My continued sex life Edited by Wes Holland
Edited by Wes Holland

From Lonely Unfulfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 5.

“What's going on Vincent,” I whispered, after looking around the gym and seeing it was full of black teenagers.  I had seen black boys before of course, but why was Vincent bringing me here with a room full of them?

“It should be obvious even to a dumb bitch like you, Mrs. Johnson.  I brought you here so the guys could fuck you of course,” Vincent said in his deep dominant voice.  “You were a hell of a good fuck in the bathroom the other night.  I know if anyone could take care of my black friends it would be you.  I've been working on some business with them and I know with you along I can get some good deals with them.  The guys and I are in the drug field together.”

“Oh really!  Vincent you don't look old enough to be a drug expert and these black boys sure don't look like they have anything to do with the drug field,” I said, looking around the room from just inside the gym door.

“You're one stupid bitch for your age.  Street drugs.  We deal in street drugs.  Now get the hell in there,” Vincent said, pulling me by my arm into the gym.

“Here she is boys.  She's kind of reluctant but we can change that fast enough.  Get some of that sex drug out here,” Vincent said.  “Let's try out the new formula.  You'll see how it affects Mrs. Johnson first hand before you take it out on the streets.  I did some good lab work on this new batch guys.  Sit down Mrs. Johnson,” he ordered.

I knew I had no other choice but to obey Vincent and sit down.  I don't think Vincent even knew my first name and always called me Mrs. Johnson.  “Ted I put some of the new batch in the fridge.  Can you get me some?  I put them in small paper packs.  Just bring one, that will be plenty.”

One of the black boys went to a small fridge in the corner of the room and took out a small envelope and came over to the door.  He handed Vincent the envelope and went back to stand with his other friends.

I was still standing in the doorway of the gym.  The door was still open with Vincent standing ahead of me.  He opened the envelope and before I knew it he had grabbed my head and pinched my nose.  I had to open my mouth to breath.  Then he shoved this powder into my mouth.  It had a strange taste.  “Swallow it Mrs. Johnson,” he said, "and I'll let go of your nose."

I swallowed hard.  My mouth felt dry but I didn't say anything except swallow again and again trying to get the powder down my throat and some spit in my mouth.  I was still holding the door open.  We must have been standing at the door for a good five minutes.  All the nude black men had sat down on mats on the floor.

I felt my head begin to feel woozy but not tired.  Vincent said, “Yes you're ready.”  Then without saying another word his arms were around me and he was pushing his thick tongue in my mouth.  I could hardly breath as I felt Vincent rip my top off letting my breasts fall loose.  I leaned against the open door.  I didn't resist as Vincent massaged my breast and nipples and had pulled my dress up to my waist.  His fingers pushed into my wet pussy.  My clit was hard as he rubbed it.

I pulled my lips away from Vincent.  His long tongue pulled out of my throat.  I placed my hand over the nice lump in the front of his pants.  “Oh that feels nice Vincent,” I moaned, “real nice.”  My other hand pulled his shirt up and I felt his muscular chest.  “Wow!  You're so hot Master.  So are all those hot black boys.  You knew once you had me hot I'd fall for your gang.”

“Lets go inside then slut.   No use showing the neighborhood a free porno,” Vince groaned as he lifted me easily in his strong arms and carried me across the gym to the mats on the floor.  He lay me down carefully.  “Get her ready for me boys.  No fucking the bitch until I fuck her first though.  Just strip her down for me and get her even hotter for my cock.  Ted you get her good and hot.  From now on when I am not around and you're with your black boys you're the sluts Master.  Got that Ted.  Be careful not to rip her clothes she still has to go home to that useless husband of hers.  I don't want him knowing Mrs. Johnson is really an out of control slut.  I'm not going to support the bitch.  I just want to fuck her and see her fucked and experiment on any new sex drugs we come up with.”

“Yes Vincent.  That will be my pleasure.  You heard Vincent, start undressing the slut.  I mean undressing her not ripping her clothes off guys,” Ted yelled.

