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On the run.
And here is chapter 3!

“Wake up.”
The horse she sat on snorted, and restlessly moved its feet. There was a broad chest she leaned back on and an arms around her waist. Larissa tried to remember why she was here, and who the chest and arm belonged to. Then the soft voice behind her sounded again.
“Wake up. We have to walk from here on. They are not far behind us.”
With these last words it all came back. She was still on the run and the voice that whispered into her ear must belong to the young man who rescued her.
She opened her eyes to see they were on the edge of the forest.
“Ah, finally. You are awake.”
Her back rest disappeared when the young man behind her dismounted. A loud splash was to be heard as his boots dropped into the river.
He removed his duffle-bag from the saddle and swung it on his back. Larissa was still seated high upon the horse.
“Hurry woman! We have to move fast,” he said in an urgent tone.
At this she snapped out of it and dismounted as well.
Once she had two feet on the ground, he smacked the horse’s behind, and it ran off.
“Why did you do that? I thought we had to move fast,” was the second thing Larissa said to her rescuer.
“Hopefully it will lead our pursuers on a wrong track. Now start running,” the answer was. “I assume you know where to leave the creek?
“Yes, at a waterfall about half an hour from here.”
Then the two started running.
They had been doing so for twenty minutes when it became clear the freed horse had not deceived the men behind them. They heard a faint sound of hooves splashing in water.
“We are not going to make it,” the young man said and grabbed her hand.
The left bank was much steeper and there was an overhanging rock. Her rescuer freed himself of his bag, crawled under the rock, and pulled her after him. There was nearly enough room for both them and the bag. He lay with his back in the water and pressed chest to chest, cheek to cheek with Larissa who he had pulled on top of him.
After a minute or two they heard the horsemen pass. The young man’s slow and steady breathing was contrasted greatly with Larissa’s rapid chest movement.
Larissa started to crawl out of their hiding spot, but she got pulled back upon him.
“They’ll comeback,” was all he said.
Ten minutes went by and then he was proven to be right.
“I could have sworn that had been a false trail!” an unseen horsemen said.
“We better not have lost them on account of your mistake, or the captain will be very pissed!” another one answered.
Then they passed.
“Can we go now?” Larissa asked.
“No, there were four horses in that group.”
“How do you know that?”
“Trust me,” was all she got back.
Trust him she did and she was better off by doing so, because after five minutes another group passed in silence.
“Was that the last group?”
“You are very impatient, woman. Are you not resting comfortably?”
Even if she couldn’t see his face, the amusement in his voice and the movement of his cheek against hers betrayed it bore a grin.
The delay had cost them precious daylight hours. By the time they got out of the stream it was already dark.
“We better find shelter for the night,” the stranger said.
They mad camp on a soft pad of moss under a great oak. With the departing of the sun the temperature had fallen six degrees already and the youth was shivering in his soaked clothes.
“You have to get those wet garments off. I’ll start a fire,” Larissa said.
“No, no fire. That is too dangerous,” he answered. “I’ve got a blanket in my bag. That has to be enough.”
Without hesitation or asking her to look away he started to undress. First the leather strapping’s on his arms and then his vest, made from the same material, were removed. Out of each strapping he took a small knife, in his vest he apparently carried four.
Next he removed his boots, each of them containing one hand long knife.
Then he took of his linen shirt, revealing his muscular torso. Not the bulky muscle of a smith, but rather the long and lean muscle of a hunter and dancer, or a swordfighter, she guessed. On his chest, crossing his light patch of hair, was a white scar. His belt came off next, and with it, his short sword, long knife and a dagger.
Larissa was still wondering about the amount of weapons her rescuer carried, while he removed his trousers. All of her thoughts were lost. As he was spreading his clothes out to dry she only could see his ripped back and well formed buttocks. But then he turned around, and her gaze fell directly on his cock. There between a patch of dark hair it hang. It was a specimen of below average size; Larissa felt slightly disappointed. For some reason she had expected more.
“If you have had your fill, could you please give me the blanket you are holding? As you can see, it is cold,” he said with a smile.
Larissa did something she hadn’t done for years, she blushed.
“Oh yeah, of course,” and she gave him what he had asked for. She couldn’t even remember grabbing it.
Once on the ground and draped in the blanket the man said, “I fear I have only one of these, but it is big enough. So I guess we could share it, if you do not mind.”
“I don’t mind,” she answered and moved next to him on the ground.
“A big blanket indeed,” she thought. It was big enough to be laid on and to cover them both. She wondered where he had obtained such a precious thing.
When her hand touched his skin, she was shocked over how cold he was.
“You’re still freezing!”
“I will warm up,” he answered.
“No, no. You’ll catch a cold, we need to get you warmed up.”
She got out of the blanket and started to undress.
“What are you doing?” he interrupted.
“As I said, you need to get warmed up. We will share my body heat.”
