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I had known Matt since i was 8.

Now i am 14 and i am very horny.

I had been looking at gay porn for about 3 months now. We were at his house playing video games when he made a move on me. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. We joined in a long passionate kiss. He began massaging my cock. I felt my cock swell up in my pants. Then his parents came home and we had to stop

About a month later he invited me over and i went to his house. i noticed that his parents were not home. he led me straight to his basement and into a room with just a bed and no windows and a closet. He layed down on the bed and motioned for me to come over to him. He pulled his cock out. I jumped back when i saw its size. It was about 5 inches long and it wasnt even hard yet. I layed down next to him and he played with my ass until he got hard. It looked to be about 7 and a half inches long.

He ran his hands through my hair and kissed my neck. He then grabbed my head and brought it slowly down to his cock. He rubbed it for awhile and shoved my mouth onto it.

I really got into it as i began throbbing my head up and down on his huge cock. I gagged on his monstrous rod as he thrust my head up and down onto it. I liked it.

I liked the taste i liked the warmth. i liked it all. I began licking and sucking faster and faster.

He then let out a long moan and shoved my head down hard on his cock as i felt his load shoot to the back of my throat. He grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved my head up and down on his cock for another 10 minutes or so before he let me go.

I sucked him off a few more times before he went down on me. I came very fast.

I began getting better at sucking his cock everytime i did it. He would often play with my ass and stick things in it such as pens or candles.

One day i went to his house and he led me into the room and the room was different. All the lights were off and there were candles all around the room. I liked this. I began sucking him off right away. i started off slow and then sped up throbbing up and down on his cock like a madman. I sucked him so hard. I gagged on his size as his head touched the top of my throat. I licked and sucked his head while it was in my mouth.

After he shot his load up into my mouth he motioned for me to get on his lap. he took my ass and began rubbing it. He then reached into a bedside table and took out a dildo, a condum, and a tube of vaseline. He licked my asshole and tonguefucked my shitter and i mound with satisfaction. He then rubbed the vaseline all over my ass and shoved the dildo into my ass.

I"MMMMMMMMM" i moaned as i took it all. I felt a sharp pain after the great feeling. The pain lasted for a few more minutes. He then took it out and put the condom on. He rubbed vaseline on his cock after having me suck it for about a minute. He rubbed more vaseline on my asshole. He got behind me and slowly places his cock into me.

"OWWWWWWOHHHHH!!" my screen of pain turned into a long moan.

"YEAH THATS RIGHT YOU LIKE IT DONT YOU" he said as he fucked my ass harder and harder.

"OHHHH YEAHHHH!!!! O MY GOD!!!" i screamed in pleasure as i felt his cock throbbing in and out of my tight ass.

"OH YOUR SO TIGHT!!!!!! MMMM!!!! I LOVE YOU ASS!" he yelled.

He fucked my ass doggystyke for about 10 minutes before lying me on my stomach and getting on top of me. He fucked me harder this way and it kinda of hurt. But i didnt care.




"I WANT IT HARD AND LONG FUCK ME MASTER!!!" i yelled with pleasure.

"OHHHHHH HHHHHHH YES OHHHHH YES I LOVE YOUR ASS!!!!" he screamed as he came in my ass.

He fucked my slippery asshole for about 20 more minutes before pulling it out and going and showering. I sucked him off in the shower before i went home.

Oh how i loved this fucking.

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2016-03-01 08:21:39
I can't log into my account but I still love to read all the stories I can find gay ones are the best mostly because I wish it happend to me I did not come out until I was 18 but the life I had was great now married have a child 20 me 60 in oct. still woyld love a hard younger male cock in my ass and all the way down my throat filling me up would be one of my fantasies coming true.....



2016-01-06 06:16:27
Went through WAY too fast. Some spelling errors. Not a very good backstory. And honestly could have been a lot more detailed.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-18 15:27:52
Im sorry, but it says his friend matt put on a condom, then later, matt came in the main guys a*s. That and the main details are would make this bad.. otherwise, okay story.

big dudeReport

2012-01-20 21:31:01
I sure would love to suck some hard cock and I love a hot cock in my ass.


2009-09-23 05:09:44
this story sucked... good idea, but no details... it is easy to say he fucked me in the ass. but to actually be an act of love... you need to REALLY work this more...good idea terrible follow through...

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