Having babysat for Mrs Henderson the previous week, Charlie is disappointed when he arrives . . .

This story is the result of a few requests for a sequel. I thought: What the hell? So I’ve done it. The original story was based on something that was supposed to have happened, and the characters, Charlie, Zoe and Mike are based on real people, although their names have been changed, Charlie, although a nice lad, wasn’t the cleverest, and I’ve attempted to put that into his character as the narrator. This tale is set in England, before the age of internet, and I use words such as wank, which means maturbation. I hope you like it.

After babysitting for Mrs Henderson the week before and having fun with her two kids – Zoe, who was 12, and Mike who was 13 – I jumped at the chance when she asked me again the next week. The money was handy as well. When I arrived, though, I was disappointed to see another boy and another girl with them. I was 16.

“Charlie,” Mrs Henderson said, real awkward, “I hope you don’t mind, but their friends are sleeping over. Is that okay?”

Feeling pissed off, I said, “Er, yeah. Okay.”

She smiled. “Thanks, Charlie. They won’t be any trouble.” She motioned to a ginger haired girl and a tallish brown haired boy. He looked the same height as me. “This is Carla, and this is Tim.”

We nodded to each other. I thought: I won’t get a wank off Zoe, now. “Okay, Mrs Henderson. You have a good time. What time are they going to bed?”

“Oh, eleven, half eleven. Is that okay?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Good. I’ll be back at half twelve, maybe one. See you then.”

After she’d gone I sat between Mike and Tim. The girls were in armchairs, next to each other. Zoe and Carla were in nightshirts. Zoe’s was the same one she had one the previous week – pink and quite short. Carla’s was longer, and white. Carla was quite pretty, and about the same height and build as Zoe. From what I could see, she had nice legs. Tim had shaggy brown hair and looked older than 13. I’d never seen him before. I went out to the kitchen and poured myself a Coke.

“I told Carla about you wanking,” Zoe said, scaring the shit out of me.
I turned around. “What? Are you mad?”
“She thought it was cool. I didn’t tell her about me wanking my brother, though.”

“Good,” I said. I didn’t know what else to say.
“She wants to see your dick, and Mike told Tim about us all wanking.”

Zoe shrugged. “It sounds like he’ll join in. I wanna wank you again. It was fun.”
“Yeah, sure. How we gonna go about this?”
“I’ll keep flashing my knickers. You say something, and we’ll see what happens.”

That sounded good to me. “Okay. I’ll say something about your fanny and we’ll see what the others say.”

Zoe giggled. “Good. See you in a minute. I wanna piss.”

I went back into the living room, where the others were watching the shitty soap on the telly. Carla was sitting with her legs tucked under her. I thought: I wonder if she’s got ginger pubes. She was pretty, and her hair was short. I could just make out her tits.

After about half an hour, Zoe began moving around in her seat, flashing her white knickers. I grinned at her. Glancing at Tim, he too had noticed. I winked at Zoe, and she gave me a little nod.

“I can see your knickers every time you move, Zoe,” I said, grinning.
“So what?”
“You’ll give Tim and me hard-ons.”

Zoe opened her legs wide. “I’d like to see that.” She turned to Carla. “What do you say?”
Carla giggled. “I’ve never seen a hard on.”

“Charlie might show you his,” Zoe said, flashing again. “Go on, Charlie, show us your dick.”

“Not on my own, I won’t.”
“I’ll bet Tim’s got a nice one,” Zoe said, winking at us.
I looked at Tim. “What do you say, Tim?”
Tim shrugged. “Suppose so. I wanna see some fanny, though.”

Zoe smiled, raised her legs, parted them and pulled her knickers to the side, quickly putting them back into position. “How’s that?”

I felt my dick moving. “Not bad. What about you, Carla?”
Carla didn’t look sure. “I don’t know.”
“Show us your knickers, then,” I said.

