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Gilfriend Encounters A Dog
This is the second of the eight related stories involving my wife Bree and their friends. They are all in sequence and should be read in this order;
The first story is actually a prequel involving my then long-term college girlfriend, Kate, (Bree 1 - Kate) which lead to Bree 2 – Girlfriend’s Big Surprise, Bree – 3 the third story with Bree being the main participant; The fourth story is the sequel: Bree 4 - Wife’s Accidental Encounter With The Donkey, followed by Bree 5 – Bree and Suzanne Go To The Mountains and then the sequel Bree 6 – The Awakenings, Bree 7 – Shannon’s Encounter with Jake the Donkey, Bree 8 – The Reunion (a stand alone story but references people in Bree 1 – 6).

As a reminder, you are encouraged to read these stories in succession so you will gain an understanding of how these events began and unfolded over time.

Girlfriend’s Big Surprise!



September 2011

It was two years after Bree and I received our master’s degrees.
We had rented a beach house with some old college friends for a week; Lane and his fiancée Meg, and with three other women; Erica, Barbara and Michelle. Lane also had his champion yellow stud Labrador Retriever named Havoc with us; Lane had been given Havoc as a puppy when he was in his last semester of his senior year in high school by his parents as one of his graduation gifts.

We had met Lane during our last year of graduate school and had known Meg for longer. During the three years we have known Lane, we had become very good and close friends. Lane comes from a very extremely wealthy family. He was slated to take over the family corporation when he turned thirty. Yet, despite his wealth, Lane was very modest as well as being very intelligent and caring which seemed to be a direct contrast to his very outgoing gregarious fun loving nature.

Oh, I almost forgot, all women found Lane exceedingly handsome and irresistible!
In everyone else’s words, except Lane’s, he was a chick magnet! He had a visible scar on his forehead but instead of distracting from his appearance, it made him look rakish! When asked how he got the scar, he said it occurred when he had slipped in the shower and fell.

Bree and I wished we had met Lane earlier in our college years because Lane sure had a deserving reputation for some very wicked and outrageous parties going on at his home.
Meg, Erica, Barbara and Michelle had known Lane longer and had been to many of his parties. From what they had told us of the things that occurred during his parties,
Lane could teach the Hedonism Resorts a few things!

We were able to experience several of his parties during the last year of graduate school when we had met but Lane and the others had stated these were somewhat tame compared to what when on during the undergraduate years!

The first day we were there we were all sitting on the beach and have been imbibing quite heavily and cutting up. The girls all looked fantastic wearing their Rio style string Bikinis and tiny micro-triangle tops and were definitely catching plenty of eye traffic from beach passersby’s of both men and women!

It was quite amusing to watch some of the antics of the passerby's when they got an eyeful of the five drop dead gorgeous exceedingly well built women that were with us in their very revealing bikinis. The startled looks of the women passing by were quite interesting - the startled look, then trying to act nonchalant yet trying to conceal covetous looks being cast at Bree, Meg, Jane, Barbara and Michelle...! The bolder ones would openly stare at Lane and I and give us sexy smiles and appraising looks!

As we continued drinking, the talk got more loose and ribald from all of us and the topic came up of what was the wildest thing that had ever happened to us or seen.

Erica and then Barbara started off with Barabara coming out with one even more outlandish and sexually outrageous than Erica’s. Then I told one that was on par with Barbara (of course I did not dare mention what I was party to during high school and college that is described in Bree 1!). Then Bree told a couple of very sexually charged and very arousing stories concerning a couple of her sorority sisters.

Meg and Erica noticed that we had run out of margaritas and were almost out of beer and said they would go get some more from the house.

The rest of us had noticed that Lane had become quiet and appeared introspective which of course made us tease him to come out and spill to the rest of us what he was thinking about. We told him we knew he had to have had plenty of great ones considering the wild parties he had at his house!

Lane looked at us and then told us what occurred when he was dating a girl named Lisa during his undergraduate days and how he got the scar on his forehead. Lane stated he has never told anyone this story but since we were all are his closest friends he could trust us with it. He told us to bear with him as he had to set the stage of the story.

Y’all know my parents bought me a large modern single story house to live in during college and graduate school in addition to the Ferrari they gave me for my high school graduation. Sited on a hill, the house overlooks San Marcos with fifty acres surrounding the house. My parents also owned the surrounding tracts of land so the nearest neighbors were almost a mile away. As y’all know, the property has a fantastic large heated horizon pool with a waterfall and a large deep swim-in grotto, and an extremely large hot tub built into the side.

