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By StormHerald

Chapter 3

The next morning was spent out on the patio, a large umbrella
protecting my Aunt's vampire skin from the morning light and me
sitting face to the sun absorbing it. My aunt set a photo in front of me
on top of my coffee and pointed to it. The photo was split into three
sections, each holding a photo of three very beautiful vampire girls, all
my age or close to.

The first had long black hair, very much like my mothers, except it was
cut with razor bangs and she was pale with almond eyes. All vampires
had the same sort of angular look about them, there were small
differences, like the first vampires nose was smaller than the other
three with the almond eyes, the middle had a longer narrow nose, and
the third had a very petite pointed nose. The first had lips that were
very narrow, the second had a fuller lower lip with a very narrow top lip
and the third had the most balanced mouth with long slender lips that
matched each other perfectly.

The first had long black hair, with razor bangs, the second had short
blood red hair that was cut in a way that styled to be spiked all over,
and the third had very beautiful ice white hair. All three had the typical
vampy black eyes with the last two having wider eyes, the thirds eyes
looking very severe and quite frightening to be honest.

"That is your competition. Their body types are the typical, lithe,
willowy, harsh, jagged body type. The third, Desmond, she has a bit
more body than a typical vampire. The first Yuki, is from Japan, so she's
very quiet and proper, the second is Elizabeth, she's British, as if you
couldn't tell from that hair. And Desmond is from North America as

"Does Elizabeth's hair grow that color?"

My Aunt scoffed, "No, but Desmond's does, as does Yuki's. Lilly?"

I looked up from the picture, "Yeah?"

"Is that your natural hair color?"

I tugged on a chestnut curl and frowned, "Yeah."

My aunt mused with a small smile on her face, "It gets quite red in the
sunlight. Alright, enough with the competition. When you are
introduced to the Prince, as well as the council you must be wearing
something entirely revealing."

I choked on my coffee, spending a few minutes coughing before I could
croak out, "What?"

My Aunt sighed and looked down as if asking for assistance, "The
council and the Prince will have to see your body, it used to be that you
four would be naked. But thanks to wonderful designers see through
lingerie is in fashion."

"B..but why?"

"Well it is mostly to see if you have any defects on your body. Most
Vampires are perfect, but there are a few vampires that keep relations
a little too close to the family and they have some birth defects that
being a vampire cannot cure. There will be other things to happen at
this event but there's nothing to worry about now." My Aunt stood up
and ushered me back into my room to quickly change into a light dress
of black that she must have bought last night while I slept, and we were

There is something to be said for Paris when it comes to the local
population accepting a black dress wearing, tall, pale, black satin
umbrella holding woman, with a great deal of grace. Our first stop
happened to be a shop that sold vintage, couture dresses and much to
my horror and my Aunts fury we were quickly told that my size was not
available. If it had not been for the pure look of murder in my aunts
eyes I'm sure a snippy comment about a thrift store would have exited
the woman's mouth.

I was suddenly starting to feel very Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as my
Aunt strode down the street, no longer gracefully dancing around the
people, but plowing them over. She was a vampire on a mission and
that mission brought us to a ridiculous jewelry store. She slammed the
door open with force causing everyone in the store to freeze and stare
at her.

A young woman quickly walked up to my Aunt greeting her warmly if
not cautiously, "Isadora, we haven't seen you in ages. Are you alright
dear, do you need a bit of the vintage?"

My Aunt closed her umbrella and nodded, "yes, this is my niece, she's
to go with you for a moment, and I need to speak with Armand."

The lady bowed and motioned for me to follow her as she briskly
walked past the counters into the back room. She got on the phone and
quickly dialed the number and tapped the phones edge waiting.

"Armand? Yes, its Rebecca, Lady Isadora is here and she is demanding
to speak with you...yes she seems very upset...yes I already offered and
am going to do that as soon as I get off the phone...yes...thank you sir."
She hung up and looked at me warily, "Are you..."

She left the question unanswered but I smiled having already been on
the receiving end of that particular question all my life, "Human, and
yes that is my Aunt. Don't be worried though, she's upset because we
had a very...80's movie moment at a local dress store."

The woman turned and silently walked to a vault, then proceeded to
spin the combination and had to pull with most of her body to move
the door. Once inside I saw a large collection of different precious
stones, all loose but I didn't get to look for too long before Rebecca was
opening a door that had looked like just another stack of shelves and
began to descend a flight of stairs. I followed behind her and watched
as she picked up a black goblet and pointed to different bottles until
finally finding the one she wanted. With a pop I watched the dark red
liquid pour into the goblet realizing what the "vintage" was.

She looked at me for a moment, "Do you get queasy at the sight of

I made a face, "No, my family are vampires, wouldn't be the first black
goblet that I have seen."

Rebecca smiled and corked the bottle putting it back and grabbing the
goblet she strode past me. She was halfway up the stairs when she
stopped and began to laugh. I looked at her curiously before she
turned, "I finally got it, the 80's movie moment. Pretty woman?'
I nodded and pointed at myself. The woman laughed, "No wonder
Isadora is in such a foul mood. I bet the woman didn't even realize who
she was speaking to."

"I don't think she cared really. She took one look at me and laughed and
said there was nothing in my size. Jeeze, I'm not even that big a size
eight is a respectable size."

