family incest
My Family had an incest gene

My name is Mrs. Debora Davis and my children and grandchildren and I enjoy reading some of the incest stories on this site. Now that I'm getting older the grand children wanted me to write our story, They only know about their incestuous sex. One problem is I am not a professional writer and if I'm going to put down what happened in real life I will end up putting in too many details when readers just want the "good stuff". But when I agreed to do it they insisted I tell everything as it happened because most of what they know of the past is by word of mouth. Of course, I never dreamed of posting it, but after they had read it it, everyone wanted to see it on-line . Although it was necessary to describe in detail some pretty hot incest actions, I know with all the details it's is probably a boring story.

First of all, to understand why our lives were so perverted, I must tell what caused us to deviate so far from normal. When I was a girl of 13 my brother and I had began experimenting with sex when I was six sand now our younger sister had joined us, and we all wanted to have sex with our parents, I was very confused about my taboo sexual desires, My great grandmother was 92 at the time and I often confided in her because she had promised to never tell anyone about what we said. I admitted to her that my younger sister, 11, my older brother, 16, and I were having sex and had been since we were very young. I said now we knew it was called incest and it was forbidden. But more than that we all had a strong desire to have sex with our parents. My brother had tried to initiate it once and had been strongly chastised and there were threats to send him to a psychiatrist. So how could the three of us come to be what people would call "perverted"?

Then my great grandmother then told me there was a deviant gene in the female line of our family that was occasionally could be triggered, causing who ever inherited it to have a compulsion to engage in incest. Normally, when they married and had children our DNA was mixed with that of our spouse and the faulty gene would not be passed on. of course they would have a desire for sex with their children, but since they were normal the mother would sometimes have urges that they learned to control. it was rare that a normal mother woulds have children that had the deviant gene, but it had happened to us.

My siblings and I had it first revealed to us when I was 6 years old and my brother was 9. I can still remember it clearly. My nickname was Debbie for Debora and one a rainy day, stuck in the house by, afternoon my brother Billy and I were bored and I stole his prized baseball cap off his head. naturally he chased me, tackled me and we wrestled for the hat with a lot shouting going on. suddenly our mom called out, "For gods sake, stop it before I lose my mind. I know stuck in the house your need to burn some of your energy so go out in the garage and run around and yell and scream where I can't here you!" we had a two car garage with a double wide driveway and in the summer mom and dad lift their cars outside. as soon as we got out there I caught Billy off guard and took his hat again. I kept dodging for a few minutes, but he cornered my and talked me. he had me by the ankles and began moving up my body to get the hat that I had stretched out ahead me. as he pulled himself up from gripping my ankles one of his hands landed on my 6-year old ass and when it did he began to squeeze it. I immediately stopped struggling as he continued to squeeze. at almost any age children know that sexual contact is improper and by not stopping I was sending a message. "you're being naughty." is what I said. "I know, want me to stop?" "no", I replied. and my brother moved his hand and began to squeeze my crotch and when I didn't stop him Billy push his hand up my shorts and squeezed through my panties and he asked, "do you want to be real naughty and take off our shorts?" "what if mom walks in?" you know that when she wants us she just opens the back door and shouts, want to do it? "okay and we both stood and were quickly naked from the waist down. I know that most 9-year old boys have erections just over 2 inches long, but my brothers was just under 4 inches, probably because. as I later learned my dad had an 8 inch tool. Anyway, one when his door was open and I caught a glimpse of him getting dressed, it had been soft so seeing a hard-on was a a surprise. We sat down side-by-side and Billy reached over and touches my hairless slit, sending a pleasant sensation to run through me and I reached how and gripped my brother's stiff cock. Billy worked his finger inside my slit and moved it around while I rubbed his prick. girl’s can have an orgasm from the time they are infants I had had one, of course my brother was to young to ejaculate, but he must have had some kind of climax because his prick went soft. At that moment my mother called, "Time to come in and get ready for supper."

As time pasted my younger sister joined us and we experimented with every kind of sex, particularly licking and sucking and ass fucking. It was while my brother was in my ass that he ejaculated for the first time and then the frequency of our incest increased. One afternoon when my mother was going to be at the country club all afternoon,my brother was fucking me while he licked our younger sister's cunt. "OH....OH....I’m coming",I cried, "Oh .....oh...oh...I love your cock in me....oh .....oh..." I climaxed as Billy hastened his ejaculation by repeating, "I'm screwing my sister....oh man, sis, you've got a hot cunt!" And my brother filled it with his warm, jizz.

