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Here's my second story, that's hopefully better than my first. Please, no harsh comments. Thanks & thanks for reading.
I woke up in an unfamiliar place, naked. As I opened my eyes, I could see nothing but darkness. The lights were turned off, off course. I had a headache, intoxication. Although I was warm and under some covers, I could feel the cold breath of someone behind me, on my neck. I got goosebumps from each feeling, but who had their arm around me? I looked over and saw some random dude, but he was hot.
I felt like a whore, a filthy one at that. I looked at him to see if I could remember his face, and I didn't. Great. I got fucked by a stranger. Diseases, here I come. I tapped his shoulder.

"Do we know each other?"
"Yes." he replied
"Can you tell me who you are?"
"We used to go to the same church as kids. But you moved. And then I found you. And we fucked."
"Was it good?"
"Want to relive it?"
I nodded my head.

As soon as I nodded my head, the dude started fingering me. His fingers felt like silk, rough silk, on my gentle womanly, kitty. I like it rough. Who doesn't?
I was wet already, so it didn't take much time to get wet again. I felt my pussy get warm, then hot. Now he was using two fingers. Slowly, he took his rough fingers out and dipped them in my mouth for me to taste myself. He looked at me, pleased, and told me to give him a blowjob.

He whipped out that yummy, long cock of his, and started stroking himself. After a while, he stopped. My lips continued where his hands left off. Taking it into my mouth, I started to moan. I felt weak and wetter. He's good. I sucked him, 'measuring the circumference' of that cock with my tounge. Then, I started messing with the tip, with my tounge, which drove him mad.

"Goddammit, you're good." He told me, "I'm about to..."
Without finishing his sentence, he pulled me away from his dick and got me flat on the bed. He spread open my legs and started rubbing on my clit. He licked his finger, and started rubbing me again. He put his head between my legs, which made me laugh because I'm ticklish, and started kissing my inner thighs. Then he placed his tounge in a well know familiar place, sending adrenaline through my veins and making my pussy throb with pleasure.

I let out a moan.

He went back to touching my pussy. This time, his finger felt like a feather. After that, he took his dick, and shoved it in me.

My hips couldn't help but move to the rhythm of his dick, going in and out of me, fast. His firm yet gentile hands were placed on my delicate hips. He had a good grip. In and out he went, I felt like I was in Heaven. Then, I remembered that I was in Las Vegas. Out of nowhere, he turned me around and bent me over.

I could feel his tounge all over my tight anus. Then, he started touching it. I guess he could tell that I had never really done it anal. He started rubbing his dick on my asshole, and then, gentlely and slowly entered me.

At first, it hurt like hell. As he gradually went, I could feel the pain easing and pleasure coming on. This had to be my fifth orgasm so far. With each thrust, the pleasure got greater and grew stronger. He started moaning himself, and breathing very heavily. I felt his breath on my ass which sent chills up my spine.

"I think I'm gonna cum." he said
And about a minute after that, I felt my hole filled. He collapsed on the bed. I didn't mind. I felt his muscles and his skin, so smooth. He grabbed me by the jaw, brought me toward is face and stuck his tounge in my mouth. We stood like that for a pretty long time. Then, I decided to ride his dirty pony.

Helping me adjust, I felt his firm hands yet again on my hips. He seemed controlling, so he was really the one who placed me.

I felt him moving in and out of me from underneath, and stopped him so I could do the work. I moved myself, up and down. I felt his strong hands on my ass, enjoying every bit of what he was getting. Then, we really made a creaking sound from the bed. As I got up a little to readjust myself, I felt him cum again in between my thighs. It felt hot and cool. I rubbed his man liquid all over my pussy and got some on my stomach. I got down so he could shoot the rest of his cum in my mouth.

I felt his cum glide down my throat. I decided to take things deeper. Moving my mouth up and down, holding his shaft. Then I realized, how the hell was this all done in the dark? I didn't matter.

He slowly lifted my head from his dick, and led me up his body, so that we were face to face. He smiled at me, then we started to kiss so passionately. We kissed as the French. Then, he slid his wet, erect cock in me, and we fell asleep, me on top of his muscular body.

He woke me up about two hours later, him still inside of me.
"Do you remember me Aly?" he asked
"Your name, no."
"I'm Sam. I had the biggest crush on you for years."
Remember him, I smiled.
"Same here." I told him, "Can we do this again?"
"Only of you promise to stay forever.."
I laughed and agreed.
"Can I suck your tits?" he said

Without my reply, he started sucking on my chest. Off to orgasm heaven again.

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2013-10-24 01:33:52
c4VOdx I really enjoy the article post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

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2013-09-13 04:58:59
JBjJaA Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article. Want more.


2012-03-27 21:03:50
I gave you a positive rating, but, I feel there needs to be more. There are places that seem to have holes...
Great story idea!

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2012-03-04 09:03:32
Make more parts to this about how they get together or something!

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2012-03-03 00:35:59
The story was getting good at first then you cut way too short. But not a bad story line at all. Keep writing please you can only get better.

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