A reluctant 16 year old lad is asked to babysit, and ends up enjoying it more than he could have inagined
THE LUCKY BABYSITTER – Corrected version

This is a revised version with the errors eliminated. I didn’t proof read the first one, and paid the price.

Although this is labelled as fiction, it is based on something that’s supposed to have actually happened. Whether it was true or not, I have no way of knowing, but when I heard about it, I thought it a very horny tale indeed. I have my suspicions that it was just wishful thinking, though. I shall tell it from the older boy’s point of view. Although I knew all three of them, it was the older boy who I knew the best. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box, so I shall attempt to add his character. Please leave your comments and feel free to contact me. I love a chat.

I was sixteen when I had my first cum with someone else in the room. My mum was friends with a woman who had two younger kids, and I was asked to babysit them when she went out with her friend one Friday night. I didn’t really want to, but I was being paid, so I thought I might as well. Her husband had left her a couple of years before, and she did her best bringing the two kids up on her own. She didn’t often go out.

The kids were Zoe, who was 12, and really loud, and her brother Mike, who was 13 and quiet. I was told that they had to be in bed for half ten, which I was glad of because I didn’t really like them that much. Once they were out of the way, I had some new porn mags my mate had swapped with me that I wanted to look at, and they looked really hot.

“You know where everything is, don’t you,” Mrs Henderson said to me. She was a tall woman with short dark hair. She was quite slim and had good sized tits. For a mum, she was quite sexy.
“Yeah, no problem.”

She smiled and picked up her handbag. “Good, and don’t take any nonsense from these two.” She turned to Zoe and Mike. “Remember, Charlie is in charge, and it’s bed at half past ten.”

“Yeah, mum,” Zoe said, looking miserable.
“Good. Charlie, I’ll be back at half twelve. I hope you don’t get too bored.”
“I’ll be okay. Have a good time.”

Mrs Henderson left, and we sat watching the telly. Zoe and Mike wanted the soaps on, which pissed me off, but they’d be in bed in an hour and a half, so at least I didn’t have long to wait. Throughout the awful rubbish we were watching, the two of them made comments about each other, and they weren’t nice. I just ignored them, although my eyes did occasionally catch a glimpse of Zoe’s white knickers. She was only wearing a pink night shirt, and was sitting in an armchair diagonally from me, so when she moved around I kept getting quick flashes. For a girl of 12 she was pretty and had had tits, though I didn't think they were that big. I wondered what they looked like. I’d never seen a girl’s tits for real. Mike, who was next to me, just sat quietly watching the telly. He was skinny and was wearing a T-shirt and sports shorts. Every time I saw Zoe’s knickers, my cock twitched. At ten ‘o’ clock, a drama came on, and they asked me if they could see it through to the end.

“No,” I said. “Your mum said half ten.”
“But we won’t get to see the end,” Zoe whined, moving in her chair, flashing her knickers again.

“Too bad.”
“Oh, go on,” Mike pleaded. “This is supposed to be good.”

I knew they wouldn’t give up, and it was only half an hour, so I’d still get to see my mags and have a wank, so I said, “All right. Till the end, and then bed.”

“Brillo,” Zoe said, beaming, moving and providing me with another flash of her knickers. I wondered what her cunt would be like.

Halfway through the programme, there was a sex scene, and although not much was shown, it was quite horny. I’d snogged with girls and felt their tits, but wondered what a cunt would feel like.

Suddenly, Zoe said, “Look, Charlie, Mike’s got a hard on.
I looked down to see Mike quickly cover his crotch with his hand, going red. “Fuck off, Zoe!”

I felt sorry for him. “So what? Lots of boys get boners. It’s normal.”
“But he’s got a small dick,” Zoe said, sniggering. “I saw him in his room one day.”
“I fucking haven’t!” Mike got back. “You’ve got tiny tits!”

“Leave it out, you two,” I said.
“I bet you’ve got a big one,” Zoe said to me.
“None of your business.”
“Yeah,” Mike sneered. “Shut the fuck up!”

“I hear him wanking,” Zoe announced, moving in her seat and giving me another sight of her knickers.