When we finished Billy and I clung to one another and my brother whispered, "I'm in love with you. Debby, and not as a sister." This was repeated many times and when he was 18 and about to leave for college. He told me "I could never marry a girl that would leave me unhappy and frustrated when we had kids. And after all the other girls I've screwed in that couple of years, none of them excite me my as much as when I my fuck you. Let's face it, because our sex is incestuous, is forbidden,it's more exciting. We'll live together as unmarried sister and brother. I want us to always be together." Of course I felt the same and knew a a way that could make us much more than that, but it would bring shame to Mom and Dad, who I loved very much. I stopped using the pill, and still just 15, I was pregnant,

After 4 months, when Billy was home from college for Thanksgiving, We were in the back seat of his car, naked from thee waist down. My brother's beautiful 8 inch cock was deep inside my wet, juicy cunt and I was moaning. Oh...oh...cum off in me Billy.....oh god....fill your sister with your jizz....oh...OH OH, yes....I love the feeling when your spurting cum!" I was enjoying a massive orgasm that eventually faded away. We were catching our breath to let him get hard again so I could give my brother a blow job, when Billy raised him self and was staring at my stomach. I was tall and thin and as yet my pregnancy hadn't showed. But naked Billy noticed the slight bulge in my belly and it became obvious to him that I was pregnant and it could not be covered by claiming I was gaining a little weight. "jesus christ, your pregnant!", Billy shouted. There was no denying it so I replied, "That’s because I stopped the pill and let you knock me up a few months, ago. Don't worry, I'm going to tell Mom and Dad some boy at school did it, but I was putting out to three of them and I don't know which one is the father." "Oh my God! It will kill Mom and Dad, will think your a 14 year-old slut." "I know, but they love me and they're good Catholics, They 'll insist I keep it and then they'll invent some story. Probably that belongs to some relative that died in childbirth or some other cover story. "Why did you do it?" "Because when we begin living together in some other city we can pretend we're married and we'll have a family of our own." Billy lay there looking confused and there was no sex that day.

It happened just as said it would, there was lot of anger, crying for weeks. Finally my mother came to my room, hugged me, told me again how much I'd hurt her, but she loved me and we'd manage some how. I was crying inside because I was going to break my parents hearts again. In June I had a baby boy. I told Billy our children would have a double dose of our faulty DNA and they would was sex with us just as we did for our parents. But we would want it to and all of our desire would be fulfilled. I didn't want our son to be an only child so when Billy fucked me every day when he came home for home for Thanksgiving. I was still 16 and my sister was now 14 and consumed for with the need to enjoy what she had been missing for too long, our brotherhood big cock in us. On a Saturday when our parents were spending the day with Dad's brother and his wife, the three of us were naked on the family room floor. My sister quickly told Billy, "Put it up my ass." She was up on her knees, her head on the floor. To me it was a very provocative position, a naked, blossoming 14-year old girl, with her round teenage ass thrusting out ready to have a prick push though her petite ass hole. My sister and I had learned to use our muscles to open our ass hole making it easy for a cock to enter and Billy soon had his deeply in his youngest sister's ass and was fucking it. 'Oh ... oh ...mmm...It means I'm in love with ass fucking....oh......ohh. hammer me!" She was obviously in ecstasy has her brother vigorously used his shaft like a pile driver, moving back then slamming back as hard as he could. My sister continued to moan, wanting to feel him ejaculate in her ass. When he did she gave a cry of pleasure "Billy...Billy....oh, my ass is full of your's so delicious....when you pull out your prick lie down on your back. I'm going to sit on your face and you can suck your cum out of my ass like you do sometimes. And that’s what happened. Her dripping ass hole was pressed on her brother's mouth. She was using her muscles to open it and Billy sucked his cum out and swallowed it. Simply watching this obscene display of perverted sex had me finger fucking myself and when my sister shouted out that she was orgasming, I did, too.

Sucking that cute ass hole caused his softening tool to harden again and just his sister pulled her ass away from his face, I took as much as I could of the shaft's 8 inches into my mouth. I immediately began a series of small orgasms just anticipating how delicious it would be when I had a mouthful of my brother's jizz. I ran my lips up and down his prick, then pulled my head back. I ran my tongue around its glisten purple head, then pushed it in various directions so I could lick its entire length from every side, taking one of his balls in my mouth at the bottom. On my last downward lick it went past Billy's balls and reamed his ass hole. "Holy shit, sis, that's too much. If you don't get it in your mouth quick you're going to miss what you want." In an instant my my brothers prick was deep in my mouth and I felt the full force of his ejaculation and then the spurts that filled my mouth with that white nectar. Oh, how I loved it. I swirled his cum around in my mouth getting the full taste of it, then slowly swallowed it. As always I retained some of it in my mouth and when my brother and I engaged in a deep kiss with my tongue I pushed it into my brothers mouth so he could enjoy it slightly salty taste. There is not much we didn't do that afternoon of wild incestuous sex. Maybe that was the vacation fuck that planted his seed.

It was April when I could no longer cover my pregnancy from my parents. This time my father and mother were totally crushed. They now knew their 15 year-old daughter was an unrepentant slut. Hopelessly promiscuous. However, they had no intention of suffering the humiliation of having the world know it. The baby, an other boy. They rarely s[poke to my now and a good part of the affection they held for me was gone, replace by a mixture of resentment and disgust. Then tragedy struck, in a terrible traffic accident with an out of control tractor trailer truck they were both killed I had loved them dearly; they had been wonderful parents, even standing by me when I hadn't deserved it. Of course, the three of us were devastated. It was months before we could return to life. I was 17 teen, a high school senior and had been taken in by my Dad's parents who lived near Philadelphia. Billy was now in his 2rd year at MIT; our parents had allowed him to rent a two-bedroom apartment off campus so he made it his home.