I felt hands all over my body.  My clothes were removed one at a time.  I of course had no problems cooperating with the hot looking muscular black studs. Wow!  They had huge cocks and they were just teenagers, maybe fourteen or fifteen.  No black boys had less than what Vincent had.  All had over eight thick inches.  I wondered what their dad's cocks must look like.  I hoped they would all be hot and muscular like their sons.  But then what was I thinking.  I probably never even meet their dads.  I had them right now that's all I needed.  Them and my Master Vincent.  Soon I was totally nude.

“She's ready for you Vincent,” Ted said massaging my left nipple before he took it in his mouth.  “Oh wow!  I can't wait to fuck her Vincent.”

“Don't worry you will Ted and all dozen of your teammates,” Vincent groaned, his hard thick cock pressing against his muscular washboard stomach.  He had stripped down when I hadn't been looking while I had been stripped for him.  “Get out of my way Ted and watch how a stud gets his bitch hot.  Watch how I make this slut a fucking bitch dog get in heat.  I know I had her begging for cock in her very own washroom while her husband was downstairs as well as that useless stuck up arrogant daughter of hers.  She made it clear as soon as I met her she wouldn't be putting out but she wanted to be seen with the most popular boys in school,” Vincent said.

“So why did you choose the stuck up girl for?  You can have the pick of any girl at school Vincent,” Ted asked.

“Oh but I did some research before taking up with Sandra and found out about that hot looking mother of hers.  I knew she was one hot looking woman and I do mean woman.  Women at her age are hotter than any fucking teeny bopper.  They are in the prime of their life.  Anyway, I saw her in town a few times and found out she was Sandy's mother.  I just knew if I could get her hot I could do anything with her.  Yeah I planned for a entire year and even suggested the one year anniversary to her daddy.  Her daddy does anything his sweet Sandra wants.  So setting up the anniversary party was easy.”

“All I needed was to set Mrs. Johnson up and get her out of the living room.  I had time to inject her in her calf when she bent down to pick up her glass I would accidentally on purpose spill.  I knew the drug would work fast so I made my excuses to go to the washroom.  I didn't expect Mrs. Johnson to be in the washroom, but that was okay.  I thought she would be changing in their bedroom.  I was right about the drug getting into Mrs. Johnson's system.  Seeing her around town I knew she would be hot for sex anyway once she opened up so I knew the drug would just enhance her need even more."

“Once I had begun to seduce her the bitch was so fucking hot for cock I was worried she would alert everyone downstairs at the party but thank goodness the party was in full swing and that shit head Sandy had turned the music way up so no one could even hear anything else going on in the house.  My buddies were more than eager to gang bang the new slut one at a time.  I planned it that way so it wouldn't look suspicious all the guys left the room the same time.  Of course Sandy's girlfriends were just like her.  Spoiled little brats and the only reason they accepted my buddies invitation to be taken to the party with them was the fact all of them were white and on the gymnastic team.  Fuck it was one hot night,” Vincent said.

“Yea, yea Vincent never mind all that junk just fuck the slut and get her heated up for us,” Ted yelled.

“Okay,” Vincent answered.  I looked up into Vincent's dark brown eyes as he starred down at me.  What he said about the party didn't interest me.  I just wanted Vincent to force himself on me.  He spread my legs as he got on his knees.  “Oh that pussy is so hot.  I am glad you shaved for me.”

I just managed to moan.  I don't know why but my pussy was on fire.  In fact my entire body was on fire.  My clit was harder than the night of the big party for Sandra.  Vincent spread my pussy lips and shoved a finger into me followed by a second finger.  With his other hand he massaged my clit.  I didn't know what to expect when suddenly Vincent bent between my legs and for the very first time I felt the hottest feeling ever.  Vincent was actually pushing his long tongue into my pussy.  I felt my body shiver all over.

I could hear him moaning at the same time, “mmmmmmmmmm."  But he didn't move away from my pussy.  I couldn't help pushing my hips up to meet his tongue.  All the time his fingers massaged my clit.  I felt myself spurting into his mouth.  I wanted to yell to warn Vincent but it was too late.