Rebecca nodded and closed the vault behind her carefully grabbing a
silver tray to set the goblet on before continuing back into the main
lobby. The store had been cleared out and a man with grey hair
peppered through his black hair was sitting in front of my Aunt smiling
and laughing.

He turned and looked at Rebecca then to me and his smile disappeared
as he turned to my Aunt, "I am sorry Isadora, Rebecca usually never
takes this long, and I am unsure of who is with her..."

My Aunt raised her hand to stop him, "It is alright Armand that young
lady is my niece, and Rebecca was very punctual."

Rebecca smiled and held the tray to my aunt who grabbed the goblet
and sipped it delicately, "Ah, that is wonderful. Now to business, I will
not be embarrassed again by the fact I have a voluptuous niece, that
being said, I think a bit of sparkle on my niece will illustrate how serious
we are about shopping."

Armand stood quickly and with my aunts permission grabbed my hand
lightly and led me to the jewelry counter. Rebecca stayed with my aunt
speaking softly to her, and my aunt listening intently to the young
woman. Armand released my hand and went around the counter
looking through the glass.

"Lady Isadora, what were we thinking about for the young lady? Black
diamonds perhaps?"

My aunt was at my side instantly, causing Armand to wince but I was so
used to my father doing that, that it just made me feel a bit homesick,
"No black diamonds, a common fancy among my kind. As you can see,

my niece is rare, and we must emphasize that difference."
Armand nodded and looked at me closely before going into the back
and returning with a stack of different black satin boxes. He opened the
first box to a large yellow diamond in a bright yellow gold set. My aunt
hissed "No yellow!!!"

I chuckled as Armand quickly disposed of three of the boxes behind the
counter and opened another. My aunt quickly dismissed one after
another until Armand opened a small box with a beautiful blue stone
set in a white gold setting, what was beautiful was the chain was so thin
that it looked invisible. My aunt dismissed it but I stopped her.
"Wait, can I try it on, please." My aunt’s eyebrows rose and she looked
at the stone again.

"It is blue Lilly."

"I know, and I know blue isn't exactly an appropriate color, but you said
you wanted to play up my differences. It’s such a pretty sapphire."
"Blue diamond." Armand corrected me, "It is a very rare blue diamond.
In fact to find one this size and clarity is also very rare." He lifted it out
and put it on me quickly lifting a mirror so I could see it.
I was in love, it was beautiful, and it looked like the deep, dark, blue
blankets I had left home, "It’s my favorite color." I sighed before taking
it off already knowing my aunt would give it a resounding no.
"Alright then Lilly." She smiled at my surprised face and grabbed the
necklace putting it back on me.

"We are celebrating your differences my darling." She turned to
Armand, "I want every single blue diamond you have here, and ones
that you can get here by tomorrow."

Armand nodded and he and Rebecca began to spread out and grab
different things from the back, the vault, and throughout the store. The
presented different items and my aunt vetoed or approved different
jewelry. I sat down on the couch and let my aunt do the work.
Eventually we left with a lot of bags from the jewelry store.
"How much did you spend?"

My aunt winked at me as she handed me a few more bags and opened
her umbrella, "Rebecca told me of some wonderful stores that would
carry your size, off the beaten track. Care to explore?"

I smiled and nodded holding up the bags, "Without being a neon sign
saying, rob me I have millions of dollars in jewelry in my bags."
My aunt smiled, "Oh, it wasn't millions, and you are right lets go to the

We dropped the jewelry off and then she grabbed my hand and we
quickly made our way down a few side streets before stopping at a very
crowded dress shop. My aunt pursed her lips but shrugged and walked
in, the door tingling as we opened it. A very feminine man greeted us
and my aunt got straight to work.

It felt weird having a man take my measurements then say something
to my aunt in French, who in turn smiled at me triumphantly, "He says
you have a very beautiful body."

The man went into the back and began to pile dress after dress after
dress onto the counter. My aunt and he spoke to one another in French

and quickly the yellow, pink, lavender, and other offensive colors
disappeared, all but dark blue, that color remained. I had one dress
after another shoved onto me, pinned then pulled off and eventually
money exchanged hands and we were out of the store.
My aunt looked completely satisfied as we made our way back to the
main streets, "Need to eat Lilly?"

I nodded and we stopped at a café where I ate a sandwich and my aunt
struck up conversation with a woman next to her. Eventually we
managed to get to all the stores on the list Rebecca has made for us
and I was dizzy from the overabundance of outfits I had just explored. It
was close to the end of the day and my aunt grabbed my hand and with
a reassuring squeeze walked me into a very risqué lingerie store.
I tried not to panic as see through bras and crotch less underwear
assaulted my sense of propriety. I again had a tape measure around my
body and the lady relayed the measurements to a pair of very eager
women who quickly asked my aunt many questions and began to pile
one see through outfit after another, all in black.

I tried on one after another, my aunt sitting with me in the dressing
room. Her face went from happy to frustrated after three different
outfits. She flung the door open, "You look like shit in black!! How is
that even possible?!?!"

She began to yell at the women at the counter and finally one of them
stood up and said something back to her. My aunt froze and looked at
me then at the woman and nodded consent. Suddenly white was being
thrust to me and the rest of the day was spent matching one see
through thing with another.

I made it to bed shortly after diner and slept solidly only to be woken
up early by a perky aunt who took shopping way to seriously. The next
day was almost identical to the previous and by the end of the lingerie
store I was tired of shopping, of dresses, and of Paris.
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