I'll skip all the details, but you need to know that my farther owned the Chevrolet dealership in town, had been buying General motors stock since he was a young man and had considerable savings. Each of us inherited equal shares of his estate. An friend, a a lawyer was the executor and we had him sell everything and in the end we all had nearly a million dollars, a considerable sum in those days. So much for that.

I was 17, a senior in high school, and when I graduated I took my 2 babies and went to live with my brother. I remember the day I arrived; it had been a year since last had sex and virtually tor our clothes off as I came through his door and were immediately on the floor, Billy on top and driving his 8 inch cock into my eager cunt. "Wow, Debby, your cunt his soaking wet!" Billy moved his hand down and exclaimed, "Pussy juice has been running down you leg!" "That's because all the way here I kept having a vision of your long cock doing just what it's doing now' come on Billy, fuck me."And my brother began to do just that." needed this fuck!....Hammer me, one fucks like my brother.....oh.....come me....fill your sister with white jizz.....oh.... you did it, you did it!" As I felt my brother spurting inside me I had a powerful orgasm and waves of of pleasure kept surging through as Billy stayed hard and kept on moving his prick back and forth." "It's been so long, sis.....mmmm....mmm....!" "And Billy deposited another blast inside me as I enjoyed multiple orgasms. When he pulled out his prick was coated in white and he moved up and I took it in my mouth and licked off every last drop. Of course, with a double a load a steady steam of his jizz was flowing from my cunt The next hing I knew my brother's head was between my legs and he was vigorously eating me and swallow his own cum. My brother was a master pussy kicker, and thrust two fingers in me and concentrated his tongue on my clit." "Don't stop, I'm orgasming again....ooooh...oooo.... Oh god, I love my brother!"

"Your going to have me know when your hard again, aren't you. You know everyone here thinks I must be your wife, so let them. And maybe we'll have a girl; this time.” Thankfully we, did. nine month’s later Crissy was born. Billy asked around campus and also asked the bartender where we went for beer that we wanted to find someone who could provide a phony document. It was easy and it wasn't long until we had a Massachusetts marriage certificate. With his high IQ, Billy was a 4.0 student and in June he was approached by a natural resources consulting firm in Boston. Billy was allowed to graduate early and we were back in the Bay State in a modest rental home in city near the ocean. After 6 months the firm paid for a masters degree from MIT, which he received two months earlier than normal. Billy was made a senior consultant and we knew he was marked for advancement to a partnership. We bought a lovely older 5-bedroom home in a long-establish, up-scale neighborhood, and that's where my family incest story began.

With a double does of our genes Billy and I expected our kids would have them, too. We were almost certain when we detected that when Billy was 7 he and his younger brother, Pat were playing with each other. When she was 6 Crissy joined them. Still, we had no intention of beginning any sex until one of them initiated it, we wanted to be absolutely certain it was what they wanted.. Compelling or encouraging a child into incestuous sex can do serious mental damage and there's good reason for it to be illegal and any parent doing it should be imprisoned. But in our case it was genetic, we were created to want it, for most it was criminal, but for us it was normal

Billy was 12 when it began, a month earlier his bed sheets showed he had begun ejaculating. My brother (from now on I'll refer to him as my husband and their Dad) told me that was when his desire for sex with our mother peaked. he made the attempt that was severely punished. Our incestuous sex began about a month later and it was an unforgettable experience.

One summer day I took my son to our dentist for his annual checkup. It was in a doctor's park on the outskirts off the the other side of the city. As we were leaving in my older model pick-up truck, Billy had sat so close our bodies were touching. When we hit a traffic bump in the parking lot and Billy over reacted We were both wearing shorts and my son pretended his hand had accidentally landed on my thigh and I knew our son was going to test me. When I acted as if I hadn't noticed he moved it to the inside of my thigh and slightly higher. Nothing more happened for a mile and when I still did nothing he obviously began to think what he wanted might actually happen; he pushed his hand under my shorts. When I still said nothing, he pushed it over my crotch; then I said “Billy you're doing something very naughty and I'm wicked mother for not stopping you. "Oh Mom, you're not a wicked mother, you're the kind of Mom I need. I'm so happy, I never though this could really happen.” And he pushed his hand under my panties, my son put his hand on my cunt. I had an orgasm when I realized what was happening and I had a bigger one when he put his palm over it and began to massage his Mom's pussy. It was delicious, but I told him, "Stop! I'm so excited I can't concentrate on my driving.” Less than a mile later I pulled into a Walmart and stopped in a spot far from other cars.

