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Wife Encounters a Donkey
Our Stories in Succession:
1. Bree1 – Kate, the prequel to:
2. Bree 2 – Girlfriend’s Big Surprise
3. Bree 3- A Trip To The Mountains, when sequins to:
4. Bree 4 -Wife’s Accidental Encounter With The Donkey
5. Bree 5 – Bree and Suzanne Go To The Mountains
6. Bree 6 – The Awakenings
7. Bree 7 – Shannon’s Encounter with Jake the Donkey
8. Bree 8 – The Reunion (a standalone story that references Bree 1 – 7)

As a reminder, you are encouraged to read these stories in succession so you will gain an understanding of how these events began and unfolded over time.


We bought the donkey to keep the coyotes away from the livestock; however I guess he became more of a pet, as he would always come to the house looking for a treat when he saw us outside, romping with our Great Dane, Duke, and enjoyed his daily grooming. We both came from ranching families and knew donkeys were stubborn and single minded and this one exhibited the same traits.

We live in Texas and have a fairly large ranch that our families gave to us as a wedding present that we had added on to by acquiring some additional holdings. My wife, Briana (Bree for short) is a stunning cinnamon redhead, natural dark skin with bright emerald green eyes as befitting her Irish-Nordic ancestry (and temper!).

A lithe five feet eight inches tall, with full firm large voluptuous high set breasts that had that a pronounced European up tilt to them, small nipples and small areolas. Between the ranch work and her almost daily workouts she has a well toned muscular body with great ripped definition and a small tight curvaceous ass. During college, Bree was featured more than once in the Girls on Campus Calendar and had been actively solicited by Venus Swimwear as a model. She has one of those physiques that when she was nude and bent over you could see all her womanly charms and tight rosebud. She has just a small, laser-sculpted triangle of cinnamon pubic hair above her pussy, everything else from top to bottom had been lasered away, courtesy of one of her best friends who owns a laser hair clinic. When aroused, Bree’s labia lips would become engorged with blood, swell and part openly on their own. Bree also had a small clitoral hood and when aroused, her clitoris would prominently stand out.

We have a rail fence around the swimming pool, Bree loves to sunbathe in the nude and her sunbathing has never been a problem before, until we got the donkey, which she had named Jake. Jake had become rather adroit about lifting the latches on the gates to the pool area. We determined that Jake was attracted to coconut scented suntan oil, beer, margaritas and nachos and would pester whomever was around the pool until they gave him some. With the scented suntan oil, it was pretty surprising and amusing to our guests, as he would try to lick the oil off them. More than one female guest, after allowing Jake to lick their toes and feet commented that his muscular tongue beat any foot massage they ever had!

It was the following weekend after we had come back from a week long stay at our best friend’s ranch, Kate and Rick, while they had gone on vacation and we were catching up on our own ranch chores. We only had a small salad for lunch since it was so hot and we both went back outside to finish the chores. Bree was wearing old loose low-rise three button Daisy Dukes denim cutoffs that allowed her curvaceous firm ass cheeks to peek out along with a tight thin mid-riff tank top that was deeply scalloped with no bra on. Couple hours later, I had just finished weed eating the grass on the other side of the rail fence and had left the gate open to go grab a beer and stand on the patio under the ceiling fan to cool off for awhile.

As I stood on the patio drinking a cold beer, I watched Bree coming toward the house. The mid-riff tank top was wet from her bathing and grooming Jake and had become transparent. I felt a definite stirring in my pants as I watched her full firm up-thrust voluptuous unfettered breasts slowly heave up and down in time with her long strides up the long sloping walkway to the house, her small areolas and taut nipples clearly showed thru the wet translucent thin material, her diamond hard nipples looked like they would cut thru the fabric of her top. The top third button of her low-rise jeans was unfastened and her jeans were parted in a Vee. The short mid-riff tanktop and her low-rise jeans allowed an extremely generous amount of tanned bare skin to be exposed showing Bree’s hard ripped midriff and her lower abdomen also showing her well-defined muscle definition. Silently I wondered how those cut-off jeans managed to stay up!
Bree saw me looking at her and gave me a grin the rest of the way up.

