Chapter nine I awake from my coma with Carrie at my side.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 9 The Road to Recovery leads to Carrie’s Place

I last left you having awaken in a hospital in Japan. During my last mission in Vietnam, I ended up wounded. It was due to carelessness on my part and the three men I was with on patrol. I blame myself for their deaths as I knew better than to let us bunch up as we had.

If I had not left us bunch up as we had some of them may be here today instead of only me. One of us had stepped on an land mine as we made our way back to our fire-base after being out on night patrol in that dam jungle of Vietnam. No matter what anyone will ever tell me it was my fault that three men lost their lives that night.

I had taken many pieces of shrapnel into the left side of my body. A big piece had entered through my chest. The entrance wound was right where I had already taken a piece of bamboo from a bobby trap during my first tour in Vietnam. The shrapnel had broken four ribs as it entered, it torn through my chest wall puncturing my lung. A piece of shrapnel had also lodged itself in my pulmonary artery.

Carrie had flown over to Japan to be with me thanks to my uncle as he thought that she should be here with me. She told me that the doctors had tried twice to remove the piece in my artery. Carrie told me that both times, they tried, they failed and it almost killed me. Carrie told me that the doctors decided to deepen the coma I already was in and try again.

They had told her there might be a chance that I would never wake up from it. They also told her if they did not remove it, I surely would have died. I had laid in a coma for close to three months before I woke up as Carrie walked into the room. Please read my other chapters to catch up to where this chapter begins.

The next day in the hospital Carrie brought my breakfast into me. She sat it down before giving me a kiss. I just stared into space as she did. To tell you the truth I did not know she was even in the room. My mind was elsewhere as I thought about the three other men who had lost their lives because of my carelessness.

“JOHN, stop it,” Carrie yelled at me.

I looked at her blankly as she added, “I know what you are doing and it is not your fault.”

“Carrie, it was I knew better,” I replied. I started to add, “If only…,”

Carrie stopped me as she said, “If only we never had entered this war,” as she rubbed at my face with her hand.

Carrie told me that I was not the one who planted that mine. Carrie told me that because of me the lieutenant was alive. Carrie reminded me what I had done all by myself out in that jungle when I took out the five Viet Cong who had been attacking our base regularly.

“God knows how many lives you saved because of your bravery,” Carrie said. “The army even awarded you those medals,” Carrie added pointing to them on a small dresser near my bed.

I turned and looked at them then back to Carrie as I replied, “Throw them all away as medals are for heroes,” “and I am no hero,” as I looked away from her.

“JOHN, stop it,” Carrie yelled louder this time.

The nurse walked in and asked, “Is he giving you trouble today?”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” Carrie replied smiling at her.

The nurse came over and she grabbed my arm. I believe she wanted to take my blood pressure. I pulled my arm back out of her hand as I told her not to fucking touch me.

“JOHN,” Carrie screamed this time. “You tell her that you are sorry or else,” Carrie added.

“OR ELSE WHAT,” I yelled at Carrie.

Carrie looked at me with no emotions on her face. She turned from my bed and she walked out of my room. I did not tell her to stop or to come back. I just turned my head away from her.

The nurse was still at the side of my bed as she said, “Sgt. J, that dear girl sat by your bed day and night praying you would wake up for the last three months.” “She never left your side the whole time.” “If I was you I would stop feeling sorry for yourself and think about her.”

I grabbed the nurse by her arm as I asked, “Would you go get her for me?”

“If I can take your blood pressure first,” The nurse replied with a smile.

“I am sorry I yelled at you,” I said as I held out my arm to her.

I saw the nurse go outside the door; I saw Carrie giving her a hug before Carrie returned to my room. I told Carrie I was sorry for how I was acting and I asked her to forgive me.

“There is nothing to forgive, John.” “You’re just tired that’s all you have been through a lot,” Carrie said as she stroked at my face.

My recovery from my wounds were a long time in coming, as I had to learn to crawl again before I could even walk, because of nerve damage done by a piece of shrapnel. However, each time I felt like giving up Carrie was there to push me that extra step or to lend me her hand. During this time, Carrie helped me along the way with my physical problems as well as my mental ones.

Carrie was the only person I had ever told about some of the mental issues I was having. Those problems seemed to triple after what happened. I kept them to myself with the exception of telling Carrie. I was afraid they would think I was crazy or something was my reasoning.

The flashbacks were the hardest to deal with as when I got one now all I saw was blackness. It was as if I was blind Carrie had told me; it was my mind blocking stuff I did not want to see. My nightmares were always the same. I lie helpless on the ground as body parts fly all around me.

Carrie would always be there to comfort me with, “Hush, Hush my love I am here.”

I will admit I was not pleasant to be around during this time in fact I was down right nasty to people sometimes. If I happened to have been and Carrie was around me, she would always make me apologize to them. All she had to do was just give me that look and I knew that I should be sorry for having said or done something.

The army finally shipped me back to the United States to an Army hospital near my home in December. It was nice to see everyone from home once again instead of Carrie reading his or her letters to me. Brenda even came to see me, which seemed to brighten both Carrie and I up. I asked Brenda if Paul and Terri were with her. Brenda looked over to Carrie as if she did not know what to say.

“John, Paul and Terri do not live with Brenda any more,” Carrie said to me.

“So they got their own place then,” I replied.

“I guess you could say that,” Carrie said back to me.

“Carrie just what are you avoiding telling me?” I asked.

Carrie told me that Paul and Terri had run away to Canada a little after they were married. Paul’s number had come up in the draft. Carrie told me she would have told me but figured that maybe it was better that I did not know.

I told Carrie that was his choice, not the one I would have chosen. I felt a little sad for them as the Vietnam War was slowing down as peace talks had been taking place. However at least he would not have to go through anything like I went through. Carrie told me true, but then again he had to put up with Terri’s nagging.

