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A true story of how I met my Latina wife and our wild sexual experiments
I'll never forget the first time that I saw her. I was invited by a friend to a party in San Francisco that was crawling with gorgeous girls many of whom went to the same modeling and fashion school in the city. It seemed like they were all trying to compete for who had the sexiest outfits and shortest dress. She was wearing a black mini skirt with a white thin blouse tied up high above her stomach, showing off lots of skin and her perfectly flat tummy. Her spiked platform heels accentuated her long legs and made her appear taller than she really was. Someone told me she was from Colombia but she had blondish hair, light skin, and blue eyes which didn't fit my stereotype of a Latina. She had a absolutely perfect petite sexy body and I thought she looked a little like the singer Shakira.

I lost track of her in the crowd but found her a bit later sitting on a couch next to a guy in one of the other gathering rooms. He had one hand around her neck and his hand just below her breast and their lips were locked together. I watched him probe her mouth with his tongue. They seemed oblivious to the other guests who were mingling around chatting and drinking. I watched from a short distance as his hand slid slowly down her tummy and then onto her thigh. She put up no resistance and squirmed with pleasure as he worked his fingers along her inner thigh and then up under her skirt. I just couldn't believe that he seemed to be fingering her right in front of everybody. I saw a couple of guys nudge each other and point to them, watching the show. My cock grew hard, wishing it was me with her. She looked up briefly, caught me staring, and gave me a quick seductive smile before he pulled her face back to his and they resumed kissing. It was hard to tell from the distance, but it looked like he was working a finger or two up inside her. I decided that the best thing to do was go get another cocktail and then come back for another peek in a few minutes. Unfortunately, when I returned they were gone and had left the party. I went home that night alone and stroked myself until I shot a big load thinking about her.

It was almost a month later that I was invited to a pool party one sunny Friday afternoon at a swanky hillside house a few miles north of the Golden Gate bridge. The views of the San Francisco bay were incredible. And it was there I saw her again. She was standing on the other side of the pool and wearing a tiny string bikini and high heels. She was surrounded by a group of guys all wanting to get with her. I picked up a glass of wine and slowly wandered over to get a closer look at the girl who I had fantasized about and and jacked off to a number of times since seeing her getting molested in front of everyone at the previous party. As I got closer, she surprised me by stepping away from the group and saying hello to me in perfect English but with a very sexy Spanish accent.

She said her name was Elena and it seemed like we hit it off instantly. I spent the rest of the day chatting with her, making her laugh with silly jokes, and learning everything I could about her. She had graduated early from high school in Medellin Columbia and come to San Francisco for a couple of years to study fashion design and modeling. Her father had died when she was young and and she lived with her mother in an apartment near the Mission District in San Francisco. They planned to return to Columbia after she finished her classes. But the real shocker for me... was that she was only 18 years old. I was 23.

Over the next several hours, I inspected every part of her perfect body. I couldn’t stop staring at those beautiful light blue eyes and gorgeous plump lips. My eyes then discreetly wandered every inch or her curvaceous body. I inspected every inch of her starting with that perfect flat tummy, the shape of her hips, those medium round perky tits, long smooth legs, perfect calves, and sexy painted nails in those open-toed heels. Damn, I wanted so badly to get some of that but I didn’t think I stood a chance.

As the sun was setting, she told she had a date that night in the city so she had to go but said that if I liked to dance I could find her at a Latin dance club in the city the next night which was Saturday. Of course I said “yes,” and then went home excited to have her number and directions to the club. When I got home later that night, I pulled my pants down, sat back on the couch, and jacked myself off while imagining that her lucky date was probably drilling her perfect body right now. I shot a huge load all over my own stomach.

The next night I made the hour-long drive to San Francisco and found my way to the club in the Mission District. However, I did get a bit lost and didn't find the place until after 10pm. I walked in alone to the netherworld of Spanish speaking salsa studs and Latina hotties. I wasn't exactly dressed right for the setting, wearing my blue jeans and a white button-up shirt, but I did notice some playful smiles from a couple of girls who strutted by the bar where I stood. I finally noticed Elena out on the dance floor dancing sexy with a guy who had his hands all over her body. Eventually she took a break and found me and greeted me with a sweet kiss on the cheek. We only talked for a few minutes before another guy came and grabbed her by the hand and took her out on the dance floor. The song had slowed a bit and I watched as she straddled his leg and was doing a kind of slow dirty dance against him. He had his hands on her ass and it looked like he was either whispering or kissing her ear. The way they moved it looked like they were screwing on the dance floor. I just wished I knew how to dance like that so I could be doing that with her.