As Bree came up to me, she remarked

“Enjoying the view?”

As she brushed by, Bree lightly grabbed my crotch and stated

“Yep, you sure are!”

Then Bree went into the laundry room where she took off her cutoffs and tank top, grabbed the coconut scented suntan oil and a 24 ounce tallboy beer, and went out naked as usual to the pool area. As Bree went back by she blew a kiss as she went out to the pool.

Bree liberally oiled herself up and then laid back on the chaise lounge to catch some of the sun. She quickly finished a tallboy off and yelled at me to please bring her another one. After awhile, Jake took notice that Bree was outside and started walking toward the house. I had gone inside the house to get another beer and to cool off better. Every few minutes I would look out the window, just to check on Bree (and check her out, she looked so sensual with the oil glistening on her body). I noticed that Jake had come thru the gate following his natural curiosity and wanting to be with us as usual.

When I looked out one time, I noticed Bree had started caressing her pussy.
It was not unusual, the hot sun always made her horny, and she had quickly downed one tallboy and by now I assumed she almost had the other one done as well on a mostly empty stomach, it was pretty hot outside.

I decided to watch the show.
Knowing she would come in shortly and jump me regardless that I needed a shower after the yard work

She started off slow; just kind of enjoying the feeling of touching herself, every part of her body was covered with oil. But it didn't take long before she was rubbing her clit with faster and faster movements.

It was extremely hot and the scene was hotter – my gorgeous well-toned wife, laying there, bronzed, oil glistening all over her hard lithe athletic body and bringing herself to an orgasm.

I saw her legs lift and saw her let out a loud gasp with her orgasm.

By then Jake had made his way to the end of Bree's lounge. I saw him move his nose close to her pussy; I wondered what Bree would do, thinking this would be pretty funny when Jake startled her. Later on, we realized he smelled the coconut oil she had been using, y’all know, the same Hawaiian Tropic kind you can smell a long way off when a girl in a bikini walks by on the beach or at the pool, and when he got close to Bree, he must have smelled something else….

His soft velvet nose grazed her pussy.

Bree jumped, still breathing hard from her orgasm and said

"Jake, you horny little bastard and lightly swatted him on the nose"

Jake took a couple of steps back and started to smell her feet and then started licking her feet.


Now Bree can’t resist having her feet rubbed and caressed, and loves massages. She as well as her girlfriends liked the sensation of his big long muscular tongue licking their toes and feet; a lot of sexual related joking had been bantered between the girlfriends about Jake’s tongue! I could see Bree visibly relaxing on the lounge in her slight alcoholic haze and post-orgasmic bliss, slowly spreading her legs apart so Jake could get all around her feet and ankles as she relaxed further from the tongue caressing in the hot sun.

After Jake had licked the oil off her feet, he started licking the oil and salty sweat on her legs slowly working his way past her knees. As he was slowly working his way up he again must have caught another scent mingling in with the sun tan oil. By now I saw Jake had slowly licked his way near the juncture of Bree’s thighs and then I saw Jake start licking the oil and juices on her pussy


I thought

"You hot, horny, sexy …!!!"

Memories quickly flashed thru my mind of when Kate and I were together (see Bree 1) and then the recent variation that has been included in our own sexual activities (see Bree 2). This was the sexiest erotic thing I had seen since my ex-girlfriend Kate and I were together back in college! Both Kate and Bree outshone the sexist lingerie models! It was making me extremely horny, the scene I was observing and the past memories, and now I had a raging hard-on! I debated on going out and jumping Bree right then or waiting until she got so worked up she would come in and ravish me!

As Jake licked her pussy with his long rough tongue I could tell she obviously enjoyed it very much. Bree’s legs had now splayed off to each side of the lounge, her feet were on the ground, toes curled up, helping her to lift her fluttering pelvis upward to meet the tongue. Bree was never one to be passive or quiet during sex.
Every now and then I caught a glimpse of her tilted up pussy and could see that the lips of her pussy were swollen and engorged, spread wide open like the petals of a flower from her earlier manipulations …and now Jake’s tongue.

