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Episode IV
Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 37: Light My Fire

A few months passed before we broke our pledge of monogamy. Seriously, In this house, with Stephanie and Sandy just a few feet away, that’s quite an accomplishment. I bet if you put Stephanie in a convent, in a month you would have a whole bunch of bi-curious nuns. Of course it was Stephanie that ended our monogamous relationship. It didn’t matter though; Holly and I had gotten back the confidence in our relationship that had seemingly vanished. The two and half months we spent together strengthened our relationship beyond where it was before it all happened. You didn’t really expect us to keep to ourselves did you?

Stephanie snuck into our bedroom and jumped into the mix while we were having sex one night. We all had quite a laugh afterwards, including Sandy, who had watched from the doorway. Now Holly and I were sitting in bed on a Saturday morning. The incident with Stephanie occurred Thursday night, and we now fully realized that our relationship was healthy again.

“I guess we can start having adventures again huh?” Holly said to me, she had bra and panties on, with covers pulled up to her chest as we sat up in bed. “You sure you’re ready to jump back into things?” I asked her. She smiled devilishly at me. “Oh Baby. Light my fire” Holly said. “That was hot” I told her. “Well…What should we do?” I asked her. “I guess we should go back to the sex club” Holly said. “That’s just good clean fun” Holly said. “How many times have you been?” I asked her. “Just three” Holly said. “I went twice without you…its pretty fun stuff” I confessed. “Oh and what about that internet dating thing, I want to try that!” Holly said. “You want to meet Elizabeth?” I asked her. “hmm…Yeah” Holly said. “She e-mailed me the other day…she’s totally lesbian now” I said. “So you found a straight girl on the internet and turned her gay” Holly said, accusingly. “Well…I think she was gay before I met her, she just didn’t know it yet. Ask Stephanie about that” I said. “Maybe we should make some more porn!” Holly said, suddenly thinking of it. “Maybe we should find a straight couple and have foursomes” Holly said. “Oh and we could bring other girls to bed with us!” Holly kept thinking of new things. God, what a lucky guy I am! “You been thinking about this a lot?” I asked. “Kind of” Holly admitted. “Don’t worry it’s not a reflection of your performance in bed” Holly said. “I know, I can tell when I please you…it usually involves screaming, moaning, things like that” I said. “You do know how to push my buttons” Holly said. “Speaking of pushing buttons…you want to push a few right now?” I said. “That was a terrible transition” Holly said, accusingly. “Sorry. I guess I can find any excuse to make love to you.” I said. “Or Fuck me” Holly said, making a point.

I rolled over on top of Holly. I kissed her neck lovingly, playing with her breasts. I slowly kissed down. Holly pulled the covers up past my head. I moved farther south, pulling her panties off as I traveled. I rubbed my hands down her thighs, caressing her smooth skin. She was getting wet already from the conversation. I dove in, kissing, licking, sucking, tonguing her pussy quickly. She immediately squirmed underneath me. She was moaning quite loudly. I flicked my tongue over her clit energetically, driving her closer and closer. She came, screaming out my name, thrusting her hips upward against me as I continued to pleasure her.

I crawled back up on top of her, rising from under the covers as we were now face to face. She had a serene look on her face. “God, you know how to push my buttons” Holly said, still breathing rapidly. “Don’t give me all the credit for that. You helped” I said. I kissed her gently on the lips. “Want me to push your buttons?” Holly asked. “Oh you don’t have to” I said, smiling at her. She somewhat forcefully rolled us over so she was on top. “But I want to” Holly said, giving me that provocative smile that she has. Holly slowly descended down, the covers now covering her. She kissed and caressed her way down to my crotch, pulling my cock out through my boxers, not bothering to take them off. Holly immediately deepthroated my cock, bringing me intense pleasure. She played with my balls with one hand, stroked my shaft with the other, sucked up and down on my cock. She wasn’t messing around, bringing me to orgasm as fast as she could. I moaned loudly as I came in her mouth. Holly swallowed every drop that I gave her without hesitation. She continued to play with my extremely sensitive head for while before rising back up beside me.