“Damn that could be worst,” I said giving a little laugh.

Carrie joined me in laughing. It was the first time I think either of us had laughed since leaving Japan. I noticed that sparkle in her eyes as we laughed together.

One day in late January a major came walking into my hospital room. I stood up and saluted him as he saluted me back as Carrie sat on the bed. He told me that he had some papers for me to sign. I asked him what the papers were.

“Son, the war is over and you have served your county with honor and bravery, however it is time you went back home for good,” The major said to me as he smiled at Carrie.

I signed his papers and he shook my hand before walking out the door. I stood there just staring at him as he walked away. Carrie came over to me wrapping her arms around my neck staring into my eyes as she pulled my face down to hers.

“John, Are you OK with that?” Carrie asked as she looked into my eyes.

“Other than not having a job no more, it’s OK with me,” I replied as I kissed her deeply and passionately.

“John, it has been a long time since you kissed me like that,” Carrie replied smiling after I broke our kiss.

Carrie and I sat down that night and we discussed what we were going to do. I told her the first thing she was going to do was to finish college. I told her that job wise I am sure my uncle could use my help. I also asked her how about we get married on Valentine days.

“NO John,” Carrie replied when I asked her that.

My heart stopped beating for a second then she replied smiling, “I was thinking more of a summer wedding up at the lake.”

I went to work for my uncle, Carrie went back to school and we were married June 3 1974. The only decision we had yet to make after we were married was where to live. Mom wanted us to live with them and Brenda had invited us to move in with her as well. We would not have to choose after Carrie and I opened the wedding present from my uncle at our reception party.

It was just a simple card in an envelope addressed to my nephew and his new wife. Carrie opened it; there was a note and a photo fell to the ground I picked it up and looked at it. It was a photo of his cottage up on the lake. Carrie read the note aloud as I showed her the picture.

“There is only one place I know where you two would be truly happy. A place where the moon; dances above the water. A place where stars; shine bright with to many to count. A place where the gentle lapping of water against the shoreline; can be heard. A place where the two of you; can now call home.”

Carrie and I looked over to my uncle as he tossed me the keys. I caught the keys and I turned to face my new wife. Carrie had a tear running from her eye. I caught it on my fingertip. It may have not been proper for me dressed in my dressed greens with medals on my chest that a tear rolled from my eyes, which Carrie caught with her fingertip.

I touched my finger with her tear to my tear on her finger as I said, “We do not cry for ourselves but for us,” as my finger touched hers.

Carrie and I went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. It was suppose to be for two weeks however, it only lasted two days. It just reminded me to much of being in a jungle. Carrie understood and we returned to our home at the lake. We both agreed we never should have left in the first place.

We spent the days fishing from our boat. That first day back we were up at around five in the morning. Carrie had made us a small breakfast before we loaded up the boat. I climbed into our boat and helped Carrie come aboard giving her a deep passionate kiss before casting off the ropes from the dock.

The water was still as the morning fog rolled across the water. I stood there in the boat looking around. The fog rather reminded me of another place I just soon forget. Carrie place her hand up on my back as she stood there with me, she rubbed it in circles on my back.

“John, we don’t have to go out,” Carrie said as her fingers rubbed gently at my back.

I closed my eyes and my ears heard the gentle lapping of waves against the shoreline. I opened my eyes as I turned to Carrie. I wrapped her in my arms as I kissed her deeply and with passion.

I broke my kiss as I replied, “Afraid I will catch more than you,” as I smiled at her.

I started the boat and we motored slowly away. The fog seemed to race across the water as it gave way to the dark blue gray morning sky. Carrie asked me where we were off too. I spun the boat to the east as I pointed out toward the horizon.

“To Orange Island far in the east,” I replied as I pointed to it a small piece of orange looking land in the far distances.

“Orange Island,” Carrie replied with wonder in the tone of her voice.

I told Carrie to get up in the bow of the boat; she grabbed the rail as I brought our engine to life. The bow arose from the water for a bit before it came back down on plane. Carrie stood there with her long blonde hair swept behind her as we raced toward Orange Island. She would turn back to me from time to smiling each time she did.

Each wave we hit Orange Island got bigger as we raced toward it. It arose out of the water like a big orange ball. It sat about half out of the water as I cut the engine. I joined Carrie on the bow of our boat. The orange ball glowed brighter as the boat danced in the gentle waves.

“Welcome to Orange Island,” I said to Carrie as I wrapped my arms around her.

“It’s so lovely, John,” Carrie replied as her arm went behind my back

We stood there watching Orange Island arise from the lake. For you see Orange Island was the morning sun arising from the lake. I had seen this sight many times up here on the lake. It does not happen every day however on days it does it is truly a site to behold.

I turned Carrie to me, as I said, “Not as lovely as thee,” as I kissed her deeply and with passion as Orange Island arose brightening the morning sky.

A fish jumped and Carrie broke our kiss as she raced for her pole. I stood there all alone at the bow of the boat. I heard the zinging of line going out as Carrie cast her pole to where the fish had jumped. I heard the clicking of her reel as she reeled back in. I saw her set the hook as her line got tight.

Carrie smiled at me as she said, “Looks like your one behind already.” Carrie smiled at me again as she added,” I forgot to tell you this Strip Fishing each fish you catch one the other has to remove clothing,”

“Do socks count?” I asked as I removed my tennis shoes then my socks.

I was soon down to just fishing in my swim trunks while Carrie had not taken a single piece of clothing off. However, the tide soon changed as I felt the fish hit my line. I caught three fish one right after the other. Carrie was also down to just her black bikini. Her huge tits fighting to stay inside her top each time she cast her lure out.

I watched those lovely tits of hers bounce and swing each time she tossed her lure out into the lake. Those lovely tits bounced each time she gave her line a jerk as she reeled in. I slowly worked my way over to beside her as I tossed my lure out into the water.