I also noticed that Jake's donkey dick had dropped down and had become engorged and huge!

My jeans had become a very constrictive enclosure as I quickly undid the buttons, pushed them down out of the way and withdrew my throbbing almost ten-inch cock almost hurting myself in the process. I started slowly jerking my own dick looking at the pleasure my wife was eliciting and the giant dick that Jake was exhibiting that Bree seemingly was oblivious of, she was so very clearly absorbed in apparently the best oral sex she had ever received. My mind kept flashing back to Kate…

My cameras were at the other end of the house and I dared not miss what was going on by getting one, yet being the professional photojournalist I dreaded not capturing this erotic vision.

Jake’s cock started making up and down motions, slapping his stomach
Bree still oblivious…

I was thinking

"That is one huge dick!

I’m much bigger than average, but that is waaay longer and waaay bigger round"

Bree had an unusually tight vaginal entrance and vaginal sheath. We always kept a good supply of Bad-Dragon cum lube around to assist us. Again memories flashed by of Kate fueling fantasies of Bree in her current setting. No way in hell would she let this go farther, she had difficulty with me and especially with Duke! Certainly she had never given any thought to anything like this, especially since she was so tight or had she???. She is allowing Jake to lick her pussy! Maybe she was just fantasizing? She did have a very fertile and active sexual imagination! Even though we have been married for a few years now, our sex life was just as interesting as when we first did it and recently has become more imaginative with Duke now involved. I remembered that Kate was also very tight but not as tight as Bree was, but after some effort Kate had accommodated…

While I was thinking these thoughts, Jake lunged!

He was trying to mount Bree!

He managed to get over her and was trying to hump her, but his massive dick was missing the mark.

Bree clearly startled, started yelling


His huge donkey dick was slapping against her liberally oiled flat muscular stomach and then falling between her legs every time he humped.

Bree was pushing against Jake and I was trying to stuff my hard cock back into my jeans but gave up and I ran out to go help Bree and as I came up to them Jake flashed his teeth at me with a wild eye look in his eyes and he chomped his teeth together twice to show he was agitated. When I took a step toward them, he turned his head toward me and snapped his teeth again. There I stood, my hard dick still sticking out of my pants, Bree thrashing all around on the chaise lounger pushing against 650 pound Jake and trying to wriggle out from under him as Jake continued to thrust above her. Suddenly I realized Bree had not mentioned my raging erection plain to see she was so absorbed in fighting Jake off. Jake snapped his teeth again at me making me very aware of my exposed erection and I stepped back.

I realized he saw me as a threat.
I yelled at Bree that I was just agitating him more and I was going back to the house to get his favorite treat (peanut butter) that hopefully it will calm and distract him. I went back toward the house thinking what else I could do.

Clearly Bree’s oral sex indulgence did not go as far as a donkey trying to fuck her!

I quickly grabbed the peanut butter and ran back outside, Jake was still intent on continuing to try and hit his mark and Bree was still thrashing around and pushing against Jake, her legs were still splayed out on either side of the lounge, Jake’s body blocking her from pulling her legs back up and together. Bree tried to push him again but 650 pound Jake could not be budged.

She tried to slide out from under Jake.

It ended up being a BIG mistake…

As Bree slid, the part of the lounge that holds the head and shoulders gave way with her weight and Jake's weight, but the part in the middle that holds the hips stayed up and it positioned her pussy in just the right way…and all that oil….OH My…!!!


The next lunge from Jake hit its mark and the tip of that huge donkey dick head went partially into her very tight constricted opening.
Bree let out an explosive breath and her eyes went wide as she felt the cock head suddenly open her up wider than she had ever been opened!

A huge influx of adrenaline spiked into her system upon feeling the massive invader gain entry.

Bree’s vaginal muscles involuntarily clamped down on the massive invader, momentarily trapping the cock head just within her tight opening. The head slowly flattened out from the muscle pressure clamping down, another slow push slowly forced the now deformed head past her constricted opening and then wedging it slowly into her tight vaginal sheath.

