping women, all I know is, at 39 years old I finally came to the realization that I could no longer withstand these primal urges. I would finally overcome my fear of the consequences and my empathy for the victim and, well, rape.

A few months ago I was at a pool bbq party at my sister-in-laws house. My wife had always been close to her sister Mary, so we often found ourselves at eachothers homes on the weekends for various functions and get togethers. My wife, Miranda, is a beautiful woman, at 5’1” tall she had a glorious figure. Nice full C cup breasts, dark brown hair hanging past her shoulders, strong legs, a flat stomach and an ass men would kill for. Mary was a little shorter than my wife, with blonde hair and very much the same shape. However, after having children, Mary had opted to get breast implants, and did she ever. They were enormous. Having large breasts to start with, she filled them up to a DD.

So here we are at another pool party. This time it was just Mary, Miranda and myself as Mary’s husband Phil took the two boys on a scout campout for the weekend. Mary, of course, is in her bikini showing off her sizable assets. I can’t help but snatch as many looks as I can without getting caught. As the day turned to night, we were all getting quite inebriated, but we were running out of vodka that the girls were using to make their drinks. My wife being the most sober of the three of us volunteered to head to the store and get some more. Mary and I told her we would we be in the spa waiting for her return. As Mary and I were sitting in the spa I knew I only had around 30 minutes to play with until Miranda returned. I decided to try my luck and see what would happen if I let my hand drift over Mary’s thigh. Under the bubbles I reached out and ran my hand along the top of Mary’s taught thigh. Immediately she brushed my hand away and gave me a dirty look. I did it again and she got up and left the spa, claiming to need some water. After a minute or two, I get out to find her and turn my fantasies into reality. I walk into the house and look for Mary. I finally run into her as she is coming out of the upstairs bathroom.

She gives me a dirty look and says “What did you think you were doing in the spa?? I thought you loved my sister and you are making moves on me!?”

“I do love your sister, and I make love to her all the time. The difference here is I want to FUCK you and use you like a whore.”

After hearing this her face turns red, I can’t tell if she is angry or flushed, definitely confused. I can see her try and process how a man who she thought was such a nice guy could say such a horrible thing. She says “Who do you think you are talking to me like that! What do you think my sister would say abou this! What the hell kind of man are you?”

“Listen Mary, I have wanted to fuck you for so long, I can’t take it anymore. I have urges and I have to tell you, I am going to get what I want, I must get what I want. And if you don’t give me what I want then I am going to tell your sister and your husband that you hit on me.”

“What makes you think they would believe you over me?” She smugly says.

“Well Mary, they probably won’t know who to believe. But, one things for sure, I am willing to gamble and take the heat that would come from it, but I know you can’t”

At this, she tries to get past me. She knows what I said is true and I can tell she just wants to get out of the situation entirely by acting like we didn’t just have the conversation we had. I grab her by her hair and push her into the adjoining bedroom. She says “Let me go!!! I don’t care what you’ll say to Miranda or Phil! You better let me go!! Now!!”

“Here’s the other thing Mary. You asked what kind of guy I was, well, I am not the same man I used to be. I am now the kind of guy who is going to get what he wants. If you want to gamble and let them know what is going on I am going to come back here soon and you are going to disappear. I don’t care about the consequences. You will just disappear. Do you hear me!?” At this point I slap her hard, hard enough to let her know I mean business. “Now, we only have a little time, here’s is what you are going to do. Get on your fucking knees, pull those big ass tits out of that bikini and suck my cock, you fucking whore.”

She looks at me with disgust, but also fear. I can see that my message was received, but she is also confused, because the man standing before her now is nothing like she thought. I slap her again and tell her to get to work. Slowly, she gets on her knees. “I said to take those big fucking tits out so I can have a nice look bitch!” Now, there are a few tears streaming down her face. She reached into one cup and pulls out one of the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, and then the other. Her nipples are huge and light brown. I reach down and pull my hard cock out. She looks at it with amazement for a brief second. I have a large 8” cock and I can tell by her expression this is much more than she is used to. She is hesitating, trying to think of a way out of this situation. I say “Now you fucking whore, take my cock and put it in your mouth now!” She reached out and slowly pulls my cock into her waiting mouth. She starts to half heartedly suck on it. I grab both sides of her head and tell her to open wide. Then I start to fuck her mouth. I can feel my cock hitting the back of her throat. I push harder and she is gagging. Finally, I am able to get my cock down her throat, I start fucking faster and can hear her choking and mumbling. I pull my cock out and her saliva hangs and drips off my hard member. “You like this you fucking whore??” I ask. “No!” she responds, “You are a fucking animal, I can’t believe you are doing this to me!” I grab her by the throat and slam it back in with no regard to her choking and slobbering. Tears are welling up in her eyes and I can feel my cock slide in and out of her throat where my hand is holding her. I tell her “I am going to cum now whore, and it’s going to go straight into your fucking stomach. Are you ready to swallow, here is cuuummms awwwww!!” Cum explodes out of my cock, some of it shoots down her throat, but there is so much, some of it squirts out both sides of her mouth while my cock is still buried deep inside. I pull out and she is coughing and swallowing and trying to get it out or down or just gone. Now, I want the rest of her and I am going to take it.