"Billy, you've got your fathers IQ and you know what we're doing is forbidden, it's incest." He replied,"So what, if we both like it, who cares. Oh Mom, I love you so much!" and he started to reach his hand back where it had been, but I stopped him. "Alright, as long as you know what we're doing is very very wicked." Then I lifted my ass and pushed my shorts down revealing my cunt. My son starred at it and said, "I've only seen pictures of a grown up woman's pussy, yours is beautiful, it's blonde." Oh how I thrilled to hear my 12 year old son say the words 'your cunt' to his mother. He had recognized our new incestuous relationship and was going to talk to me using all the words that went with a sexual relationship. "Push down your shorts and let Mom see her son's cock, when he did I realized he had inherited his father's big prick gene. At 13 his was already over 5 inches long. He had 2 fingers in me, rapidly masturbating me so I took my son's prick in my had and began to jerk him off.

With my own son finger fucking his mother and me gripping his cock I was having a series of orgasms. Billy said, "I'm going to cum off quick." "Just aim it at the dash board, I replied and a moment later I saw long spurts of white shoot from the end of his prick. The first two hit the bottom of the instrument panel and the rest landed on the rubber floor mat. You can image how erotic it was to see my young son ejaculate. He said, "Mom I've always dreamed of fucking you like Dad does", but I said, "Not now..” I pulled up my shorts and resumed the drive home. "Can I screw you when we get home?" You can imaging how thrilling it was to hear my son ask that question of his mother! "No, your Dad will want to see his son fuck his mother, we'll have to wait until tonight so he can watch." "Oh wow, Daddy wants to have incest, too?" I then explained the deviant gene we shared. Billy said, 'Cool, Crissy always talks about wanting to have Dad's prick in her." I said, "I'm so happy to hear that, your father has waited for the day he could fuck our little girl from the day Crissy was born. But don't tell your father what we did, until I tell we did until I say it's okay."

As always, at supper we went around the table and everyone told something that happened that day. When it was Billy’s turn, I nodded to him," Today I just hung around with the guys all afternoon, but the morning was kind of interest." "What happened his sister asked and Billy replied, “I finger fucked Mom and she jerked me off." You can imagined the reaction that got. Pat said, "That's not funny, is it, Mom." I replied, "Yes, it's true." Then their father said, "I wish I could have seen that!" The were a few minutes of confusion before our two youngest understood that all of us wanted sex between parents and the kids. They were really excited; like Billy they had fantasized about sex with their Dad and Mom and now, as Billy had, they realized it was going to happen. When they had settled down I told them, 'When you go to bed tonight stay naked and five minutes after your father and I come up, come into our bedroom.

When our children walked through our door way, they stood there naked and saw their father and mother on the bed, their father with an 8 inch erection and their mother naked with her legs spread wide and her cunt partially open. It was a sight no children should ever see. Billy said, "Wow,this is fantastic! We dreamed and fantasized that this would happen, it is so cool!" Ten year old Crissy stared open mouth at her father,"Dad, you've got such a giant prick. It's's beautiful!" It was the first time Pat had seen his mother naked and he walked to the side of the bed and laid his hand on my blonde pubic hair. I said, "Go ahead, put your finger in and see what a grown up woman's cunts feels like." When Pat reached over and did it I could see his prick bob up and down, Bill said, "My god, honey, just looking at our kids could bring me off. Both our boys with a hard on and our 10-year old daughter's pretty hairless slit leaking juice!" I smiled and said, 'Our boys have inherited big cocks like yours, at 13 Billy's is 6 inches long and Pat's is 5." Their father laughed and said, "Your mother's right, you guys are really hung for your age, just like I was."

Billy quickly said, “Mom you said I could fuck you if Dad could watch, can I do it now?" You can't imagine the thrill of hear our kids automatically begin using the same obscene word adults use with sex. Our sweet little 10-year old girl telling her father he had a big cock and now my 13-year old son asking if he could fuck me. It was thrilling! Before I could answer their father said, "Do it, Billy, fuck my wife and your own mother. I've been dreaming of this day since you were born. Give it to Mom with all you've you’ve got!" My son immediately knelt between my legs, I knew he must have fucked his sister so many times that at 13 he'd be as skilled as any grown man. "Slowly, Billy, I want to watch the purple head of your prick push through my public hair and begin to push inside me. Do every thing nice and slow."

Of course, I orgasmed as my son's cock-head began to enter my cunt and had a series of them as I watched his youthful shaft sink inside. I came again when he said, "Oh man, I'm fucking my mother, I'm in my Mom's cunt1" He knew to go slowly at first to give me time for my lust to build and then faster and faster. ""Oh ....oh....I love my son's cock in me.....oh oh...cum off in Mom's cunt, Billy....oh ....oh....oh...YES YES, you did it!" And Billy shouted "I came off in my own mother...mmmm that was a powerful one!" My muscles were tight as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through me. My son, just 13, had ejaculated in me. but he had stayed hard and continued to hammer me. He was obviously so excited fucking his mother for the first time he quickly exploded inside me again. I was in sexual heaven!