Carrie took her fishing rod and she brought it back behind her to make another cast. As her pole went forward tossing her lure out into the water my hand went to the back of her top. Her bikini top slipped from those lovely big tits just as her lure hit the water.

“John, that’s not fair,” Carrie said as she smiled at me.

Carrie reeled back in placing her pole down. She slipped her top completely off exposing those large lovely tits for me to see. I dropped my pole to the deck of our boat. My hands caressed those big lovely breasts. I bent over running my tongue from one breast to the other.

I suckled on her breasts one at a time. Carrie moaned softly as she rubbed her hands into my head as my mouth wrapped around her tits. I felt one of her hands leave my head as I felt it rubbing against the bulge in my swim trunks.

I removed my mouth from her tits as I placed my lips onto hers. We stood there gently rocking on the waves as we kiss deeply and passionately. I slipped my hands to the bottom of her bikini. I pulled them down as she stepped out of them. Carrie slipped my trunks from me freeing my hard throbbing cock. Our boat had seats that were back to back. I sat down in one getting my face closer to her lovely pussy.

Carrie’s pussy was no longer bald, as I had asked her to let her hair grow. Her pussy had a nice thick patch of lovely golden blonde hair around it. Her big meaty pussy lips still hung down between her thighs inviting as ever. I flicked my finger across her hanging lips.

Carrie’s hand shot down to her pussy and she grabbed at it as she said, “John, I have to pee,” as she danced in the boat.

I just smiled at her as I looked up to her. Carrie knew what I wanted. She spread her legs a bit, as she squatted down some. Carrie took her hands to her pussy she pulled her pussy lips apart. A stream of pee came flowing out.

The stream hit my hanging balls as it worked its way up them splashing on to my cock. It was a huge stream of golden pee that splashed against my belly button before it slowed to just a drip from her pussy. I leaned my face forward to lick at her last drop.

However, Carrie pushed my head back as she dropped to her knees in the boat. She licked at her pee that was dripping from my balls. She sucked each of my balls into her mouth as my hands went to her head. Carrie worked her tongue up to my cock.

She ran her tongue up and down on my cock licking her pee from my cock. Carrie grabbed a hold of my cock with her hand. She pumped at it with her hand a few times. Carrie then used her tongue on my pee hole at the head of my cock.

Carrie looked up to me as she said, “I want some pee too,” smiling at me.

I leaned back into the boat seat as my cock started to shot piss from it. Carrie’s hand was still on my cock as it did. She guided my cock to where she wanted my warm piss to splash on her.

My piss splashed at her face and on her lips before she opened her mouth and took a splash inside. Carrie then guided my stream of pee down her neck and to her tits. She left my piss splashed each tits then each nipple.

As my pee slowed, Carrie rubbed her hard nipples into the pee hole of my cock. I pulled her up onto my lap as the last drop of my piss ran from my cock. I kissed her deeply as she kissed me back. I licked at her face cover with my pee. I licked at those huge tits as my pee dripped from her nipples.

“AHHhhh John,” Carrie moaned out as I felt her hand wrap around my cock.

Carrie pumped at my cock as I suckled on her tits again. When she had my cock hard, again she guided it into her pussy. Carrie rocked back and forth on my cock for a while as I kissed and licked at her tits.

Carrie started to bounce up and down on my cock in my lap. Her big tits rubbing into my face as she did. Carrie was now slamming her wet pussy down onto my cock. Her juices were splashing each time she smacked that wet pussy into the base of my cock.

“AHHHhhh fuck John,” Carrie moaned out as she leaned back.

I had my arms around her so she could not fall. Carrie ground her pussy against my cock. I felt my balls contract as my cock throbbed. I stretched my legs out and they got stiff as she squirmed on my lap.

“CARRIE oh,” I screamed out as I felt my cock twitch.

I shot cum deep up into her pussy. Carrie leaned back into me and we kissed as she gentle rocked on my cock. My cock twitched each time it shot a round of cum into her pussy. Our lips locked in a deep passionate kiss as my cock grew soft and it slipped from her pussy.

Carrie’s pussy gave out a big pussy fart as cum ran from it. Carrie was on the pill as we both had agreed on no kids for a few more years. We both gave a little laughed as we kissed more. Carrie and I were embracing in each other’s arms when we heard the sounds of boat horns.

We both broke our kiss at the same time. I looked around to see about four boats running past us with people on board waving. Carrie slipped from my lap as she stood up waving back. Her lovely big tits just bouncing away as she waved to the other boaters. Me I stayed seated until the boats went away.

I grabbed my trunks and I slipped them on as Carrie slipped her bottoms on. We looked and searched however, we never did find her top. We figured that it must have fallen over board sometime or whether. Carrie kissed me lightly as she told me that was fun. Carrie told she liked knowing that the other boats may have seen us.

Carrie said, “There would have only been one thing to have made it even better,” as she smiled at me.

“What would that have been?” I asked.

“If Brenda was here with us as I do miss her John,” Carrie said as she looked at me with sad eyes.

Carrie told me that those first few months when I had went back to Vietnam would have been hellish if not for the support and love that Brenda gave her. Carrie sat down into the boat seat as I sat in the one next to her.

“John, I did not tell you something,” Carrie said as she hung her head down.

I picked her head back up with my hand under her chin as I asked, “What is it Carrie?”

Carrie told me that about two weeks after I had left she had a nightmare herself. Carrie took a hold of my hand as she told me about it. Carrie told me that in her nightmare she had seen a black helicopter hovering above the jungle. Carrie told me as tears filled her eye that below the helicopter was a basket. She told me that she could see a body bag in it.

“John as the helicopter started to leave the body bag came into view on the side of it was SGT. J,” Carrie said as she cried into my shoulder as I pulled her close.

I held Carrie tightly in my arms giving her comfort as she had done so many times for me. Carrie sobbed lightly as she told me that she wanted to write me to tell me of her nightmare but that Brenda had told her it might be best not too.

