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Summer 2082 a.d. - The Last Day in the Arborium
Béla awoke in her quarters. She wasn’t sure how she got there, but Beth wasn’t there and that side of the bed was cold. She ran her hands sensuously down and over her breasts and belly, always amazed at how smooth and sensitive her newly healed flesh felt after each day's loving mutilation.

Béla was starving from regenerating after yesterday’s grueling games, so she got up and staggered unsteadily over to the cooler. As she picked out several pieces of fruit and noticed there were no meat packs (Damn! Beth must have eaten the last one), she remembered the fun she and her sister had throwing hatchets and knives at each other.

It all started yesterday (was it morning?) when they woke up after having dream-walked to earth and found this really neat sporting goods store, with hunting and throwing knives and a nice supply of little axes, all of these complete with their own leather carrying pouches.

After scarfing an armful each of those sharp little beauties, they dropped their pilfered goods off in the arborium, then woke up in their quarters and physically teleported down to play.

It started with Béla throwing a knife and getting her sister right in the butt cheek, and ended like that type of play always ended with them – both sisters half-kneeling, half-crawling on the ground, neither able to stand upright as they lovingly chopped and hacked at each other until they passed out from orgasmic exhaustion and loss of blood. One always ended up lying on top of the other. There had to be a winner, after all.

Sitting on the bed and munching on a pear, Béla could hardly sit still as she recalled her sister’s hatchet slicing up between her legs all the way to her belly button. That one blow had completely disabled her, and Beth had gleefully taken the opportunity to chop Béla almost completely in half, lengthwise. It had taken several hours for Béla to recover and heal from that assault.

Béla got even during the next round, though, and almost completely severed Beth’s left leg at the hip. After that, they switched to knives, having decided that the little axes required too much regeneration and not enough play time. Knives didn’t do that kind of damage.

‘Where are you, Sis?’ Béla heard in her mind. ‘Are you awake yet? I could use a little help…’

The image that Béla received with her sister’s plea surprised her so much that she choked on the pear she was swallowing.

Béla immediately teleported down to the arborium. The sight she saw was the same as the image Beth had projected. Even seeing it with her own eyes, Béla still didn’t believe it.

Beth was suspended several feet off the ground on a pole that she’d somehow managed to insert into her ass. The top end of the pole was evident beneath the skin of her stomach as it slowly pushed its way through, trying to exit just under her breastbone.

“How in the world…?” Béla asked, staring dumbfounded at her impaled and obviously uncomfortable sister.

“I’m stuck…” Beth grunted. “I can’t straighten up…”

She was holding the top end of the pole with both hands right through her stretched and distended flesh, trying to keep it from exiting where it wanted to poke through.

Béla could see the incredible image in Beth’s mind of what she was trying to do. After watching for a few more seconds, she finally found her voice.

“I’m not sure what you want me to do,” Béla said, her voice weak with disbelief. “Do you want on that thing or do you want pulled off?”

“Well…” gasped Beth, trying to keep her tone conversational, “I original… At first, I wanted on… Can you… straighten me up?”

Béla actually laughed – a short bark of astonishment. After a few seconds of thought, she formed her wings and launched into the air. Flapping her wings noisily, she hovered over her impaled sister.

“Grab my feet!” she cried down to Beth.

As Beth reached up to grab her sister’s feet dangling just over her head, the pole started to tear through her solar plexus as she slid further down.

“Eeyyyaahh!” Beth shrieked, then grabbed Béla’s feet, stopping her painful downward movement.
Béla flapped harder, trying to raise her sister off the pole. Beth had her legs wrapped around it so she wouldn't slide down any further, and Béla couldn’t pull her off.

“Leggo with your legs, dammit!” Béla shouted down. “I’m going to fall on you!”

“Just straighten me up and leave me!” Beth cried back.

“Jesus!” Béla exclaimed.

