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this is the final in my trilogy, i think.
*A Cow’s Story*
My tits hurt so bad! With each breath I take my milk-filled tits ache on my chest. I silently pray that a client will want me, want to suckle me, relieve some of my pain. My Masters and Mistresses enjoy coming through the punishment hall to abuse my tits, slap and pinch my nipples and at this point, I’d beg them to..Anything to get rid of some of this burdened milk of mine!

The chains on my body cut circulation off to my extremities, making them tingle and ache. I’ve been hanging since breakfast this morning and by the sounds of it, Supper time must be just around the corner. Just then the baby in my belly does a little kick, hungry no doubt.

I heard the quiet whistles of a tune I used to know “Cindy”. Just as the words came fluttering back to me a tall, sexy man walked around the corner taking deliberately small steps, grinning through his whistles. He walked to face me just as his tune picked up and he finished the song in words. “I wish I was an apple, a hangin’ from a tree…. I wish I had a pretty girl to suck my cock for me.” Then he pierced me with those fierce blue eyes.

His eyes scanned my body, first my mouth, then overly full breasts, lingering on my full pregnant stomach, and then my pussy. He nodded in approval and then a man, who I hadn’t noticed near me, lowered my body from my suspension.

My feet touched the ground but could not support me as the blood rushed through them. I fell to the floor, landing mostly on breasts. I screamed in agony as I squished my milk-filled titties. My hands still being tied behind me I could do nothing to stop the pain. Just then they released my hands and I pulled my weight from my chest, only to be pushed back down onto them. I noticed each time I any pressure was added to my tits they leaked, giving me some relief. Even though it caused me much pain, I was still a little happy. I didn’t dare call out
“Are you having any milking problems?” the sexy man asked me. “yes sir, I haven’t been milked in so long! They hurt!” “that’s not what I asked you, cunt.” He said as he spanked my ass. “do you produce enough milk to sustain the pump?” “yes,yes sir.” “and how about constipation, are you constipated?” I flushed red, I wasn’t constipated.. but I hadn’t been allowed to use the restroom in two days, I DID need to. “no sir.” “then you DON’T need to use the rest room. Excellent. I’ve heard that for most pregnant women they get constipated. Glorious.”

Next he brought me to my feet. He presented me with a collar. “you are to wear this until I remove it. Is that understood?” “yes sir”. With that he clipped it tightly around my neck, then added nipple clamps to my tender flowing nipples. He tightened them so tight! “ah, that ought to stop that leaking!” he said with a grin. It burned my nipples to be pinched so hard, and to have all my milk held inside. He then tugged on my clamps leading me to a private client room. I began to worry.

He had me lay on my side on a hard table, then he tied one ankle to the table, and another to a pully in the ceiling. He raised my leg until it was at a 45 degree angle to the other and tied it off. Leaving my asshole and cunt exposed. “have you had many children?” “N-no sir, this is my first. A girl.” “Ah. Well I’m in the market for a baby girl to be my at-home sex-slave and I’d like to get to know your’s better.”

He slapped my cunny with his hand hard and I passed out. When I awoke I felt a burning hot liquid leaking into my butt. “stop stop!” I shouted but it only made the water flow faster. I realized he was giving me an enema, I felt sooo full.

I quivered with the hot water flowing into me, but I could feel my cunt getting wet from the attention. Then before I knew it, with each stream of water entering my bowels, a stream of my milk squirted from my nipples. “mmmm!” “Yes sweetheart, give me some of that milk.” He then licked my nipples, caressing the sides of them with his hot hands. I noticed he was very gentle and started to actually find myself attracted to this man.

Then I remembered what he had said and pulled away from him, and struggled to get the enema to stop. “what do you want with my baby!?” “I want your baby… Let me show you what for.” And then he squeezed the bag emptying the rest of the 4 quarts of water into my body. The cramps in my stomach ached so much! he instructed me to hold it for as long as I could. I did my best, not wanting to spill all over myself. After five minutes or so he allowed me to relieve myself in the restroom.

“get cleaned up.” He left me to clean myself. After wiping and washing a little I peeked around to see if anyone was watching. Not seeing anyone I made an attempt to milk my tits a little. Spraying the milk into the sink. Firm hands grapped my arms from behind me and pulled me from the sink and into the neighboring room, throwing me to my knees. I put my hands out to catch myself so I wouldn’t land on my pregnant belly.

“You want to waste all that milk? I can help with that.” He knelt behind me and bent over my back and pulled HARD on my nipples, spilling the milk all over the floor. Yes, I wanted to milk, but not this way, not like this.. He chuckled and I felt his hardening cock head rub against my leg. I had no idea how big it was; I was soon to find out.

He took his milk covered finger tips and placed two of them at the entrance to my pussy. I quivered with pleasure. Before I knew it, I was pushing back onto his finger tips, and they slipped into my pussy to the first knuckle without resistance.

Before I could plunge myself onto his stiff fingers deeper, he removed them and pulled my hair until I was sitting on my ass, quite put off. He had a yellow, rough-looking rope in his hands with a grin on his face. The grin made me shudder. Before I had time to contemplate what he was to do with the rope, he was in action, his hands wrapping the rope around my breasts.

He first wrapped the rope around my left boob in a loop, tightened it painfully, then pulled the rope around my back and repeated the same on the right boob, then he cinched it tightly, separating my breasts. I looked down to see my tits at least seven inches apart, seven painful inches.

He placed the nipple clamps back onto my nipples and tightened them so tight I thought they would rip my nipples off! It was excruciating. He brought his cock to my lips, “open wide baby.” His piercing blue eyes ordered my lips open, I accepted. His hard girthy piece slid into my mouth and down my throat, he shoved it down my throat until I was chocking, literally gagging on his cock. He held my head there.

“If you’ll be quiet then I can talk and you may breath again. Yes, that’s very nice, run your tongue along my shaft. Mmm! Oh yes, our conversation.. When you give birth, I will be buying your baby from your master and take her to my home, raise her as my sex slave, and do things to her for the rest of her life, and she eventually will bear me many children. She will be a daughter to be proud of.. it’s really a shame you won’t ever see-“ He was still talking when my vision went black, and my body went limp.

Cold water all over my body woke me in a jerking motion. I was on my hands and knees, his cock head inside my pussy lips. Waiting for my full consciousness before he stretched me. Stretch me he did. His cock must have been at least eight inches long and at least three inches thick, not having had any cunt action in months, it nearly split me.

He finished by shoving his cock in my asshole and spraying his thick baby goo all along the insides of my bowels. I shuddered at the thought of him spraying that same baby-making goo inside my baby, to make her own babies., and that’s when it happened, my water broke. I was going into labor, and all too soon, my baby would be his.

*This will be the final in this unless i get enough feed back i'm going to move on to other stories and ideas. thank you for reading*

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2014-03-23 05:10:53
Nice when well she give birth

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2013-08-06 13:36:57
Hello love the story. What happens next?

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2012-03-21 12:27:40
please write another part of the story

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2012-03-03 04:13:28
please continue the series it has great potential to go so many different ways! i have just one thing i would like you to do if you continue the series. could you maybe give some backstory and use a bit more details. other than that like i said its a good series i really would love to see where it ends.

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2012-03-02 20:00:06
fucky fucky for $5 dollar
call / 1800-BLOW-ME

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