Brenda had told her it may jeopardize the way I did my duty but also others around me. Carrie went on to tell me she had the same nightmare repeatedly each time it was always the same. Carrie told me that there was no way she could talk to my mom about something like that. Carrie told me that Brenda would reassure her that everything would be all right.

“John my nightmares stopped after I got that letter from your lieutenant,” Carrie said to me.

I held her tightly as I told her everything would be all right. I told her that I would never leave her alone again. I was holding her tightly as I thought about just how strong our bond to each other was. As I was holding her, I heard the line of my fishing rod peeling off from the reel. I turned just in time to see the rod tip dancing signaling that a fish was on it.

Neither Carrie nor I made it to the fishing rod in time. We both stood there as the fish pulled the rod over the side of the boat. Carrie gave a little laugh as I just stood there shaking my head. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist as she placed her head to my chest.

“Well at least you did not get away,” Carrie said hugging me.

I told Carrie how about we go back in and give Brenda a call to see if she would like to stay for the rest of our honeymoon. Carrie smiled at me as she told me that sounded like fun. Carrie rode topless all the way back to our dock. This was fine, as we had no neighbors on either side of us.

I put the boat and our gear away as Carrie went in to call Brenda. When I walked into our home, I saw Carrie was already dressed. She told me that she was going to go pick Brenda up. I asked her if she wanted me to drive. She told me to relax I am going to need my strength as she dangled my cars keys in front of yourself.

“Carrie, don’t be racing my car,” I yelled as she walked out of the house.

I heard my tires squealing as she pulled out of the driveway. The girl thought she was a racecar driver any time she drove my car. I was always telling her to slow down in it. I should have gotten rid of it of that car however; it was special to me just like Carrie.

Carrie and Brenda soon returned. I was in the kitchen as I saw them walk through the door. Carrie was telling Brenda it was not even close. I turned to Brenda who looked white in the face.

“What is going on?” I asked Brenda.

Brenda told me that a train was coming at the crossing a few miles down the road. She told me that Carrie gunned the car to beat it to the crossing. I turned to Carrie who told me it was not even close.

“Give me my car keys,” I said to Carrie. Carrie handed then to me as I added, “Now give me your set of car keys to my car.” Carrie dug into her purse and handed them to me. “You are not to ever drive my car again you hear me Carrie,” “It is going into the spare garage and that is where it is going to stay,” I said looking harshly at her.

“Yes, John,” “But it wasn’t even that close,” Carrie replied as she walked away.

“Young lady don’t make me put you over my knee,” I said to her.

Carrie turned smiling as she replied, “Mmmmmm spank me daddy,” as she pulled down her jeans shooting me the full moon.

I turned back to Brenda and I welcomed her by wrapping my arms around her tightly. I pressed my lips to her plump red ones kissing her deeply. My hand grabbed at her ass as I pulled her into my body. I kissed her long and deep before I broke our kiss.

I looked into her eyes as I said, “That’s for watching over Carrie she told me about her nightmares,” as I planted a kiss onto her forehead.

Carrie came back out in another bikini and walked over to us she told me to get the boat ready. Because after she gave Brenda the tour of our home, I could show them both around the lake. Carrie grabbed Brenda by the hand; I watched both their ass shake as they walked away.

I was waiting for the girls down by the boat. They both looked sexy and so stunning. Carrie was in her bright orange bikini while Brenda had on an orange one-piece version. I helped the girl aboard I also noticed that bushy pussy showing between Brenda’s legs as she straddled her legs to get into the boat.

I smiled to myself as we motored from the dock. The girls sat in the seat beside me; they sat sideways looking at me as I stood up driving the boat. It had gotten very hot since Carrie and I had been out on the water. I slowed the boat down as I lifted my tee shirt off tossing it to the back of the boat.

I saw the girls staring at me; I was getting ready to give the boat some power when I heard Brenda say something like it looks just like in the photo. I asked them what however Carrie told me not to mine them. Women I thought as I gunned the boat zipping us across the waters of the lake showing them the sites.

We drove around the rest of the day until it was about suppertime. I told the girls I would BBQ us all steaks back at our home. I helped the girls from the boat and I started to clean the boat up a little. Carrie was still standing on the dock looking at me as I placed my arm on the windshield of the boat bending down. I glanced at her under my arm she had her head tilted sideways as she looked at me.

“What?” I asked,

Carrie just shook her head as she grabbed Brenda by the hand and they ran up to the house. I looked around the boat then on me I thought that maybe a big bug or maybe a dam sea gull had shit on me somewhere. The only thing I saw was that damn big X at the side of my chest from the two wounds I had received over in Vietnam before I slipped my shirt back over myself.

I walked up to find the girls sitting outback on the patio. They were talking then they got quiet when I walked up. They both stared at me for a few second.

“OK I have had enough will one of you please tell me what is going on?” I said to them both.

They both looked to each other before Carrie shook her head yes, as she said, “John, when you were home from Vietnam the first time do you remember when Brenda snapped a picture of you and I on the sofa bed.”

“I don’t remember the photo but I sure remember the fun with you two,” I replied smiling at them both.

Brenda reached into her purse and pulled out a photo; she looked at it. Then she handed it to Carrie who also looked at it. Both girls looked at it together before Carrie handed it to me.

“John, look at the scar on your chest in the photo,” Carrie said.

I looked at it as I replied, “So it is a big fucking X,” as I handed the photo back.

Both girls looked to each other then to me. It hit me then as I grabbed the photo back from her. I looked at it again and I lifted my shirt. The scar I had now matched the one in the photo. The only problem was when that photo had been taken I only had the one scar. The girls were sitting there just staring at me.

“It’s just a shadow that is all,” I replied but I had no real explanation as to why it was there.