When Billy and I finally sat up I looked to see how much my husband had enjoyed watching and saw he was holding a half erect prick, its head covered in white and a pool of semen on the sheet between his legs. "Honey," he said, "I came off just watching our son banging you."

It would be Pat's turn next, but our daughter called out first, "I want my Daddy to fuck me. Put your cock in me, Daddy." This from the mouth of our 10-year old girl. It was music to my ears and I knew her father's, too. Bill replied, "I only wish I could, Baby, but 8 inches is too big for your young cunt." I said, "Next time, I'll help you stretch it, dear, after school tomorrow." Then our 12-year old was on me, pushing his ample prick in side me. Our little boy, rammed me like the veteran fucker he was, his sweet round ass moved up and down until he ejaculated in me, I had been having multiple orgasms since since the moment he began. When he moved off me, to my surprise Billy put his head between my legs and began to eat me. With 3 loads of cum in me it was streaming out of my cunt and our son began to lick me and suck it up. It was in ecstasy feeling our son's tongue licking my cunt and when he put 2 fingers in me and began a finger-fuck while his tongue concentrated on my clit. I quickly added streams of pussy juice to his jizz. I orgasmed until he finally had his fill. His father said, “Billy, you're quite the cunt licker.” Our little girl said, “That's because sometimes he sucks the cum out of my cunt when Pat fucks me.” To hear those words coming from the mouth of our sweet 10 year-old girl made my cunt tingle.

When we were all sitting on the bed Crissy said, "Daddy, if you can't fuck me, I want at least feel you cum off in my mouth." My crotch throbbed with pleasure when he said it Her Dad was quickly on his back, his big prick standing straight and tall and I watch our daughter kneel beside him and take as much of his 8 inches as she could. Crissy managed to get nearly 5 inches of it in her mouth and began to slide her slips up and down it. Bill cried, “Oh suck your Daddy's cock, mmm..... mmm, it's so good!" After she sucked him for a while, I decided to do what only a wicked mother who reveled in incest would do, I gave our little girl instructions how to be a master cock sucker."Stop," I said, "take your mouth off Daddy's prick and lick the head of it.....That's grip it so you can push it all around and lick every side of it from his balls to the top." Her father was groaning as Crissy followed my instruction. "That's it my baby, now lick Daddy's balls, take each one in your mouth and suck on it. That's it, take your time. Now move your tongue farther down, go under his balls and rim your Daddy's ass hole." When she did that her father cried, "Quick, put it back in your mouth, Baby, I'm about to cum off!." Crissy hardly put her lips around her daddy’s cock when he ejaculated in our little girls mouth. Of course, Crissy had blown her brothers many times and she was no stranger to a mouth full of jizz, but it had never belonged to her own father and I could tell by her small body she was enjoying a massive orgasm, and I could tell it was a long one. At last she relaxed and she smiled as she swallowed it. Bill looked at me and announced, "I hate to tell you this, you’re a master cocksucker, but no blow job was ever as exciting as having it sucked by your 10 year 0ld daughter. Crissy spoke up, "Daddy it was so naughty having my own Daddy cum off in my mouth. I had the biggest orgasm in my life. I like the taste of my brother's jizz, but your is the best." Anyone whose engaged in consensual incest know that nothing is more exciting than hearing your children say things like that. I said, “You watched your father and mother fuck, Daddy and I want to see our kids do it. Whose first?"

To my surprise Crissy said, "We'll do it together." I watch in fascination as she stretched out on her side, then Billy did the same, pushing his hard cock into his sister's cunt. But he remained still while his brother pushed himself against her back and with a little maneuvering worked his prick up his sister's ass! Of course, Bill and I, never having had another man join us, we had never conceived of such a thing as we were witnessing. Our 10 year-old daughter was about to be double fucked, one brother in her cunt and the other up her cute little ass. The three naked young children locked together, the boys asses moving rapidly back and forth while their sister moaned in lustful fulfillment.

"Oh, I love two pricks in me! Ooohhh....ooohhh...cum in me together.....fill my cunt and ass with my brother's cum....Oohh." I found out later that the boys had learned to control their ejaculation to explode within a few seconds of each other. That's what apparently happened because their little sister suddenly cried" did it!....ohh....I don't think I'll ever stop cumming ...oooh!" When Crissy finally relaxed and rose on her knees I orgasmed when I saw our 10 year-old daughter with her brothers' cum leaking out of her hairless cunt and he cute little ass hole. When I looked at their father I saw he must have jerked off while he watched our three children in their forbidden act and their was pool of semen on the sheet between his legs. After that we agreed that was enough sex for tonight, each of us exchanging wet kisses and the kids returned to their own rooms. With images of what we'd done in our minds, eventually we all fell asleep enjoying lovely wet dreams.