Seeing those knickers as often as I was, was making my cock twitch. “I’ll bet you play with your cunt as well.”

Zoe went very red. “I don’t!”

“She does,” Mike said. “I stood outside her door and heard her. She went, ‘Aaaaaaaah, aaaaaaah, aaaaaaaah,’ when she came.”

“Fucking pervert!” Zoe said.

Suddenly, I wanted to see her cunt more than ever, but didn’t know how to go about it. Also, I wanted her to see my dick. I wasn’t massive, but it wasn’t small either. “Look, everyone wanks. Boys and girls.”

Zoe leaned forward. “My friend caught her big brother wanking. She said it looked good.”
“Just as long as you don’t ask us to wank,” I said, hoping she would.

Zoe went redder. “It might be fun.”

“Well,” I said, feeling excited at the thought of seeing her cunt and tits, “I can show you my dick, but you’ll have to show me your fanny, and swear you never tell anyone.”

Zoe suddenly looked unsure. “You show me yours first.”

I looked at Mike, who was looking down at my crotch. “Are you happy with this?”

I was feeling dead horny, and wanted to see what his dick looked like as well. “Right, I’ll get my dick out as long as you two do as well. Okay?”

Zoe sat forward. “Go on, then. Let me see your dick.”

I was feeling even more horny. I thought: Fuck it. I stood up, undid my belt and took my jeans and underpants down, showing my dick, which was half hard. “Right, now you two.”

“Cor, it’s big,” Zoe said, looking at it. “Wank it.”
“You show me your fanny first,” I said. “Come on, Mike; get yours out as well.”
Mike went, “Erm . . .’
Zoe didn’t know what to do. “I dunno.”

Mike didn’t say anything.
“You chicken?” I said I said to Zoe.
“No,” Zoe said slowly. “I just don’t want to do it if my brother isn’t.”

With my dick getting bigger all the time, I looked down at Mike. “Come on, mate. Let’s see it, then we can see Zoe’s fanny. I bet you’ve never seen a fanny before.”

“But she’s my sister.”

I pulled my foreskin back, making a show of it. My dick was now fully up to its five and a half inches. I stroked my bush. “So what? It’s a fanny, isn’t it? You don’t have to fuck her.”

Mike nervously looked at us both and began pulling his shorts down. He hid it from his sister. It was about four inches long and had a few hairs at the base. There were hairs on his ball sack as well.

“That’s not a bad one,” I said, looking down at him. “You like wanking?”
“Yeah,” he admitted.
I looked across to Zoe. “Come on; let’s see your fanny now.”

“I can’t see his dick.”
“Go on,” I said. “Show her.”

Mike slowly moved his hand. Zoe looked across. “Fuck, it’s bigger than I thought. Okay, I will, but I wanna see you both cum.”

I removed the rest of my clothes, sat down next to Mike and opened my legs and felt my balls, waiting for Zoe to strip off. She stood up and took her nightshirt off. She had real good tits. They were bigger than I thought and had pink nipples. I said, “Nice tits, Zoe.”

“Thanks.” Then she started pulling her knickers down. I felt even harder. She had thick black hairs that covered her crack.

I wanked my cock. Mike wanked his. Zoe lay down and opened her legs. I saw her pink pussy with little pink inner lips. She put her hand on it and rubbed. I couldn’t stop watching. She looked so horny. “Cor, Zoe. I like it.”

“I want to see you cum. Go on, cum.”

I couldn’t help looking at Mike’s dick. He wanked different to me. He kept his cock in his foreskin, not letting his helmet out. He looked at mine. Zoe moved closer, so I gave her a show, moving my hairy balls around. She fiddled with her tits and her nipples went hard and big.

“Can I touch your tits?” I said.

“No. You can only look. Watch this.’ She stood up, turned around and bent over, showing us her cunt. She put a finger in. Fuck, it looked good. She was real wet and her finger went in and out easily. She turned around and looked at our dicks. “I’ll make myself cum when you show me your spunk.”

“Right,” I said, and wanked faster. So did Mike.