I went inside got the steaks ready and returned to the patio the sun was starting to go down and it would be setting in a few hours, Brenda was telling Carrie how lovely it was up here and how lovely an home we had. Carrie told her wait until you see the sunset from here. I told her wait until she sees a moonrise as I smiled to Carrie.

Brenda smiled at us both as she said, “You know this would make a lovely swingers retreat up here on the lake,” I saw the gleam in Carrie’s eyes as well.

We ate and sat out on the patio watching the sunset while getting high and drinking some beer. The three of us showered before we all climbed into our king size bed in our bedroom. Brenda told us there was room for two more in the bed. I do not know why but I asked her if she had heard from Paul and Terri.

“I heard from them last week, they said they miss everyone and hoped that someday they could return,” Brenda said as I slipped my arm around her.

I slipped my arm around Carrie and I pulled them both tightly against myself in the bed as I replied, “I am just happy that you both are here near me.”

The girls rubbed at my chest before they met over it. They kissed lightly then swapped some tongue before turning their kisses and tongues to my mouth. Brenda slipped out of bed as she told us she would be right back. Brenda returned into bed; with what looked like a long rubber snake to me at first.

“I got us a new toy,” Brenda said smiling to Carrie.

She laid the toy on my chest I seen that it was a double headed dildo. Carrie picked it up and she shook it at me; the damn thing was long and good size around as well. However, it still looked like a snake to me. Carrie and Brenda helped me to sit up in the bed stuffing pillows behind me.

“Comfy my dear,” Carrie asked with a smile.

The girls moved down in the bed on their knees in front of me. They kissed and licked at each other’s face. Brenda lifted one of Carrie heavy tits up as she started to kiss at her nipple. When she had Carrie’s nipple hard she sucked it into her mouth. Carrie reached between Brenda’s legs rubbing her hand at her hairy pussy.

Brenda rather pushed Carrie down onto the bed as she said, “I want to taste your pussy again,” as she smiled at her.

Carrie replied, “I got a better idea,” as she smiled at me.

Carrie positioned Brenda on her back a little ways down from my cock. Carrie climbed over top of her with her pussy lips hanging down in her face. Carrie took my cock into my hand as I heard Brenda licking away at her pussy. She wrapped her lips around just the head of my cock.

She moaned on my cock with her mouth before she started to suck and lick at the head of my cock. Carrie was soon rocking her pussy onto Brenda’s face under her. She started to run her tongue up and down my cock until her tongue ran across my hanging balls.

“AHHhhhh,” Carrie moaned as her eyes went closed.

Carrie took my cock back into her mouth running it up and down as I watched her hips squirming on to Brenda’s face. I knew she was creaming her face with her juices. Carrie’s head was bobbing up and down fast on my cock as Brenda crawled from beneath her. Brenda came up along side of me her face all shiny and glazed with Carrie’s pussy juices.

“Kiss me John and taste your wife’s juices,” Brenda said as she lowers her lips to mine.

I kissed and licked at her lips as they touched mine. Brenda shot her tongue deep into my mouth as we French kissed. Carrie was taking all of my cock into her mouth as she rubbed and pulled on my balls.

“AHhh,” I moaned lightly as I kissed with Brenda.

When Carrie heard my moan she removed her mouth as she said, “Not yet John we have only just started,” as I felt her kissing her way up my body.

Carrie got up to Brenda and me where she kissed us both. We all took turns kissing each other. That was until Brenda reached over and she got that double-headed dildo. The girls got back down in front of me on the bed.

They lie on their back with their legs facing each other. Brenda rubbed the one end of the dildo at Carrie’s blonde hairy pussy. The end of the dildo glossed with her juices as she did. Brenda slipped it up into her pussy.

“AHHh it feels just like your cock John,” Carrie said as Brenda slipped a little bit more of it up into her.

Brenda lies back as she placed the other end into her hairy pussy as well. Brenda worked her pussy up toward Carrie taking more of the dildo up into her pussy. The girls soon had only but about a hands grip not in one of their wet pussy. The girls start to rock back and forth however, it was not working to good for either of them.

“John could you give us a hand here,” Carrie looked at me with pleading eyes.

I got up onto my knees beside the girls. I wrapped my hand around the dildo sticking from their holes. I started to work the dildo back and forth between their holes. Each of them bucked their hips upward when I worked it toward them. I leaned down as I licked at Brenda’s then to Carrie’s clit as I worked the dildo back and forth.

“AHHH,” Brenda yelled out first as I sucked at her swollen clit.

I moved my mouth to Carrie’s clit as soon as my mouth wrapped around it she screamed, “I am going to…” was all she got out before her pussy squirted.

Carrie was moaning and shaking on the bed as her orgasm came over her. The next thing I knew Brenda was shaking and moaning as well. Both of the girls pushed my hand from the dildo as they removed it from their pussies.

Carrie opened her eyes as she looked to me as she said, “Fuck us both John.”

Carrie opened and parted her legs as I crawled up between them. I scooped her legs up to my shoulders as I did. I rubbed my cock at her pussy. Brenda moved to the side of me and she guided my cock up into Carrie as I slipped it deep into her pussy.

“AHHHhhh fuck me John,” Carrie moaned out.

I drove my cock in and out of her wet pussy fast and hard. Brenda lies besides her kissing at her lips and face. I gave Carrie a few more deep hard pumps of my cock. I slipped from between her legs as I scooped Brenda’s legs up onto my shoulders.

I drove my cock right up into her wet pussy as she screamed, “AHHhh YES.”

I fucked Brenda deep and hard for a while before I slipped back between Carrie’s legs. I fucked her pussy deep and hard as she squirmed on the bed below me. I kept slipping between fucking Carrie and Brenda for about 20 minutes. Their juices were dripping from my cock each time I pulled it from their wet holes.

I finally felt my balls twitching and my cock throb as I pulled from Brenda’s pussy. I told the girls I was going to cum soon. They both sat up in bed and raced each other as they both tried to take my cock into their mouth. Carrie got her mouth onto my cock first.