Flapping her wings as hard as she could, she pulled out of her sister’s grasp. Beth sank back down on the pole as her body weight forced it right up between both lungs, stopping again as it stuck halfway up into her chest cavity. She was gasping for air, now, her breasts heaving and her belly contorting as the pole slowly slid up and flattened her esophagus and her windpipe. With every struggling motion Beth made, she slid a little further down on the pole.

Unbelievably, she managed to move her neck back enough so she could breath again, and the pole slid right up into her throat. Another moment of struggling, and the rounded, blood covered tip was actually sticking out of her mouth. A trickle of blood ran down from each corner of her mouth and her naked body was covered with cold sweat.

‘I did it!’ Beth exclaimed triumphantly into Béla’s mind as Béla landed in front of her. ‘I’m impaled! God, this feels strange…’

“It should feel strange,” Béla said, looking up at her sister. “How did you do that without rupturing your central core? That wood should have dissolved inside you.”

‘Rounded tip…’ Beth thought back. ‘Doesn’t tear…’

“Where in the world did you learn that?” Béla asked, astonished. She just had to know. She already knew Beth was insane about penetration, but she’d never suspected anything like…

“Didn’t you know?” Beth thought at her sister. I was married to Vlad Tepes… in Transylvania. We used to do this a lot… sometimes Vlad would let me… hold them down. They squirmed a lot. I always wanted to know… how it felt... but he would never do it... to me...'

“You helped Dracula stake people on pikes?” Béla asked, twice astonished. “No wonder the Praetor never let you loose! How do you plan to get down, anyway?”

‘I didn’t think that far ahead,’ Beth admitted. ‘Maybe I could slide down… No, that won’t work… Got any ideas? This is getting a little uncomfortable…’

“I can imagine,” Béla sympathized, finally seeing the humor in Beth predicament. “No, on second thought, I can’t! I don’t ever want to know what that feels like.”

Beth created an image of being impaled on that pole along with all of her sensations from start to finish, and dumped it on her sister.

“Holy fuck!” Béla exclaimed. She staggered, her legs nearly too weak to hold her up. “How many orgasms did you have getting that thing inside you?”

‘Dunno…’ Beth thought back. Her thoughts were weaker, now. ‘A lot… feel tired… Heart pounding. Thought… I’d last longer… One guy… lasted three days… after… we spiked him. His dick stayed... hard... most of that time...’

Walking up to Beth’s impaled, trembling body, Béla stroked a finger along the length of her sister’s pussy. Beth’s body shuddered at her gentle touch and Béla felt her sister’s orgasm radiate through her.

‘Oh, God! That feels good… Do it again!’

Béla stroked her again, then shoved two fingers up inside her. “Wow! I can feel the pole inside you with my fingers!”

Beth didn’t answer, but her pussy clenched down on Béla’s fingers.

“Okay,” Béla said, looking up at her sister’s upturned face. “Let’s play a game! I know you can’t talk with that pole in your mouth, so just squeeze my fingers. One for ‘yes’ and two for ‘no’, okay?”


“You like it up there?”


“Can I play with your pussy?”

Hard Squeeze!

“Okay,” Béla shook her head at her sister’s courageous stupidity and leaned forward to kiss her sister’s convulsing stomach. Despite the fact that Beth seemed to be enjoying her self-induced torture, her body seemed to be doing its utmost to expell the cruel, foreign device.

Working another finger up inside Beth’s pussy, Béla grinned and started fucking her sister with her hand. It was difficult because that hard pole took up a lot of space where Béla could normally push back when she needed more room for more fingers, but she finally managed to get her hand all the way up inside that tight, quivering little cunt.

Beth’s pussy was pulsating, now, stimulated into a constant series of orgasms. No more squeeze-type communication would be possible. Beth’s body convulsed several times as she radiated more orgasms through her torturous sister, then she relaxed completely and slid down a little further on the pole.

“You can teleport off any time,” Béla told her anxiously. “If you don’t, your body will probably die. You’re turning blue, you know. Your heart’s not getting any blood!”

Beth’s mind was quiet. She wasn’t responding.


There was nothing there!