“Yeah, go on, Carla,” Zoe urged. “Give them a flash; then they’ll get their dicks out.”
Carla moved her legs, real nervous. She quickly opened her legs. She had pink knickers with little red flowers on them. He fanny bulged. She put her legs down. “Okay?”
“Fuck, Carla,” I said. “I like it.”
Zoe sat forward. “Come on. Dicks out.”
I looked at Mike and Tim. “What do you reckon?”
“Yeah, okay,” Tim said.
“I suppose so,” said Mike.
I stood up, flicking my head to the other two boys, who joined me. The two girls looked at us. I undid my button and pulled my zip down. The others did as well. Together, we dropped our jeans. Mike and me had white underpants. Tim had yellow. Tim looked big. Then we took them down. We were all half hard, and Tim’s dick was big for a boy of 13. He was a bit bigger than me, I thought. Unlike Mike and me, Tim was circumcised. He was real hairy as well, and the hair went up to his bellybutton. Mike’s dick had some hairs around the base of his dick, and some on his sack as well.

“Fucking hell!” Zoe said, gawping at Tim’s dick. “That’s fucking enormous!”
“Carla was looking at Mike’s dick. “I think Mike’s is pretty.”
We were all getting hard. I said, “Want to touch them, girls?”
Zoe jumped up. “Yeah, I fucking do. Come on, Carla. Come and touch Mike’s dick.”

We boys sat on the sofa, watching the girls move towards us. I wanked my dick. Then Mike started. Watching us, Tim began touching his. I said, “Take your shirts off, girls. Let’s see your tits.”

Zoe immediately whipped her top off, proudly showing her pert tits and pink nipples. Carla looked at her, and nervously began removing her top, and fuck, I’m glad she did! Her tits were amazing. They were a little bit smaller than Zoe’s, but they were pointed, and had pale pink, puffy nipples. My hard on got even bigger.

“Fuck, Carla,” I said, staring at her lovely tits. “They’re brill.”
“Thanks,” she said shyly.
“Come on, boys,” Zoe said, sitting in front of us. “Get wanking and let’s see some cum.”

I pulled my foreskin back and began stroking my shaft, with my eyes fixed on Carla’s tits. Mike wanked with his foreskin forward, and Tim stroked his shaft, squeezing his bell-end from time to time. Fuck, he was big. I reckoned he was at least six inches. Mine was five and a half, and Mike’s was about four, which sort of was average for his age. Zoe, with her eyes glued to Tim’s monster, put her hand inside her knickers.

After about five minutes, Mike told us he was going to cum. Carla moved closer, gawping at his cock as he wanked faster and faster, finally pulling his foreskin back and shooting some spunk onto his belly, gasping, “Fuck!” A few more spurts followed, and he let go of his dick, looking down at it while he felt his balls.

Looking down at his dick and the jizz he’d shot, I could feel myself getting close. I pulled my foreskin back with one hand, and spat on the other before putting it on my helmet. I moved my hips up and down, and watched the first lot shoot out. It landed between my bellybutton and nipples. Two more big ropes came out, and then some smaller squirts. Fuck, it felt good! I was breathing heavily.

Tim was getting close to cumming as well. He was going, “Huh, huh, huh, huh,” and he was moving himself up and down as his hand stroked his massive dick. I could see juice dribbling from the end. Suddenly, he shot a huge load of spunk, which landed on his neck. He shot four or five more, before some smaller dollops shot from the end. I’d never seen so much jizz. Finally, he stopped and sighed.

“Fuck, Tim,” said Zoe. “That was amazing.”

Mike looked across. “He’s got the biggest dick in our changing room at school. I wish mine was as big as his.”

“I like yours,” said Carla. “I think it’s cute. My big sister is 16 and has fucked boys. She says that normal ones like yours are just as good.”

Zoe handed us some tissues and we cleaned ourselves up.
I looked down at the girls. “Are you going to show us your cunts?”
“It’s my fanny,” Carla said. ‘”I don’t like ‘cunt’. That word is horrid!”

“Or you can call it a pussy,” Zoe said, lying down. “Fuck, I feel horny! Come on, Carla. Let’s cum, and show the boys our pussies.”

Carla looked at Zoe. “I don’t know.”
“Come on. They’ve done it. You’ve got more hair than me, so show them.”