The next morning I drove to a sex store on a nearby interstate exit and purchased an 8 inch dildo. Crissy had been screwing her brother Billy from an early age and her cunt had expanded to accommodate her brothers growing cock. She took his 6 incher with ease so with the dildo she could slowly, painless stretch it to accommodate her father's 8 inches. “Put Vaseline on this and inside you then very slowly try to push in the dildo. The moment it hurts a little stop, leave it where it is and relax, then push it in a little deeper. Stop when there's any pain;. It won't be long before my little girl can be fucked by her Daddy. Take you time, a few days won't matter." Oh, I was a wicked mother, then all incest mothers are. I was surprised when 2 hours later Crissy called me up to her room and as I watched, rammed the 8-inch dildo in and out of her hairless slit with ease. "It didn't long, I didn't stop until it started to hurt lot. I'm ready for Daddy. And not just my cunt, my ass hole is ready, too." I smiled and said, "My baby is really a wicked little girl."

That night we gathered in our bedroom. Bill and I looked at an erotic picture,our young children naked, our 13 year old boy and his 12 year old brother with erections and our 10 year old daughter's leaking hairless slit. Of course, they gazed at their naked parents, their father, his 8-inch shaft bobbing, and their mother's blonde bush, wet with leaking cunt juice. We were all so alive with lust that might make us climax too soon so the kids and Bill and I had a quick fuck. Bill climbed atop me and our kids engaged in a double fuck, Billy's prick in his little sisters cunt and his brother up her ass. Turning our heads to watch watch one another, we quickly achieved the release to our passions needed. to make us more relaxed for what would follow. When we were finished I sucked my husband's prick clean and Crissy did the same with each of her brothers.

Now we sat and talked. As I knew she would, our innocent looking little girl said,"Fuck me Daddy, I'm ready." I always felt a thrill run through my crotch when I heard one of our normally perfect children use the forbidden words of sex. Her father, said, "Honey, your mother and I have longed the day when I could push my prick inside our little girl. We dreamed of this since the day you were born!" He told her to move her small body to the edge of the bed. Bill dropped to his knees in front of her. With her legs hanging down her little cunt was perfectly placed to be entered, Bill leaned over her and pushed his 8-inch shaft again her hairless slit. I thought how wonderfully wicked this was, her father's prick slowly disappearing into our little girls cunt. Crissy was moaning with pleasure as she began experiencing what she had so badly wanted, to be fucked by her own father. He paused when is pubic hair was pushing again Crissy's slit and she cried, "Do it Daddy, fuck me!", and he began screwing her. My baby moaned as her father's ass began to slowly move forward and back. "OHH OHHH ooh, This feels so good." Her brother's were so excited watching their little sister with their father's big cock in her that they began to masturbate and so did I.

Crissy cried, "Ohhh... oooh....Daddy, fuck me as you would if I was grown up....oooohh.." Her father began to do quicken his pace. I couldn't contain my self, I found myself exclaiming, "Harder, hammer her, I want to see our 10 year old fucked like she was 2 bit whore!" Crissy moaned, "Yes, Daddy, ooooh....oooh.... yes! That's how to screw your baby.....Ohhh.... oooohhh...I love it....I can't stop cumming........ooohh. Cum in me, Daddy....ooohhh..I want to have my cunt filled with my fathers jizz." I didn't see her face when he did because our sons had been jerking off and when Billy mumbled, "I'm cumming!", I quickly leaned over so I could feel him explode in my mouth. While he was still ejaculating Pat announced the same thing and when I engulfed his cock Billy's last spurt landed on my face. But I got all of my younger son's and I reveled in the taste of the mixture of my two boys cum as I swirled it around in my mouth then swallowed it.

When I looked up my baby girl was moaning and saying, "My Daddy came in me....ooohh, Daddy....This is the biggest orgasm I've ever had....ooohhhh. We all watched as her ridged body slowly replaced as the pleasure faded. We were all surprised when her father knelt before her and began to lick her leaking slit. He used his hands to spread it wide, sucking up the cum leaking from it, The sight of a father eating the cunt of his own 10 year-old daughter was so perverted that I had an immediate orgasm. I knew what the boys would want now so I was quickly on my back and each of the two boys had a turn fucking their mother.

Then something unexpected happened. Pat looked at his father sand said, "Want me to suck you off, Dad?” His father’s eye flashed in surprise and before he could answer I said. "I'm sure he'd love it. Have you ever given a blow job to any boy at school?" "Come on, Mom you know only gay boys do that! I like girls!" "Your brothers is different, right?" “Of course. When we do it it's incest, we've always did things with each others prick since I was 5 and it felt good when Billy played with my prick. Until Crissy was old enough to do things with us there was only Billy and I." Our little girl volunteered, "It's cool, I like to watch when Pat is on top of Billy and they suck each other's pricks and they like to watch me 69 with one of them." I had a picture of my two young sons 69ing and a thrill ran through me crotch. "When you two boys started to do it you were too young to know anything wrong with it, it was just another way to experience incest, same with your, Dad, in our family anything goes. Your father can’t wait for you to blow him, right, dear?"' I added and Bill looked at me confused..