Two inches of cock slowly slipped deeper into Bree, as she felt every inch slowly go deeper, her eyes got wider and wider with disbelief with each inch!

Another hump and her eyes got even wider as two more inches suddenly surged further into her tight vaginal sheath. Another hump one more slow inch…



Then another hump slowly put two more inches in. Bree shot her arms out and tightly grasped Jakes two front legs with both hands, her mouth was in a large open oval with no sound coming out!

I could only imagine Bree's pussy being impaled by that massive donkey dick, it was far longer and wider than any in her “toy” collection, and Bree had an unusually tight vaginal sheath!

I started to wish I had a massive dick like that and to be able to feel what Jake was feeling!

But Jake had hit the mark and the only thing that stopped it from going farther in at this time was the size, her tightness and her being all tensed up.

Without a beat Jake withdrew slightly and plunged deeper...


and that massive cock was buried more than halfway into my wife!

When Jake started to slightly withdraw, I could see Bree sliding backwards on the chaise lounger, his massive cock wedged tight within her, clearly pulling her backwards! Evidently Bree felt this was bad for her as she let go of Jake’s front legs and tightly grabbed hold of the angled chaise lounger to prevent her body sliding backwards anymore toward Jake!

At this point, Jake was still just managing to do short humping motions forward, not able to actually start fucking due to Bree’s constricted opening and tight love tunnel and Bree was holding tight to the lounger and thrashing her hips from side to side trying to free her impaled pussy.

It must have been a combination of the huge cock inside her and Bree thrashing around trying to un-impale her pussy as Bree’s body betrayed her by drastically increasing her lubrications thereby easing the thrusting and withdrawals of the massive invader. Her vaginal sheath feeling like it was being turned inside out with each withdrawal before the massive cock was thrust back in!

Jake did several more short humping thrusts that rapidly built up in frequency until he was clearly in fucking mode. I watch mesmerized as I noted his heavy balls swinging closer and closer to Bree’s ass as more of his cock managed to go in. I imagine that no more could fit. I could hear the loud wet, sucking, squishing noises of the fucking where I was standing. Bree loudly yelled out


Then Bree quit yelling and just laid there, no longer appearing tensed up but her eyes still had a wild look in them as she stared at the huge cock fucking in and out of her pussy as she continued to tightly grip the chaise lounger, her body being alternately pulled backwards then push forward as the massive cock fucked in and out of her. I could see that most of Jake’s dick was now able to fit in her pussy and was rapidly thrusting in and out. I was frozen in place, a surge renewed my erection as I watched the scene - Bree appeared to be not in such distress anymore and my immediate concern of her being hurt began to diminish as I remembered Kate’s accommodation…

What had earlier been a slow trickle of sexual hormones trickling into her system during her earlier manual manipulations then Jake’s oral manipulations, now became a massive infusion of sex hormones into her sexual and reproductive organs - swelling them like never before. Bree could feel her lubrication begin free-flowing, she could feel Jakes massive shaft throb within her, could feel his massive shaft expand and contract. Each expansion swelled the shaft another full 11/2 inches within her each time then it contracted then throbbed and swelled again, could feel being thrust into deeper than she had ever experienced with a man or dildo!

Then I saw her body shift and I looked at Bree’s face, searching those eyes. I knew those eyes; I knew the expression her eyes and her face took on when she was highly aroused and fixing to orgasm….

She screamed out


She wrapped her arms around Jake’s front legs, pulled herself to him and raised her legs up around his flanks and her heels hooking around on top of his back trying to grip him, tilting her pussy up into him - amazingly her doing this allowed more cock to thrust into her! Her abdominal muscles bulged with each thrust! Her pussy being stimulated to a level she has never before experienced!