“AHhhh shit,” I moaned as I felt my cock throb in her mouth.

Carrie gave one hard suck onto my cock before she removed her mouth from it. My cock shot off just as her mouth left it. Carrie pumped at my cock pointing it toward Brenda’s opened mouth. She pumped a few splashing of cum on her face and then turned my cock toward her own face coating it as well. When Carrie had the last drop from my cock she left go of it.

Carrie wrapped her arms around Brenda as Brenda did the same to Carrie. The girls kissed and licked cum from their faces. I settled back down into the bed breathing deeply as my chest hurt a little as I tried to catch my breath. I sure in the hell was not going to tell the girls or otherwise they may have ended my fun.

The girls finally had each other cleaned up as they slipped beside me. The three of us lie in bed with Carrie on one side and Brenda on the other. They both had their heads lying on my shoulders as they rubbed at my chest.

Carrie kissed at the side of my face as she said, “I love you John.”

Brenda looked at Carrie across my chest as she asked, “May I tell him that as well?”

Carrie replied, “Yes you may as I love you as well.”

Brenda kissed at my cheek as she said, “John, I love you.”

I took my arms and slipped them around the both of them as I pulled them together over top of me hugging them both as I replied, “I love you both.”

The three of us fucked the rest of the night away before we all fell asleep. I heard Carrie getting out of bed in the early hours of the morning. I watched her slip her robe on as she quietly left our bedroom. I left her get out through the door before I followed her.

I slipped on my robe as I left the bedroom. I walked to the kitchen where the light was on. I saw the coffee maker was going but no Carrie. I saw a shadow through the windows toward the patio. I walked out to the patio to find Carrie standing there leaning on the railing as she looked across the lake.

I walked up behind her as I slipped my arms around her waist I asked, “What are you doing up so early and out here?”

“I was wondering if I could see Orange Island from here,” Carrie replied as she turned her head looking back and up to me.

I smiled as I replied, “You can not see Orange Island from here as our house faces the northwest.” I pointed to an group of trees off to the right side of our house as I added, “Orange Island rises over there besides to get the full effect you really should see it from the water,” as I pulled her back against me.

Carrie gave me a quick kiss as she told me that she would go get us coffee. I wiped the fresh summer dew from a couple of the decks chair. I moved to the railing just as she returned. We sat there sipping our morning coffee watching the lake come to life.

“John it is just so beautiful here,” Carrie said as the sun’s light started to appear over top of those nearby trees.

“It is, I have always loved it up here and now I love it more with you by my side,” I replied as I took her hand into mine.

Carrie turned to me leaning from her chair as she kissed me on my lips. She broke our kiss as she said, “Brenda is right this would make for a nice swingers retreat,” as her eyes sparkled at me as they filled with first morning light.

Carrie just kept staring at me as if she was waiting for me to say something. I felt her hand rubbing against mine as I watched her head tilt to the side as she stared at me. I finally smiled at her then giving her a kiss.

“OK I see what you are getting at lets talk to Brenda first to see just what we are getting ourselves into,” I replied as I smiled at her.

Carrie’s eyes shined and sparkled brightly as she wrapped her arms around me as she said, “Thank you John.”

When Brenda woke up she came walking into the kitchen dressed in nothing, Her big lovely tits just hanging and that hairy bush sticking out from between her legs, I sat at the kitchen table just staring at her. Brenda walked over to the cabinet as she asked Carrie where the coffee cups were.
Carrie told her as I watched Brenda standing on her tiptoes to reach the cups.

“So that is why the coffee cups are up so high,” “So you can checked out our butts as we reach for them,” Carrie said looking toward me.

“That may have been the idea,” I replied smiling back to her.

Brenda came over to the table where she gave Carrie a kiss. Then she walked over to me and as she kissed me, my hand went to her ass. Brenda broke our kiss as she grabbed my hand. Brenda reached across the table as she took a hold of Carrie’s hand.

“I just want to thank you two for inviting me up here to be with you,” “I had always hoped that you two would be together someday for I saw the love you both had for each other many years ago when you were but teenagers,” Brenda said. “May no one or anything ever break your bond or your love for each other,” Brenda added as she left go of our hands as she sat down.

“Aww that was so sweet,” Carrie, replied as she got up giving Brenda a kiss and hug before asking us both what we wanted for breakfast.

The three of us sat there eating breakfast as I asked Brenda just how this swingers retreat worked. Brenda told us it was like a place to getaway to on the weekends. Brenda told us the couple she had been to be out in the county and that it was not as beautiful there as it was here. Brenda added that here you could boat, fish and swim as well as party.

“Just how many people are you talking about?” I asked.

Brenda told me that she had seen some with just three couples and other with as many as ten couples. Carrie looked at me as she told us well we have three bedrooms. I smiled at Carrie as I told her I had been thinking about adding on.

“Now if I agree to this I have just one rule,” “That being that Brenda and you run it,” I said as I smiled at both of them.

They both jumped from their chairs running over to me as they wrapped their arms around me they both replied, “Thank you John,” as they kissed at my cheeks.

I got busy that day I went and talked to my uncle about adding on to our place on the lake. I told him that I was thinking maybe adding another bedroom. My uncle smiled at me as we sat in his office. He got up from his chair as he walked to a near by filing cabinet. My uncle reached in and he pulled out a set of blue prints.

He laid them out on his desk as he said, “I had these plans drawn up just before you went off to war,” “I just never got around to making it happen.”

I looked at the plans; there was a lot more to them than just adding another bedroom. It was damn near a whole another house he was adding. The kitchen would be twice as big as it was now. The living room was to have a big fireplace in it as well as twice as big.

There were to be six bedrooms and one master bedroom. There was also an outside hot tub on the new bigger patio. I told my uncle that the plans were nice and all but that I did not have that type of money.