I guess my parents wanted me to have something resembling a real home while I was in college since they were mostly away when I was in high school. Their business required a lot of travel, plus they took week’s long vacations or going to the other houses we have in Aspen or St. Martin in the Caribbean. I rarely saw them when I was in high school they were gone so much. Plus it was a very good real estate investment with the growing population in the Austin, San Marcos and New Braunfels area.

I had way too many parties there throughout college and graduate school - almost every weekend! It is a wonder I kept my grades so high! Everyone liked to hang out at my place and parties seemed to just spontaneously happen! There were no neighbors anywhere nearby to hassle us about noise or too many cars coming and going or taking up parking along the street and there were a lot of trees on the property so it screened everything else out and made it very private.

Well, as you have experienced yourselves, Havoc is very friendly with everyone.
You have noticed he is a real "horn" dog, trying to hump everything in sight - man, woman or fellow beast! I get very good stud fees for Havoc and I guess it is from his stud activity that made him this way. I thought I would neuter him but the breeder almost had a stroke when I mentioned it because Havoc has such a champion strain and the breeder had already shown two of Havoc's pups he had sired from two different litters in the Westminster Dog Show.

Havoc especially, as each of you have found out, likes to greet people by pushing his nose into their crotch - quite forcefully and insistently, male and female. And with a large lab like Havoc it is quite forceful! People who have repeatedly been to the parties at my house learned that Havoc is the life of the party when an unsuspecting girl wearing a skirt who has never met Havoc would find a cold nose up under their skirt which in almost every case elicited a loud squeal and a blushing face, especially with the prevalence of women wearing thong panties! Havoc would constantly wander around all during the parties doing this. And it did not matter if you were sitting on a couch, laying on a pool side recliner or on the ground, you had to be wary of Havoc because he would try to hump you no matter where you sat or laid, and he does not take NO, he just goes up to another person and tries the same thing and would do this the entire time during the parties!

During some of the more wilder parties, some of the girls would be egged on by the others and would get on hands and knees and let Havoc dry hump them which always created even more drunken mayhem and outrageous behavior, with guys and girls verbally and physically egging each other on daring them to go further - I lost count of the times one or more girls tried to facilitate or assist with the dry humping of another girl! And there were a few times I wondered how far it would go considering the drunkenness state! The cheers of encouragement actually drowned out the music at times! And you should have seen the women’s reactions when Havoc got really excited humping and he started squirting precum and they felt it on bare skin due to wearing short skirts or a bikini, especially those thong style!

At times Havoc being such a horn dog became a problem when I had a girl spending the night and during our screwing Havoc would jump up on the bed and tried to make it a threesome! There were quite a few times when I was being rode cowgirl style when Havoc had leapt up on my bed and attempted to mount her. There were quite a few very close calls when a girl almost got tag teamed because Havoc is so large and powerful plus at times the amount of alcohol and party drugs involved. I was aware that couples that spent the night also had a problem with Havoc as well!

I had a firm house rule that if you were drunk or high, you had to have a designated driver or else you stayed overnight and until you were sober. With the strict liability laws now in place, I could have been held responsible if an accident occurred after someone left my house and it was determined they were under the influence. That is why it was mandatory to leave your car keys in the locked drop box as you came in. There were plenty of times when partygoers got too drunk or high to leave and they crashed at my place for the night and Havoc went nosing around the drunk/passed out/high or sleeping women.

I think it became a game of the regulars that came to the house and stayed overnight to encourage Havoc to be on the prowl - there were certainly plenty of scantily clad women sleeping around, passed out or high in the spare bedrooms, couches and floor. I lost count of the times I observed guys, but mostly other women, trying to facilitate something happening on an unsuspecting intoxicated coed with Havoc: creating poses/positions, baring and exposing intimate areas and taking very creative pictures of Havoc and the unsuspecting woman! It floored me to learn women would do this to each other, like guys can get pretty gross with each other. Mostly it was all in fun but there were a few times I recognized it was mean spirited and I stopped it. I always wondered, and was somewhat concerned, about the majority I did not see…

I also realized I could only be aware of and control my immediate surrounding area.
The majority of time I was not aware of what was going on in my house or the many acres of large secluded area surrounding the house and with the large number of people that showed up at the parties. As long as property was not being destroyed, damaged, stolen, people hurt or acting stupid or hard drugs were not being used or sold on my property, I pretty much let the parties flow and ebb on their own, even though many lasted continuously all weekend long. I have house cleaning and yard services on contract and scheduled to come first Monday of every week to clean everything up.