Carla lay back, watching Zoe slip her knickers down, showing us her little cunt that was covered in small thin black hairs. She opened her legs and pulled her outer lips open. Her little pink inner lips were glistening. I looked at Carla’s knickers, fascinated by the bulge. Slowly she pulled them down, and fuck, she was hairy! I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were bright ginger. Then she opened her legs. Her inside lips were long. They were big and floppy. She put her hand down and opened them. She looked even wetter than Zoe. She put her finger at the top of her flaps and touched what looked like a big pink knob that was covered by a fold of skin, which she pulled up and rubbed the knob bit.

Then I watched Zoe put a finger in her hole and touched the but at the top of her flaps. I’d seen it in mags, but didn’t know what it was. I asked them.

“It’s my clit,” Zoe said, breathing heavily, and put a second finger in her cunt. “It’s the best bit.” She rubbed it more. “Aaaaaaaaaah, that’s fucking good!”

I looked back to Carla, who was softly running her finger up and down her clit. She closed her eyes and moved a finger closer to her hole, fiddling around the edge. Then she put it in, just a little bit at first, and then all the way up. She was moaning. Her cunt made a squelching sound as her finger went in and out. “Oh, fuck!” She started rubbing her clit harder, moving her arse up and down. Suddenly she moaned loudly and bucked her arse. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Her fingers slowed down and her head was moving from side to side. “Oooooooooh, that was nice.”

Then Zoe started to make funny noises. She’d put a third finger onto the edge of her sopping hole, and was working furiously on her clit, spitting on her fingers to make it wetter. Her legs were writhing around and she put her arse in the air, screaming, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” She was panting and her hole was so fucking wet. She calmed down and looked at Carla, who was watching her.

“Nice one, girls,” I said. “Fucking hell, Carla. “You’ve got an amazing fanny!”
“Nah, my lips are too floppy. I like Zoe’s. It looks right.”

I looked at the other two lads. We were all hard. I said to Zoe, “You gonna wank us?”

Zoe stood up and played with her pussy. “I wanna try sucking one, but I wanna wait a minute. My pussy’s still tingling.”

Suck us? Fucking wow, I thought. “Yeah, okay.”
“Are you going to try sucking a cock?” Zoe said to Carla.
“I don’t know.”

“Tell you what,” Zoe said brightly, “you can watch me and then maybe have a go yourself. Maybe you can do Mike. I can’t suck my own brother, and you said you liked his.”


We sat talking about boys and girls we’d seen naked at school, describing cocks, tits and cunts; who had the biggest and who had the smallest and who had the hairiest. Mike, who was about average for his age, was really pleased when Tim told of several boys having no hairs, and how small their dicks were. We all remained hard while we were talking, and I couldn’t wait to feel my dick in someone’s mouth.

Zoe looked at Carla. “Shall we do it?”
“Er, you go first.”

Zoe looked at me. “I’ll do Charlie, first.” She smiled and turned back to Carla. “I’m gonna let him cum in my mouth. I wasn’t keen on the taste, but I’m gonna do it proper. What about you?”

“I don’t know. You said it tasted salty and funny.”
“You can always have a drink, after.”
“I suppose so.”

Zoe grabbed my dick. “Tell you what, I’ll give him a quick go, and then you can try. Wank him first. The skin goes up and down, but Tim’s won’t because his has been cut off. Here goes.” Kneeling, Zoe moved between my legs and pulled my foreskin back and forth, leaving it back and putting her lips to the helmet and kissing it. Then she opened her mouth and took the head in. I gasped. It was amazing to feel her hot mouth on the end of my dick. She moved up and down, taking more of my length in. Fuck, it was good. She carried on for a few more bobs of her head and then moved away. “Go on, Carla. You try.”

Zoe moved, allowing Carla in. Biting her lip, she took hold of my dick and wanked it up and down. She took a deep breath and kissed my dick and put the bell end in her mouth. Then she moved her head up and down a few times before moving away. “It wasn’t too bad. I thought it would taste horrid.”

“I keep my cock clean,” I said.
“Me too,” said Mike. “I wash under my foreskin every day.”
Zoe moved back in. “Right, let’s see what it’s like to have cum in my mouth.”
“I can’t believe you’re going to do it,” Carla said, looking worried.