Bree tried to thrust back against every thrust as she screamed out


With that she collapsed, spent I thought, from one of the biggest orgasms she had ever had, then I saw Jake start to buck wildly, and I saw Bree’s eyes go wild once again as she suddenly loudly gasped and then sucked in a huge breath of air and started rapidly breathing in and out as if doing Lamaze breathing, then she let out a long orgasmic groan as her body shuddered and trembled as Bree raised her legs high and back up around his flanks ass up even higher encouraging more of the humongous monster cock to penetrate as deeply as possible and again began thrusting her pussy hard against the huge cock as she repeatedly humped hard into it and have another tremendous screaming orgasm, yelling

YES! YES! Oh… FUCK Yeah! That’s It! CUM INSIDE ME!

Oh my God, he's cumming in me! He's cumming!
Oh, shit, holy shit, it's so much cum! FUCK! It's sooo HOT! He's filling my womb up! I can feel it swell with all he is pumping into me! Fuck! Ahhh, OH FUCK YES!

Bree later told me that her cervix must have been dilating from the pounding of the cock against her cervical opening and the tremendous orgasm must have dilated her cervix enough to allow the tip of his cock to push into and then pass thru the cervical opening and then surge into her uterus. She felt his cock thrust several times in her uterine tunnel causing her to suck in her breath and begin the Lamaze like rapid breathing in and out. and then she felt an incredible pressure as if a balloon was suddenly inflated inside her uterus as she felt the cock head flare and expand to enormous size locking it tightly against her uterine opening. Then she felt hot cum explosively shoot directly into her uterus with a powerful force, blasting the walls of her uterus, actually filling her uterus. It was so hot, and the volume being pumped into her, she could feel her uterus fill and swell with the quantity, the flared penis head blocking any backflow - feeling of all this had her into long wave after wave of tremendous continuous orgasms!

One final wild buck then Jake stood still emptying his copious amount of hot cum into Bree. Bree writhed on the lounger and made small fluttering up and down motions of her hips, squishing a small length of cock repeatedly in and out, experiencing small orgasms as she felt the copious cum continue shooting into her womb, swelling it and the pressure against her G spot of the massive invader impaled within her.

After about a minute Jack tried backing away from Bree, actually pulling Bree with him as the still flared expanded cock head tugged all the way back down Bree’s tight and still convulsing love tunnel.

Jake's dick slowly slithered out with a long drawn out sucking sound then stopped as it reached the tightly constricted opening of Bree’s pussy. Jake tugged and I saw Bree start to slide.
Bree had to grab hold of the lounger to prevent from being pulled off. As it was, the hung-up cockhead actually pulled Bree’s ass up off the chaise lounger.

Once again the flared cock head deformed in shape in response to being slowly pulled thru Bree’s tight vaginal opening. Since the cock head was still partially flared it had more difficulty coming out than when it went in. First one edge of the flared cock head appeared on a slanted angle as it slowly emerged, hung tight for several moments as Bree’s vaginal muscles slowly relaxed from the constant tugging pressure, then the other edge of the flared cock slowly slipped thru and the flared cock head slowly and finally popped out dropping Bree’s ass onto the chaise lounger and shot cum across Bree's body, covering her heaving hard nippled breasts and belly.

Jake slowly pulled away and backed away and then went out the gate back to grazing. I went over to see my wife's well-fucked red swollen pussy that had tons of cum pouring out of it.

With trepidation, I asked if she was OK

Bree was still rapidly taking in and expelling deep breaths, her heavy firm breasts heaving from the recent exertions, cum covered her breasts and was dangling off both tips of her taut nipples, her flat ripped belly looked like a pail of cum had been poured onto it, then Bree replied

"Never Better!"

With a big grin on her face

That was something else!
She added

I could not have agreed more….

Bree reached down to feel herself and realized that her pussy was gaping and gushing cum


I told her no, your pussy will go back to its normal shape almost immediately and it’s wonderful and glorious tightness.

Bree said good!
Kate never mentioned anything like this…

Bree instantly realized what she just blurted out and what she had said rocked me back on my heels

I stammered out in a whispered voice

“What Did You Just Say…”

as I felt the most fieriest blush I have ever experienced explode on my neck and face.
My face felt as if was on fire, my pulse was racing with dread and shock, a deep ache developed in my chest.