Strangely, there clearly was always substantially a vast majority more women present during the parties than there were guys. At times you had to search hard to even see another guy. As you know I did have another house rule that partly explained why more women were present than guys – I did not allow guys into the parties unless I knew them. If I did not know them, they had to be with a girlfriend. I had come up with the “guy house rule” because it was drunk guys that usually were the ones that got out of control and caused problems and a girlfriend could usually mitigate things, hence no single unattached guys at the parties unless I personally knew them or they had a girlfriend accompanying them. The rule did not apply to women - any and all were welcome. Still, that did not explain the big disparity in numbers.

At this point in the story, we all had to remind him he was the most incredible chick magnet any of us had ever knew of let alone actually known and informed him that most guys tend to shy away from guys like him because they consider him a “threat” to their own “action”.

Lane said he never realized that.
It explains why since junior high school, he always only had a few close male friends but an overwhelming abundance of women friends.

Lane continued with his story:
Hell, during almost every party several coeds would wind up topless in and around the pool or hot tub, the ones that weren’t might as well have been naked - wearing thong bikinis and micro triangle tops. I guess that possibly explains all the partial/near nudity on display - women are more comfortable in their nudity around other women, plus all the alcohol, Ecstasy and LSD lowering inhibitions - and not many guys being present. Being the good host and party planner I am, I did not reveal I was friends with several strippers who had standing open-ended invitations to come to my parties anytime with their other stripper friends and co-workers to spice things up - also encouraging other women to be more uninhibited…! Oftentimes the pool scenery resembled the Playboy Mansion pool scenery! I cannot even describe the number of times I came upon couples or threesomes or even more screwing inside and outside the house, in the pool grotto, under the water fall or late at night in the hot tub, with people watching them screw! Even coed-on-coed full blown girl-on-girl action was quite prevalent with clothing partially shed or completely shed!

Okay, now that I set the stage for the story this is how I got this scar.
You all met Lisa at Meg and I’s engagement party last year; Lisa is the tall statuesque well endowed beauty with the chestnut hair, the one all the guys were fawning over…

Instant realization hit all of us, we all clearly remembered her!
Even the women at the party commented how beautiful she was.

During one of the parties Lisa had spent the night like she usually did. We had screwed like rabbits most of the night due to the Ecstasy and alcohol we both had.

We screwed again that morning, both of us still partially drunk and definitely still feeling plenty affected by the second dose of Ecstasy we both taken a few hours earlier. We got up and went to take a shower together – y’all have seen my shower, a large walk-in clear glass shower that did not require a door since the shower area was so large.

I got in first and adjusted the water for the two body sprays and started lathering up as I admired Lisa as she brushed her teeth; she stood slightly bent over the wash basin with her legs slightly apart from each other - exposing her freshly fucked womanly charms, her labia will still swollen puffy from the fucking and slightly parted. I felt the beginning of another erection as I admired her naked athletic body with her bikini tan line contrast, her firmly toned ripped muscle definition, small firm tight ass; her large breasts barely swayed from her brushing they were so firm. She finished brushing but as she grabbed a towel, Lisa knocked her earrings off onto the carpeted floor. Bending down she looked for them, then Lisa got down on her hands and knees to look, her head and part of her upper body under the vanity. Lisa looked so fucking hot and sexy on her hands and knees, her swollen labia had openly parted in this position - as if giving me an welcoming open invitation. I could hardly wait for her to join me in the shower!

I noticed Havoc walking in with his nose up sniffing the air, then heading towards Lisa.
I realized he was attracted by the smell of sex since we had just finished screwing, he had proven that many times over already! In a couple of seconds I was going to have a good laugh seeing Lisa’s startled reaction when Havoc poked his cold nose into her nakedly exposed freshly fucked pussy!