But he got the message and said, "I've never had my cock sucked by a another guy. I wonder if it will feel any different than when the girls do it." His father was lying with his back propped against the bed's backboard and Pat knelt between his legs, opened his mouth and engulfed his Dad's long cock. There aren't all that many ways to give a blow job, he held his lips tightly against the hard shaft and ran them up and down, taking as much as could fit into his mouth. His father was looking down watching his 12 year-old son, "My god!I can't believe I'm enjoying getting my cock sucked by my own son. It's exciting." It was also exciting to watch and I suddenly moved down beside Pat, on my back slid up between his legs and when he felt me Pat lifted up so I could take his prick in my mouth. I heard Billy say, "Wow, Pat's sucking Dad's cock and Mom is sucking Pat's.”

It must have been a horny picture a father a mother and a young boy performing oral sex. Imagine the orgasm I had when our little girl said, "Come on, Billy." He immediately began to lick my cunt and Crissy sucked her brother's prick. It was fantastic! Bill could see it all propped against the headboard. "My God! It's a orgy of cock sucking and cunt licking. Slow down, Pat, let the others catch up with us so we can all cum off close together. That was impossible, but we all climaxed fairly close to simultaneously. Pat experienced what he wanted, his father cumming off in his mouth and the rest of us had our share of jizz. While we were catching our breath. Our sweet baby girl said, "Next time we can make a circle and we can lick or suck each other.” I thought, "Now that would be a sensational bit of perversion. But we decided it was time for bed.

Since we had begun our incestuous relations, at all other times we were a family that lived no differently than any other. The kids were obedient, did their chores with a minimum of complaints, Never said a bad word, at least at home. We continued to hear things from friends that Billy or Pat were such nice boys, so polite and, of course, everyone continued to believe Crissy was one of the prettiest, sweetest little girls. They wouldn't of believe it if I told them that the butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth child included in her vocabulary cock, cunt, cum, 69, fuck me and may more. Little did they know when we left someone's home after a visit, having charmed the adults, she'd turn to me and say, "I bet Mr. so and so would make a great fuck." I loved it. However, we usually didn't talk like that outside the bedroom.

Once though, after we'd been having sex together at least once a week, when in the car together Billy said to me, "Mom, does Daddy ever fuck your up your ass?" Times like this was one of the reasons family incest was so much fun, his words brought me a an instant orgasm. "Sure he does, we both love ass fucking. Why are you asking?" "Because we've never seen you do it." “No kidding, it's just a coincidence, Dad screws me in my ass often, it must happen on nights when we're alone. Maybe it would be a turn on to have you kids watch us do it. Remind us sometime." Of course he did.

The next time we were having a family incest orgy, while we were relaxing after our initial sex, Billy said, "Dad we want to watch you give it to Mom up her ass." Pat and Crissy exclaimed, "Yes, yes!" I got on my hands and knees, lowered my head and shoulders to the bed, leaving my ass thrust up and waiting. Their father said, "That's almost obscene. With your beautiful white ass up like that just waiting to be fucked is one of the most provocative positions possible." Our son Pat said, "Our Mom has the most beautiful ass of any mother in the world. Dad, don't put your prick in yet," He slid over and began stroking my ass cheeks, kissing it and running his palms lightly over them. Billy quickly joined him and I came off feeling and thinking of our two little boys stroking their mother's ass and kissing it. Then they moved away and their rather pushed the head of his cock against my ass hole and our little girl exclaimed "Cool!" when I pushed with my muscles and my ass hole opened wide. “Oh my god!", Billy cried, "It almost makes me cum off, seeing my Mom's ass hole open like that so my Dad can push his prick in!" And that's what his Dad did.

Posing there, my ass in the air and Bill's prick in it was so wonderfully perverted. Here we were, ass fucking so our young children see us doing it! What kind of parents would thrill to giving such an exhibition to a 12 year-old boy, a 13 year-old one, and worst, to a 10 year-old girl! Their own mother taking it up her ass. Oh God, just thinking about it had me orgasming before their father began to bang me.

"OHHH....OOHHH,” I cried, “Kids, it feels so good when a cock is shoved up my ass." I continued to moan as their father began to vigorously fuck. Bill was excited as me giving this perverted exhibition to our children. " do you like seeing your mother take it up her lovely ass.....eeww,..... this is great!" I exulted in our children's faces, eyes wide and smiling as they watched their parents ass fucking. The three of them were masturbating. "Give it to me," I cried, "oooohhh....oohh, ram my ass.....I can't take any ,more of this I'm having multiple orgasms......ooooo,....Bill, I love you!" Then came the ultimate pleasure, their father spurting inside me. "That's it....ooohhh....Daddy is filling Mom's ass with cum....oohhhh ohhh." It took a while before I came down from my orgiastic high.

