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Sherri gets trapped in an elevator and comes out a changed woman.
Trapped in an elevator
( GB, Stranger, Teen, Interracial, Public, Rape (?) )

Hi, I'm Sherri. I'm a 32-year-old married white female. I am 5'6" and have a nice body - maybe I could loose a couple of pounds. My husband is John and he is a super guy. We have made close friends with two other couples that are very much like us. We all live in the same part of the outskirts of San Diego. About a year ago we started going out for dinner, dancing and a couple drinks. On our third time out together we had a couple more drinks than we should have had and our conversation turned to sex. It turned out that we all really enjoy it and have a lot of fun doing it with our husbands. I don't know who came up with the idea but we began talking about wife swapping and everyone agreed that it sounded like a fun idea.

We all have a couple kids so we found a baby sitter who would watch all the kids at her house for the night. On our next night out we finished up by switching partners and going home for the night with someone different. We're all on the pill so we don't have to worry. After a night of fucking and sucking like teenagers there were no negative reports so from then till now we have been switching around about once a month and having a ball.

But that is not the story that I am here to tell you. This is something that was not planned or expected and it has changed my life. I am a senior account manager at an insurance company in San Diego. I work on the 14th floor of a 20 story building downtown. I worked a little late that night - that is not unusual - and left about 6pm. I shut down my computer and turned off the light in my office, put on the jacket to my dark blue suit over my white blouse and brushed out the wrinkles from my just above the knee length skirt. I entered the elevator to go to the parking garage. There was one other person in the elevator. He was a man that I had seen before. He worked for a different company several floors above ours. He is a white, about 50 or so and I think he is one of the bosses of his company. The button for the parking garage was already pushed so the elevator started down.

It stopped on the next floor and two more people got in. I knew both of them. One was David who does the same kind of work that I do. He is tall and slim and I think is a couple years younger than me. The other was our mail boy. He had only started with us a couple months before. If I remember what he said correctly, he is 18 and this is his first job. I don't remember his name. He is black and about 5'10". Again the door closed and we all headed down. After a couple floors we felt a shaking and the elevator stopped and the lights went out. For some reason the back up lights did not come on like they should have and we were in pitch black. I found the buttons and pushed the open doors button but nothing happened. I was getting frightened and fumbled around till I found the intercom. The security guard answered and said that there had been a moderate earthquake but it was not serious and they would have the elevators working again soon and that we should not worry, as we were not in any danger. I felt better but still uncomfortable.

About five minutes went buy in the dark and no one said a word. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands come around me from the back and gently cup my breasts. I reached up to pull them away but he was stronger than me and I couldn't do it. I wanted to scream but I froze. The hands started to massage my 34 c tits. He slid his hands inside my jacket and got a good grip and was able to get my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, as I never wore a bra. After a couple minutes of his manipulations, my body started to react even though I was frightened and did not want this to happen. My nipples hardened and I could feel wetness between my legs. My blouse buttoned down the front and he unbuttoned two of the buttons and slipped one hand inside my blouse onto my bare tit. He pulled me tighter to him and I could feel his erect cock pressing against my ass. Without even thinking I wiggled my ass against him and moaned a very happy sound.

I was sure that the others heard and I hoped that they did not realize what was happening. Which of my elevator partners was my sexy attacker? His other hand now went down my front and raised my skirt and slipped down inside the front of my panties to my neatly trimmed pussy mound. As his finger slipped between my cunt lips to my most private area he had no doubt that my body was reacting the way he wanted, as I was so wet that it was starting to drip down onto my leg. His finger started rubbing back and forth from my clit to my hole over and over again. I could feel an orgasm building. Then he stopped and stepped back. I could feel both of his hands slip under my skirt, take hold of my soaking panties and pull them to the floor. I stepped out of them with one leg. Then he stood back up and put one arm around my waist. He was still behind me. Putting one hand on my back between my shoulders he gently pushed the top of my body forward making me bend over. I put my hands on my knees. My unseen lover lifted my skirt to my waist and moved tight behind me again. I heard a zipper and then could feel that he had dropped his pants as I could feel his cock and balls pressing against my naked ass. He reached a hand down behind me and found my soaking slit. He ran his finger back and forth from my cunt to my ass hole.

Then he took his erection in his hand and found my slit with the head of his manhood. He slid it along my crack getting it well lubed with my juices and then lined himself up to my opening. He started to slowly push into me. When he got the head in I was so ready that I shoved back to him burying him deep in my cunt. As he went in I let out a loud OOOH! That I am sure no one missed. He put his hands on my hips and controlled our movements, pulling me to him as he pushed his hard cock fully into my depths and then pulled out to where just the head stayed in me. His cock felt about like my husband's and I have to admit that it felt wonderful as my unseen lover fucked me. It was only a minute or two before I was having my orgasm. As I came I yelled out "Oh Yes, I'm Cuming, Fuck Me Hard, Do It" no longer even hoping that the others in this dark elevator did not know what was happening. He picked up his speed and soon he was shooting his hot cum deep into my insides. He ran his hands back up to my bouncing tits that by now were hanging out from my open blouse and squeezed and rubbed them while his cock slowly shrank till he could no longer keep it in me, much to my disappointment.