I was very wrong…

Later, I tried to blame it on still being drunk and high from the Ecstasy - not instantly recognizing a possible imminent incident…

I should have remembered all the teasing that drunk/high women did with Havoc during the parties getting down on the floor and letting him dry hump them and Havoc’s persistence in jumping onto the bed when a girl and I were fucking or other couples were fucking in another room. I should have known Havoc saw a natural receptive mounting position and smelled the sex hormones and vaginal secretions that Lisa was exuding.

Havoc leapt up onto Lisa’s back and locked his forelegs around her hips and slowly started humping!

Lisa loudly yelled at me




I thought the scene was comical and I was barely holding in my laughter!
I thought it was just another incident of Havoc dry humping a girl, albeit this time the girl was totally naked instead of wearing a bikini or thong underwear.
Havoc on top of Lisa dwarfed her.

Lisa was trying to back out from under the vanity with Havoc intently concentrating on humping her, However, Lisa made the mistake of forcefully crawling backwards from under the vanity with Havoc locked around her hips and him thrusting forward and pulling Lisa toward him.

SUDDENLY, Lisa let out a very loud and long piercing shriek as I simultaneously noticed Havoc suddenly started humping very fast and also noted he had pulled Lisa’s hips close to him and kept them tightly close as his hips began to blur.

Havoc is actually fucking her!
Lisa is going to kill me!

I quickly scrambled to get out of the shower but slipped and fell banging my head.
I saw stars and there was a ringing in my ears and my vision started graying out to black. I passed in and out of consciousness several times.

It was like snapshot images of sights and sounds as I repeatedly faded out and back in:

Havoc had pulled Lisa completely out from under the vanity and was furiously fucking her,

Lisa’s firm voluptuous hard nippled body jolting from the pounding she was getting

Havoc astride her curvy tan contrasted ass-cheeks

Lisa with her mouth hanging open, eyes wide open with shock

Her tan contrasted full firm hard nippled breasts rippling beneath her body
her body repeatedly swaying in sync with each pounding thrust

The rhythmic battering sounds of flesh
against flesh

A large quantity of fluid leaking out of her pussy as the huge cock repeatedly drove into her

Lisa with her knees now widely spread, panting and gasping

Havoc’s huge cock pummeling into her with jack-hammer velocity

Lisa loudly moaning out
Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!

A flailing veil of her long chestnut hair as she tossed her head in a maddened cadence to the thorough fucking that was being pounded into her

Loud pleasurable moans…

Lisa with her head down, her back arched with her tight ass up in the air, repeatedly pushing back trying to meet thrusts

Hearing loud female orgasmic screams!

The darkness closed back in...

I again regained consciousness; I saw blood in the water going toward the drain

Laying on my side, still dazed I saw Havoc had very obviously knotted and then turned -
Lisa and Havoc were now ass to ass – and Lisa was humping back against the embedded and knotted cock, loudly moaning! Her large firm tan contrasted hard nippled breasts swaying back and forth with her efforts and then I saw her body tremble and then a familiar loud orgasmic scream!

Again, I must have passed in and out of consciousness a couple of times and must have laid there for some time as I remember watching Lisa during brief periods of consciousness for what seemed to be the longest time slowly rocking her hips back against the embedded cock.

Then finally I stayed awake but still too dazed to get up.

Mesmerized, I watched as a humongous thick and very long cock slowly pulled out - Lisa moaning the entire time as the huge massive cock finally slithered out of her and a waterfall of cum gushed out of her pussy.

My foggy mind cleared slightly when I saw what had been embedded into Lisa!
It appeared to be just over eleven inches including the still very large knot.
I was surprised the knot came out of her tight pussy let alone Lisa being able to take the entire length!

Lisa knelt there with her head on the floor with a glazed look in her eyes, her ass was still up in the air. Havoc started licking her pussy causing Lisa to catch her breath and I watched Lisa have another orgasm…

As I watched Lisa and she watched me, she slowly rose up to her feet - a flood of cum gushed out of her pussy running down her legs making it all the way to her feet. Lisa came into the shower and sat down beside where I still laid on my side.

“You are seriously bleeding quite a bit and you have a long gash on your forehead, are you all right?

I replied “I think so, I’m still pretty dazed and my head is really pounding - are you all right?”

And before I could shut my mouth, I blurted out

“You appeared to have enjoyed that…”

Lisa glared at me and remained silent

“I saw you fucking back, I heard you…”


Lisa yelled as she glared at me
For a moment I thought she was going to hit me…

Being curious, especially seeing the antics of other women at the parties with Havoc and having heard some veiled rumors, I made the mistake of pressing Lisa for details.