Bree replied

“Based on your reaction and the way your face looks

I believe you clearly heard me!”

It took me a few seconds to croak out a reply pass that boulder that was now lodged in my throat

“What else has Kate told you?”

With a perfect imitation of Kate
Bree gave me an identical slow wink and sly grin that Kate does so well…

“Oh, she told me a few things about you two when y’all dated, quite some time ago, exactly when she told me is not important.

Help me up and I may tell what else she has shared with me about you two and a certain photo album she showed me…”

Stunned by her revelations, Bree had to ask me again to help her up.
As I helped Bree stand up, a waterfall of cum gushed out of her pussy.

Bree’s knees went weak as I caught her as she experienced another small orgasm from the copious cum flowing from her well-fucked portal.
Cum ran down her legs forming a large puddle.

I think Kate may have omitted telling me about this as well!”
she exclaimed as she grinned up at me

We had just made it back to the porch when Bree reached over and grabbed my still raging erection thru my jeans and I let out a low groan. As she looked up at me with a bright emerald glint in her eye, Bree unbuttoned my jeans freeing my painfully throbbing erection, and then Bree stated

Seems someone needs a little relief…!”

And with that Bree turned her back to me, leaned against the low porch rail with her hands supporting her, spread her long legs and arched her back - tilting her beautiful tan contrasted curvaceous ass up in invitation.

She grinned at me over her shoulder as she wiggled that beautiful ass at me.

For a moment I gazed at what was being offered
Her small muscular buttocks were parted with her stance
Her pretty tightly puckered anus glistened with cum
It was her pussy that held the open invitation
Bree’s labia was still swollen and openly parted
I could see her clit thru the parted labia folds, still hard
Her tight vaginal entrance has closed back up but a trickle of cum was still emerging

For a moment I was once again struck how lucky I was to be married to this beautiful loving statuesque goddess.

Impatiently, Bree pushed back against me.

Feeling my almost ten inch throbbing painfully swollen cock at her vaginal entrance, Bree pushed back onto my cock and kept pushing back as it slipped entirely into Bree in one long continuous gentle push - the first time she was ever able to accommodate my entire length in one thrust.

Bree took it upon herself to do it all as she repeatedly humped her hot slippery velvet pussy onto my throbbing cock as I stood there, hearing the loud squishing noises as she fucked back against my cock, renewing a fresh flood of cum out of her pussy which ran down her legs, seemingly spurring her on. I could feel my cock easily thrusting in and out of her tight cervical opening

I only lasted several strokes before I groaned “I was going to cum soon” as I tightly grabbed her hips causing Bree to repeatedly push back hard. Bree breathlessly said she loved doing it like this and doggy style as I can go in so much deeper and easier into her.

Bree’s next statement triggered simultaneous explosive orgasms for both of us…

“Next time I want to try having Jake fuck me on my hands and knees…!”

I caressed her lovely hips and then her beautiful hard nippled sticky breasts as we both waited for my cock to become desensitized, Bree continued to slowly rotate her hips and slowly hump back onto my cock. I was fortunate to have a cock of sufficient length that it would not come out of her pussy post-orgasm unless deliberately pulled out. Bree always revealed in feeling my cock go from hard to soft yet stay deeply embedded in her. I whispered to her that I had only cum like that once before and that was the very first time we made love…

And as the old adage goes

“May you live in interesting times!”

roxan brownReport

2017-09-13 00:27:10
Hot story pity it does not reflect real equine / girl sex , thats even hotter

roxan brownReport

2017-09-13 00:27:08
Hot story pity it does not reflect real equine / girl sex , thats even hotter

Anonymous readerReport

2016-07-26 02:47:53
Being a farm boy I can relate, I used to fuck one of my mares, I Came so fucking had every time It was so fucking good!

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2016-04-04 15:00:48
Awsome. Soooo. Hot. More please

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2016-01-02 07:40:57
A donkey´s cock can destroy a woman´s vagina and displace her utterus. Some women held the animal´s penis with the hands to avoid total penetration and have the control of movements. If she let the donkey fuck with no control she can die.

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