As he stepped away I felt another pair of hands grip my waist and another cock press against my ass. It slid between my cheeks and found my opening. I could feel it's huge head pressing against my opening. This thing was a monster. I had never had a cock this big. I reached back and touched it. It must have been over 9 inches long and I could not get my hand around it. I'm sorry about the racial stereotype but I was sure that it was the black teenager getting ready to fuck my depths. If it were not that I had just been fucked and was filled with my cum and the cum from the first cock I was sure that this new giant would have ripped me till I was bleeding. Even at that, when he shoved forward there was pain. On the second shove he hit bottom and pushed me forward causing my head to hit the side of the elevator. I put my hands on the side to brace myself but he pulled me back so I put my hands on my knees again. This fuck was not slow and gentle like the first one started. This cock hammered hard and deep into me till his pelvis slammed against my ass with each thrust as the giant cock went into me to the hilt. I couldn't believe that I was taking it all. I could feel myself being stretched wider than I had ever been and I was loving it. Just then a felt someone moving in front of me, and a cock was pressed to my lips. I had never been fucked by two men at the same time but it was going to happen now and I was ready for it.

There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip of it and I licked it off. This cock was about the same as the first one but I could tell it was the third man in the elevator because there was no cum on it. Which man was it? I let the cock slamming into me from behind establish the pace. Each time it would attack me it would drive me onto the cock in my mouth. I kept my lips locked tightly around its shaft and sucked as it entered me. Several times it touched the back of my mouth and I started to gag. I had tried with my husband but never been able to take him into my throat. The monster in my cunt was driving me wild. (If your are a woman reading this I have to tell you that you have to find yourself a BIG cock. It's amazing.) I exploded with the biggest orgasm that I had ever had and while I was shaking and trying to scream, the cock in my mouth pushed past my gag point and deep into my throat. Whoever was in front of me held my head tight to him with his cock buried down my throat as he unloaded his spunk down my throat straight into my stomach. He held me tight to him as his cock jerked and jerked in my throat. I loved it but I thought I was going to pass out from not being able to breath so I pushed him and he pulled out.

Seconds after he pulled out another cock appeared at my mouth. This one was soft and cum covered so I knew it was whoever had fucked me first. I love the taste of cum so that didn't bother me at all. While it was soft it was easy to take it all in my mouth without it even going down my throat which I did. While my pussy was full of the wonderful monster slamming me from behind I sucked this nice cock but I could not get it hard again. He gave up and took his cock from my mouth and stepped away. Now my concentration could be completely on the young black cock stuffing my cunt. (If that was who it was) I started having a string of orgasms, one right after another. Then, after one of the longest fucks I had ever had, I felt this wonderful man tool getting even bigger and harder just before it poured what felt like a quart of wonderful cum into me. I couldn't hold anywhere that much so it gushed out of my cunt, around his cock and down my legs ending up in a puddle on the floor. He reached down and scooped up some of it from my gash with his fingers and brought it to my mouth. I gladly accepted it and sucked his fingers clean.

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to a sitting position and I sat right in the puddle of cum. He brought his cock to my mouth and I was amazed to find that it was still mostly hard. I licked and sucked up and down his shaft cleaning every drop of our cum off of him. I even sucked his balls to get what had run down onto them. I pulled the head of his cock to my mouth, determined to give him as good of a blowjob as he had given me a fucking. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and started to push his enormous tool in. It was too big. All I could do was to get the head in and suck on it while I used my hand to stroke the shaft. For several minutes I sucked hard and jacked off his shaft as fast as I could. My jaw hurt and I was afraid that I would not succeed, when my efforts were rewarded. His cum started spraying into my mouth. I could not swallow that much that fast and it ran down my chin and dripped onto my tits.

I waited a couple minutes to see what was going to happen next but nothing did. Everyone moved away. I could just barely get to my feet but I did and I straightened my messed up and cum spotted clothes as best I could. After a few more minutes in the dark and quite, the light came on and we could hear noise outside the door. I looked back at the three men and looked at their crotches to see if I could be sure which one had the wonderful giant love toy. I couldn’t be sure even though I always suspected that I knew. The door was pried open and there stood the security guard and a couple of firemen. "Sorry to take so long. I hope everyone is OK" one of them said. All they saw as they looked at us was four people standing there with big smiles on their faces. I hope that no one from outside the elevator noticed the messed up clothing and the cum running down the inside of my legs as I walked by.

We still have out monthly wife swaps and I still love them and our friends. But without telling anyone, I'm also going out about once a month or so looking for gangbangs with guys I don't know and I am always delighted when I find another BIG cock. Anyone with a big cock like that can have me anytime they want, whether they are black, white or green or whether they are 18 or 60. Oh ya, John is delighted now that I have learned how to deepthroat him but he does not know how I learned.


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