Lisa gave me an incredulous look and then stared at me for several long seconds.
Then hesitantly Lisa said

“Once I reconciled it was not really rape and there was no way out of the situation especially with you knocked out and Havoc with a vise grip locked around my hips that I could not break free of and greatly outweighing me, I decided to not fight a situation I could not get out of or control, and accept it and just imagine it was you fucking me from behind.

But…the part imagining you fucking me did not work… the fucking I was getting was too powerful, too stimulating, hotly different and way too intense... It was very raw and primal and all I could think of, could concentrate on, was feeling that very long and massive hot squirting cock repeatedly slamming into me…

“I have never been fucked so hard with a cock that size before, it was huge! The heat of that massive cock thrusting and pounding me like a jackhammer, reaching depths that have never been reach by another guy or dildo - that cock was actually fucking up into my uterus! And it felt like a fire hose was squirting hot water into me all the time! Then when he knotted me I could feel that liquid heat filling up and swelling my uterus and his knot felt like it swelled to size of a baseball inside me! His knot was constantly rubbing my G-Spot and I had the most intense G-Spot orgasm I ever had!


I had tremendous multiple orgasms like I have never before experienced so


And it definitely will not ever happen again!

Lisa silently glared at me for several moments and then told me to stay where I was and went to get a wash cloth and a towel. When Lisa came back she kneeled beside me and placed the towel under my head and then pressed the washcloth tightly to my head and held it there.

Lisa was kneeling with her knees parted. I could see that Havoc was justifiably named the way her pussy still looked – Lisa’s labia was still engorged, swollen and openly parted and her clit was also still exposed – swollen and hard. I watched as a long trickle of cum emerged, dangled, and then extended to reach the shower floor.

I do not know if it was the sensation of the cum oozing out or if Lisa saw me looking but she caught me looking. Lisa didn’t say a word as she glared at me again; she just pressed the washcloth harder against my forehead.

After a few minutes, Lisa pulled the blood sodden washcloth away. “You need stitches. That is a long deep cut. Let me help you up, slowly”.

Lisa got dressed and had to help me dress with frequent stops to staunch the still flowing blood, then she drove me to the hospital. Well, I was admitted and had to remain overnight for a concussion and received forty stitches in all.


In spite of what occurred Lisa remained friendly with Havoc, even with the many times he tried humping her again. He would start it up and after a few moments Lisa would laugh saying “not again” and gently get Havoc off of her. It seemed he now tried to do this more frequently with Lisa than before the “incident”.

The one brief time the subject of what happened came up, Lisa indicated that perhaps he may not have gotten any ideas if he wasn’t encouraged so much during the parties. I recognized this conversation could get ugly in an instant and wisely dropped it. However, I did notice during subsequent wilder parties when women let Havoc hump them and Lisa was there she did not try to stop it or say a word in warning, but instead intently watched the scene.

Occasionally I would arrive home and already find Lisa there with Havoc usually laying next to her or nearby but with his big tongue lolling out and him panting, Lisa saying she had been either playing fetch with Havoc or roughhousing around…

I dated Lisa longer than I had ever dated any other girl before.
I realized she wanted to go to the next step beyond seriously dating, she dropped enough hints, but I still had 11/2 more years of undergraduate work and two more years of graduate work. I still liked to party and have parties at my house and there were an abundance of women who expressed a great deal of interest in me, at times very blatantly and openly. More than once girls solicited me and indicated they would enjoy a threesome with me and Lisa. She told me she was directly approached multiple times by other women with this suggestion. However, Lisa was growing tired of the constant parties at the house, going into a room and finding couples having sex, getting in the pool at night and seeing the same thing and the numerous women that were always openly and suggestively flirting with me pressing their near naked or topless bodies even in front of Lisa, and women coming onto Lisa and doing the same thing.

I witnessed this happening to Lisa a few times; in the pool late at night when a naked coed swam up to Lisa and wrapped her legs around her pulling her close and holding her tight kissed her for several moments. Later, when I asked her why she didn’t break it off she said she was in shock!