I was surprised when another pretty girl came up next to me at the bar to order a drink and started to chat with me. She said she was from Cuba but she had such a strong accent that I had trouble hearing her especially with the loud music. Finally, she asked me to dance but I was a little terrified since I am not the best dancer. I tried my best but I had a lot of trouble keeping up with the rhythm. Fortunately, my partner didn’t mind and she just went along with my crazy moves for the next few songs. Another slow song started playing and she grabbed me close and pressed her head against my shoulder. She smelled so good and I was feeling a bit of a connection but right in the middle of the song, Elena surprised me tapping me on the shoulder, then taking me by the hand, and pulling me away from the Cuban girl. She insisted that it was her turn for a dance with me. It was almost as if she was jealous of the other girl and then she didn't let me get away from her for the rest of the night. Finally she said she wanted to leave so we picked up and left in my truck.

She said wanted to go down by the Ocean Beach to cool off and just talk with me for a bit. It took about twenty minutes to drive out there and on the way I bought a bottle of red wine and some glasses. We parked facing the beach and drank the wine with the sound of the waves in the background. We talked about her life in Columbia and her lifelong love of dancing and I told her about growing up in California and my new job as a wine distributor. I was waiting for the right opportunity to give her a kiss but didn't have to wait as she leaned over to me and we started kissing. She was a very passionate kisser and our tongues intertwined around and around. Her breathing and light moaning was totally turning me on to say the least.

A couple of minutes later she surprised me by unzipping my pants and then she leaned down to give me one of the most amazing blow jobs I have ever had. She grabbed my balls expertly with one hand, wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft with the other, and bobbed up and down slowly and around in slow circular motion. I stroked her hair with my hand and sat back and really enjoyed myself. Her technique was outstanding and it didn't take long until I let out a deep moan and exploded with my cum filling her mouth completely. She slowed the rhythm and suckled and swallowed every drop. Then she just laid there with her mouth on my cock, not moving while I caressed her cheek and hair. She stayed down there so long that I thought she was falling asleep or something so I asked her if she was okay and she just nodded but kept her mouth on my cock. She seemed to really enjoy having her mouth on me even as I started to soften. Finally, she sat up, licked her lips and told me that she really liked that. I said "what?", "you liked it?" and I smiled and told her it was the best I had ever had. Then we kissed some more. I was probably even tasting some of my own cum from her mouth, but it didn’t matter at all to me. Around 3am she finally said she was tired and it was time to go home. I dropped her off and after another make out session in front of her apartment building, I drove an hour back to my house in the North Bay as the sun was coming up.

I thought I would play it cool and not call her for a few days but she surprised me with a phone call a few days later, wondering why I hadn’t called her. We continued with several long phone chats over the next few days and at first the talks were just about getting to know each other better and eventually to led to intense sexual conversations. I admitted to her how I had gotten very turned on watching her dance so sexy at the club even with other guys and then confessed how I had watched her on the couch with that guy at the first party. That seemed to excite her and she said that she enjoyed knowing that I had been watching her. I even came out and told her that I had jacked off a few times thinking about it later on and she laughed and said she liked knowing that too. Every time we got off the phone I jacked off even harder thinking of her and that incredible blow job she had given me.

She told me she had a busy school schedule for the next two weeks but finally I talked her into taking the bus up to visit me one Friday night. Within minutes of getting her into my front door we were in bed fucking like rabbits. I sucked her tits, her pussy, and tongued her ass and I alternated sticking my cock in her mouth and pussy in almost every position imaginable. I stood, lifted her up and turned her upside down and sucked her pussy while she slurped on my cock. I did it in front my full length closet mirror so I could admire that hot body. She was completely naked except for the high heels which were dangling in the air over my head. Then I turned her over, cupped her ass with my hands and lifted her onto my cock without ever letting her feet touch the floor. I bounced her up and down on my cock with her arms around my neck until my own arms gave out. Then I pushed her down on her knees on the floor and straddled her doggy style while we both watched each other in the mirror. She seemed to enjoy seeing our reflection and being the submissive, willing to let me take her any way I wanted. I grabbed her long hair and tugged gently and then pushed her face down against the floor while slapping my balls against her round firm ass. She was somewhere between a screamer and a moaner and I tested her reaction to a light but firm slap on the ass. She screamed out "Yes," and I continued to spank her just hard enough to create a little red on her ass cheek but not at all painful. Finally, I was ready so I pulled her up on her knees and moved around to shoot my cum load all over her face which she took partly into her mouth and the rest landed on her face and chin and then dripped down onto her firm round breasts.

It probably wasn’t exactly what both of us were expecting for a first romantic interlude but I got the impression that this sweet young thing really enjoyed being a sex toy. I figured normal sex would have probably been boring to her. I wondered how she had become so sexually experienced at such a young age. We continued to snuggle and fuck off and on throughout the night, slept until mid-afternoon, and then finally we emerged from the bedroom so I could introduce her to my two guy roommates who had likely heard the commotion coming from my room all night long. The were definitely were tongue-twisted when they saw how gorgeous she was. Eventually I drove her to the bus stop so she could get back to the city in time for a planned dinner out with her mother. When I returned home, my roommates both gave me a high-five and told me how lucky and I was and jealous they were.