Then Vincent was on top of me massaging my breasts and nibbling my nipples.  I was so hot. “Damn!  Fuck me Vincent.  Fuck me Vincent. Stick that cock in my hot pussy.”

I didn't have to wait long because that's just what Vincent did.  He shoved his eight thick inches into my hot pussy and started fucking hard.  He would pull it all the way out of my pussy and ram it in again over and over again. 

“Take my cock you fucking slut,” Vincent said over and over again as he rammed that big cock in and out of my wet pussy.  I squirted again as he ran his cock up against my clit.  His cock went deep into my pussy over and over again.  “Fuck this year long set up was worth it.  You are the hottest slut I've ever fucked.  Take my cock you slut.  I knew you'd be hot but not this hot.”

I pushed my hips up to meet with every downward move Vincent made.  He was kissing my neck my ears and suddenly pushed his lips against mine and forced me to open my mouth.  He rammed his tongue in my mouth and down my throat.

I don't know where he got the energy.  He fucked a good half hour making me hotter and hotter.  I could hear Ted yelling behind me, “Fuck!  Hurry up Vincent.  My cock is as hard as a rock.  I don't want to waist my cum in my hands.  But damn my balls are ready to explode.  Fucking cum already so the rest of us can fuck the slut.” Ted groaned loudly.

“Oh shit I'm ready.  Oh shit ready to empty this load in you slut.  Yeah your hot.  Your hot for my gang.  Tell me you want all these black boys to fuck you.  You will never be a racists again bitch.  My best friends are black and I had to listen to your husband and your raciest daughter put my friends down and pretend I didn't care.  Well your going to get black cock today bitch and love it.  I could feel my pussy filling with his hot cum." 

He pulled out and then said, “On your hands and knees like a fucking dog.  A bitch dog in heat, because that's what you really are.  Your nothing but a fucking bitch dog in heat.  I've waited an entire year to watch my friend's young teenage brothers fuck you.  I figured taking on the young black teenagers only fourteen and fifteen would be more humiliating to you the first time.  I love the idea of you on your fucking hands and knees to a bunch of teenagers and especially black muscular teenagers.  She's all yours boys.  But of course I watch.”

“Ready Ted.  Are your teammates ready?” Vincent yelled.

“Yes Vincent,” Ted yelled back.

“Are you ready for these fourteen and fifteen year old black teens bitch,” Vincent said in a quiet voice.

“Yes Vincent. I'm ready for them,” I answered.

“Master, bitch.  I'm your Master.  Don't you remember that form the party in the washroom.  You're to address me as Master and I want to hear you beg for those black teenagers to fuck you,” Vincent said.

“Yes Master. Please Ted and your teammates fuck me.” I whispered.

“Louder, and Ted is your black Master," Vincent ordered.  "Call him Master from now on.  Call him your black Master and Ted don't be a wimp.  Order her to beg to be fucked.  You're her Black Master.  Act like it.  I've waited a year to see this bitch grovel for black cock.  She may not be a racists like the rest of her family but she's going to still be your bitch, Ted.”

“Beg me to fuck you bitch.  I want to hear how much you want me and my teammates to fuck you.” Ted yelled.

“Oh I need you to fuck me with your teenage cock Black Master," I replied.  "I need to fucked good. Look I'm on my knees my ass pushed back like a bitch dog in heat.  I am in heat and I am a bitch dog.  Fuck me Black Master.

“Okay get ready,” Ted yelled.  “Are you guys ready to help me out.”

“Right on,”  Ted's basketball teammates yelled the same time.

End of Part 5.

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If you would like to make something that you can frzeee and have for a while, try making your own marinara (pasta) sauce. I parboil the tomatoes until the skins become loose, peel them, then mash them with a potato masher and cook them down. Sometimes I blender them because some people don't like chunky sauce. You can add oregano, parsley, basil, garlic, onion, green pepper, olive oil, some salt and sugar and let cook for several hours or up to 8 hours in a crock pot. Once it has cooled, you can put it into plastic containers and frzeee it for later use. Of course, you are going to use the first part of it on the day you make it.

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