We laid back, catching our breath. “So what do you want to do today?” I asked her. “Come on baby…Light my fire” Holly said, making a joking reference. “Yes but more specific than that” I said. Right then Stephanie walked into our bedroom. She had on black lace panties and no bra, her small perky tits bouncing slightly with her step. Stephanie sat at the foot of our bed. “What’s up?” She asked us. “Like you don’t know” Holly said, having been screaming a few minutes ago. “Don’t let me interrupt” Stephanie said, smiling. “We were just finishing up” Holly said. “What do you guys want to do today?” Steph asked. I looked over at Holly, and she gave me that devilish smile. “I don’t even have to ask do I?” Stephanie said, assuming we would be going at it. “Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do?” Holly asked Stephanie. Stephanie sat back, thinking this was a trick. “Why you guys back to ‘normal’ now?” Steph said. “I think you could say that” I said. “Thank god” Stephanie said, loudly. “What?” Holly and I asked. “I’m getting tired of strapons and tongues, I need a dick” Stephanie said. “Like you can’t get any anywhere else?” I said, confused. “Well, I could…but I know you will please me, and you’re not a jerk. The internet is pretty hit-or-miss about these things.” Steph said. “And then they always think it could be serious, but I just want sex” Steph said. “I hear that” Holly said. “So you two want to fuck tonight?” Holly asked, looking at me. “That’s fine with me” I said, somewhat asking for approval from Holly. “You want to mess around with Sandy?” Steph asked Holly. “Sure…I kind of miss licking pussy” Holly said. “That was hot” I said. “What?” Stephanie asked me. These girls simply don’t understand how sexy they are, and can be from the things they say. We coordinated schedules for the night.

Holly and I went out and had dinner together. It’s not really dating anymore, we have been together so long, we are practically married. When we got back Steph and Sandy were sitting on the couch waiting for us. Stephanie eagerly stood and walked over to me and Holly. Holly and I kissed sweetly. “Have fun” I told her. “Same to you” She replied. Stephanie stood beside us impatiently. “Let’s go” Steph said, grabbing my arm, pulling me to her bedroom. As I walked in her bedroom I looked behind me and saw Sandy and Holly walking into our bedroom. I had kind of taken for granted the relationship we had before, all the crazy sex. I guess I didn’t fully appreciate it since we started doing it right away. But now I realize how special it is. There is something amazing about knowing that the woman I love is having fun with another woman.

Stephanie didn’t seem to care what else was going on in the apartment, she just wanted some fuckin. She had taken barely five steps into the room before she started throwing her clothes off. I walked over to her dresser, grabbing a condom. Stephanie used to be on the pill, same as Holly. But since she went almost exclusively lesbian, she stopped taking it. Stephanie grabbed me from behind, pulling my pants down. She was busily undressing me as I put on the condom. “What are you horny or something?” I asked her, jokingly. She didn’t respond, she turned me around, throwing herself on me. She wrapped her naked body around mine, making out with me. She pushed me back onto her bed. “Fuck me now” She said in a deep voice. I was sideways on the bed, my feet on the ground. Steph was humping me, her crotch against my stomach.

I grabbed my erect cock and held it up to her ass, as she stopped humping I pushed it against her tight lips. She really needed to get fucked, her pussy was the tightest I had ever known it to be. She immediately started pounding me into the bed, her pussy clenching around my cock. I laid back in pleasure, barely able to control any of my muscles. I was able to grope her wildly moving tits as she continued to hump me. The position was kind of hurting my back, so when I had some strength I picked her up. She took my cue and started to change positions. She stood up, facing away from me. She extended her right leg way out to the side, putting her foot on the bed. She stood on one foot, her pussy exposed to the air. I stepped up behind her, pushing my cock inside her tight wet slit. I wrapped my arms around her tight, and started humping her hard.

Stephanie screamed and moaned as I pounded her tight slit. She came, drowning my cock in her sex juices. She nearly fell down from the awkward position, but I still had my arms wrapped around her and stopped her from falling. My cock came out of her as I caught her. We had stepped a few feet away from the bed as I caught her. “Don’t stop” she said aggressively. In that brief silence I could hear moaning from outside the door. She couldn’t stand very well, as I tried to penetrate her from behind. “Let me lean on something” She said. I helped her walk a few feet. She put her hands on the wall, leaning forward. She braced herself against the wall, the door to the living room was just a foot to her right. Her ass stuck out behind her as she bend over. I stood up straight, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her. “Oh fuck” She said immediately. The previous orgasm had made her much more sensitive. I pounded her as she tried to push back against the wall. This resulted in a loud banging noise from her hands repeatedly smacking against the wall.

