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It was Friday and the weekend was finally here. All I had to do was go to school. I am a Junior in High School I am 6 foot 4 inches. I weigh 225 pounds I’m not fat, but I’m not super skinny. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. My dick is 7.5 inches in length and 6 in circumference. I’m pretty popular. I have a lot of friends. But only a select few know that I am bisexual. One of them was my friend frank, he had black hair, and he stood about 5 feet 11 inches. He had brown eyes and a good amount of facial hair. Frank had known that I had a crush on him but sadly he was straight. The best thing about going to school was the fact that I was able to see him on a daily basis.
Now Frank was a year older than me and a grade a head also. But he never treated me like i was younger he treated me like i was his age. We hung out a lot. He always had my back. Frank was also on the football team. I loved seeing him dress up in his uniform every Friday night. I loved how his pants hugged his body. It showed his nice ass and his bulge( never a bad sight ;) )
The one thing that I loved most about him was how safe I felt around him. No matter what my issue was I was always able to go to him and he would comfort me. Frank was more than a crush I had secretly loved frank for quite some time now, and I hated when I saw him kiss his girlfriend. I think that’s what hurt me most was the fact that he had a girlfriend I mean I know he straight but still.
But anyways back to the story. So it was a cold Friday morning and I pulled up to school in my truck. I got out grabbed my bag and walked up to the school over to were frank and my other friends were. I walked up shook everyone’s hands and proceeded talking to frank. We were making plans for this weekend, were typical teenagers, so naturally we were going to party. He planned on getting the beer and I would get the liquor. The bell rung and we headed our separate ways. I wouldn’t see Frankie until lunch time; we both had the last lunch of the day. We usually spent it in the library on the computers just chilling and talking.
Frank left school early every day, so when the bell rang he left and went home, and I proceeded to my last class of the day which was gym. I didn’t really look at any of the guys in my gym class in a sexual way. But I stripped down to my boxer briefs and tee-shirt. I had a pretty nice bulge and would catch some of the other dudes looking at it from time to time. When gym class was done I got changed and went home.
I walked in to the house, went upstairs and took a shower; I take long showers usually 30 minutes. When I was done I went in to my room and laid in bed (naked ha) I must have fallen asleep, because when I checked my phone it was 7 ish and looked up and frank was there. Frank was allowed to come over when he wanted my mom liked him a lot and was close with his mom. I said whats up? He said apparently you were having a nice dream. I asked why say that. He said well you have a boner. I had complete forgot I fell asleep naked.
I was embarrassed beyond belief. I tried to hide it, but he said it was cool and left my room. I hurried up and got dressed and went down stairs. I apologized about what had happened. He said it was cool then asked me a strange question. He asked how big I was. I didn’t have any shame in my sized so I said 7.5 inches normally and 8 on a good day. He smirked as if it was small. I asked him the same question and he said about 9 inches. I was shocked and in the heat of the moment said prove it.
He looked up and smiled awkwardly. He said fine. He unbuttoned his jeans the unzipped them and the fell to his ankles. I could see his bulge through his boxers and could tell he was packing. What he said next shocked me also. He told me if he was getting naked id have to join him so we could compare each other. Now since he was straight I didn’t think anything gay. And I read around before that It was normal for dudes to compare sizes. But I did as he did and then we both dropped our boxers. He said get hard. I asked why? His response was that was the best way to compare when we were both hard. I told hed have to suck me to get me hard joking around. He just laughed it off. But we got dressed and went upstairs to my room to watch some porn. He went on some went on some website and put a vid on, To be honest i wasn't even watching the video i was so focused on his dick, along with his balls. ( not sure why but i like balls a lot haha) we both got hard and then compared. And he was as big as he said he was.
His dick was very nice looking it was long and thick probably 7.5 in circumference, he had pubic hair but not too much, his balls were pretty big, it looked like he came a lot and the smell of his man hood was one off the best things that I ever smelled.
He looked at me and asked to see my computer so I gave it to him, what he put on next shocked the hell out of me, and what would happen next I would never forget.

This is my first story if i get posative feed back ill post the rest of the story

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2012-03-10 19:37:19
The last poster is right about height and dick size. My bf is only 5'6'' and his dick is 8". Also, to the guy that complained about this story exaggerating... come on man, you say you're 12"? Who's exaggerating now. It's possible but very, very, very unlikely. I've been with hundreds of guys, small and huge and as for large size being sexy 10" is the limit and that's pushing it. Larger than that is mostly freakish... sorry .

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2012-03-05 01:13:58
height has nothing to do with dick size im a senior and im only 5 9 and a half and my dicks 8.5 inches

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2012-03-05 00:49:53
Ima jr in high school. I am 6'6" with as 12" cock.... at least try to be realistic. Nothing ruins a story quicker then these over exaggerated steroids types.

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2012-03-03 12:59:14
Awsome story!! Write more!!


2012-03-02 05:19:51
great story, dont wait to long to finish...

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