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Sex with a stranger in a Nightclub
At It Like Bunny Rabbits

It was just a normal lad's night out. We'd been to a few pubs and bars, had the usual chats about football, women and sex and were feeling pretty rowdy when we got to the club. I spotted her as soon as I walked in. She was dressed as a bunny rabbit and looked sexy as hell. Her short black pvc bunny suit clung to her figure and her cute pink fury bunny ears on her head really stood out in the crowd. She also had on a black bowtie, black silk gloves up to her elbows, and on her legs, fishnet tights and black leather knee-high boots. Man, this girl was so hot she looked like she could be a porn star! I was fascinated; I couldn't take my eyes off her and watched her dancing with all her friends, delighting in waving her ass with its fluffy bunny tail in everyone's faces.

The lads all went off to dance, but I stayed at the bar to get the drinks in. Reluctantly I took my eyes off the bunny girl and turned towards the bar, trying to get the barman's attention. It was really busy and five minutes later I hadn't got any closer to getting the drinks, when I felt someone rub up against me. I turned round, and it was her. "So are you going to buy me a drink or are you just going to let me die of thirst?" She said, smiling devilishly. "Excuse me?" I replied, a bit taken aback. "Don't act like you haven't noticed me, I know you haven't taken your eyes off me since you got in here....along with just about every other male in this place." She purred. "I mean what's the problem, haven't you ever seen a bunny rabbit close up before? Or is there something wrong with my costume?" She turned round and flicked her bunny tail in my direction. My heart was pounding, this girl was even hotter close up, with her striking pink eye shadow and her sparkly red lips, I could feel my dick getting hard in my trousers. "So, what do you think, is there anything wrong with my costume?" She persisted, waving her ass at me again. "What I wouldn't give to bend you over right now and fuck you doggy style." "Excuse me?" Her eyebrows shot up. "What?" I said, realising with horror that I had said that out loud. "Errr, nothing, nothing. The suit looks great. What's the occasion?" "Oh just a fancy dress girls' night out. Anyway quit stalling, are you going to buy me a drink or not?" "Sure, what would you like?" "Bacardi and coke...make that a double." "Coming right up." I ordered the drink and passed it to her, but after picking up my drink I turned back round to see she'd wandered off into the crowd. Dismayed, not to mention a little pissed off, I went to find the lads.

"Alex, what took you so long?" Dan demanded. "I was just talking to someone at the bar." "Really? Who?" "Just that bunny girl." "The bunny??? She's fit as fuck!" Dan said slapping me on the back. "Yeah well I didn't get anywhere," I snapped, slamming my drink on the table, my frustrated dick aching. "Calm down! The night is young my friend," Dan put his hand on my arm. "Yeah. Whatever." I muttered.

After we'd downed our pints we headed to the dance floor. I could still see the bunny girl up on the stage, flirting and grinding with everyone in sight, be it boy or girl. Feeling my drinks catching up with me, I excused myself and headed off to the toilet. Unusually, it was deserted. In the middle of my slash, I heard the door open and the sound of heels clicking across the floor. "What the fuck? This is the men's toilets," I thought to myself. I really wasn't in a good mood anymore, hastily doing up my flies I turned round to express my displeasure at this female intrusion. But to my surprise it was the bunny girl and my complaint died on my lips. "You need to learn to be more forward." She said, strutting towards me. "Well you're the one who wandered off before." I murmured. "Yeah well, I thought I was getting somewhere when you told me you wanted to fuck me doggy style, but then you were too chicken to repeat yourself, so I decided not to hang around." She said, tracing the outline of my lips with her silky finger. By this point she had me up against the wall, her hot body rubbing up against mine. "But then I thought, you deserved a second chance and I'm horny as hell, so do you want to fuck me or not?" She kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. By this point my dick was so hard that it was straining to get out of my trousers. I was very aware that we were in the toilets of a nightclub and anyone could walk in, but I was determined not to miss my chance again, and I was also horny as hell so I eagerly agreed. {mospagebreak}

Without waiting a second she got down on her knees and undid my flies and took out my throbbing prick, which sprung upwards as it was released. "What a big boy!" She purred, as she took my cock in her hands, squeezing me tightly and rubbing faster and faster up and down my length. When she enclosed her mouth around my dick I groaned, this girl was good! I wondered if maybe she really was a porn star. Her hot wet mouth swallowed up my meat as she deep-throated me and her tongue circled my shaft. I wanted to blow my load down her throat right there and then, but I restrained as I had promised to fuck her doggy style.

After a couple of minutes of the best blowjob I'd ever had, she stopped and got up, instructing me to unzip her suit and lick her pussy. I went to unzip it from the top down, but she stopped me and guided my hand to a zip further down. I unzipped it revealing her clean shaven pussy, which was already glistening with her juices. Propping her up against the wash basin and spreading her legs wide apart, I lapped at her cunt, flicking my tongue over and over her clit, at the same time sliding my fingers in and out of her wet hole. I tongue fucked her cunt, darting my tongue quickly in and out of her slit whilst she bucked and writhed around the floor in pleasure.

I kept going until the urge to fuck her overtook me and I told her to get up and bend over. ""Well done on taking the initiative." She stood up and waved her ass from side to side. "Shut up bitch," I responded as I slid my rock hard prick into her slippery wet pussy. Putting my arms round her waist, the pvc felt good against my skin, making me even hornier. Determined to give her a really good fucking I thrust my dick all the way in and out of her slowly at first. She gasped as I impaled her and ground herself fervently against my rod. "Come on, fuck me properly! Faster, faster!" She cried. So, faster and faster I pounded her, as she pushed herself hard back and forth against my dick, moaning loudly as her pussy clenched hard around my meat and I felt her orgasm. But I kept on going, I felt a hotness take control of me as my dick slammed in and out of her pussy and when the tension had built up in my balls, I withdrew and pushed her onto her knees, spewing my white sticky cum down her throat. Lapping the last drops off my shaft she smiled, got up and quickly left the toilets before I'd even had a chance to recover.

Walking out of the toilets still reeling from what I would describe as the best fuck I've ever had, I bumped into Dan who asked me again, "what took you so long?" "Just talking to someone I met in the toilets." "Really? Who?" But without answering him I smiled and returned to the dance floor.


2005-12-28 19:13:20
great story. You could have shoved your cock into her ass and ass fucked her a bit. That would have been great. Your story made me horny.


2004-12-22 01:58:22
nice story keep writing


2004-12-20 13:20:58
Thanks for your comments, the story was actually written by my G/F for our site but I thought it would be good to spread it around a bit, I will make sure she reads the comments!



2004-12-20 01:40:36
yeah, it's was awesome, but should've been longer


2004-12-18 18:22:58
Great Story! Should have been a little longer though.

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