“Hold on” Steph stopped me. She dropped to all fours, in the doorway. Her round ass stuck out nicely. I got down on my knees behind her, and started pounding away on her dripping slit. She was approaching orgasm again. Stephanie screamed loudly as I fucked her harder and harder. “Fuck Me” She yelled, her voice skipping as I crashed into her repeatedly. Her tight pussy was very stimulating, but the frequent breaks had kept me from coming. I stopped thrusting into her, resting myself. We were both glistening with sweat. “Christ are you going to cum or what?” Steph said incredulously. “You want to go jump in with them?” I asked her, offering her a break. “No…go get the lube off my dresser.” Steph said. I climbed off of her, turning around and going back into her room. I had to search for a minute but found her lube. I turned around and walked back into the living room.

Stephanie had crawled a few feet to the couch. As I walked to her, she lunged herself up, laying over the side of the couch. Her ass was at the edge of the couch, as she laid face first on the couch. “You sure about this?” I asked her. “Fuck my ass already” She said, impatiently. I squeezed some lubricant on my cock, and put some on my finger, which I worked into her tight asshole. I worked my finger inside her tight ass, pumping in and out slowly. Then I put my cock against her tight hole. Stephanie moaned loudly as I pushed against her, my cock opening her ass. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I slowly pumped my cock inside her. I reached below my cock, fingering her dripping pussy. Holly and Sandy walked out of the bedroom. “What, you guys too wild to stay in the bedroom?” Holly asked as I looked up at her. Holly sat on the couch right beside a face down Stephanie. Sandy stood beside me, helping me finger Stephanie. Everyone was completely naked. Stephanie was nearing another orgasm, but I beat her to the punch. I came deep in her ass, in the condom. I pulled out, and walked over to Holly. Sandy got down on her knees, licking Steph’s exposed pussy. I stood in front of Holly. Stephanie turned her head, still laying on the couch, to look at me. “Ohhh I needed that” Steph said. Holly reached out grabbing my still semi-erect cock. “You’ve got more work to do” Holly said, stroking my lubed up shaft.

Holly stood up, still holding my cock, and turned around, facing towards Steph and Sandy. Holly bent over, grabbing her ankles. She looked up at me from between her legs. “Come on baby” Holly said, smiling upside-down. I grabbed her hips, and thrusted forward, pushing my hardening cock inside her dripping slit. I fucked her for several minutes. We were both just working up to another round of orgasms. Holly had to change positions, all the blood rushing to her head the way she was. “Why don’t you two just get a room” Stephanie said, barely believing that we were still going at it. Holly pulled me by the cock back to the bedroom.

We proceeded to fuck in various positions on the bed. Finally Holly came as I fucked her doggystyle on the bed. “Come here” Holly said. I moved around to in front of her. I was on my knees, and Holly was laying on her chest, with her head up. She pulled off the soaking, slippery condom and started to suck me off. My cock was coated in cum from my first orgasm. Holly slurped and sucked until I came again, squirting jizz in her mouth, to her moaning reception. She continued to suck on the tip of my cock. “Well…Did I light your fire?” I asked her. “Boy we couldn’t get much higher” Holly said, taking my cock out of her mouth.


2007-01-08 17:09:41
please to god keep going!


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keep them cumming this is great


2004-12-23 12:01:23
keep doing them... please


2004-12-21 02:11:08
for those keeping up parts 38-44 are submitted waiting to be uploaded, 45 and 46 are done and that ends episode 4. Now i am wondering if i should continue writing thse, as they are getting somewhat tedious to write. I have written a summary of the entire rest of the story (around 2500 words) and it details many many years of "adventures" now the question i continue writing as i have, or stop telling the whole story and simply do scattered pieces, almost like small specials or just submit the summary and see what you think....

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