Their father's hardly had his prick out before Billy was pushing his 13 year-old boy cock against my ass. "Open your ass hole for me liked you did for Dad." I thought, could there be anything more perverted than a mother rejoicing hearing those words, then doing what my son asked. “Shove your cock in me, Billy, hammer it up your Mom's ass.”. Feeling myr own son ass fuck me, I shivered with sensations it brought. As soon as the head of his prick was in me I snapped mt ass hole shut so both of us could enjoy the feeling of his shaft pushing through that tight ring of muscles. Then it was all inside me and Billy began thrusting his cock in and out. In his lust he cried out, "I'm fucking my own mother up her ass! It feels so fucking good!"

It certainly did to me. "OHHH OHHH,,,,, that's it , screw Mom's in it....fill your mother's ass with her son's cum.....ooohhhh....oooh....YES..YES, like that....oooh keep cumming, son, give Mom all you have.....oohhh." My whole body was alive with pleasure,. wave after wave swept thru me; I was in ecstasy!. Finally when it faded I wrapped my arms around my son and we began a passionate kiss., our tongues entwining, virtually fucking our mouths with our tongues. We broke apart as my husband said, it's a turn on to watch my wife and our son kissing like that.

When we sitting together again I noticed Pat had ejaculated onto the sheet. His father noticed, too. "I guess you really liked seeing mom with your brother's prick up her ass." "Oh man, yes, now I want to put mine there!" 'No, first you can watch Daddy give it me," announced Crissy. She slid to the edge of the bed as she had done when her father had when fucked her, but now she was on her stomach, her legs nearly to the floor and her beautiful little round as ready for her Daddy to enter. He knelt on the floor behind her and began to lick his 10 year-old daughter's cute pink ass hole. "Oh, that's nice Daddy!" She pushed hard to open her ass so her father could rim inside. "Put it in, Daddy." Her father did he pushed the herd of his cock into the little girl, amazed that it fit. Crissy relaxed and her ass hole clamped around his shaft as he slowly eased the rest of his 8-inch shaft into Crissy. As her brother Billy watched his father's hard ass begin to move back and forth he exclaimed. "Holy shit, I never thought I'd see Dad screwing my little sister!"

Although her father and I had fucked many times inspired by fantasizing it, it was still unbelievably thrilling to see it actually happening. How many mother's have watch their 10 year-old girl's ass penetrated by her own father? " Daddy's cock is up my feels fantastic.... ooooooh." As our little girl moaned with pleasure our two boys sat and jerked each other's cock as I vigorously finger fucked myself. Her father continued to screw Crissy in her ass and her brother's and I quickly climaxed watching the perverted act. "Fill my ass with my Daddy's jizz ....oooooooooh, cum off in me, Daddy.....cum off in me!" And then our baby was given watch she wanted. Crissy was moaning and crying out the power of the orgasm she was having and I had one , too. It wasn't the end of the obscene performance. Bill knelt down, pushed Crissy's soft little ass cheeks apart and began licking up his cum as it oozed from her ass hole. When Crissy felt his tongue there, she used her ass muscles to open it and it forced out a gush of white into her father's waiting mouth. It had been a spectacular display of incest. Afterward I gave Pat his turn fucking his mother's ass, and as he thrust his 12 year-old prick back and forth inside me we both turned our heads to see Crissy was now being ass-fucked again, this time by her brother Billy. Mother and little daughter moaned together as their asses were being fucked in spectacle that caused my husband to jerk off watching his family's incestuous sex.

After a time we limited our family orgies, but each of us had sex with one another as often as we liked. Sometimes I slept with Billy or Pat in their bed. When I did you can be sure Crissy was being fucked by her father. Occasionally, when one of our boys was with me, he'd invite our idle son to join them. Father and son would share our baby girl, her father in her hairless cunt, a brother up her ass. So wicked!. One perverted thing we did was install a large two-way mirror between our bed room and Crissy's. When the kids began to have girl and boy friends, when they reached to point of intercourse they'd bring their date home claiming everyone was out. The rest of us would silently watch through the mirror the sex on display. There was plenty of masturbating while we did it. Billy played hockey and for a time he and a team dated twin sisters who did everything together, including coming to our house for four-way sex. Believe me, watching the mini-orgy I often wanted to join them and have Billy's friend fuck me, The same was true when Crissy was screwing some teenage boy. Of course, it never happened.

Eventually the three of them fell in love with someone, married and had children. It turned out that their kids had inherited the incest gene, but my children had to control their urges because it was certain eventually their spouses would find out, file for divorce and have them arrested. However, it was easy enough when the grandchildren visited their grandparents, for us to provide an outlet for their deviant gene. The kids thought it was exciting to be secretly enjoying sex whenever they visited their grandparents. And our children found reasons visit us to keep alive our incestuous relationship. It was exciting to be fucked by one of my grownup sons or to watch their father on top of our adult daughter, now a mother herself.

While now our grandchildren will have what they wanted, the true story of family incest and how many were doing it. This is far to long for anyone outside the family to enjoy. But the grandchildren enjoy reading the fictional incest stories here because they turn them on, and insist I post this true one.

Mrs Debora Davis ( I wish I dared t6o use my real name.)

I wonder how many readers never experienced incest, but wish they had, and if anyone besides me and my family had the thrill of incestuous sex?

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