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this is a dance my slave did for me
When he arrived, she was napping on her slave cushion at the foot of his bed, breasts bare with only a sheer panty covering her heat. Her flame - red hair seemed like a veil covering the soft curves of the body he knew was luscious and sweet. One of her caramel -colored nipples peaked out and he felt his mouth water. She was holding an old shirt in her arms which she often did if he was away. Sleeping with something he had worn, for some reason, comforted her...the scent probably, as she was very responsive to aromas and scents.

He stood for a moment at the doorway, watching her breathe, his body stirred by the sight of her. He had never owned a slave before. Now he had two and was constantly amazed at the range of feelings both girls aroused in him. He had been away for several days, longer then expected and was quite glad to be home. He moved to his chair and watched the sunset through the window. It had been a long trip, and he was tired,but the warmth of the fire and the scent of lavender both his girls used in their baths eased his fatigue.

He looked around the room and his eyes rested on her. She was his First Girl, some called her his love slave. He dismissed that as nonsense, he just knew he did not like to share her. She was his property after a sword or a bow... and why share a good bow? He knew he fully enjoyed her, and some said he spoiled her, but her obedience and service was complete and absolute. She served him from her heart and he was glad he had bought her when he did.

He saw her wiggle and waited till she was fully awake. Opening her eyes, stretching her body, he watched the cat-like movements she made when waking up. He liked watching her body move. She sat up and when she spotted his bag on the floor, swung her legs around, dark sea- green eyes glistening when she glimpsed him. Melting to her knees on the floor before him, a broad smile on her face, she pressed her warm,coral lips to his feet. She restrained herself from jumping into his lap, knowing better then to try that. She was just happy to have a bit of time alone with him.

"My Master..." The words rolled off her tongue sensuously, a throaty sound, almost a soft moan..."I've missed you soooo much. Did you eat? Are you hungry? Thirsty?"

"No, no. I'm fine. I'll eat later...I really just want to relax."

He took her in as she knelt at his feet, back straight, thighs splayed as she had been taught. Loosening the tie on her panty, he pulled it off to better display his property. She realized immediately that he was inspecting her and reveled in his eyes roaming her body. She had prepared for his return and made sure she was ready.

She was excited by the inspection, by his eyes on her, a smile or his light touch alone could make her moist. His hand grazed her face and he put his finger in her mouth, instinctively she closed her eyes, sucking. His other hand stroked her silky thigh, and caressed the bush of her pussy which amazingly matched the color of her hair. She was juicy already so he continued to stroke her. He had not had a woman while he was away, not that he couldn't have had one , any paga tavern had sluts to use , but he was very focused on the business of the farm.

"Hmm" he said, "maybe a little hungry." He grinned as he pulled at her nipple.

"But where is kamra? And James," he looked around, "Where is he?"

His brother had stayed in the house while he was gone because it was not safe to leave women without protection, especially slaves.One always had to be careful of strangers, and it was best to have a man in the house. His house was located on family land that was shared with his three brothers, James was his twin. Steven and James were very close and shared almost everything...everything except his red-headed kajira. James felt this was ridiculous, but respected his brother's wishes.

"Master, tonight was dance class. The kajirae are performing their dances, since you were not here, he went in your place. She's been practicing for days. Master would have let me go too, but you were coming home."

"Ahhh, I missed it then," he shook his head. "For some reason, I thought it was tomorrow. Oh well, good then. I'm glad James went. He should have taken you though, rather then leave you alone."

"Oh Master, but she worked so hard on it. I know you'll be proud of her when you do see it. And she does like the classes. It was good for her to go to class. And I have not been alone long really."

He smiled realizing she had come to love her chain sister, though she was at first so jealous of her. He knew he had kept her as an only girl for far too long. He pulled her to his lap by her collar ring and when she attempted to kiss him he stopped her.

" still."

She lay in his arms as his hands caressed her, letting his fingers follow the rise of her breasts, then pulled her nipples as they hardened. The velvet softness of her skin against his hand, the tautness of her belly, the moisture of her pussy as he probed it with his fingers made him forget his fatigue and he grew hard. She moaned, wiggling against him, feeling his cock, and squirming. She whispered.

"Oh My master ooooo...Yesssss."

He turned her face to his and smiled.

"No, not now. I want to see you dance. Now. Up. Dance for me, now."

She was confused. She thought from his caresses that he would use her. Her body ached for him, but when he said dance, she nodded and rose from his lap. She knelt at his feet in a deep bow, her hands outstretched before her, a position called karta which acknowledges his authority and dominance and is a signal of her submission.

With no musicians she had to rely on the sounds of music echoing in her soul. So she picked up the tambourine and let the drum beats in her body call to her. Rising, naked, the long, luxurious, fiery tendrils encircled her lusciousness as her hips swayed side to side, her pelvis rocking to the sound of the drum in her head. Hands reaching to the tri-moons of Gor, her palms turned inward, waving like veils in the breeze, her dark eyes seductive as they rested on her Master, then pounding the tamborine against thigh and hip. Licking her full, wine-hot lips, she clicked her tongue in a beat as the nail of a delicate finger trailed over her breast, down the curve of her belly, to the mound of the goddess. She touched her breasts and their ripe fullness spoke to him. She moved her hands over her hips and her belly, the diamond in her navel sparkling in the firelight as her curves glistened with moisture from the dance.

She bent forward, her glorious, flaming mane askew on the floor as she moved to her knees before him, throwing herself backwards exposing her slave beauty to her master's eyes. She rose again, the drum in her head beating faster, her body lost in its pulsations, lost in the dance, swaying, twirling, spinning, her arms reaching upwards to the stars. The cup of her body holding carnal pleasures like a vessel, his to drink from and enjoy.

She snaked around the floor, pelvis rocking, fingers outstretched toward him. Passion, desire and submission, all present in the dance. Trembling she moved inched to him, stretching her legs, shapely and strong, toward him. She swung her body around and fell to her knees, opening her thighs to his full vision.

Arching her heat, her skin flushed and sweaty, her scent rose to his nostrils as she began to buck in need. Offering herself, she moved to music only she could hear. Her movements wanton and lustful exposing her body, her slave body, as designed for the pleasure of men.

Bringing her head up, she caught his eye again and threw herself forward on the floor, prostate. Crawling to his feet on her belly, her hair covering his boots, tears in her eyes, she lay there. Her naked body glistening from the heat of the dance, back and ass exposed to him, her surrender complete. In this moment, she did not move, waiting for her Master's response, knowing his pleasure was destiny; she could only hope that her dance was pleasing...La kajira.
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