Béla pulled Beth’s body into her mind and off the pole. Then she shoved her back out into the physical universe on the ground in front of her. Dropping down next to her, Béla mind-linked and forced her awareness into Beth’s comatose body.

Beth’s heart had stopped. That big tube that fed it had been partially crushed by the pole. Teleporting blood from other parts of Beth’s body, Béla kept putting blood cells into the lower part of that blood tube where the damage began, building up pressure that began to open the tube again.

In about a minute, she had the tube open. She stomped on Beth’s heart with a telepathic burst of electrical energy, forcing it to beat a couple of times. The second time she did that, Beth’s heart stayed beating.

Béla awoke in her own body to discover that she had collapsed down on top of her sister, having forgotten to hold her own body up while she was busy inside Beth.

“I’m becoming quite the surgeon,” she sighed in relief to her unconscious, but now-breathing sister.

‘Showoff!’ Béla felt the thought from somewhere nearby, and realized that Beth was outside her body, dreamwalking.

It took Beth about two hours to recover from the damage she’d done by forcing that pike up through her body.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” Béla wanted to know after Beth was fed and feeling more refreshed.

“I was curious!” Beth proclaimed, defending her action. “Besides, I figured you’d probably try to talk me out of it.”

Béla rolled over onto her sister and held her shoulders down with both hands. “You really think so, you idiot?”

Béla grunted as Beth leg came up between hers and impacted against her pelvis.

“Don’t yell at me!” Beth yelled back. “It was something I needed to do!”

“Why? What is wrong with you?” Béla demanded. “Why do you have to blow your belly wide open or stake yourself out on a pike? Why do you treat your body like that?”

“Because I can!” Beth exclaimed angrily. “I need it! I expected you to understand! I thought you did! You need it, too! You love it when I do that to you!”

“Not like that,” Béla replied, trying to tone down the upset in her voice. “And not all the time. That’s all you seem to think about.”

“So?” Beth asked, her own voice quieter now. Neither of them wanted to argue with the other. “What else is there to do? Ultimate sensation; right? If you’re still conscious, you’re not there, yet. Do it until you die. Then if you wake up, you do it again.”

Béla gasped and hugged her sister close against her. “God! I didn’t realize… You are one tortured little girl.”

“I’m not a little girl,” Beth whimpered. “I think sometimes I like to be… But I have these needs – raging inside me. All the time. The only relief I get is… Well…”

Beth shrugged in her sister’s embrace. “Love me, Béla. Don’t try to fix me – I can’t be fixed. Tomorrow is our last day on board. I had to do this today. Please try to understand. It was my last chance…”

Béla hugged her tighter, then grinned at her. “I do love you, Madam Dracula.”

“I know,” Beth replied quietly.

Béla couldn’t feel anything emanating from her sister. Beth’s mind was shielded. She sighed, knowing that whatever was wrong between them wasn’t resolved. Then she kissed her, very tenderly.

Beth moaned and put her arms around her sister’s neck. In a moment, the kiss changed from tender to passionate, then to hunger and lust.

“Can I choke you?” Beth asked, coming up for air.

Béla’s body responded with a wave of lust before she could even answer. If her body hadn’t reacted that way, Béla would have said, ‘no.’

“Bite me first,” Béla replied, instead. “Draw blood from me and let me take from you, blood sister.”

She felt light-headed and it was difficult to think. Beth was still shielded, but radiating love and lust in response to her own psychic broadcasts. Each sister bit into the other’s neck and began rubbing their legs against the other’s pelvis as the taste of hot, thick blood flooded into their mouths.

They embraced each other tightly, their bodies twitching with each orgasm as they sucked on each other. Then Beth’s hands were around her throat, getting tighter. Béla couldn’t breathe. Then her entire body was exploding in orgasm.

Some time later, Béla awoke, her newly regenerated throat still throbbing, and noticed that Beth was quietly sleeping on top of her.