Then the pool grotto incident, it was again late at night. Lisa had worn a ‘knock your eyes out’ Brazilian string bikini with a small triangle top and a low rise bottom that has a deep V cut in the front that dipped daringly low - when it was wet it was plainly obvious the top and the bottom was not lined. She and I were in the grotto with a couple of the other regular party girls – Pam and Melissa, and we were all pretty drunk and had taken Ecstasy. As you know the grotto has a multitude of powerful water jets and aerators installed and it is an erotically interesting feeling and very relaxing with tiny colored LED lights in the water, embedded in the walls and ceiling of the grotto, twinkling on and off, the hidden speakers and the underwater speakers so you can actually feel the music thru the water. And as y’all know, the bench seating has an angled jet at the seating edge so as you lean back a jet of water will hit you in the chest or in this case - breasts. Pam and Melissa were sitting on either side of Lisa and all three were feeling the jets of water hitting their breasts. I was intently watching all three women because the powerful water jets were slowly dislodging the micro bikini tops that all three were wearing. It was very clear that all three were stimulated as all of them had hard nipples. Pam and Melissa took their tops off, both encouraged Lisa to do the same so she could better feel the water jets, but she declined. Then they took their bottoms off and started describing how it feels and how she would enjoy it. I was getting an incredible erection watching and listening to their deions, wandering if Lisa would follow suit. Lisa softly replied to their persistence she knew how it felt, she been in here before naked but not during a party with others around. Both replied Lisa sure was missing out on what she already knew what felt great and kept on encouraging her as they gently started caressing Lisa, then Pam gently pulled the strings of Lisa’s bikini top and pulled it off. Lisa made a slow grab for it but it was pulled out of her hand. Lisa made as if to get it but both women told her to relax and enjoy the feeling and continued to caress Lisa. I saw Lisa settling back in the seat and start relaxing again as she closed her eyes. Both girls again said you really ought to see how it feels totally naked, you know how great it feels… Lisa softly demurred saying this was just fine. It was a few moments later when Lisa softly said “No, I don’t want them off” but without any real conviction. I could see the girls on either side of Lisa had pulled the ties of her string bikini bottom loose and then in unison slowly and easily pulled it off and away from Lisa. However, Lisa made no attempt this time to retrieve them. Pam and Melissa continued stroking Lisa, occasionally looking at me with encouraging grins as I debated going over and joining the action or see what developed further, hoping upon hope maybe a four-way would develop though Lisa had never indicated any interest in any girl-on-girl action.

Pam remarked to Lisa that this jet felt particularly wonderfully, you need to come feel this and gently pulled Lisa over to where she had been sitting. It was instantly obvious where this particular water jet was hitting as Lisa for an instant tensed up then allowed herself to be positioned right over the jet. Both women continued to caress Lisa but it became more intimate as they began caressing her breasts and lower down her stomach as other hands caressed her upper thighs. Then I saw a hand dip lower as I saw another hand spread her legs. I was not sure if it was Melissa spreading Lisa’s legs or Lisa spread them on her own feeling the intimate contact…

Lisa began moaning as she slouched lower and widely spread her legs apart as I watched Pam start to gently thrust her finger in and out of Lisa’s pussy while Melissa cupped Lisa’s breasts as she started kissing on Lisa’s shoulder working her way up her neck line as she caressed Lisa’s breasts and hard nipples. As Melissa reached the line of Lisa’s jaw she momentarily looked back at me and then turned her ass toward me with an arched eyebrow being directed at me. As I began to swim over, Melissa began kissing the corner of Lisa’s mouth, her tongue probing at the corners but not going in. Lisa started gently bucking against Pam’s thrusting finger as Lisa parted her mouth and they both started deeply kissing as Lisa increasing her bucking.

Melissa was half on half off the submerged seating area, kind of floating on her stomach over Lisa as Lisa reclined in a slouched position. As Melissa felt me swim up, she slid over on top of Lisa and started kissing Lisa’s breasts and sucking on her nipples as she parted her legs in a V inviting me in. Slowly I rubbed my cock against her pussy to part her labia lips which had the effect of her to start hungrily kissing Lisa who returned it equally passionately. I inserted the tip and then held on to her hips with her beautiful bikini tan contrasted ass floating up at me as I slowly started thrusting into her, working my nine inch cock in deeper. Melissa then tightly embraced Lisa and put on an incredibly lip lock upon her as she and Lisa hungrily kissed each other with fever and passion. Pam had been finger fucking Lisa all this time and she grinned at me as she placed her hands under Lisa’s ass and lifted Lisa’s body to a floating position as Melissa slid lower down Lisa’s body, swirling her tongue down Lisa’s flat stomach, into her navel and then lower down…

Lisa, with her body easily supported by Pam, spread her legs in a wide V as Melissa continued working her way down kissing and tonguing her till she locked her mouth onto Lisa’s pussy. As I watched Melissa going down on Lisa, I started to Melissa in earnest, repeatedly banging her mouth into Lisa’s pussy.