“Oh this is going to cost you,” He said with a smile. “My price to you is a simple one you take over my business when I retire,” He added.

“And just when do you plan on retiring?” I asked.

My uncle rolled up the plans as he replied, “As soon as this project is finished,” as he tucked the plans under his arm. “Well come on lets go show that lovely wife of yours her new home,” he added.

My uncle grabbed one of our surveyors at his company and they followed me home. My uncle and I went inside while the surveyor looked around outside. We had just entered the kitchen when Carrie and Brenda came running in screaming.

We both turned to see them both standing there with no clothes on. They both were grapping at pillows from the sofa to hid their private parts the only problem was that there were only two pillows. They both chose to hide their pussies.

“JOHN, there is a strange man outback,” Carrie yelled.

“He is here to build you a new house my dear,” my uncle said to her as his eyes went from her tits then to Brenda’s tits. “Hello Brenda don’t you look lovely today,” my uncle added.

The girls just stood there with their mouths open and their tits hanging out. Carrie finally told us to excuse them for a second. The girls ran by us however, they did not cover their lovely asses as they ran by us.

“Women you can’t live with them but you can’t survive with out them,” my uncle said to me as he unrolled the plans onto the table.

Carrie and Brenda returned with their swimsuits on which in Carrie’s case she should have stuck with the pillow as it covered more I think. The girls came over to the table and my uncle was pointing this and that out to them as they leaned down peering at the plans. I noticed that my uncle was looking at their tits and not the plans just as I was doing.

“John we can’t afford that much adding on,” Carrie said looking rather sadly at me.

“You can now as he owns his own construction company now,” my uncle replied smiling at her. “Well that is right after this one project that is,” he added.

Carrie looked to me as she asked, “What project?”

I smiled as I replied, “Carrie’s Place.”

Carrie ran to my uncle kissing him many times on his cheek before she ran to me. Carrie threw her arms around me as her lips touched mine. She kissed me deeply and passionately.

Carrie broke our kiss as she said, “Thank you John I love you.”

“I guess I will have to thank you Bill,” Brenda said as she wrapped her arms around my uncle.

My uncle and Brenda locked in a deep passionate kiss as we stood there watching them. We could tell they were swapping tongue with their kiss as well. I watched my uncle’s hand go down to Brenda’s ass. My uncle gave her butt a good squeezing with his hand.

Brenda broke their kiss as she said, “I see where you get those butt grabbing hands from now John,” as all us started laughing.

The next day my uncle had a crew out at our house to begin the work. I believe that we had the best crew as any construction company around at the time. They worked hard and put in long days on this project. The project was going along great I was spending half the day at home and the other way learning the business end of the company from my uncle.

I never knew there was so much to running a business especially one like my uncle. It was now late July and our new house was coming right along. Carrie and Brenda would decorate the rooms as we finished them. The project was on time and it should be finished mid to late August. Everything was going as planned that was until my dad fell ill with cancer.

Carrie and I spent a lot of time at the hospital with him and my mom. We lost my dad 3 weeks after he went into the hospital. My mom was devastated at losing him. At his funeral when they played taps and then gave the rifle volley. I must have had that look in my eye because I felt Carrie’s hand stroking lightly at the side of my face.

“Go to your happy place John,” “It will be over shortly,” Carrie softly said to me standing by my side.

My mom was never the same after my dad past away. I lost her a month later to heart disease, which we did not even know she had. Carrie told me that mom’s heart just could not bear to be without my dad. I remember taking Carrie into my arms and telling her that if, anything was to happen to me I wanted her to go on with her life.

Our house was finished in September however, at the time we did not feel like having any parties or guests right now. I started to have nightmares within days of losing my mom. I was back in that dam jungle again.

Carrie told me it was due to all the recent stress in my life. At least I had her beside me each night to comfort me. Carrie wanted me to go see a professional about my troubles. I told her NO. If she could not help me then no one could.

“John, in order to help you I may have to have you relives your ordeal in Vietnam,” Carrie said to me as she rubbed at my face. “I know you do not like to talk about it but you will have to,” Carrie added.

“Carrie you’re my wife I trust you if I have to relive the horrors of that place I would rather tell you than a stranger,” I replied to her as I took her by the hand.

Carrie and I would set aside one hour a day five times a week. We would sit down and talk. Carrie told me that I had to begin with my childhood. By the time I got through that in was wintertime at the lake. I had not noticed just how much Carrie would write down as we talked until the middle of December a couple of weeks before Christmas. Carrie had grabbed her notebook as I threw a couple more logs into our fireplace I saw there were only a few pages in her notebook with writing on them.

“I see from the look of your notebook I had a boring childhood,” I said to her giving a little laugh as I sat down beside her.

Carrie smiled at me as she replied, “Not at all in fact you had a very interesting childhood as this is my 10th notebook.” “In fact your problem may lie there as well as in Vietnam,” Carrie added as she stroked at my face looking deeply into my eyes.

I realized a couple of things as she stroked at my face. One was that she might be right and that her dam stroking on my face totally relaxed me I was not for sure but it seemed like she had me under her control when she did that. I really did not care as all I knew was that I had not had a nightmare nor a flashback since we started all this.

However, I knew the darkness was about to close in on me for there was a secret locked deeply away in my mind. I had kept it from everyone even myself. I had forgotten or just did not want to remember it. It had surfaced three times in my life. Once the first time I was home from Vietnam. The second time was while I was in the hospital in Japan. I also had seen it as I heard the rifle volley at my dad’s funeral.

It was January 1975; we were in a snowstorm up on the lake. A blizzard had over taken the lake and our house. The snow was anywhere from a foot to two feet deep. The wind was howling and the electric had gone out. Carrie was off for winter break and I did not do a lot of construction work during January.