‘I must have passed out,’ Béla thought to herself. ‘Did she choke me to death? I think I remember not being able to breathe – and my body was made of hot lava…’

Gently rolling Beth off to one side, she stretched forward and gently kissed her sister on her bloody mouth. A slight moan was her only response. She was asleep and her mental shield was gone.

Gently nudging Beth’s mind with her own, she mind-linked with her sister and looked at the tortured needs that seemed to drive her. There were images of her desperate need to destroy the soft, sensual symmetry of her body, as well as the incredible drive that caused her to create an eight foot pike, plant it in the ground and fly up to land on top of it, cunt first.

Béla winced as she found the painful images of her sister’s first few attempts to land on that pole. When Beth had succeeded in getting the pole jammed into her ass instead of her pussy, she decided that was good enough. It already hurt too much to try it again.

Many of those erotic but destructive images in Beth’s mind were superimposed over other, obviously older images. As Béla tried to walk from one image into the other, the victim and the perpetrator seemed to change. She saw another woman (not Beth, but with a similar appearance) alongside an indistinct bearded man doing what Beth seemed to require done to herself these days.

She was slowly beginning to understand. Beth didn’t always look the way she did now. After all, their father had given her a new body. That other woman in those images was an earlier version of Beth – the Lady Elisabeta.

‘Oh my God! Everything she’s driven to do to me or to herself, she’s already done to others! And they all died from it!'

She found images of people being hacked apart, people being staked on long poles, people being boiled alive. The evil witch, Elisabeta was in charge of it all, with her husband Vladimir’s blessings and eager assistance! She had even experimented with tubes filled with explosive black powder expensively transported from Arabia to blow women apart exactly like she did to herself with those blasting caps!

‘We really are just alike,’ Béla realized. ‘In her own way, she's trying to make amends for what evil she’s done in the past…’

“Wake up, sister!” Béla shook Beth’s shoulder. “Wake up and look!”
“What?” Beth asked, then Béla showed her the duality of her destructive drives.

Beth didn’t say anything for a long time. Béla lay on the grass and stayed as quiet as possible, not wanting to distract her sister from her thoughts.

Finally Beth spoke. “I enjoyed what I did to those people. Even when I was doing it, I wanted someone to do it to me. I wanted to feel, inside me, what they broadcast through me when I murdered them.

“Béla, Sister – I’ve been empty inside ever since the humans killed my brother – my lifemate. I could feel that others felt that way, too. So I made them feel filled.”

“Why didn’t you stay with J… Hank… in New Eden, then?” Béla asked. “I mean, if he’s your lifemate…”

Beth laughed, then sighed, both sounds, sad. “I loved him for a long time, and missed him afterward. But fifteen hundred years is a long time to miss someone. I don’t love him, now. I got even with so many people for killing him, that – I finally just stopped loving. Anyone. Everyone.

“Then I met Vlad,” Beth smiled, still looking inward at her memories. “He was truly evil – the most righteously bloodthirsty man I had ever met. His mind felt delicious against mine. He was the antithesis of my lifemate, but everything he did was in his name. I think I was insane by then. Those thoughts seem to belong to another person – not me. Not anymore.”

“How did you come up with the idea of sticking bodies on poles?” Béla asked.

“We didn’t think of that,” Beth replied, surprised at the question. “The Turks did it first. I loved the Turks – they were a bloodthirsty lot. We just did to them what they did to us. On a slightly greater scale, of course.”

“Of course!” Béla said, remembering the stories about thousands of dead enemy soldiers staked out to protect Dracula’s country. “You would have loved the Druids. They weren’t quite as showy, but they liked chopping people up and burning them alive.”

“Were you with the Druids?” Beth wanted to know.

“For awhile,” Béla replied, looking back on her own memories, now. She was with them for almost five hundred years. “They called me Breed. They thought I was a goddess.”

“I’m sure you corrected their mistake,” Beth laughed, knowing that her sister was the Goddess of the Land in New Eden and had done nothing to correct that misconception.

“Of course I did,” Béla lied. They both laughed.

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