Lisa’s orgasms are quite physical and vocal and it seemed both Lisa and Melissa orgasmed at the same time triggering my own. Lisa slowly opened her eyes and suddenly acted startled, realizing what she had allowed to happen and realizing that I was fucking Melissa while she was going down on her! A slight frown crossed her face, then she closed her eyes as Melissa burrowed into her pussy again…

About ten minutes later the sound of splashing and laughter was gradually getting closer to the grotto. Lisa reached for her bikini and put it back on and then pointedly looked at me and asked if I was coming with her back to the house. I replied sure. Pam said she was staying where she was, she was feeling lucky…

The remaining time we dated this did not occur again and it was just a short while later we broke up. Lisa finally grew tired of me not committing to go to the next level and got tired of the women majority parties and especially got tired of the women openly throwing themselves at me right in front of her. I think what started the dam to break was that night in the grotto when I fucked Melissa while she was going down on Lisa, but she sure couldn’t say much about it since she allowed herself to be seduced by two women, finger fucked and let a woman go down on her and orgasmed several times in front of me.

With my past girlfriends, we always parted amicably and remained good friends, even retaining “friends with benefits” for most of them. I did seriously consider doing what Lisa wanted me to do but I had, since high school, always planned to have the best time I could in high school and in college and wait until after I completed graduate school and had to get serious about a career with the family business, then I would seriously commit to a relationship.

Lisa did touch my heart and I did love her. And it was not that she was just incredibly beautiful, she was extremely caring and very intelligent. If this had only happened after graduation then I would have committed like she wanted me too. However, I had this plan for quite a few years, and it was working out better than I anticipated - I was getting laid aplenty by a lot of different wild, crazy horny college coeds!

It took some hard work but I deeply cared about Lisa and we parted amicably as well.

Then came our engagement party.

Meg graciously allowed me to invite my old girlfriends. Lisa was one of the first to confirm her reservations. I ‘m sure y’all agree that Meg is one of the kindest and most compassionate people that ever walked this planet, not a jealous streak in her and very open and accepting of anyone or anything as well as adventurous and willing to try anything once.

At a point during the dinner I excused myself from the table to go to the Men’s room. As I passed by Lisa’s table, she rose and followed me out, saying I could show her where they were.

Lisa stopped me near the entrance to the restrooms

She reached up and slowly trailed a finger slowly down my chest and then stated

“Meg is very fortunate to have you!

I thought more than once about seeing if you wanted to consider dating again, seriously this time.

By the way, you still have that horn dog of yours?” she said with a smile.

“I still vividly remember the time he fucked me silly and you knocked yourself out in the shower and you wound up with the scar!

Has Havoc managed to fuck Meg too…?

I could feel a fiery blush developing on my face reaching down my neck

I replied that Havoc is still the same, trying to hump everything and everyone in sight.

Lisa pressed with her question

“But has he actually fucked her…? She probed

I stammered out two quick ‘No, No’s in succession.
My face felt like it was on fire!

Lisa grinned at me and said

“That’s too bad!
Meg is really missing out!
I still enjoy it and I’m sure Meg will enjoy it too!
Remember the times when you came home and I would already be there, well…
It definitely opened my mind to be less reserved and more accepting of what can give a woman pleasure…!”

And with that she kissed my cheek and twirled around and walked into the Ladies Restroom leaving me stunned…!

Meg had come out into the hallway to also go to the restroom.
As she rounded the corner she saw me standing there outside the restrooms, she asked me if I was all right and why my face was red. I passed it off as Lisa reminding me of an embarrassing incident...

Meg gave me a funny look and then went into the restroom.

All I could think was Oh Shit! Oh Shit! repeatedly.
Both in the same restroom!
Together! Alone!
I’m so dead!!!