“Stand up bitch! I want to see and feel what I am working with.” She doesn’t stand up, so I grab her by the hair and pull her up. Oh, those titties. Immediately, I grab her breasts roughly and feel her up, I take her large nipple in my mouth and nibble and bite. While sucking on her elongating and hardening nipples, I take my hand and run it down her belly, sliding it under her bikini bottoms all the way to her pussy. I kick her legs wider so I can get a nice grip on her pussy. As my two middle fingers find the folds of her hairless pussy, I am shocked to find she is soaking wet. I look at her knowingly, and she looks away ashamed. “You like this don’t you slut? You love being fucking raped and used like a whore, don’t you??”

“No, I don’t! Please, just stop and I won’t say anything! Please!!”

“I don’t think so, you see, I want to taste this sweet pussy, I want to tongue your tight ass, I want to fuck you with this big cock until you cum all over it and then I am going to cum in you. That’s right I am going to fill your cunt with a huge load of my hot cum and you are going to let me do it. Now, get those panties off turn around and get on the bed on all fours with your ass right here!”

“But it’s been awhile, Miranda could come in at any time!”

“We still have plenty of time, but when she does come home we will have plenty of warning from the alarm on the door. Do what I tell you, Now!”

At this point, she seems to have lost the will to say no. She, takes off her panties and gets on all fours on the bed. “That’s a good little whore, now spread your legs wider and put your head down and your round ass in the air at the edge of the bed here. I want full access to your wet throbbing pussy.” She does as she is told and I get on my knees next to the bed. I take a brief moment to look at her beautiful pussy and ass. “You have a very pretty pussy Mary, I am going to stick my tongue in it as far as it will go. I am going to tongue fuck your pussy Mary, and you are going to like it.” At this, I spread her lips wide and bury my tongue deep in her pussy. I hear her let out a moan. I keep sticking my tongue in and out, lapping up her sweet tangy juices. She tasted so good I didn’t want to stop. Then I move up to her asshole and start to lick it and tongue it. At the same time I push two fingers, roughly, into her cunt and start fingering her and rubbing her clit and massaging her G spot. She is really moaning now and her juices are running down my hand and wrist.

“Pleaassee!! Stop, Pleaase! Ooooh, your tongue, awwwooohhh in my aasss! Wh wh what are you doing to meee?”

“I am tongue fucking your whore ass and you are going to cum, bitch.”

“Noooo, I can’t cum, nooooo, please, oooohh God, yes, don’t stop, please dooon’t stop, here I cummm. Awwww! Yes, yes, yes!!” With that she gushes all over my hand and collapses on the bed.

“I’m not done with you yet slut, turn over, it’s my turn and I am going to fill you up with my cum. It’s going to be dripping out of you when your sister comes home.

“No, please, okay. I know you won’t stop, but I’m not on the pill and you know Phil had a vasectomy. Just finish and cum somewhere else, please!”

“I don’t think so. I am going to cum deep inside that pussy of yours. I hope I get you pregnant you fucking slut. Now spread your legs and shut the fuck up!”

I get between her legs, finally I get to feel this hot pussy wrapped around my cock. She is still soaking wet down there, but my cock is much larger then she is used to having so as I drive it in all in one stroke she let’s out a small shriek of pain. “That’s right bitch, take that big cock. I know you fucking like it, take it, take it bitch.” I start slamming it in and out of her wet cunt and now she is moaning in pleasure.

“Yes, I am your slut, fuck that pussy. Fuck Phil’s pussy, make it yours! I am your dirty whore! Make me take it, yes all the way in hard, like that, I am goooing toooo cummm again!! Awwwwwwooooohhaaah!”

“Here it comes bitch, right in your pussy like I said, as deep as I can get it!”

“Yes, come in me, fill me up, fill this whore cunt up with your seed!”

Now, I am fully stroking in and out of her as hard as I can, all the while I have one hand on her throat and the other hand is groping her massive tits. Finally, I shoot my hot load deep into her pussy. Planting my seed in my wife’s sister. I get up, tell her to clean up. Again, I warn her not to say a fucking word. She only nods, she let herself get carried away and she knows it. She knows that I know I am the best fuck she has ever had and is ashamed.

“Listen Mary, I know you came hard. I am glad you are ashamed. From now on, we are going to do this every so often. Learn to live with it. I am going to go back and get in the spa and wait for your sister. I want you to go to bed and think about how good it felt to be used like a whore by me. When you sister comes home I am going to make love to her in your spa. I want to have both of you on the same night. One is my cock whore and one is my love.”

All she could do was mutter an okay, and head off to the bathroom as I headed back to the spa.

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