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One fine day, Superman went to visit his good friend Wonder Woman.

As he approached her front door, he heard some moaning sounds coming from an open window.

Curious, he went to the window and peered inside.

The sight he saw was shocking.

Wonder Woman was naked on her bed. Her legs were spread wide open, her arms were at her side, her eyes were closed, and she was moaning like she was having sex.

Superman figured that she must be asleep and having an erotic dream.

Becoming super horny, Superman was unable to control himself.

He flew through the open window, landed on top of Wonder Woman, fucked her, and flew back out the window, all faster than a speeding bullet.

Wonder Woman opened her eyes wide and exclaimed "What the fuck was that!!!"

And the Invisible Man gasped "I don't know, but all of a sudden my asshole is killing me!!!"

Anonymous readerReport

2016-01-30 03:24:28
i heard this shit 4 years ago. this is a stolen joke.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-01-27 04:26:39
I now pronounce sm GAY!!!!!!!!

Clover ErnestReport

2015-12-28 11:53:28
holy shit did not see THAT one coming. gotta remember this to share with my buddies at my university

Anonymous readerReport

2015-08-24 16:19:55
Write more

Anonymous readerReport

2015-08-24 16:19:02
Super excellent

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