I went back and sat down at the table. Several very long minutes later, I watched Meg and Lisa
walk back from the restroom together. Lisa grinned up at me and Meg giving me an inquisitive but very suspicious look, that was definitely contrary to her nature, the entire walk back to the table thru the very large banquet hall.
That walk seemed to take forever…

Once Meg reseated herself, I leaned over to Meg and in a soft voice I asked

“Is everything okay”

Meg looked at me for several moments with a neutral face. Finally she said

“Yes, but we will definitely talk later!

We both simultaneously looked over to where Lisa was sitting and she was sitting there looking at us with a big grin on her face….


The five of us sat there, stunned, looking at each other.
We knew every word was true and not embellished.
We seen the wild things that happened at Lane’s parties and Lane is honest as the day is long!

Finally Barbara said

“Well, is there more to it?

There has to be more!”

Lane just sat there with a grin on his face and reached for his beer as we heard Meg and Erica coming back.

Meg and Erica came back down carrying two gallons of Margaritas and more beer.

Unknowingly, we all speculatively looked at Meg.
Meg and Jan stopped in their tracks and Meg said WHAT?!
What is going on?

The five of us started laughing.

Suddenly Lane quit laughing and he started blushing.

He realized he unwittingly had cast suspicion upon his fiance Meg!

Meg again demanded again what was going on and Bree said let’s have a few more drinks and then we may tell y’all!

Meanwhile, I repeatedly caught all three - Bree, Barbara and Michelle, surreptitiously looking at Havoc when they thought no one else was looking…!

Later that afternoon when all of us were quite drunk, Bree and Erica went up to the house to order dinner. Along the way Bree had told Erica the story. Bree told me Erica in return had instantly blushed upon hearing the story. Then Erica slowly told Bree of a similar related incident to the story Lane told but Bree refused to tell me any details or who it concerned…

As we continued drinking and getting very soused, I noticed Bree, Barbara and Michelle and Erica occasionally casting repetitive glances that at times ranged from inquisitive, curious or even what might have been appraising glances at Meg and also at Havoc!

Meg was getting pretty flustered and indigent why everyone kept looking at her and not telling her why.…

Lane ensured that Meg was quite drunk and then he retold the story with all of us there.
I noticed that Erica seemed particularly enthralled with the story and she began blushing when Lane got to the part in the story when Havoc mounted Lisa and started fucking her. Erica looked repeatedly at Bree with Bree smiling at her each time. Meg surprised us all by bursting out in laughter and laughed until tears came but she would not say why she thought it was so funny…
Erica looked flustered with Meg’s laughter…

Eventually, we all got smashed and stayed that way for the rest of our stay. But it was clearly obvious the story was permanently seared into Bree, Barbara and Michelle’s and also Erica’s memory as I continued to catch each of them staring at Meg at times with a strange look upon their faces throughout the remainder of the stay!

Perhaps what was more amusing and interesting to observe was when horn dog Havoc would shove his nose into barely covered bikini crotches or up under their beach robes; each of the women laughed like they always did when he did this and then gently pushed Havoc away - but now there was a strange look that would briefly cross each of their faces before they started laughing…

This may have been the impetus for Bree...

See the story Bree 3 - A Trip to The Mountains

roxan brownReport

2017-09-13 00:55:38
An anon reader takes issue with CERVICAL dilation and penetration, and I must say its very rare but it can and does happen.
The cervix does soften and dilate during sex especialy after multiple partners and some professional K9/ Equine ladies who look for help use Misoprostol.

Ladies that it has happened to, either say it does nothing for them with very little sensation.
Or On the other hand there are some Ladies with K9 lovers who activly seek and enjoy the expirence some as I said using drugs to assist.
What I can say having spoken to other Zoophile girls is that none have had the expirence with an Equine lover ever.


2017-07-16 13:19:12
Long-winded, repetitive and having read another of the author's "true story" the scene deions were pretty much exactly alike. I don't think I'll read the rest of the series it just feels like I'm going round in circles.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-03-17 01:38:33
You are incredibly ignorant. There is no way to complete a MD-Ph.D. program in 4 years, or as you put it, "half the normal time". It's not allowed or offered that way. Furthermore, there is no possible way for a human penis to enter the cervix or cervical canal, let alone an equine penis. You are a complete idiot, with no knowledge of female anatomy. I doubt you've ever seen a vagina in real life.

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2015-09-28 02:22:27
put the mutt doewn you bloody ewanker

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2015-09-28 02:19:19
that damm dog needs to be put down

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