I called her a couple of days later and she told me that her 19th birthday was coming up and she was having a party and she wanted for me to come. That same week we got together one more time before her birthday at a hotel in San Francisco. She came out of the bathroom in some sexy Victoria Secret lingerie and, as always, some sexy fuck me heels. She did a little stripper style dance for me for a few minutes before I finally grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed.

I immediately went to work attacking her perfect body with my tongue and hands. I licked and lapped on her delicious shaved pussy and she came hard and loud within minutes. I worked my tongue down toward her ass and started to lick and make out with her tight little hole. She stopped me briefly to let me know that she had never had anal sex before so if that was my plan, I needed to take my time and be very gentle with her. It was an unexpected invitation and it drove me crazy but I slowed down and lubed her ass with my tongue while rubbing my wet fingers on her clit. Her body was heaving with pleasure and I finally moved upright and gently pressed my stiff cock against her extremely tight little hole. I spit in my hand and rubbed the wetness over the head of my cock and then pressed a little firmer. She kept moaning "gentle" and I took my time working the head of my cock into her. It seemed to take forever and I could tell it was a pain and pleasure experience for her. But I went slow not wanting to hurt her for her first anal experience. I leaned down to kiss her and my 8” cock popped in almost half-way. She was wiggling and moaning loudly and I wasn't sure if it was hurting or pleasing her but I continued to work it in further so slowly. The grip was incredible and I could barely move inside of her. She spread her legs a little further and I finally got it totally inside of her. The pressure of her tight ass against my cock made it even more intense and pleasurable. We locked lips and then tongues and we both started moaning and then with her screaming as we had simultaneous orgasms. Afterward she asked me to wait until I softened a bit before I pulled out so as to minimize the discomfort to her. So I laid on her hot moist little body and finally let my cock slip out. After a brief rest we had sex the whole rest of the night. I came at least four more times and we were completely exhausted as the morning sun started shining into our room. I was now officially addicted to her.

We talked a couple more times the following week, often sexual discussions like me telling her how much I enjoyed being the first to do anal sex with her and her telling me how she wished we were closer so we could be in bed together every day. The conversations morphed into phone sex as she would tell me how she wanted to suck and fuck me the next time we got together or how she wanted for me to try new things with her. She also often kept reminding me about how I had told her how turned on I had been watching her getting fingered at the party. She asked if it would turn me on to watch her with someone else. I was kind of vague in my answer and just said "Maybe... probably, I dunno." But I didn’t want to waste conversation in talking about her getting fucked by other guys when I wanted to do her every minute that I could.

It was finally the night of her birthday and I picked her up at her apartment at 9pm. We went to a huge house in the Marina district by the bay. It was actually a combo party celebration for her and two other friends from school who also had birthdays around the same time so it was a large crowd. We mingled and she introduced me to lots of new people. She also introduced me to a guy named Trent that I thought looked familiar and then I finally realized it was the guy that had been with her on the couch at that first party. It was a little awkward but so was the unusual start to our blooming relationship so I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. A couple of times I caught them chatting together alone. Her flirting with him and him being touchy with her. I was a little jealous but we hadn't really made any kind of relationship commitment yet so what could I say.

Later in the night, on the way to the bathroom I caught them kissing in the hallway. He had her pinned up against the wall but she wasn’t resisting at all. I was angry but I just walked by and loudly said "excuse me, don't mean to interrupt" and went into the bathroom. I came out and she was by herself now waiting outside the door for me. She leaned to kiss me and said "I’m sorry, but its my birthday and I’m just having a little fun". I was still a bit angry and said "Sure, whatever you want" very sarcastically. Then I grabbed her by the face a bit roughly, kissed her, and said "As long as I get to fuck you like a slut, nice and hard later then I don’t care what you do". Of course I was being rude and a jerk but then when she started kissing me with those fantastic lips I quickly cooled off. Then she looked at me with those seductive eyes and she reached down to stroke my cock through my pants and looked into my eyes and said "I want to be slutty for you tonight... I have something fun in mind but want you to be open-minded about it.” I had no idea what she was suggesting but just the way she said it excited me. There was a long pause and she continued to rub her hand against my cock and look at me with this devilish grin. Finally I said "Sure, whatever." and then we kissed some more.