“I’m cumming,” Mike said, and some spunk came out of the end, dribbling down his hand. He went, “Ahhhhhhhhhh,” and his foreskin came back, and this time his cum shot out onto his belly. He did a few more small spurts, and then stopped. I was surprised he came as much as he did.

I looked at Zoe’s tits and felt myself starting to cum, and spurt onto my chest. Another lot landed on my belly. A few more did as well, and some ran down my hand. I looked at my cum and felt good.

“Wow,” Zoe said. “There’s a lot of it. More than my brother.”
“Come on, then,” I said. “You can cum now.”

Zoe lay on the floor and opened her legs, pulling her cunt open. She put a finger in her wet hole and one on the top of her lips. She started rubbing and pushing her finger in and out. She was so juicy looking. I wanted to put my cock in her, but knew I couldn’t. Mike and me carried on rubbing our cocks. I felt real horny and wanted to cum again, so I kept going. I kept looking at Mike’s cock as well. It was great to have the biggest cock. Zoe put another finger in her hole and started making a whimpering noise. “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.” Then she pushed her cunt into the air and went, “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” She slowed down and took her fingers out. “Fuck, that was good.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It looked real horny. “Tell you what, finish me off.”

She looked at me, breathing heavy. “Okay. I’ve always wanted to touch one.” She got up and came over. “I’ll do you both, but no more after that, and if either of you tell anyone, I’ll fucking kill you.”

Mike couldn’t believe his luck. He took his hand off his dick and sat back. So did I. Zoe moved between us and grabbed our dicks, pulling the skin up and down. We both watched our dicks being wanked. Zoe looked from one to the other, wanking faster and faster. Her tits moved up and down. I wanted to grab them, but that would have spoiled it.

After a couple of minutes, Mike gasped, “I’m cumming,” and shot a load onto his belly again. “FUCK!” Zoe kept wanking him. His bum jumped up and down. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Seeing him cum, I felt turned on and I could feel myself cumming. “Go on, Zoe. Fucking go on!” Spunk shot from the end and into the air, landing on my leg. I closed my eyes and I just kept cumming. My hips jerked around and Zoe kept wanking till I stopped dribbling cum.

She licked some off her hand. “Urgh. It tastes funny.

As Mike and I lay there panting, she got up and put her knickers back on. She rubbed her tits and put her nightshirt back on. “That was fun.”

“It fucking was," I said. "Thanks.”
“That’s alright. Let’s watch the end of the programme now.”

Mike and me looked at each other. We stayed naked until they went to bed. Mike said that he’d have another wank when he was in his room. I didn’t have another wank. I just watched the telly.

After publishing the first (non-proof-read) version, I had requests for a sequel, which I will write as pure fiction. I'll draw on previous experiences, so hopefully it should be okay. Thanks for reading.

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To bad you're first mail or femail will laugh there heads off

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2015-06-02 05:01:39
Can't argue with the last comment. Strictly a bullshit story and poorly told.

When I came back from my tour in Korea and had 9 months to go, I stopped to visit some foster parents that I'd lived with about five years previously. They were out but their fifteen yr. old baby sitter let me in. I was sitting with her, watching TV and she was cumming in her panties because I was wearing my uniform. I noticed she'd bring me a drink or snack and then just hang by my chair, not knowing what to do with herself. (not knowing how to initiate getting herself fucked) The third time was the charm. I took her arm, pulled her down into my lap, started kissing her and had her naked on the couch in two minutes flat. When she saw the size of my cock, she started to resist but it was too late, it was in her pussy before she had a chance to say give it to me again, harder. I fucked three loads of cum into her and another two the next night when she sneaked out of her house and met me for a 'date'.

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you people who think this is good should have your heads read, or grow up, this is just rubbish.

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I love stories like this and they're difficult to find on this website.
I rate this an 8 out of 10 and hope that you'll write more stuff like this.
It was very sexy and fun.


2014-02-21 23:32:00
First time: you destroyed spelling forever.
Second time: WHOOOHOOO!!!!
Plus, I don't see why Mike didn't try and fuck her.
I'd have fucked my sister at that point.

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