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sav comes to me again with a request
The second time I had sex with Sav all started when we went to the theatre for English class. It was intermission and Sav borrowed 5 dollars off me to buy some Maltese’s promising that she would pay me back soon. It had been a while since our first foray into the world of sex and so I was wondering if or when we would go again. Anyway a couple of day’s later Sav came to me and invited me into the disabled toilet in a deserted corner of the school at lunchtime. She explained to me how her brother was still blackmailing her and how he had instructed Sav to borrow money off me and buy Maltese’s specifically. She then told me that she had been told to go into the theatre toilets and shove all the Maltese’s up her ass and plug with her butt plug-which by now had grown to be over 4 inches wide and 15 inches long. This was torturous to her as whenever she move during the play the plug and Maltese’s would rub against the side of her bowel. Moving on she told me that her brother was taking all of her allowance and forcing her to earn it back with sexual favours. She also told me that this month he had told her that she had to repay the people she borrowed money off personally. Thinking I knew what this meant my cock stirred in my pants. She told me that her brother had told her that I was to have one orgasm for every 50 cents she borrowed off me and that she only had until the end of the week to do it. Seeing as how she had borrowed 5 dollars and it was already Thursday I suggested we get cracking. Lifting up her dress I found-to my surprise a of lacy pink thong, dripping with her also quite nicely showed off her butt plug and the small blue vibrator that went in And Stimulated both her g spot and clit. This accounted for the great amount of girl cum coating the panties. Ripping them off and throwing them across the room I continued undressing her until to my surprise I heard a loud clatter as her blue dildo shot out of her still shuddering pussy and splashed onto the floor along with at least a gallon of cum. Laughing to myself I ordered Sav to lick it up and at the same time start working her butt plug out. She licked it up very fast and I realised her brother had probably given her to some of the many lesbians at our school. Leaning up she turned around AND STARTED SUCKING ON MY COCK. This was incredibly good and then all of a sudden she started deep throating me. This just about shot me off straight away but what really pushed me over the edge was when she started milking my cock with her throat muscles. This pushed me off the edge of the cliff with an iron fist. I started shooting litres of cum down her throat but the whole time she kept milking my cum out. After about 2 minutes of solid orgasm I slumped against the wall as Sav jumped onto my lap and while rubbing her beautiful breasts (solid 35C) along my chest started snuggling into my lap waking my tired cock. She slipped into her tight pussy and started riding me slowly up and down. Her pussy was even warmer and tighter than her mouth. But coz of my recent orgasm she ended riding me harder and faster until she was shaking with her third consecutive orgasm 15 minutes after she started and I still hadn’t cum. After her fourth orgasm and 30 hard minutes of riding me she collapsed on my cock and I started pushing her up and down myself. I brought her to her fifth orgasm before I finally shoved my cock balls deep in her vagina and painted her young womb with my sperm. Slumping back tired to the bone I fell back onto the toilet seat so hard it cracked. Sav had by this time recovered from her brutal fucking and clambered off my cock and started cleaning herself up for with her fingers by shoving them midway down her palm into her pussy and scooping my cum out, then bringing her hand up to her mouth and licking it off. This confirmed my lesbian theory because my cum was mixed with great amount of her cum. Smiling at me she dressed quickly and slipped out the door leaving me there exhausted. Smiling to myself I pulled my pants up and slipped my shirt back on before washing my hands and heading back to my locker. I looked up and saw Sav smiling at me across the courtyard. Looking at my timetable I saw that I had English next-a class where I sat next to Sav all lesson-double English in fact. I could tell that this was going to be a good lesson. 2 down 8 left I thought to myself.

this is the second story in the sav series. it can have a continuation but i wont start writing them unless i have enough positive suport. if you enjoyed this story please tell me preferably with a comment or even with just a positive vote. i am very open to suggestions or collaboration so if you want to pm me on my authors page. just clcik my name at the top of the page. thanks again to other authors such as rebelman and fbailey for inspiration and curing me of writers block...and blue balls. :D

if you want to hookup with me for some text, picture or webcam fun PM me, i prefer younger girls 15-25 and younger boys 13-21. im bi sexual and up for anything

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2014-01-31 17:30:28
nWvtOs Wow, great blog post. Awesome.

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2012-12-23 09:54:56
I guess the thing is, you don't love them equally. You love them both gltreay, but in time, you love them in different ways, because they will be different people. And sometimes, you will like one better than the other and sometimes you won't like either of them. (or maybe that's just my boys. :) ) I imagine Roo will be pretty taken with her little sister and that will help a bunch.

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2012-03-02 09:26:46
Learn to use formatting to make the text readable!!!.

Not even going to try to read it as it stands - therefore a negative rating.

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