I had just come back in from outside bringing more wood into the house. As I piled the wood by the fireplace, I saw Carrie on the sofa with her notebook in hand. I turned to her as I asked her if maybe we should wait for the storm to pass.

“John, you have been avoiding this for almost two weeks now,” Carrie replied as she patted next to her on the sofa.

Carrie was right I had been making up all types of excuses just so I did not have to talk about Vietnam. I stood there with one hand on the fireplace as I poked at the logs burning. The flames shot up from the glowing logs as I poked at them. My mind filled with a vision; one that I just soon have had forgotten.

I hung the poker up before I joined Carrie on the sofa. Carrie rubbed at my face as she looked deeply into my eyes. I stared back into those lovely blue eyes as I felt my body relaxing as I sunk back into the sofa.

“Relax John, relax,” Carrie said to me as she stroked the side of my face. “John your hiding something from me and yourself look deep into your mind,” Carrie added.

I did as my eyes went closed. I told Carrie I was back on the swing between my house and Terri’s. Terri had just asked me if I had killed any women and children over in Vietnam. I opened my eyes no longer feeling Carrie rubbing at my face.

“Sorry John,” Carrie said before she started to rub at my face again.

Carrie told me later she had stopped out of fear of what I was about to tell her. She was not sure if she wanted to know. Carrie told me to relax once more as I closed my eyes I was in Brenda’s living room telling Terri, Paul and Carrie about having been on patrol and coming to the village that I had been using as an way point for returning to my base. The old Vietnamese farmer had gotten himself stuck in the mud I helped him out then against my better judgment, I fixed an old cart for him as well.

I blinked my eyes and it was as if my mind shifted to another memory. I was back in the jungle where it was early morning and I was making my way alone through the jungle. I told Carrie I was near the rice fields of that old farmer. I could feel something was wrong and I did not see the old farmer out working in his fields.

I told Carrie I silently made my way to their village. It laid in ruin; the huts were but ashes. I could see bodies laying everywhere. I had been by here an few days ago and everything was all right. I crouched there in the jungle looking and listening. I heard nothing but the jungle itself.

I made my way into the village with my weapon ready and my ears opened. I found the old farmer dead, old women dead and young babies laying dead. Most had bullet holes in them while some had knife wounds. I looked around for signs to as just what had happened.

The first sign I saw was an American smoked cigarette, then a candy bar wrapper. I found boot imprints that only American soldier worn. I followed a set of tracks into the near by jungle. There I found spent shell casings from an M16. Another set of tracks went deeper into the jungle that led me to a baby that lay on the jungle floor literally in pieces. The site sickened me as I stood over the bits and parts of the baby.

I ran deep into the jungle until I could run no more. I just sat there crying silently in the jungle at what I have just seen. How could we be considered the good guys if we did stuff like this; I wondered as I cried as silently as I could. I stayed in the jungle an extra day before I returned to base. I had thoughts of not returning at all. I went to my Capt. at that time and I told him what I had found.

“Shit happens during war, son,” the Capt. said to me never showing any emotions at all.

I stood there just looking at him. He looked at me blankly as he asked me if I wanted to file a report. I told him no, as I knew nothing would come of it just by the way he was acting. I returned to my shack wondering if it was someone from our base or a rogue patrol had wiped out that village. I said a silent prayer for all those people before I had to return to the jungle once more.

I opened my eyes as they filled with tears and I began to sob. Carrie was staring at my face. I felt her arms wrapping around me. She was holding me tightly in her arms rocking me just as I used to think about during my second tour in Vietnam.

Carrie whispered into my ear as she held me, “You poor boy the horrors you faced in that hellhole.” Carrie kissed at my ear as she rocked me in her arms as she said, “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

The wind howled as the snow kept piling up outside. I got up threw another log on the fire. I grabbed the poker and I poked at it. I saw nothing but the log start to burn. There were no women screaming, no children crying in my ears. No hellish visions filled my head as I poked at the fire. I hung the poker back up walked over and put some music on the stereo. I walked over to Carrie who was busy writing in her notebook.

I reached out taking hold of her hand pulling her from the sofa as I said, “Dance with me my love.”

I danced with Carrie in my arms as the wind howled outside. The snow fell as the fireplace’s glow flicked with flames casting our shadows against the walls as we danced the night away as well as memories long forgotten.

This is where this Chapter will end. Let me know if you are enjoying it and thanks for your lovely comments so far. Be back soon with another chapter.
Sgt. J

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2015-10-15 03:19:08
All I can say is DAMN this is a good story

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let me start by saying sir, you are amazing the way you told your story. this story made me laugh. made me cry. this should be a book, more people should be able to enjoy this story, Please take the time and right it just as it is in book many people would read it, hell id 50 shades could do could you..


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Thiis is such a awesome story, I salute you, during the 70's and now. You will always have my respect.

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to the IDIOT who posted the privios message
WHY DA FUK would you write something like that, this is a true sad story, and people dont want to get to the end crying and then see some random typeing that looks like another language about how we are all going to end up raping people.

To Sgt. Wagar and Sgt. J
We thank you for your service to our counrty, you went out bravely into hell holes like vietnam and have seen horors that no man or woman should have to endure, for our country you went through emense physical and mental pain and suffering. Lebron couldn't play a game when it got a little hot, but you guys went through much more in something much more than a game where yiu dribble a ball. We mourn with you for those that you have lost, your fellow soldiers, your friends that went through it with you, and the people whos hands you put your lives in. We honor you and your service. We will never truly will understand what it was like there.
Thank you for serving

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From one unknown brother to another....Your words have captured the visions and nightmares of a lot of us vets...From one "recon rat" to another...Keep up the good work..I will not critize your writing. You have captured some of the true horrors of that fucking jungle and the useless war that was fought...I would do it again, if I had to, but only because it defends the freedoms of all, even people like Paul!!!!!!!!!!!! Sgt. Jack Wagar 1st 30th Recon Platoon

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