Zoe engulfed my dick with her mouth and stroked my shaft. She got about halfway down with her mouth and it felt great. With her other hand she held my balls. Fuck, it was good. I started moving my hips. It felt so hot and wet. After a minute I could feel myself on the verge of cumming. “Oh, fuck, Zoe.” I could feel my cock and balls on fire, and I came. Fuck, it was wild. I’d never cum like that in my life. I squirmed around, shooting more and more. I was groaning, Fuck, was I making a noise!

Zoe moved her head away. I looked at her and saw her swallow my load. She grimaced. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought.” She turned to Carla. “Are you going to try?”

“I suppose I could.”
“I’ll do Tim,” said Zoe.

Both girls positioned themselves between the legs of their targets. Zoe took hold of Tim’s juicy big cock and took it straight into her mouth, working up and down without delay. Carla took hold of Mike’s dick and licked the end of his foreskin. She pulled it back and licked his helmet, taking it in her mouth, moving up and down. She moved his balls around with her hand. Both lads had their eyes closed. They groaned. I could see that Mike was moving around. He put his hand on Carla’s head. “Oh, oh, oh.” Carla carried on, she stroked his shaft and moved her lips up and down his four inch shaft. Suddenly he jerked his body. “Uuuugh!” He moved even more. “Aaaaaaah!” Carla finally moved her head away and swallowed Mike’s spunk down.

“Nice one, Carla,” I said. “How was it?”
Carla blushed. “Not as bad as I thought.”
“Maybe you can do me, sometime.”

At that moment, Tim cried out and his whole body jerked. He held onto Zoe’s head. I watched her eyes widen as Tim filled her mouth with cum. Some dribbled down from the corner of her mouth as she kept on stroking his dick.

When Tim calmed down, she took a big gulp. “Fuck! That was a lot!”
“You managed it all,” I said.
Zoe giggled. “Only just. Right, Tim, you can lick my pussy and make me cum.”

“Yep.” She turned to Carla. “Are you going to let Charlie and Mike lick yours?”
“I suppose so. They’ve seen it, and I’ve had their dick in my mouth, so I might as well.”

Zoe lay down on the floor. Carla, looking nervous, lay next to her. Zoe said, “All of you, be gentle, and don’t put more than one finger in.”

“Right,” I said, and moved in between Carla’s legs. Mike was at the side. I put my hand up and felt her tit. Mike felt the other one. Her tit felt nice; real firm. I felt her nipple, which wasn’t big, but looked perfect on her. I moved my hand onto her big ginger bush. So did Mike. I felt nervous as I put my head down and got close to her pink, wet cunt. I put a finger in; it was amazing. It was warm, wet and felt like a soft, silky cushion. I pressed it up further and she moaned. I wiggled it around. Mike touched her clit as well. I took my finger out and licked her hole. The juice was sweet. It was incredible, and I loved the sweet, musky smell of it. I carried on licking, and got one of her flaps in my mouth. It was so soft and floppy. Carla was moaning more, and Mike leaned forward, licking her clit. I put my finger back in and went in and out.

“Oh, fucking hell,” Carla groaned. “Amazing, amazing, ooooooooooh, keep going!” Mike and I continued fingering and licking as Carla got close to cumming. Her legs were moving around and so were her hips. She was getting wetter and wetter all the time and my face was covered in her cunt juice. Then she jerked her hips and went, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Her hips stayed in the air and she wriggled around, saying, “Fuck, ah, ah, fuck, ah.” Then she closed her legs and pushed my head out from her with her hands. Mike and me looked at each other. We’d made a girl cum for the first time in our lives. It felt so brilliant we didn’t even take any notice of Zoe when she came.

Carla sat up and looked at us. “That was fucking . . . wow!”
I smiled. “It was. Glad you came?”
“In more ways than one.”

Zoe sat up. “That was brill. Mum won’t be back for ages, so I suppose we can all cum again. Charlie, you’re the best babysitter in the world!”

If you have any comments, please leave them. Also, feel free to message me or email me on: As for those of you who requested a sequel, I hope you liked it. Maybe there’ll be a part 3. Let me know. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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