In naked flesh she crawled back into the blanket, and pressed herself firmly against his back. Her hardened nipples poked into him, and her left hand rested on his flat stomach, just above his stirring cock. Her warm breath breezed over his ear, she pulled him tighter. Her warm skin was in full contact with his and the contrast made it feel like she was burning.
Slowly her thumb started to move circles; caressing his abs. Her hand started to move lower and lower, until her little finger was on the edge of his bush.
“You know, I’ve not properly thanked you, yet,” she whispered in a husky voice.
Her hand moved further down and grabbed his hard shaft. A groan of what she guessed exclaimed approval escaped his throat. She started to move her hand up and down along his rod and thought, “I’ve misjudged. Maybe it was shy, but now his true size is shown.”
Larissa’s head still rested on his shoulder, so he turned his head to place a tender kiss on her jaw. She moved in and their lips found each other. First light and hesitant but soon the passion swept in and their lips opened up.
He rolled on his back and Larissa draped herself over his left side, her hand still working his cock and their tongues swirling.
Then she withdrew her mouth and he followed for a bit, reluctant to let her go. But when her lips started to kiss his jaw and moved to lick and nibble his left ear, he let himself fall back with a sigh.
Once she was satisfied with her attention given to his ear, she moved down to his neck, kissing first, but then she bit him slightly in the soft tissue above his collar bone. This action forced a yelp out of him, which was answered with a giggle by her.
She kissed her way down to his tight nipple and swirled her tongue around it. She gave it a small kiss, and ventured further south.
By now she was kneeling over him and her hard tits brushed ever so slightly over his exposed head. Every time this happened she felt him shudder beneath her.
Two hands cupped her face and pulled her up to meet the young man’s lips. This passionate kiss could have lasted for ever, had she not placed her hand on his chest and gently pushed him back.
The cover was long gone. She looked down on his throbbing cock. She grabbed it with her right hand, and moved her lips down to it. Her tongue snuck out and she gave it small lick over his purple head. Pleased by his reaction, she opened her mouth and let his member disappear within.
The young man looked down to meet her brown eyes looking up. She held his gaze while sucking on his cock. Her left hand fondled his sack and her right jerked the base of his shaft. While all this happened her mouth still engulfed his cock, her tongue swirling around its head.
The sound of slurping and moaning mingled with the sounds of the nocturnal forest. And the man knew he could not last very much longer.
With a hand in her hair, his hips started to thrust up. Larissa met this with much fierce sucking and jerking. Then their gaze finally broke, as his body shuddered and his eyes fluttered up behind his eyelids. Her mouth was filled with his semen, and once she swallowed it she sucked the rest out of him.
His hand hooked under her chin and pulled her up once more. Now he gave her a light kiss. He could taste his sperm on her lips. He broke the kiss with a smile and said, “I think I accept your gratitude.”
Satisfied she had pleased him she rested her head on his chest and started playing mindlessly with the hair that grew there.
“I think now is as good a time as any, to ask who you are, my brave stranger,” she stated.
“Yes, as good as any,” he answered. “My name is Marvin. I used to be a sword for hire, but was on my way to swear myself to the one or the other lord.”
“And so tell me Marvin do you make a habit of rescuing helpless woman from the hands of evil men?”
This question was answered with a chuckle.
“I very much doubt that you are helpless, Larissa,” he answered. “Yes, I know who you are. Your likeness is spread all over the fiefdom of Bramen. Together with the one of your husband.”
“So you knew who I was. Why rescue me?”
“As I said, I used to be a mercenary, just like my father. My mother was a whore. She raised me until I was ten, then my father came to pick me up. That was about eight winters ago. I traveled with his party, first cooking and taking care of the general stuff. Later, at an age of thirteen, I started to go to battle with them.
That was until last fall when my father died. He was struck down by a crossbow in his throat, leaving me with nothing but his boots, sword and shield. That was the time I decided I wanted to leave my son with a greater heritage than that.
So I sold the shield and ventured south west to this great kingdom, with its king and lords, that it had heard so much about.
He felt Larissa shiver against him, so he covered them with the blanked. Then ‘Marvin’ resumed his story.
“And there I was walking a road in these to hot lands, when I heard sounds besides the road. So I snuck on hands and feet to investigate what was going on, just to see a woman getting raped by a group of guards. I was of half a mind to head back to the road, until I recognized your face. I knew this was my chance, my chance to bind myself to something greater than gold. So that is why I came to rescue you.”
“So if I had been some peasant woman you wouldn’t have come to my aide?” she asked in disbelief.
“Yes that is correct. I would not have put my life on the line for the sake of some peasant woman,” he answered.
“Then I can be glad I’m so bloody famous,” she spat started and to turn away.
But he pulled her back into him and kissed her on the forehead.
“Yes, that is something we can be glad about.”

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