Finally, she took me by the hand and let me down the hallway and then up a curved marble stairway to the second floor of the house. The party had thinned out by now and the place was getting quiet with just a handful of people lingering about. She led me down another long hallway and into a large nicely furnished master bedroom. There was a dim light on the nightstand next to a giant king-sized bed that had a thick down comforter on top. I was a bit shocked when I saw someone step out of the bathroom and realized it was Trent again. The guy who always seems to have his hands on and fingers inside of Elena when I see them together. I gritted my teeth and stood there trying to decide if I should just walk out the door and say I’ve had enough but I continued to watch as she faced me and then she slowly backed up and bumped into him purposely. I watched, stunned, as he slowly pulled the thin straps of her cocktail dress off of her shoulders and then lowered to expose her perfectly round breasts. She watched my expression and I turned away for a second and shook my head unsure of where this was heading. I think she knew I was thinking about walking out the door so she came back to me, tried to kiss me and said "It's my birthday and I want you to watch me". Then it all dawned on me in a flash. All the conversations we had about me telling her how I had gotten so turned on watching her dance with other guys and me telling her how horny I got watching her getting fingered at the first party. I guess she thought she was doing this for me too. But watching her getting fucked by another guy wasn’t exactly what I was expecting tonight.

She smiled, lowered her head, and bit her lip seductively. Then she backed away from me again and returned to where Trent was standing by the bed. She moved to his side and slowly squatted down in front of him never taking her eyes off of me the whole time. She reached up and the two of them worked together to remove his belt and then unzip and lower his pants. My heart was beating out of my chest as I watched her grab his big cock with both her hands and wrap her lips around him. She began to suck him so perfectly as she had done with me in my truck that night. I had very mixed emotions watching this scene play out in front of me, but there was no denying that my cock was hard and getting harder.

Eventually, Trent picked her up and pushed her down on the bed, let his pants fall, pulled his shirt off, and then got on his knees in front of her. He lifted her dress so it was now bunched up into just a small piece of fabric around her tummy. Then he pulled her tiny black thong to one side and grabbed onto her thighs with her heels dangling in the air. He began to suck on her pussy and she wiggled with pleasure. I could clearly see him teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue and she was loving it. After a bit, she raised her head up and waved her finger for me to come closer. I moved next to the bed and then she whispered “take your pants off.” I unzipped myself slowly, lowered my pants, and began to stroke my own cock as i watched him working on her, even faster now, with his tongue. We were suddenly interrupted briefly by an older gray-haired man who opened the door. He looked in for a moment, got an eyeful, and said “sorry”. Then closed the door. I think it might have been the owner of the house and we were probably in his bedroom but the two of them didn’t even stop or care to see who it was.

After a few minutes, Trent finally stood up and fed his big swollen cock into her wet pussy while still standing at the edge of the bed. She rocked her body and arched her bare perfect tits up into the air and moaned “ feel so good in me...”. I couldn’t believe I was just standing there watching them like some kind of cuckold husband but she looked so damn hot getting drilled by him. He lifted her legs and put her high heels over his shoulders and continued sliding in and out of her as she squealed loudly with her eyes closed. Then she opened her eyes and reached out to me. I put my cock into her hand and she stroked me for a bit before pulling me down toward her mouth. I got into position to straddle her face and worked my cock into her throat as he fucked her. Then she moved onto her side so I could have a standing right angle to her mouth and able to stroke even deeper, fucking her gorgeous face. He lifted up one of her legs into the air with his hand around her ankle and he reached down with his other hand and wrapped it around her firm tit and squeezed gently. Finally, I just couldn't hold it any longer. I moaned, pulled out, and shot my load all over her face and hair which set off a chain reaction that caused him to cum and then her to cum and they both moaned as he pounded his seed into her body.

I stood there looking down at her pretty wet cum covered face. Trent pulled his dripping wet cock out of her and stumbled to the bathroom to towel off. She looked up at me smiling and jn a soft voice asked "Did you like that, watching me?" I just shook my head, smirked, and said "Yeah, I guess so. "Then she leaned over to kiss my cock and she wrapped her mouth around it and suckled on it gently the way she likes to do. I could see streams of my cum all over her forehead, nose, and cheeks. She pulled my cock out of her mouth for a moment, wiped some of the cum off of her face with her fingers and then fed it into her mouth and moaned “Ummmm....”. Then she pulled my cock back into deep into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Trent came back into the room, pulled up his pants and put his shirt on, slipped on his shoes, and said 'Happy birthday, Elena." And then he left without her even answering or looking back at him. She just looked up at me and said "I want some more.” And she sucked slurped on me until I was hard again. I pounced on her body in the middle of the bed and fucked her hard, feeling her wet cum soaked moist body under me. I could also feel Trent’s spent seed leaking out all over my cock and balls as I slid in and out of her. I looked into her eyes and face still wet with my own cum and eventually we both had intense orgasms once again. I finally rolled off of her and stared over at her awesome body... “Happy birthday, baby”. Geez, I thought to myself, this is turning out to be one weird relationship, I wondered how much more I could handle.

Looking back on that night it would have been hard for me to imagine that less than three years later, I would be married to this girl. There would be many more wild sexual experiments yet to come.

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